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English book son in the striped pyjamas


Time: in which time is the storyplot set?

The tale is written in the present time.

I think the storyplot is spherical 1943, because that's the time about the next Worldwar. Also the delivery of Bruno is 15 April 1934, however in the story he 9 yrs. old, so that it must be in 1943.

In the quotation that I found, you can make clear that it's happening around the time of Hitler.

Time: how enough time does the account take? Will it take hours, a few months, years?

The story calls for about 1 Ѕ or 24 months.

At the beginning of the booklet Bruno is 9 yrs. old, but by the end he is about 10 Ѕ years old.

Place: Where is the storyline set?

At the beginning the story takes place in Berlin, Germany nonetheless they are moving to Poland. Addititionally there is the Out-With attentiveness camp (Auswitz).

I think they're very abundant. In Berlin they had a very big house, with 5 floors. The house in Poland is a lot more little, it has 3 floor surfaces. His dad is commandant and they have 3 housekeepers.



Bruno and his family will proceed to Poland because of his father's work. Bruno doesn't enjoy it here, he's bored. He recognizes a lot of people, out of his windows. After a couple weeks, Bruno will exploring.

Main part:

Bruno attained a boy, named Shmuel. This guy is on the other side of the fence. They're at the same era, almost every day they meet one another and are going to talk.


Bruno's father advised him they are going back to Berlin. The final they Bruno is going to Shmuel, he'll the other side of the fence. Together with Shmuel he's going to explorer for Shmuel's father. They missed any data. When Bruno would like to go home, it's to late. They're led into a building. This is the end of the lives.


Main Individuals:

Bruno: At the start of the storyline he is 8 years old, however the most time he's 9 years old. He's a very handy little guy, but also very cute. He is in love with it to Explorer and desires it to visit. He doesn't enjoy his sister Gretel, it is because she often belittle him. He looks quite definitely against his father. Bruno is usually trying to be honest, because he doesn't really lying. You notice that it's a really little boy, because he doesn't understand many things. The reason why Shmuel is on the other side of the fence, and just why there are a lot more people, and just why Bruno can't go there. He has a good camaraderie with Shmuel.

Shmuel: He's also a 9 time old young man. He formerly lived along with his parents in a community. When he came home one day they had to wear a yellow star. After a while they had to visit underground. One day he's recinded from his mom. Regarding his dad, he's in the camp. On one day his daddy goes away from the camp, he must work, but he will never go back. Shmuel is alone. Shmuel wears a striped pyjama. Shmuel tries to describe Bruno what it is like on the far side of the fence, but Bruno doesn't understand it.

Minor Heroes:

Mother Elsa

Father Ralf

Sister Gretel

Luitenant Kotler

Maria the family's maid

Pavel the clerk

Lars the butler

Herr Liszt the teacher

Grandmother Nathalie

Grandfather Matthias


I feel that the most important theme the holocaust is. Other theme is the innocence of childhood. Bruno is a guy who enjoys explorer, but he is also very naЇve. He doesn't have much understanding of the holocaust. The booklet is written from a child point of view, everything seems confused and unfair.

There is also the innocence of child years. Bruno and Shmuel doesn't know that there is a holocaust. The thing that Bruno recognizes is that, at the other aspect of the fence, there are a lot of men and women in striped pyjamas, and that his daddy is a commandant of something. He doesn't know that the people of the other aspect of the fence are Jews, which his daddy is a Nazi-commandant. Shmuel doesn't know why he's at the other part of the fence. Both boys talking a lot to each other, plus they become friends. When Shmuel's father was overlooked, he doesn't recognize that he has gone to the gas chamber.

At the finish of the e book, Bruno is also attended a gas chamber. His father think it is awful!

I feel that the note of the booklet is, that you should treat people how you would like to be cared for. His father does terrible things with the Jews, however in truth he also would it at his own son, he is useless because of his requests.

B: Your opinion

Which character(s) performed you prefer?

I found Bruno sympathetic.

Bruno doesn't really know what is certainly going on. His mom told him that they have to move, because of fathers job. Bruno only know that his father is an important man with a pretty uniform, however in simple fact he's a Nazi-commandant. Bruno is just an innocent boy. He likes explorer and he'll be friends with Shmuel.

I found Shmuel also sympathetic. He's also just a little young man who doesn't understand anything about the battle. He's behind the fence and doesn't know why he is there. He wants it to speak to Bruno. Shmuel is a good and friendly young man.

Which character performed you dislike?

I found lieutenant Kotler unsympathetic.

In this offer Shmuel is brought to Bruno's house, he need to clean the glasses. Bruno offers him some food, but actually he's not allowed to do that. If lieutenant Kotler it finds out, he'll be very furious.

