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Empowering Women Entrepreneurs TO OPERATE A VEHICLE Growth

The term Business owner covers people who have perspective and skill and are capable of converting vision directly into action for the nice of the culture. Because of changes in demand on the market, there's a scope for a school of people on large-scale who can convert the available resources into good of contemporary society, called Business owners.

So, somebody who possess skill, initiative and progressive ideas for high accomplishments in business, and important characteristics associated with an Entrepreneurship is taking the risk and making the required purchases under the conditions of uncertainty. Entrepreneurship is an activity of understanding opportunities in the environment, with respect to one`s own abilities, with a view to build a fortune for oneself through the legal entity. An in depth relationship is out there between opportunity and specific needs. To be an Entrepreneurial opportunity, a prospect must meet two checks: it must symbolize an appealing future state, involving progress or at least change and the individual must believe that it is possible to reach that condition. So, Entrepreneurship is known by, being progressive, risk taking, vibrant, flexible, growth-oriented, creative, starting and working new ventures.

Now is enough time for girls to venture into the Entrepreneurial world. Women possessed companies are highly increasing in the economies of almost all countries. The concealed entrepreneurial potentials of women have slowly but surely been changing with the growing level of sensitivity to the role and economical status in the world. Skill, Knowledge and adaptability running a business are the key reasons for women to emerge into business ventures. Women Businessperson is somebody who allows challenging role to meet her personal needs and be economically independent. A strong desire to do something positive can be an inbuilt quality of entrepreneurial women, who is capable of adding values in both family and cultural life. Along with the advent of multimedia, women are aware of their own attributes, indulged atlanta divorce attorneys occupation from pappad to ability cables. The problems and opportunities provided to the ladies are women of digital time are growing speedily that the job seekers are turning out to be job creators. They are simply flourishing as designers, interior decorators, exporters, web publishers, garment manufacturers but still exploring new strategies of economic involvement. In India although women constitute a lot of the total society, the entrepreneurial world continues to be a man dominated one. Ladies in advanced countries are recognized and are definitely more prominent available world. 2010 was the very first time ever there have been more ladies in the work make than men. In conditions of women-owned businesses, between 1997 and 2011 there was a 50% increase, while men managed business only grew 25% (Corresponding to American Exhibit Statement).

Why Women make excellent Business people in the Digital Get older? How Women are dominating the business people landscape and are using their skills to succeed. As times are challenging for everyone, more young families are moving towards dual-income homeowners. Also technology developments are making a digital workplace attainable for girls, who are looking to balance family and their profession.

In the digital panorama, women have a tendency to possess certain skills that induce a competitive edge.

Strong Communication Skills & Sociable Intelligence.

Good Listeners.


Prefer Lower Risk.

A strong Entrepreneurship sector is one of the various factors for prosperity of overall economy which is necessary to leverage the riches and advancement capacity of the developed countries.

This conceptual newspaper indicates and stresses the Women Business people as the possibly emerging recruiting in the 21st century to triumph over the economic difficulties in global perspective.

Key Words:

Entrepreneur: Individual holding eye-sight for creating chance for economic growth.

Challenges: Impediments along the way towards achievements of final goal.

Opportunities: Chances for growing professionally or personally.


This is an idea paper and the researcher has followed the method of critiquing different research articles, research journals and circumstance studies to gather data about entrepreneurship and women entrepreneurship which is therefore incorporated as a concept paper drafted by the researcher.



Entrepreneurship is often associated with someone who begins his own, new and small business, like manufacturing, carry, trade and all other self-employed vocations in the service sector. But not every new small company is Entrepreneurial or represents Entrepreneurship.

In the early 1th century, the Frenchmen, who organised and led military expeditions were offered to advertising "Entrepreneur". Around 1700 A. D. the word was used for architects and companies of general public work. The term "Entrepreneur" was put on business at first in the 18th century by the People from france Economist, Cantillon, who was selected as a seller who purchases the method of production for combining them into marketable products. Another Frenchman, J. B. Say widened Cantillon`s idea and conceptualized the Entrepreneur as a organizer of business company, central to its distributive and successful functions.

