Enhanced Entity Marriage Model Information Technology Essay

Database is vital for any program in the real world. In modern days and nights companies are looking for cost reducing, if they apply cost chopping process in the data source design stages then you will see improvements or rebuilding the databases after implementation. They will leave with high budget for the company. To create an efficient and appropriate data source for a credit card applicatoin it ought to be a good idea for any designer to follow certain databases design steps. Bad databases design will lead company to loss as well as customer un-satisfaction. In present days and nights lots of the data source designs are failed because of wrong user requirements. Collection of consumer requirements is main and first rung on the ladder in the database design process. If a developer took wrong assumption on certain requirements then it results a poor database design. So the designer should be well experienced in data source design.

In this survey I will explain about the value of standard database modelling tools such as ER, EER and Use circumstance modelling, quality of the database design and the factors impacting on quality of any database design. Many of the examples which I am going discuss in this statement are from the given scenario to me namely "The Stanwell Parish Register".

Database design:

In any software building there are two main steps first one is databases design and other is prominent end design. First step is to create database, based on this design developers will build prominent end design. Therefore the database design is pillar for any application. Nowadays we can rarely see the applications without databases. Now I am going to discuss about the concepts in data source design process. For the successful creation of your databases there are three principles to follow. They are

Conceptual data model: This is the initial and important step in the data source design process. This may represent all the business enterprise rules applied for the particular database. Conceptual data model is a diagram which ultimately shows the flow of business among all the top entities involved. It generally does not show any relationships and constraints.

Logical data model: Logical data model is the other step in repository design which employs conceptual data model. Regarding to Shelley Doll (2002) "The rational design of a repository involves taking the business enterprise information found out in a conceptual data model and translating it into an empirical structure of the info, usually in a relational style". It deals with the relations among the entities and attributes as well as the constraints. It doesn't be concerned about the execution of the data source design.

Physical data model: This is actually the final part of repository design process. Physical data model handles the implementation of the logical data model and also about the info in it.

Each concept mentioned above is important for any repository design. Some experts may neglect a number of steps in design process; they will repent about it later. My motive here is never to explain and show the procedure of database design whole. Prior to going in detail about my task I would like to state about the situation directed at me.

The given scenario is about the villages of Great and Little Stanwell in Derbyshire Top District. They are small communities that have about fifty properties each nevertheless they have lot of voluntary activities. Just lately they gained broadband access to the internet. Now they prepared to execute Parish plan in ways to develop specialised services. They formed some communities to organize these implementations. They don't really bother about the logical and physical data model because they're too technical but committee customers are non-technical so they want conceptual data model only. In those my circumstance is to make a plan for Stanwell Parish Register. This is a data source which stores all information about the residents and the assistances they many provide or avail.

Coming to database design there are a few standard tools for this function. They may be ER, EER and use circumstance diagram. In the rest of the part of this report I am going to write about the contribution and need for each of these standard coming up with tools in repository design.

Entity Marriage model:

As the name suggests Entity Romantic relationship Model is a diagram which ultimately shows the relationships between the entities involved in the business. An entity is a genuine world thing it might be a person or car or house etc. Romantic relationship tells us how one or more entities are related to each other. ER model is a part of Conceptual data model. Within the views of Peter Pin-Shan Chen (1975) "The Entity Romantic relationship Model adopts the more natural view that the real world involves entities and interactions. It incorporates some of quite semantic information about the real world. The model can achieve a high amount of data independence and is dependant on place theory and connection theory". In ER model entities are represented with rectangle bins, attributes are displayed with ovals and romantic relationships are symbolized with rhombus type containers. For the given situation residents and assistance are the main entities. Following diagram will evidently make clear the ER model for given situation.

Figure 1: ER diagram for Stanwell Parish Register (It is merely a part)

From the aforementioned diagram it is clear that Resident and Assistance are the primary entities. R_name and A_name will be the attributes while provides/avail instructs us how those two entities are related. Someone to many and zero to numerous are the relationships between resident and assistance. It means one resident can provide or avail zero or many assistances and one assistance can be provided or avail by one or many residents. There is nothing technological in this diagram but it signifies all the business enterprise circulation. So any non complex member can also understand the business enterprise flow by having a look as of this diagram. As I said earlier here committee associates are non technological so for just about any situation ER diagram will help them to comprehend the movement of design.

