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Employee Connections Between Factors Affecting Job Security Management Essay

The outcome of the study is limited only to the data gathered from books and publications about employee/staff retention, individuals source of information management (HRM), motivation and from most important data accumulated from the result of the questionnaire study and interview which were conducted by other experts.

A descriptive research will be more effective as it handles everything that can be counted and analyzed but also uses a quantitative approach which is helpful for quantifying employee romantic relationships between factors impacting job security.

Table of contents

Introduction. . 3

Problem assertion4

Aims and Objectives5

Research Strategy6

Benefits of the research. . . 8

Time plan. 9

Budget evaluation. . 10

References. . 11


Job insecurity is a situation where employees lack the guarantee that their careers will stay secure from daily, regular and every year.

Job insecurity can be an employee's opinion that his / her job is indecisive and could come to a finish sooner than predicted. From what has been conceived and inferred, it is clear that job insecurity is highly terrifying to employees given the chance of dropping the positive material, social, and subconscious benefits associated with employment (De Witte, 1999).

Research into job insecurity has provided reliable proof across firms, industries, and countries that job insecurity is associated with negative worker attitudes, actions, and health.

"Are you structurally unemployed, fractionally unemployed, or out of employment?"(Colossi, 1989). Decrease in make layoffs, downsizing, rightsizing, and restructure- all of these are terms becoming used to spell it out the effort of organisations to decrease expenditures and to obtain or regain a competitive advantage. How the elementary change of job security to job insecurity impacts employees is a problem for policy designers and researchers.

This analysis observes factors involved with job insecurity and exactly how they have an effect on employees in conditions of personal thoughts and future employability.

Main outcomes of job insecurity:

It's been observed often that life and work should be placed in balance. When work gets control life, it is straightforward to resent it and lose sense of perspective: Instantly everything about life is clouded with negativity.

Job insecurity is associated with health problems and this has been analyzed in many studies. Stress, anxiety, internal problems and melancholy, mental problem, and psychological collapse can be viewed as as the outcomes related to health issues.

Job insecurity is triggering poor health, anxieties and stress but it isn't the only outcomes. It is caused by many other circumstances, including risk of job damage, changes in job explanation, added responsibilities because of dismissal of co worker, forced relocation, lack of potential for campaign.

Problem statement

Individual employees, who once thought that they kept job insecurity in substitution for their fidelity, now have no guaranteed profession paths or long term employment. Employability has become the new philosophy available nowadays, substituting paternalism and job insecurity. (waterman et al, 1994) Survivors and patients of downsizing experience dread, uncertainty, insecurity, distrust, and resentment as well as thoughts typical of misery ;trend, disagreement and lack of confidence. These feelings affect employees not only face to face but spill over into their private lives as well. These thoughts will be the neither personally healthy nor organisationally profitable (noer, 1993; keichel III, 1994). In the wake of downsizing, maintained employees are anticipated to restructure and reorganise work techniques, be authorised decision makers, work as groups, and become more customer targeted (henoff, 1994; Huey, 1993). As a result international organisations record that stress is pervasive and low self-assurance, as employees offer with increased workloads and their reactions to organisational situations where continuity is threatened. Personnel, employees or staff are fuels of every company. Without them, the organisation will not perform well. They complete every process that essential for the success of the company. Employees are had a need to ensure that different tasks are being given emphasis and that the business enterprise operations function with ease and range of motion. Thus, employees should be valued and taken care of. Employees with matchless skills are difficult to find, and sometimes it takes a large timeframe merely to find one. These employees should also be valuable because of their ideals and fidelity to the organisation. Without determination, employees would be less enthusiastic to provide their best and would prefer to be an idler. Desire or empowerment of employees is important to provide the employees enough reason in which to stay the business (Processing Research Relationship, 1999). Without empowerment, staffs would feel that the organisation will not think about them, and they do not have any security at all.

Aims & Objectives

The main purpose of the research is to identify the different aspects of the Job insecurity and the relationship between factors impacting the performance of employees.

This methodical research is very much indeed centered on recognition of the factors implicated in the various aspects of Job insecurity of the staffs in companies. The other important areas of the research with regard to the performance of employees and people (professionals, coworkers etc. ) are also analysed in this research.

The below pointed out are the other main seeks of the research;

What are the key factors affecting the work insecurity towards employees?

Does, the external and inner factors have an effect on job security towards employees?

Do the systems & techniques influence the job insecurity to the employees?