According to J. B Say, " A BUSINESS OWNER is the economical agent who unites all means of creation, the labour push of the main one and the administrative centre or land of others and who sees in the worthiness of the produces which results from their job, the reconstitution of the whole capital that he utilizes and the worthiness of wages the interest and the rent which he pays off as well as gains owned by himself. " Matching to current thinking, Entrepreneurship is "the power of somebody who detects and evaluates a new situation in his environment and directs the making of such modification in the economic system as he deems necessary. " The term "Entrepreneur" covers people who have vision and skill and can handle converting vision in to action for the good of the population. Because of changes in demand in the market there's a opportunity for a class of people on large-scale who is able to convert the available resources into good of contemporary society, called Entrepreneurs. During the above process, the Entrepreneur needs to discharge several functions to achieve his activities like, invention, risk bearing, decision making, planning, controlling. . etc. and should possess entrepreneurial skills like technological skills, managerial skills and personal skills.

In India, the Entrepreneurial development programs are taking location to develop business owners, like, sharpening individual behaviour and qualities, guidance on project planning and development of work at home opportunities that come in the way, and producing managerial and operational features. These activities are incredibly important in the economical growth of the country. Since, the small-scale Sectors are forming a major area of the economic development of the country, the value of the Businessperson is getting momentum and they're the necessity of the hour to have a rapid economic expansion.

Entrepreneurship is not just confined to any one gender now somewhat credited to multi-faceted economical pressures women have resulted in and became aware that the survival of their families & their own probable lies only in working hand and hand with men. Marlow, (2002). Education of female have no hesitation given them tremendous self-assurance & encouragement to serve & discover new business avenues. Nevertheless the ground realities do differ to a great scope as far as geographical boundaries are concerned. Globally women are considered as weaker gender physically and psychologically, therefore prospects open for them to become business professionals can be an area still quite unexplored and needs attention. Wennekers, (1999).

Overcoming the challenges of business community are no doubt more treacherous for females than their guy counterparts, therefore they undergo various impediments to accomplish their business success. Allen and truman, (1993). Luckily due to technical advancement & method of communication the earth has turned into a global community which has created new channels & opened up avenues for women to explore not only their potential aptitudes alternatively search for better work at home opportunities. Carter, (2001).


A question develops here that what Entrepreneurship opportinity for a female?

How a women conceives the idea of Entrepreneurship?

Definition: An business owned and managed by women having the very least financial interest of 51% of capital and offering at least 51% of work produced in the business to women. Women who think of a business enterprise, initiate it, plan and combine the factors of creation, operate the enterprise and undertake risk and manage economic uncertainty involved with running a business enterprise.

Why do Women Take-up Work?

Push Factors

Death of loaf of bread winner

Sudden land in family income

Permanent inadequacy in income of the family

Pull Factors

Women`s desire to evaluate their talent

To utilize their free time or education

Need and notion of Women`s Liberation, Collateral etc.

To gain popularity, importance and cultural status.

To get economic independence

Third category

Illiterate women

Financially week

Involved in family business such as Agriculture, Horticulture, Pet animal Husbandry, Dairy products, Fisheries, Agro Forestry, Handloom, Ability loom etc.

INDIAN Circumstance: The Indian woman play very many roles, 100 % pure, supreme or virtues to vice or downtrodden. Constantly, the role is also undergoing several changes. While playing their role, Indian Women are confronted with contradictions. Due to these contradictions, they cannot identify themselves with the world. The frame of mind, perceptions, tasks. . etc of Indian Women appear to be an assemblage of diverse fragments. This perplexed situation of Indian women has managed to get very difficult to define their roles and they cannot identify their roles for themselves. As a result of this plain truth assuming the role of entrepreneur and control for an Indian Women was a difficult task. But nonetheless times have evolved. The present culture is freeing the Indian Women from the chains and shackles of ages.

