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Emily Dickinson And Nathaniel Hawthorne English Literature Essay

American poet, Emily Dickinson was born in Amherst, Massachusetts, on December. 10, 1830. She is considered as one of the greatest poets in the English language. She was raised in a family group of strong puritan values and the protestant religious beliefs and the education that she received affected his later works. Although, unlike founded custom, Emily Dickinson received an education that recently was reserved for men only. Soon she made a decision to withdraw from the world, retaining contact only with a few friends. At twenty-three, Dickinson was aware of his own vocation almost mystical, and at thirty had been away from the earth by any means, almost monastic. She recognized perfectly the images, the feelings and the concepts of the Nature and like Cynthia Hogue says in hes article How(e) to learn Dickinson (W)riting Nature She had such an unexplainable eye, . . . as she persisted in her ruminative observations of the type she could see, hear, monitor, almost like an Impressionist, as light changed the way Character looked. A lot of the Dickinson's poems are written in a few verses that are combinations of three or four feet, in short stanzas. The themes she uses are loss of life, faith, immortality, characteristics, domesticity and with the images and metaphors that she creates in the poems, she also gets into in others topics. A few of her poems will be the representation of the Nature and others are the representation of the individuals life.

One of the poems that symbolize the type is the poem 328 A Parrot came down the Walk, where she presents the activities of the pets in the Nature. In the first stanza, we can see that Dickinson is explaining an action of any bird, A Parrot came up down the Walk (328/1) He bit an Angle worm in halves (328/3) And ate the fellow, raw, (328/4), a bird that originates from his fly to eat a worm. Then he connects the second stanza with And then he drank Dew (328/5), describing the work of the pet life, first eating and then sipping. After that the bird considers a beetle but he let him move To let a Beetle pass-(328/8), here Dickinson is describing a friendly encounter between two pets, a bird and a beetle. Normally, the birds eat pests but the parrot has already eats a worm so there is absolutely no turmoil between them. In these two stanzas we can see a part of the cyclical life of the pets and what sort of beetle and a bird life in tranquility in the Nature. In the 3rd stanza Dickinson describes the motion of the head of the bird, first describing the sight and then the brain He glanced with quick eyes, (328/9) He stirred his Velvet Head. (328/12). In the final two stanzas we can see how he bird unroll his feathers to use take a flight through the sea to go back home in the noon. And he unrolled his feathers, (328/15), And rowed him softer Home (328/16) Than Oars split the Ocean, (328/17), Or Butterflies, off Bankers of Noon, (328/20). With this poem Dickinson make us see and envision the beauty of 1 bird in the Nature, the actions of the animals in the Nature which she likes the Nature.

In this other poem, Apparently with no wonder (1625), Dickinson is describing the Nature with a metaphor.

Apparently with no surprise

To any happy Flower

The Frost beheads it at its play

In accidental electricity

The blonde Assassin moves on

The Sun proceeds unmoved

To strategy off another Day

For an Approving God.

In the first stanza she actually is describing that the summer ends and that the cool of the autumn comes. The blossoms that were happy because of the summer now are going to be frozen. We're able to feel that Dickinson is talking about that the life span of a woman is arriving to an end, because the girl is becoming older. The term blossom is the woman and this is of the word Frost is usually that the dead is coming. Also, when Dickenson says Apparently with no wonder is the fact the girl already has learned that the deceased is approaching because is the life cycle. In the next stanza, The blonde Assassin moves on

we could feel that there is certainly other reason that is killing her, initially the term frost to say that she is getting old and now the word blond Assasin that may refer to a disease, and with the The Sun proceeds unmoved that she actually is unsatisfied. Finally, To measure off another Times, For an Approving Go could imply that the woman will be unhappy waiting for her dead before God approve that she can expire. Within this poem Dickinson identifies the useless of a woman, may be considered a female that is very near her, using the metaphor with the type.

In this next poem, however, Dickinson discusses issues that is in the civilization from time previously and inside our time too. The web the challenges between the research and the church.

"Faith" is a fine invention

When Gentlemen can see-

But Microscopes are prudent

In an Emergency.

In this poem she express the task that is between the faith and the science. In as soon as when Dickinson was alive is when the research starts to obtain additional power and in this poem Dickinson make have fun of the faith that the people had, saying that the beliefs is an technology to trust in something and don't have fear to something. Also she says that to resolve the problems you do not have to believe in trust, because the faith will do not solve it. This trust is still in our contemporary society and I feel that it will stay for several years.

Emily Dickinson as we can easily see was an extrodirnary poet who had written about nature, beliefs, death. . . and that with the type she created metaphors to discuss others matters too. She was one of the very most original poetic voices in the use language.

Nathaniel Hawthorne was born in 1804 in Salem. He was an American novelist, given birth to into a family of Puritan tradition and his life and his work were designated by the Calvinist traditions. His most famous work was The Scarlet Notice.

The Scarlet Notice provides true portrayal of the seventeenth-century Puritan population and how that society resided surrounded by moral prejudices, faults and abuse. The writer makes a severe criticism of modern culture and to do that he tells account of a woman who portrays extremely how these moral and spiritual prejudices were impregnated in the brains of people of that time period which how any little mishap or crash that that they had was considered as a ensure that you Hester in the book must pay his sin going through the most detrimental circumstances.

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