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Elements that build the personality of the country

Chapter Five: Final result and Recommendations


The objective of the paper was to explore the several elements of a country's id that builds a country's image.

Each country has unique elements which develops its image. It really is seen that the elements that builds the identity of any country performs an important role in framing the overall image of the vacation spot. With regards to Kotler's categories of country images, it was found that Mauritius fits in the category of positive image which is countries awarded with natural resources, diverse culture and gastronomy, politics stability which makes up its beauty. So surrounded by the sea, Mauritius has been gifted with inheritance beauty using its wide selection of breath-taking natural landscape that means it is able to provide a variety of inland and sea activities to appeal to the needs of the marketplace. It also was found that the multi cultural diversity that lives in peacefulness and tranquility and writing their culture is something unique to the image of Mauritius. In addition, it enjoys a reasonable politics environment Image comes with an important role for so as to differentiate a vacation spot in this highly competitive market (Yilmaz et al. , 2009).

The number below has been developed by the current publisher. It shows the relation between country personal information and country image. It depicts the initial elements that build the image of Mauritius under the united states main factors section. Those main factors establish the advertising strategy of Mauritius.



Marketing Promotional Strategies

Figure 11: Mauritius Country's Image

Formulated by the existing author into the context of Mauritius

It is to be noted that the elements of country identity creates its image in case not monitored properly it can hamper its image. Notably, problems to the image of Mauritius is the proliferation of criminal offenses activities, prostitution, medicine working. However, it is argued that irrespective of the prevailing image, vacationers keep arriving in Mauritius. Probably campaigns aiming to confirm that Mauritius continues to be a safe place to be and this such case can be an exception and any country can be victim of has prevailed. Additionally, country representatives established in our key marketplaces have been performing a great job in re building the image of Mauritius by focussing on its key talents. Moreover, this study has also found that in light of the global turmoil; priorities of men and women have changed making long term travel less preferred resulting in a decrease in entrance from our major marketplaces. Consequently to offset the arrivals from European countries, new market segments (Asian countries mainly) have been searched for. However, even if it diversifies into new markets, Mauritius must continue being visible in the Europe.

It has been found that the geographical factors of a destination is relatively an imaginary influences that place marketers should package in proposing travelers with other valuable offers that will compensate the detriments that can't be transformed. Actually, a destination cannot be re-located from its real geographical location. Nevertheless, promoters need to offer exciting deals that will make travelers feel distance is not a large deal. For example, despite of the infinity distance and exorbitant fees, nowadays people are committed to travel to space to see amazing features. Hence, promoters need to propose products that are not accessible at competitor's spots. In the framework of Mauritius, it could be concluded that indeed it offers unique characteristics that enable it to cater for diverse markets.

In this study it gets the image of Mauritius is a significant factor on tourists' decision-making. Before, the image of Mauritius was completely focuses across the honeymoons segment. The MTPA has since implemented strategies and promotions to broaden this image to include many sections which remain mysterious by most travellers: family, sports activities, shopping. This image, which can vary from market to advertise, is stressed after during fairs, workshops, events, and marketing campaigns to encourage potential travelers that the destination meets the requirements they expect from a holiday vacation spot. As Mauritius has a multi-faceted image, its tourism industry can be promoted in several effective ways even within a market.

With relation to promotional activities, it can be stated that the MTPA along with major stakeholders that makes up our tourism sector own good understanding on campaign practices. In cases where the image of Mauritius was on the line, they may have used the right promotional tool (advertising, personal selling, sales promotion) showing that Mauritius is a safe place. Moreover our strategic office buildings in key marketplaces have been constantly delivering the right home elevators Mauritius.

The main reason for a brandname is to connect what the vacation spot provides that differs and unique. The brand Mauritius is being developed which consists of unique USP and marketing campaign has proved to be successful. MTPA has been developing and building the brand of Mauritius with the right strategy so as to effectively communicate its brand promises and brand essence across the world.