This is sluggish but definitely transfer over is going on for the following reasons:

The idea of Globalization is accepted in a huge way.

The sudden emerging trend in information technology and its own percolation to every section of life.

Adoption of varied culture in the Indian society anticipated to globalization and other inherent ethos of Indian population.

Unexpected happenings about the world and their effect on Indian population.

Change in socio-cultural context due to increased education for girls since independence.

Change in politics ideology and governance of the united states.

But, In India, the role of Women Entrepreneur is believe it or not significant. Almost 9% of total Internet marketers in small establishments are women internet marketers. State-wise syndication shows a wide variant between different areas. Punjab accounts for 3%, Gujarat occupies the top position with 15%. The areas chosen by women are retail trade, restaurants, hotels, education, ethnical, cleaning, insurance and making.

GROWTH Journey:

Women owned businesses are highly increasing in the economies of virtually all countries. The invisible entrepreneurial potentials of women have slowly but surely been changing with the growing awareness to the role and monetary status in the world. Skill, knowledge and adaptability in business are the primary known reasons for women to emerge into businesses. 'Women Businessman' is someone who allows challenging role to meet her personal needs and be economically independent. A strong desire to take action positive can be an inbuilt quality of entrepreneurial women, who's capable of adding principles in both family and public life. With the advent of media, women know about their own characteristics, rights as well as the work situations. The a glass ceilings are shattered and women are located indulged atlanta divorce attorneys line of business from pappad to electricity cables. The challenges and opportunities provided to the women of digital period are growing rapidly that the work seekers are turning out to be job creators. They are really flourishing as designers, interior decorators, exporters, web publishers, garment manufacturers but still exploring new strategies of economic involvement. In India, although women constitute a lot of the total populace, the entrepreneurial world continues to be a men dominated one. Women in advanced countries are recognized and tend to be more prominent in the business world.

In nineteen seventies, Women entrepreneurship commenced in is real sense. By this time, the first era after Independence possessed completed their education. Educated women to fulfil their dreams and ambitions commenced deciding on self-employment. This was a dynamic step not taken out of compulsions or helplessness, but with zeal to make an improved life. In this particular decade, women were in transition period. They could not come out completely from traditional activities of looking after home, their in-laws, parents, husbands and children. A t the same time they has to enter autonomous economic activities. This is difficult.

Eighties and Nineties found a sea change in women entrepreneurship domain. These were the decades of the discovery for women to become internet marketers in many domains. They developed courage to make new origins. Parents also developed a new thinking. The original practice of earning only progeny as a business partner in family possessed businesses, (rules of Inheritance supporting this), parents started out their own consultancy homes, providing different kinds of technological services. Parents started out taking their female children as partners in their businesses. Administration also supported this new thinking by causing amendments to Succession Action.

Legislations said that both male and female have equal rights in the inherited property. This in conjunction with professional education made young women to get into self job. Many became lovers in their family managed business. Significant amount of girl doctors opened up their own clinics. Engineering graduated started their own consultancy houses, providing different types of complex services. They also got into service areas like CA, Advocates, Hospitality business and good number opened secretarial offices. Good ratio of women required to small company activities. Today we can see many women entrepreneurs in small business.

In prior Five year strategies, women entrepreneurship idea was not significantly considered. Only in recent plans, especially after Eight Five Year Plan, "Women Empowerment" concept emerged to lime light. From this plan onwards, women began focusing on new frontiers. The new era of women did not think on the lines of the mothers. They explained developing unbiased activities. That they had aspirations and ambitions. Taking to self-employment had not been out of compulsion or helplessness. It became a desired choice of many ladies to create and develop their own enterprise.