Are the employees happy with the task environment?

Are there any problems with employee retention

Are there any factors which influence the morale to be able to improve their motivation

Are there other factors of job insecurity which can be being employed in the other organisations?

Research Methodology

Research Design

Brief description

This area of the proposal discusses the methods which may have been used for this research. This detailed the steps that needs to be taken in order to complete the analysis. You will find steps that include the collection procedure of the info that is necessary in the delivery and completion of the study. It also presents the manner where these data will be used and integrated in the study and at the same time, detail the way the research proceed to come up with the aims and objectives to be able to attain to the final outcome.

In retrospect to the aims and objectives of the study, the analysis intends to find out the different areas of job insecurity for the staffs in companies. To be able to identify the thoughts of such staff, the study's methodology was focused on gathering both main and supplementary data through related books research and the study and interview materials.

The immediate research technique in mind is the descriptive research design. The research are taken from different data sources that is vital in analysing issues of staff degree of satisfaction, worker job insecurity issues and the position with their performance

To come up with relevant findings and offer reliable tips, this research will used two resources of research: most important and secondary. Major research data will be obtained through this fresh study. Questionnaire survey and in-depth interview will be achieved. Alternatively, the secondary research data were found from earlier studies on a single topic. To be able to come to the main problem of how to assemble the necessary data needed to reply the research questions and objectives, important tiers should be first peeled away. Together with the said process, the researcher was able to make an overview on what options are the most suitable to be applied in the study.

Qualitative or Quantitative Approach

The research referred to is based in essence on both qualitative and quantitative research methods. This allows a adaptable and iterative strategy. During data gathering the choice and design of methods are constantly transformed, based on ongoing analysis. This allows investigation of important new issues and questions as they take place, and allows the experts to drop unproductive areas of research from the original research plan.

Basically, quantitative method works with with this research since it allows the study problem to be conducted in an exceedingly specific and establish terms (Frankfort-Nachmias and Nachmias, 1992). Besides, quantitative research plainly and specifically signifies both the independent and the centered variables under exploration (Matveev, 2002). Finally, it offers achieving high degrees of consistency of obtained data anticipated to i. e. handled observations, mass research, or other form of research manipulations (Balsley, 1990). This research should be predicated on studies and statistical treatments, so mainly the quantitative procedure fits well with it.

On the other hand qualitative researchers review things in their natural ways, attempting to seem sensible of, or deduce phenomena in terms of the meanings people bring to them. Consequently, qualitative researchers organise an array of interrelated methods, wishing always to obtain an improved fix on the topic matter at hand. From this process, so this means is produced. However, because views are different with the individual, various meanings are possible.

With this specific analysis, the researcher used both documentary secondary data by means of articles from books, journals, journals, and newspapers that are usually about commercial culture and quality service), and survey-based secondary data.

Sampling / population

The general human population for this research is made up employees of several companies. These respondents will be interviewed apart from the HRM director of the company. Fundamentally these respondents are asked with reference to the current status of job insecurity factors among employees and performance of the business.

Basically, Guilford, J. P. and B. Fruchter (1973), initiated that it's advisable to utilize the Slovin's solution in choosing test sizes. Thus, the sample size of the populace in this paper was determined by Slovin's formulation. The formulation of Slovin is given as follows:


n = a sample size

N= human population size

e= desired margin of mistake (percent allowance for non-precision as a result of use of the sample instead of the population).

Benefits of the research

According to a recently available record from the Population for Human Resource Management, employees consider benefits and job security as both most significant aspects that give with their overall job satisfaction. Job insecurity comes with an impact not limited to employees but also affect the performance of the business. This research will be both beneficial for companies and employees. From this research we will in a position to differentiate the factors affecting job insecurity and try to reduce or prevent these factors that cause job insecurity towards employees. Furthermore, there will be the employee's households and other encircling that is influenced as well. This is due to health problems and imbalance lifestyle. Indirectly the households concern will be favorable from this research.

Time plan

Budget analysis

Time of project

Human resources- research assistance -field and technical support.

Research bills: producing of tools, Field expenses

Meetings/consultations for research

Printing of the report

Capital- computer systems/setting up office/software for data analysis

Overheads - electricity, lease, and so on

Expenditure Estimated Cost


Printing of research proposal


Transport expenses


Expenses of newspapers, catalogs for research.


Binding cost 60

Questionnaire (Number = 100) 202

Total cost of


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