I found Bruno's daddy also unsympathetic. He's a great man and become a commandant, that's also the key reason why they shifted to Auswitz. That's also why I can't stand him. He's the man who gives purchases to the troops who should do al those bad things to the Jews. In the home he is also a solid man, they can speak whenever he would like, Bruno can't stand that.

What did you are feeling when you browse the story?

The e book made me feel unhappy but it made me also upset about the family.

The account made me feel angry, because the father is an awful man. He is aware of the proceedings, and all of those other family doesn't really know what there father is doing for job. His wife knows it a little, but she doesn't say a great deal about it. Sometimes they have a talk about it, but typically he wins. It made me upset because I came across it not normal that you do such kind of awful things to people, who aren't 'perfect'. Nobody is perfect, which made the globe beautiful.

The storyline made me feel unfortunate because it's awful that those innocent Jews will be the victim of a bad war, that's not their fault. They doesn't know what is certainly going on. The soldiers did horrible things to them. It made me feel unhappy because both innocent males are passed away, as a result of activities of Bruno's dad. Bruno believes that his dad is a nice man, but in fact he is not.

What is your favorite part?

In this part Bruno is going to the other part of fence to help Shmuel to discovers his father. They didn't find any evidence. When it's going to rain, these were lead into a building. Bruno is told Shmuel that he's his closest friend forever, and needs his hand. That is also the end with their lives. . . they're in a gas chamber.

I liked this area of the book, because you can see that it is real friendship. It generally does not mean if you're a Jew or something, you will be friends with everyone. Bruno's dad is resistant to the Jews, he provides orders and he is 'responsible' for your camp. Actually his kid is passed away because of his activities. He's reason they're need to go.

What do you consider about the theme?

There are made a whole lot of books and movies relating to this theme, but I feel that this e book special. This book is discussed the perspective of a 9 calendar year old boy. However, not a normal guy, he is the sun of the commandant from a concentration camp. One of the most literature about the holocaust, are about the Jews perspective, but this e book is written through the eyes of the German child. You browse the theme about a very different side.

What happened during the Second World Warfare, should never happened again. That's also the key reason why I found this a good theme. It's something that can't be forgotten. I feel that there will come far more books and videos relating to this theme. It's good that you view it about an other area.

C: The summary

Chapter 1.

In this chapter Bruno's mother informed him they are going to go outside of Berlin to Out-With, because his father gets campaign and the whole family is moving with him. Bruno doesn't want to move.

Chapter 2.

They attained the new house which Bruno doesn't like. It's really different as the home in Berlin. This house is smaller and there's nothing to do around. Listed below are no children with who he can play.

Chapter 3.

In this chapter you achieved Gretel, Bruno's sister, who will abide by Bruno that the home is not good.

Chapter 4.

Bruno and Gretel learned a camp behind their residence with a great deal of individuals, who wears the same clothes. They don't really know what to think of it. They discuss if it is the countryside, because it is very soiled, but concur that it is not.

Chapter 5.

Bruno asks his father why they're here. His dad told him that he was delivered by the fury. Bruno asks who the folks behind the fence are. His fathers told him that they aren't really people and that he shouldn't be concerned about them since it has nothing in connection with him. He has to make the best of their new home.

Chapter 6.

In this chapter Bruno has a talk with the maid, Maria, who he asks if she enjoys their new house. Bruno also said that his dad is not really nice. Maria explains to Bruno that he doesn't discuss like that about his father, because he helped her with offering a job.

Chapter 7.

Bruno is bored and makes a swing action in the tree. When he finished it, he is swinging and would go to high and then he falls of the swing action and gets struck by the swing. He nearly faints and Pavel needs him to the house. Pavel cleans the wound on his knee. Later on they chat somewhat and Pavel told Bruno that he's a health care provider which Bruno doesn't imagine initially. When his mom returns she advised Bruno to travel upstairs and he hears her declaring 'if the commandant asks, we'll say that I cleaned up Bruno'. Which he believes is unfair of her to consider the credit like this.

Chapter 8.

This chapter is a flashback. Bruno discusses his grandparents how he adores his grandmother. Gretel, his grandmother and he makes a play every Holiday but during the last Holiday his grandmother received in an discussion with his dad about being a soldier. He hasn't seen his grandmother since that time.

Chapter 9.

Bruno is preparing to go exploring around the house.

Chapter 10.

After one hour of exploring, Bruno uncovered a guy. The guy is behind the fence, and his name is Shmuel. They start to talk and discovered that these were born on a single day.

Chapter 11.

This chapter is also a flashback. It's the night that the fury came up with their house in Berlin. Bruno and Gretel are advised by their daddy that they have to be quit and aren't permitted to stay with them downstairs during meal. Eva Braun has been the fury. Bruno desires her, but he doesn't like the fury.