The major conclusions of this study can be summarised the following:

  • The image of Mauritius has been developed generally from its natural elements; background, culture, physical factors, its people. Such elements can neither be manipulated nor improved easily. However things such laws to enter the united states, information options (multimedia) can be supervised and should be used to enhance the image of Mauritius. The research findings have concluded that policies and regulations to enter into Mauritius are very simple. Thus it generally does not discourage travellers to come to Mauritius.
  • Irrespective of the proven assumptions, promotion strategies should inevitably reflect the real situation of the destination and not paint abstract pictures to meet bogus expectations of holidaymakers.
  • The image of a vacation spot significantly affects consumer's evaluation. Therefore, the prevailing image makes a decision the actual promotion strategy that will suit the mark market.
  • For tourism promotion to be effective, it ought to be supplemented by trade and investment funds projects. Those jobs shall add in paving method for a favourable environment mainly by enhancing the current infrastructures and also adding recent amenities which are crucial in today's tourism.


  • In the try to create a positive image for Mauritius, the MTPA along with other bodies that develops the travel and leisure sector has made significant efforts which may have been successful in re building its image in light of major turmoil and attracting just as much travellers.


From the analysis and analysis, several locations have been recognized where advancements could be brought in order to enhance the image of Mauritius and therefore optimize tourist's arrivals.

The recommendations are dedicated to the near future perspectives of the travel and leisure industry.

Government needs to invest in building the function and convention sector

We have the basics to start occasions and seminar business in Mauritius: few locations, event companies, and good logistics. However, Mauritius is note extensively reputed to be always a destination of occurrences and meetings. Infrastructures to support events and meetings are inadequate. Instead of growing huge shopping complexes like bagatelle mall of Mauritius, Cascavelle, Mont Choisy, the government needs to encourage investors to use these plots of land to build venues like the SVICC. In other countries the discussion centers are much bigger than the SVICC, they feature accommodation as well. When the prevailing infrastructures (enlargement of highway network, proper lamps and sewage facilities) are in place, the demand for situations will automatically come up. In addition, our unique blend of cultures should be promoted more massively. Combine cultural tourism inside our core tourism product.

Regulate developments

As the travel and leisure industry continues to establish successful, people understand the good thing about investing in the sector. Because of this hotel, vacationer residences, visitor house, restaurants are growing like mushrooms. Identify areas that are already saturated. For instance ile aux cerf, there has already been enough pleasure crafts operators there. Therefore, forget about permits should be given to the people saturated places. A decrease in building permits is an action that should be considered by the federal government because nowadays less and less green spaces are available for tourists who prefer to go to a destination a long way away from their nerve-racking lives of properties and pollution.

Rebuilding of the MTPA website

The main body aiming at promoting tourism is the MTPA. Since we have tourists from around the world who shows desire for Mauritius. It really is worth it to consider in re building the MTPA website in different languages. This will ease usage of information for everybody. Moreover a web based system should be set up whereby any inquiries posted should be replied back significantly less than three hours. This will show our professionalism and reliability and devotion to be the best. Furthermore the MTPA website should be a one stop shop providing home elevators all areas of Mauritius (hotels and any tourist accommodations, nightlife, local climate, journey information, etc).

Celebrity Marketing

To increase holiday arrivals to be able to reach its target of 2 million tourist's super star marketing could be utilized. Certainly it will cost much to hire those celebrities but the returns on this investment will be higher. Those celebrities could be from Bollywood, Hollywood, and the world of sports activities. Those individuals will be thought to be pattern setters for the bigger segments plus they position Mauritius as an aspirational / desired holiday destination.

Launching of any travel newspaper

A travel papers/magazine providing the calendar of activities for the year should be publicized at least 2 times during a 12 months. The mag should be designed using our unique elements showing our uniqueness and it should be distributed to our strategic offices inside our target markets. Those people employed in our strategic office buildings should be inspired to send out those magazines to visit intermediaries across the world. In this way potential travelers will have a visible description of Mauritius and what they might be losing if indeed they decide not to come to Mauritius.

Branding Mauritius

Branding performs an important role, as with all tourism destinations, as it is crucial to present a brandname that will catch the attention of people. All promotions, whether simply marketing promotions or online/offline sales promotions, need to add branding elements to catch the attention of potential tourists. The brand personality helps to set up a relationship between the destination and the customer, and can help convince the last mentioned to choose the vacation spot. Without this component of branding, it could often be hard to convince potential visitors to choose Mauritius over rivalling destinations.

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