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Employee contribution in strategy planning

  1. Some Mechanisms
  2. These are helpful tools to turn out the hidden expertise in the organization.
  4. Strategic planning:-
  1. Strategy planning model:-
  2. Strategy planning
  3. Assessment
  4. Baseline
  5. Component
  6. Continue Strategic planning
  7. Down to specifics
  8. Evaluate
  9. Feed back
  10. Keys to Strategic Planning Implementation Success
  11. Types of employees' involvement:-
  12. Informative participation:-
  13. Consultative participation:-
  14. Associative participation :-
  15. Administrative participation
  16. Decisive participation
  17. Literature Review
  19. The implementations of workers, participation in management have been summarized by the international level organization thus:
  20. In the words of Gosep, staff' contribution may view as:-
  21. These parties help effect the employees' participation:-
  23. "A mindful, deliberate approach performed to get, develop and maintain people with the aptitude and skills to meet current and future organizational need"
  24. Significance of Study
  25. Objectives of the analysis:-
  26. Model of employee's contribution in the organization:-
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  28. +
  29. +
  30. +
  31. +
  32. +
  33. +
  34. +
  35. +
  36. Employee's appreciation
  37. Acquisition of employee's competency for participation
  38. Research Methodology
  42. 60% employees are determined through incentives.
  43. 20%self encouraged.
  44. 20% average
  45. Research aims:-
  47. ¶ FINDINGS:-
  48. ¶ Generally a research methodology comprises of the followings:-
  49. Step1.
  50. To decide the aim of the analysis.
  51. To find the prospective financial specialist for the business. .
  52. Step2.
  53. To decide the research design
  54. Descriptive research does apply to the project
  55. Step3.
  56. To determine the foundation of data
  57. Primary data is applicable to the job.
  58. Step4.
  59. To design data collection form
  60. Survey method does apply.
  61. Step5.
  62. To determine sampling design and test size.
  63. Non-probability stratified sampling is applicable.
  64. Step6.
  65. To organize and execute the fieldwork.
  66. Personal interview through organized questionnaire is employed to collect the principal data.
  67. Step7.
  68. To process and assess the collected data.
  69. To review the perception and programs of folks.
  70. Step8.
  71. To prepare the study report
  72. Finding and evaluation of the gathered information.
  74. Employees:-
  75. Suggestion and recommendation:-
  76. Conclusion:-

In the present world all individuals wants self admiration in the society, home, group, office, or in organization. So for this sake they are doing anything so you can get name popularity in the world. People increase their name and popularity through various pursuits like do interpersonal activities, make so intellectual, donation to charity, and do alternative activities. In addition to a person has privileges in citizen.

So whenever we get self esteem we have great deal motivational electricity.

In the business we stimulate the employees in the business through:

Workers participation

Monetary incentives

Non economic incentives

These are the tools of the motivation in the organization.

So now special focus on workers participation. In workers involvement can be explained as those preparations that allow employees to have a say and or a show in the management and /or gains of a business or allow employee impact in the management of the organization. This participation really helps to encourage and also effect the hidden skill in the business.

Strategic planning implementation reaches the center of how to make change of any kind happen in your organization. start by answering why your organization might needs to go on a tactical planning process and implementation. Finally we can say that it's long term planning or it plays essential role in firm success.

In this job we conclude staff participation in tactical planning this helps to:-

Motivate employees

Harmonious relationship b/w employees and employees in work.

Friendly relationship reduces biasness in the business.

Reduce wastage ideal usage of resources.

Reduce absenteeism

Reduce cost of recruitment of employees.

Finally we can say that if we give chances to employees for planning. We get great deal of great things about participation like job satisfaction.

Before work on this project we find:

How many employees wish to accomplish challenging job?

How many workers do their activity efficiently?

How many personnel are self motivated?

How many workers are having capacity to their task?

After all about now we plan who are participative or not participative and give the chance regarding to them. Those who are not participative we've encouraged for doing challenging job in the business.