Chapter 12.

Bruno and Shmuel talks about how precisely their lives are changed. Shmuel advised Bruno that he resided above his father's watch shop and exactly how he acquired inside the fence. By the end of the discussion, Bruno is going home.

Chapter 13.

In this section Bruno and Shmuel speaks some more about their own lives. Back again at Bruno's house, his family is having dinner. Pavel dropped inadvertently a container on Kotler's lap, because he felt ill or week. Lieutenant Kotler gets angry and does something nasty to Pavel.

Chapter 14.

It rains very hard and Bruno is sad that he can't go and find out Shmuel. He has a dialog with Gretel who he informed that he has a pal. He can't inform about Shmuel so he said that he has an imaginary good friend. He says her about Shmuel and about his live, but she doesn't know that.

Chapter 15.

When Bruno is going to the kitchen he recognizes Shmuel resting at the table. He talks to Shmuel and provides him something to eat. First Shmuel doesn't want it because he's fearful of lieutenant Kotler but later he allows the meals. Then lieutenant Kotler strolls in and smells that Shmuel has eaten something and asks him why he previously stolen the food. Shmuel instructs Kotler that Bruno is his good friend but Bruno explains to Kotler that it isn't true. Bruno is worried of lieutenant Kotler. The next day when Bruno goes to the fence to meet Shmuel he isn't there. After weekly Shmuel will there be again all bruised up. They constitute and Shmuel forgives Bruno when he explains to Shmuel that he's worried of lieutenant Kotler.

Chapter 16.

Bruno his grandmother dies plus they go back to Berlin for the funeral. If they are back in Out-With he asks Gretel why he isn't permitted to the other aspect of the fence. Gretel points out that they're Jews and that 'we' don't like the Jews. Bruno doesn't understand it completely but he's able apprehend it a lttle bit. Then his sister learned that they both have lice and Bruno's mane is cut off. Next time Bruno sees Shmuel, Shmuel laughs at Bruno for his locks. Bruno's hair appears exactly like Shmuel's wild hair.

Chapter 17.

Bruno hears his parents argue about Out-With. His mom thinks it is not a good place to raise children. A few weeks later his daddy instructs Gretel and Bruno that they're heading back to Berlin with their old house. Bruno isn't sure what things to experience it he'll miss Shmuel if he goes back to Berlin. But all his old friends reside in Berlin.

Chapter 18.

Bruno tells Shmuel that he's going back to Berlin. Shmuel is very sad because he lost his daddy a couple of days back. Bruno says that he would've liked to see Shmuel's place. Shmuel invites him, so they can look alongside one another for his daddy. Bruno comes up with an idea and they concur that the very next day Shmuel will bring some striped pyjamas for Bruno and then Bruno will come along to the other area of the fence with Shmuel.

Chapter 19.

Bruno finds where he always fits up with Shmuel. He changes in to the striped pyjamas. They go in to the camp. Bruno doesn't enjoy it there. No one is happy every person is sad. Then they go discovering to find Shmuel's dad. Then by the end of the night time some military make a group of peoples go mutually. Shmuel and Bruno are inside the group. They offered to be on a march Bruno doesn't want to because he must be at home with time. However they have to go they are led to an airtight room. Bruno considers it is because of the rain. He advised Shmuel that he's his closest friend permanently and then he supports Shmuel's side.

Chapter 20.

Bruno is gone, his father appeared for him and the military went through the whole house. He was nowhere found. A villager found a pile of clothes that belonged to Bruno his daddy requires a look and doesn't understand everything. His mother results with Gretel to Berlin in the trust that Bruno will there be. Naturally he's not. After a year his daddy goes back to where Bruno clothes were found and discovers that a boy can climb under the fence to the other aspect. He recognizes immediately what occurred to Bruno. His father leaves Out-with two months from then on.


write down which prospects you'd for the course of the story when you were reading the book. Did the booklet end how you experienced expected it to? Will you have liked it to end in a different way? How?

Before I browse the book, I have seen the movie. THEREFORE I recognized where it is certainly going about. But I hadn't expected this end. I had formed hoped that Shmuel was going to the other area of the fence and they should go away jointly or something. That's should be considered a good end, but that needs to be boring.

Overall judgment:

did you like the booklet? Why / you will want to?

Yes, I came across it a great reserve! Of course you understand something about this theme, however in this reserve it's told in regards to a different perspective. A kid of 9 yrs. old, doesn't really know what's going on. When you browse the story, you also don't really know what will happened. It's a realistic book. The best English books I came across difficult to read, but this publication isn't, I read it in 3 days and nights.

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