Enhanced Entity Relationship Model:

There is not a prize money for speculating Enhanced Entity Romantic relationship Model is the expansion for ER model. Each model will involve some limitations. In the same way ER model also offers some limitations. In a way to defeat those constraints EER model was found. It's very difficult to signify intricate applications through ER model which is hard to symbolize the relationships which are more than binary. Corresponding to Connolly (2004) "Semantic principles are incorporated into the original ER model and called the Enhanced Entity Romance (EER) model. Examples of additional idea of EER model are called specialty area/ generalization". Those ideas are also known as as abstract principles. In what of Irwin Levinstein (2001) "Specialization defines Units of subclasses on a class. Each place called a field of expertise. Generalization unites several entities into a couple of sub-classes, making a new class". This model works mainly with very course and sub-class ideas as well much like is some sort of and is a part of relationships. To describe this model evidently I'd like to give a good example from the given circumstance.

Figure 2: Example for EER model from given scenario

The above number is just an example for the semantic principle specialization. From that diagram it is clear that permanent resident and contract resident are some sort of residents. All of the rules requested the resident are applied for those two also. That is is-a romance example. If we consider assistance then shopping or teaching are an integral part of assistance.

Use circumstance modelling:

Use case modelling is one more standard tool in data source design. The main components of use circumstance modelling are use cases and celebrities. This model was invented by Ivar Jacobson in early on 1990's. According for an Oracle white paper (2005) "A use conditions are fundamentally a text form and are being used to specify the useful requirements of a system, generally as a scenario. The scenario describes the way the system should react to a request of a primary actor to deliver a specific goal of this actor". Within the given scenario citizen is an acting professional and providing or availing an assistance is a use case. The next diagram shows how use circumstance modelling works in the given situation.

Figure 3: An example for use case modelling

Each model explained above has benefits and drawbacks. So the choice of model is fully dependent on the type of circumstance as well on the business people and business requirements.

Quality of the database design:

As we all know database is an important asset for just about any application in the real world. So that it is very important to any designer to purpose at efficient data source design. Here the term quality takes on a essential role because by calculating the quality of a database you can say that the data source design is reliable. With an immediate have an effect on one question will will come in to our imagination is "How can we gauge the quality of an database design?" There are various ways to measure the quality of a databases design. Some creators followed some metrics and semantics to measure the quality of an databases design. John A. Hoxmeier (1998) proposed a platform for database quality. He labeled all the databases quality factors into four categories. They may be Process, Data, Model and Behavior. Total Quality Management (TQM), Quality Function Deployment (QFD) and Functionality Maturity Model (CMM) are used to gauge the process quality. Data quality depends on the factors such as redundancy, integrity and time of the info. These two measurements and behaviour quality aren't important here because I am asked to create about quality of any databases design.

In what of John A. Hoxmeier (1998) "Data quality is usually associated with the quality of the info beliefs. However, even data that fits all other quality standards is of little use if it's predicated on a lacking data model". This means Data model quality has the highest priority when you compare with other quality standards. Let us consider a good example, from the given situation one citizen can avail or provide zero or even more assistances. In the event the builder put this as incorrect then nevertheless the data, process and behavior is good there is nothing use your database. Check points in data method quality are Representation (flexibility and Interpretability), Semantics (content, scope and understandability), Syntactic (demonstration and documents) and Rules (ease of use and normalization). Aside from all these items client creates boundaries and set guidelines for the application. So it is very important to check out them.

Answer for the question "Is the correct database design automatically an excellent design"? Is not any. Because even the quality of a database design is good if there are any flaws with data model then it'll be wrong. In the same way correct data source design also not a quality one. Development process of a quality request isn't just depends on the type of application but also on the databases design principles. Data source design principles are applicable for all kind of applications. However the choice is very is determined by the programmers and users. In the given scenario it is not important showing all the models to the committee members only ER is sufficient. Could be in other circumstance EER is suitable.


Producing an efficient databases design is the best goal for just about any database designer. Stanwell Parish Plan is not an exceptional here. So they shaped certain groupings to implement their anticipate the given cases. Here my activity is to make clear them about creating a good quality data source design. First and important step for any application is to make a data source design. In creating a database design there are a few standard modelling tools such as ER, EER and use circumstance modelling. Each model has its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the type of application database creator would like to choose a particular model. Not only creating the repository design is important but also keeping the quality of a database design is important. I described some quality requirements for this function. Finally it may be beneficial for Stanwell Parish Plan to take the record from the different people for different situations. At the end of your day they will have many choices to pick up one.

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