Some Mechanisms

Suggestion schemes

Team working

Attitude surveys

Collective bargaining

Quality circles

Worker Directors

Works councils

These are helpful tools to turn out the hidden expertise in the organization.


Employees Participation is generally defined as an activity where we effect employees' for decision causeing this to be is to reduce biasness or maintain harmonious relation between all the levels of management. Participatory management practice balances the involvement of professionals and their subordinates in information processing, decision making and problem handling endeavors.

Sharing the decision making vitality with the lower ranks of the organization in an appropriate manner. Involvement has a distinctive motivational electric power and a great mindset value it stimulates harmony and tranquility between workers and management. When employees participate in organizational decision, they could start to see the big picture plainly, i. e. , how their actions would contribute to over all of the business. They can provide feedback immediately based on their encounters and enhance the quality of decision significantly. Being that they are mixed up in decision right from the start, they have a tendency to view the "decision "as their own, and make an effort to convert the rhetoric into concrete action projects with zeal and excitement contribution makes them more responisible. They are prepared to take effort and contribute cost saving suggestion and growth driven ideas. The sensation of being cured as equal force is these to response confidence in general management and accepts ideas of rationalization development etc. , without nurturing serious objections.

Since they cured with esteem. Now, they being to see the work and the business as their own and commit themselves to organizational activities wholeheartedly bilateral decision help in bringing out radical change in organizational systems, plans and manufacturer easier employees don't feel threaten by such moves, as they understand and appreciate the reason behind such tactical shifts.

Strategic planning:-

Strategy identifies long term ideas or planning refers to future plan of action plan beforehand.

Strategy planning:-

It refers to an organization's procedure for defining its strategy, or route and making decision, and making decision on allocating it's to follow this plan, including its capital and folks. various business evaluation techniques can be used in proper planning, including


(Strength, weakness, oppourtinities, risk)

Pest analysis

(Political, economical, sociable, technogy)

Steer analysis

(Sociocultural, technological, monetary, ecological, and regulatory factors) and

Epistle analysis

(Environmental, politics, informatic, social, technical, economical and legal))

Strategic planning is the formal factor of any organizations' future course. All proper planning handles at least one of three key questions;-

"What do we do?"

"For whom do we take action?"

"How do we stand out?"

Strategy planning model:-

Strategy planning




Continue Strategic planning

Down to specifics


Feed back

Keys to Strategic Planning Implementation Success

These are the keys to effective proper planning execution for your business.

Full and effective professional support,

Effective communication,

Employee involvement,

Thorough organizational planning and competitive research, and

Widespread perceived dependence on the proper planning.

Types of employees' involvement:-

Informative participation:-

It make reference to writing of information with staff member regarding economic position of the farm state of the marketplace creation and sales designed work method balance sheet, growth plans, etc. here the staff have no right scrutinize the info provided by management.

Consultative participation:-

The involves an increased degree of posting of views of the personnel and giving them an opportunity to express their views on various problems regarding work, working conditions, market position, financial status, etc here joint council of workers and management on advisers body only management. Might not accept the suggestions.

Associative participation :-

Here the council is not solely advisory the management. Is under moral obligation to accept and apply the unanimous decisions of the council

Administrative participation

Here these is greater degree of showing expert and responsibility of managerial work, allowing employees a little more autonomy is excising administrative and supervisory capabilities according of welfare, safety benefits and rewards etc.

Decisive participation

This is the best form of contribution where decision is considered jointly and matters relating to production and welfare safety etc.

Literature Review

Managers who hold Human relationship theory of contribution notion simply in engagement with regard to engagement, arguing that as long as subordinates feel that they are participating and are consulted, their ego needs will be satisfied and they'll become more cooperative (Richie and Kilometers, 1970).

Job satisfaction and staff commitment receive considerable attention from commercial and organizational psychologists, management scientists, and sociologists. Three thousand studies have been done on job satisfaction only by enough time Locke prepared his study almost 20 years ago (Locke, 1976).