Women started convinced that self-employment as an integral facet of their life. They began considering on the lines selecting their own opportunities. Adopting own job for income era without deviating much from the sociable system is now a key element in a female`s life. Besides having home and children, women have started out thinking with an independent occupation. While accepting the original people behaviour, from older generation, women today expect understanding and support from other husbands and children to possess their occupational choice. As internet marketers, women want their speech to be observed as leaders, as they are capable of contributing to the progress and success with their enterprise.

But the Indian women enterprisers are facing some major constraints like -

a) Insufficient confidence: In general, women lack confidence in their durability and competence. The members of the family and the culture are reluctant to stand beside their entrepreneurial growth. To a certain degree, this example is changing among Indian women yet to face a significant change to increase the rate of progress in entrepreneurship.

b) Socio-cultural barriers: Women's family and personal responsibilities are sometimes a great barrier for succeeding in business profession. Only few women are able to deal with both home and business proficiently, devoting enough time to perform all their responsibilities in priority.

c) Market-oriented dangers: Stiff competition in the market and lack of freedom of women make the dependence of women entrepreneurs on middleman indispensable. Many business women find it difficult to capture the market and make their products popular. They are not fully aware of the changing market conditions and therefore can effectively make use of the services of marketing and internet.

d) Motivational factors: Personal desire can be recognized through a mind set for an effective business, frame of mind to take up risk and behavior towards the business enterprise culture by shouldering the cultural responsibilities. Other factors are family support, Government policies, financial the help of general public and private corporations as well as the environment suitable for women to determine business units.

e) Knowledge in Business Supervision: Women must be informed and trained constantly to obtain the skills and knowledge in all the functional regions of business management. This may help women to stand out in decision making process and develop a good business network.

f) Recognition about the financial assistance: Various corporations in the financial sector prolong their maximum support by means of incentives, loans, strategies etc. Even then every girl entrepreneur might not exactly be familiar with all the assistance provided by the corporations. So the sincere efforts used towards women enterprisers may not reach the internet marketers in rural and backward areas.

g) Exposed to working out programs: Training programs and workshops for each and every type of businessperson can be obtained through the communal and welfare organizations, based on period, skill and the goal of working out program. Such programs are really useful to new, rural and young entrepreneurs who want to set up a little and medium size unit independently.

h) Identifying the available resources: Women are hesitant to determine the usage of serve their needs in the financial and marketing areas. In spite of the mushrooming progress of associations, institutions, and the plans from the federal government side, women aren't enterprising and vibrant to maximize the resources in the form of reserves, possessions mankind or business volunteers.

Highly educated, theoretically sound and properly licensed women should be inspired for handling their own business, somewhat than dependent on wage employment retailers. The unexplored skills of young women can be diagnosed, trained and used for various types of market sectors to boost the output in the commercial sector. A desirable environment is necessary for every girl to inculcate entrepreneurial values and entail greatly running a business dealings.

The additional business opportunities that are recently approaching for women entrepreneurs are:

Eco-friendly technology


IT enabled enterprises

Event Management

Tourism industry


Clear plastic materials


Mineral water



Plant based & health care

Food, fruits & veg processing

Empowering women business people is vital for attaining the goals of ecological development and the bottlenecks hindering their growth must be eradicated to entitle full participation available. Aside from training programs, Notifications, mentoring, trade fairs and exhibitions also can be considered a source for entrepreneurial development. Because of this, the desired results of the business are quickly achieved and more of remunerative work at home opportunities are located. Henceforth, promoting entrepreneurship among women is obviously a short-cut to fast economic progress and development. Let us make an effort to eliminate all types of gender discrimination and so allow 'women' to be an entrepreneur at par with men.

Women Business owners in the Digital Age group:

"Why Women Make Excellent Business owners in the Digital Age"

2010 was the very first time ever there were more ladies in the work force than men. In conditions of women-owned businesses, between 1997 and 2011 there was a 50% increase, while male-owned business only grew by 25% ( American Express survey). Women are dominating the entrepreneur landscape and are employing their skills to achieve success.

HOW. . . . . . . WHY ?