The implementations of workers, participation in management have been summarized by the international level organization thus:

Workers have ideas which is often useful.

Upward communication facilities acoustics decision making. Staff may recognize decisions better if the participate in them.

Workers may work more intelligently if they are informed about the reason for and the purpose of decisions that are considered participative atmosphere.

Workers may work harder if they reveal in decision that affects them.

Workers involvement my foster more cooperative attitude amongst employees and management thus bringing up efficiency by improving team heart and reducing the loss of efficiency arising from commercial disputes.

Workers participation may at as a spur to managerial efficiency.

In the words of Gosep, staff' contribution may view as:-

An instrument for increasing the efficiency of companies and build harmonious relationship;

A device for producing social education for promoting solidarity among personnel and for tapping human ability.

A opportinity for achieving industrial serenity and harmony which leads to higher output and increased development.

A humanitarian elevating to status of a worker in the society.

These parties help effect the employees' participation:-

Govt. coverage and contribution.

Mill committee.

Royal percentage and labour and employees participation in management.

Workers committee

Joint management council.


IT TAKES willingness of the employees for participation are spot in the organization. A tone deaf will never be able to appreciate the music of maestros. Only a practiced jeweler would know that all that glitters is not real! And, only those who is able to recognize the worth of your diamond can value it, for others it's only a stone! Talent is doing easily what others find difficult.

In an organization, there is little or nothing more vital than fitted the right worker in the right position. Or else you would be trying to match a rectangular peg in a spherical hole. When people do careers that just don't suit their preference, inclination or temperament, the results, or alternatively having less them will be disastrously evident. Low productivity, dissatisfaction, low morale, absenteeism and other negative behavior can be typical till the staff is shown the door. Or perhaps, there may be another option - Talent Management

"A mindful, deliberate approach performed to get, develop and maintain people with the aptitude and skills to meet current and future organizational need"

Organization have to have a perspective and a proper identified strategy on selecting for the future.

India has become the outsourcing capital of the world and this has created its own group of HR challenges. India's biggest problem is that competent graduates are becoming scarce. Regardless of the large inhabitants, the way to obtain engineers cannot keep up with the sharply increased demand. So, do we've the right employee's willingness within to get for challenging job?

Significance of Study

This study can be an try to explore the impact of the human learning resource practice (Employee Participation) on strategy planning, and helps to motivate and effect the employees towards works and boost the efficiency and success of the employees in the organization.

To increase the quality of working life by allowing the worker

greater influence and engagement in work and

The get satisfaction from work.

To secure the mutual co-operation of the employees and employers in achieving industrial peacefulness;

Greater efficiency and output in the interest of the organization the employees the consumers and the country.

Objectives of the analysis:-

To gain on commitment of employees.

To increase the morale of employees.

To improve efficiency and success of the employees.

To improve the self esteem of the employees.

To reduce biasness at all level of the management.

To make harmonious marriage between employers and employees.

To make employees ground breaking and much more creative in decision making.

It helps to introduce the hidden talent in company.

This really helps to reduce workers interest and be more responsible and genuine towards its works in the organization.

Model of employee's contribution in the organization:-

Employees participation




Skills & Competencies


Role & structure




Encouragement & Recognition


Training & Development




Action Plan & Goals







Employee's appreciation

Most of the organization focused on assessing just how individuals learn, think, relate with others, and function. Various policies is utilized to evaluate the capacities, competencies and ideals of people for evaluation of prospect of job development and succession planning.

This is intricately associated with helping organizations map their capacity and competency requirements and then evaluating talent to draft individual development plans. The expertise profiling thus done for organizations helps them identify critical competencies to be developed and capacities to be enhanced in order to meet future business requirements and achieve ideas.

Acquisition of employee's competency for participation

Helping organizations define roles for specific authority positions based on 'preferred futures' and strategy

Identifying the competencies required for every single of these jobs

Determining the levels of important capacities of learning, thinking, relating and acting needed to acquire these competencies

Defining the values which are needed to display the required behaviors

Identifying individuals who would fit into these positions

Enable organizations and people to determine mutually acceptable contracts for job and lay the foundation of win-win interactions.

Research Methodology

Research can be defined as systematized

Effort to get knowledge. A study is carried out by different methodologies, which have their own pros and cons.

Research strategy is ways to solve research problem along with the logic in it. Thus when we talk of the research strategy we not only discuss of the study methods but also consider the logic behind the techniques we use in context in our research study and explain why our company is by using a particular method or technique and why we aren't using others so that research email address details are with the capacity of being examined either by the researcher himself or by others.

Research technique means the method carried out to study the situation. It shows the kind of the test design used, its size and the procedure used to pull sample. The level of detail achieved and the method used for controlling any special problem during the course of the study.


For the purpose of collection of primary data two web given questionnaire were well prepared. One questionnaire was made for HR specialists or the people require with in the organization and other one was for the employees of the organizations and other source of data collection through:-

Surveys in the organization


Exit interview


Journals and Research Paper


HR websites



ABOVE GRAPH SHOWS 50%EMPLOYEES are not participative.

30%participative employees.

20% are average

Chart showing motivation degree of the employees'

60% employees are determined through incentives.

20%self encouraged.

20% average

Research aims:-

To understand and assess employee contribution, in strategy planning or, job satisfaction, staff commitment and employee productivity.


To expose the opportunity of connection sandwiched between worker contribution, job satisfaction, and employee commitment and worker productivity at work place.

Our study is a relational for exploring association among employee participation, and effect employees in decision making, job satisfaction, and staff commitment and worker productivity. The data included name of company, life of organization in years, no of employees, worker involvement, job satisfaction, and worker commitment and worker productivity


¶ Generally a research methodology comprises of the followings:-


To decide the aim of the analysis.

To find the prospective financial specialist for the business. .


To decide the research design

Descriptive research does apply to the project


To determine the foundation of data

Primary data is applicable to the job.


To design data collection form

Survey method does apply.


To determine sampling design and test size.

Non-probability stratified sampling is applicable.


To organize and execute the fieldwork.

Personal interview through organized questionnaire is employed to collect the principal data.


To process and assess the collected data.

To review the perception and programs of folks.


To prepare the study report

Finding and evaluation of the gathered information.


Hr professionals:- Managers takes on a most significant role in all the actions in the organization so they may have great deal of responsibility in the organization like

Decision making


Policies formulation and implementation.

Making reports.

And various other tasks they is capable of doing in the business. So they have got great deal of burden or workload pressure.

Through this employee's participation:-

It helps to reduce workload pressure.

Delegation of power helps to do a particular process.

So finally they get whole lot of benefits in the business through participation.


Employees are also play vital role in operational level. Through involvement employees are also get benefits like:-

Reduces favoritism.

Self value in the business.

Earn Wages corresponding with their performance.

Job satisfaction.

They raise the commitment in the job.

They get these benefits and reduce absenteeism and works properly in the organization and also your investment individual interest and consider basic interest and do work in a successful and effective way.

Suggestion and recommendation:-

More Employees involvement is helpful in effective decision making or strategic planning.

It preserves harmonious relation b/w top level and lower level.

It also provides new ideas options for doing a challenging job.

It also helps to come out the hidden ability in the organization.

It reduces employees' absenteeism and reduces cost of recruitment and training cost.

It is very easy handling of grievances of the employees when they take part in management planning.

It also reduce work fill of top level of management in the business.


Workers play a vital role in the organization success. Top level, middle level and lower level of management are interdependent on each other. So increase





We have to provide chances to employees' take part in all the functions of management in the business, and it come out chance for hidden talent and increase innovation in the organization. This helps to maintain harmonious relation in the business maintain friendly relation in the business.

Finally we can say that employee's involvement necessary in the organizational target and achieve permanent survival in the market.

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