As times are troublesome for everyone, more families are moving towards dual-income homeowners. (as briefed above with force and yank factors)

Also, technology progress are making a online workplace attainable for females, who want to balance family and their profession. By creating a far more mobile environment, flexibility is achievable.

Women's Competitive Advantage:

In the digital scenery, there's a stronger growth in women internet marketers than men, they could use these skills, many by natural means possess, to achieve success.

The studies conducted by many scholars with regards to Women competitive edge, believes women have a tendency to have certain skills that create a competitive benefits like,

Strong Communication Skills & Friendly Intelligence

Good Listeners




Determination to Excel


Prefer Lower Risk

Do women's strong communication and public skills make them more outfitted to thrive inside our post-industrial digital age group? In a nutshell, do women have specific skills - whether the result of biology or public conditioning - that can help them succeed as business owners?

The overview of literature reveals, aiding entrepreneurs and small business owners kick off their brands, It really is strongly assumed there are several customarily "feminine" leadership qualities that tend to be significant now than ever.

5 explanations why women make great entrepreneurs in the digital age:

'Is today's business environment more aspiring for feminine entrepreneurs?'

Take a glance at the tips below and tell us whether you think they're true or not.

1. Women have strong communication skills and sociable cleverness. The digital market requires these skills, and women like a slight advantage over their guy counterparts (according to numerous studies).

2. Women make good listeners. Whether scheduled to biology or ethnical conditioning, women tend to be better listeners and are more powerful at sketching people into talk. This translates to several advantages of the entrepreneur, who can better attune herself to customer needs and build more effective groups of employees, companies and partners. Actually, many women entrepreneurs often describe building their business as building a team.

3. Women collaborate. Women been employed by well together because the earliest female companies, whether dividing grains in the village or working in quilting bees. Even some of today's ethnical stereotypes have feet, for illustration, women's joint vacations to the restroom!

A 2009 Time magazine article by Claire Shipman and Katty Kay says, "[Women are] consensus builders, conciliators and collaborators, and they employ what is called a transformational leadership style - intensely engaged, motivational, extremely well suited for the appearing, less hierarchical work area. " The article, entitled "Women Will Guideline Business, " cited projections from the Chartered Management Institute in the UK. Looking ahead to 2018, CMI is convinced the task world will be more fluid and digital, and the demand for female management skills will be stronger than ever before.

4. Women choose lower risk. Researchers have begun focusing on the partnership between testosterone and extreme risk, thus analyzing whether groups of men spur each other toward reckless decisions. Whether testosterone affects decision-making or not, research demonstrates, all together, women like lower risk opportunities and are prepared to settle for lower profits.

Virtual workplaces and digitally mobile life styles give aspiring women internet marketers the flexibility to achieve the balance between work and family. Digital tools imply that women can now build a business from home and create unique work schedules. '

Risk aversion may go hand-in-hand with motivations for starting a company. A 2007 research from the Small Business Supervision (Are Male and Female Internet marketers Really That Different?) observes the dissimilarities between male and feminine business owners in the U. S. The results discovered that male owners are more likely to start a company to make money, and have higher expectations for his or her business. Women are more likely to prioritize that business and personal lives work in harmony.

The digital time offers an abundance of low-risk opportunities. Endeavors like blogging, web-based services, e-commerce and software development require smaller upstart costs than manufacturing-based, brick and mortar type businesses. Cloud-based tools and electronic workforces further lower the price of entry, making the idea of starting an enterprise more feasible and/or palatable for risk-averse business people.

But a durability may also be a weakness. Yes, the inclination to minimize risk can result in higher success rates for feminine business people. However, risk-phobia can also indicate women are more likely to limit how big is their businesses, and less likely pursue outside money from investors to fuel development. On the average, men-owned firms are bigger than women-owned businesses. It's up to each individual business owner to determine the goals of his or her business. If a female chooses to follow a smaller business venture that allows her balance her business and personal life in more tranquility, more capacity to her. For now, I think we should celebrate the progress in women business people, but also speculate if woman-owned high progress startups are an under-utilized reference in our current economic climate. It's time we made space for the underdog - if that term even can be applied anymore.

What would you like to say?

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The next generation of business owners bucking the monetary trend by putting values back in the centre of business. And women are presenting men a run because of their money. The successful feminine social business owners as role models for women in business and aspiring female entrepreneurs. Unlike the private sector, women who set up and run a business with a social or community goal are as wide-spread as their man counterparts.

"At the chance of generalizing, women have a real advantage in command that might be a great benefit in the business world. They can respond and lead while being tuned to their colleagues. Being self-confident enough to utilize that is essential. Women market leaders shouldn't try to be one of the people. They can use their natural gift items to their advantage. "

Sam Baumber, Business Development Manager at the Friendly Business Academy says that feminine social entrepreneurs will be the role models for business market leaders in today's economic weather.

"Women who are leading successful sociable companies are role models for girls thinking about establishing their own business. In the current climate social business is flourishing and these inspiring women confirm that ideals of team work and emotional intelligence that women often bring as market leaders can help build successful and resilient businesses.

"Many of our graduates who began with an idea and burning love and have progressed into leading female sociable internet marketers in India and we pray their success testimonies can help others with an idea to make it happen. " Fewer matches

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Women in Business Challenge 2013:

Empowering Women Enterprisers to Drive Growth-some success testimonies:

1st Successful Women Businessperson: Priyanka Malhotra.

Priyanka Malhotra is successful women businessperson in India. She is operating the business of book posting and also devotes her time in cafe business. She do graduated in printing and posting from London college or university of publishing. She also holda the degree of M. Sc in mass media and communication field. After this, she arrived to India and became successful business women in Delhi. Priyanka thinks differently about the idea of scaling her businesses.

2nd Successful Women Entrepreneur- Bhawana Kakkar: Bhawana Kakkar is young graduate women in painting and arts. She did also postgraduate in Artwork history from Baroda School. She's huge experience in fashion making in India and she opened up Art gallery. She actually is also publishing publication known as "Take-Simple Black".

3rd Successful Women Businessman - Manju Bharatram: Mr. Manju Bharatram was a simple child for whom institution wasn`t happy experience. Just like a great many other. And the day she noticed her own children feeling exactly like well, she became a interpersonal entrepreneur.

4th Successful Women Businessman - Rajashree Birla: Rajashree Birla is an effective women businessman and chairperson of Aditya Birla Centre for Community and rural development. Her concentrate is on the all-round development of the areas around our plants located mainly in distanct rural and tribal belts. All our group companies, Grasim, Hindalco, Aditya Birla NMuvo, Indo Gulf and Ultra Technical have Rural Development Skin cells which are the implementation systems.

5th Successful Women Entreprenuer-Shruti: Shruti is a diploma holder in Chemistry from University of Pennsylvania and she did caused Merrill Lynch. She returned India after in USA and began her own hotel business and became an effective women businessman in India.

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Entrepreneurship is presently the most discussed and prompted concept around the globe to overcome economic challenges. Women being the vital gender of the entire society have great capacity and potential to be the contributor in the entire economic development of any region. Therefore, programs and guidelines need to be customized to not just encourage entrepreneurship as well as put into practice strategies which can help support entrepreneurial culture among youth. Media gets the potential to play the most essential role in entrepreneurial development by creating and highlighting all such programs which may bring out the imagination and innovation among the ladies and men to grow entrepreneurship culture in culture. Developing countries are definitely in dire need to encourage women entrepreneurship as women labor force is promptly open to exploit the unexplored sizes of business ventures. Developed countries should primarily give attention to entrepreneurial educational programs to be able to build up women entrepreneurs. Generally speaking, globally business world has realized and it is working on conflict footing to build entrepreneurship as the final remedy to beat all types of business and market troubles.

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