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Elements of marketing communications

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is one of the most important nowadays' promotional techniques, incorporating various different kinds of promotional elements, referenced as the promotional mixes. Because of the several views of independent authors examining and defining these elements, various promotional mixes, including various elements happen.

Despite the differences in meanings, the purposes of all promotional mixes stay the same - provision of a couple of tools used for campaign that could be adhered to certain situations on the market. These circumstances could be defined depending on various factors, such as levels in company's product's life pattern, company's willingness to communicate with its customers, company's will to keep long-term relationships with its customers, etc.

Given the different promotional mixes available, the goal of this work is to analyze the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) practice in conditions of theory and practice, doing these steps along the way of the written work:

Analysis of theoretical material provided from four different authors for the purpose of observation and meaning of dissimilarities in promotional mixes, matching to Philip J. Kitchen and Patrick De Pelsmacker, Philip Kotler, Jim Blythe and Stephen Pike;

Defining the use of varied promotional mixes in the merchandise and service areas of the Lithuanian and international markets, through performed analysis of companies Vodafone, Omnitel, United Colors of Benetton and Audimas;

Conduction and analysis of a review managed in the Internet-based review portal http://www. apklausa. lt for the intended purpose of locating the most and minimal interesting marketing elements and defining the cause of the particular answers;

Drawing a realization combining the examination of the theoretical part, classification of the various promotional combination usages used and the info provided by way of a conducted review.

By reading this study, one can gain in-depth understanding of the components of Integrated MARKETING AND SALES COMMUNICATIONS (IMC), understand the dissimilarities between various promotional mixes and their component usage, take notice of the usage of these elements in practice and develop an opinion of how so when should a certain promotional mix and marketing factor be used to do the strongest impact on a possible client.


2. 1 About integrated marketing communications

In the course of marketing principles, this is of Marketing communications is as practices: transmitting from a sender to a recipient of a note dealing with the buyer-seller Romantic relationship.

The explanation of Integrated Marketing Marketing communications (IMC) is the coordination and integration of most marketing communication tools, avenues, functions and resources within the company into a smooth program that maximizes the effect on consumers and other end users at a minimal cost (wikipedia. org).

Nowadays marketing and sales communications is recognized as one of the part of business which is definitely the key competitive advantage of marketing and supervised by the companies with the highest degree of interest.

As Integrated Marketing Communications is proclaimed to be always a key competitive good thing about marketing, there occur discussions about the reason why of the introduction and progress of IMC. Philip J. Kitchen (2004) supplies the pursuing factors as the reason behind:

Movement of marketing budget below-the-line - from mass media advertising.

Media explosion and associated fragmentation.

Market demassification and splintering.

Greater segmentation and emergence of topic and unitary markets.

A trend in information technology which is still sweeping the entire world.

More development of, easier access to, and consumption of huge consumer directories that effectively underpin marketing communication of most types.

The importance of reinforcing consumer devotion via Marriage marketing.

The need for building and increasing a brand's image centered equity.

Generally, the brand was recognized as the primary driver of commercial success.

Development and diffusion of digital technology.

The spread of multinationalization and globalism, supported by monetary and politics means.

As Integrated Marketing Communications is a couple of tools (elements) used in order to attain the customer, there is absolutely no doubt that before, at the very starting these tools could had been not mixed but used and understood as separate musical instruments for service or product campaign. But as communication was thought as a transactional process (not processes) between several parties, the set of IMC tools was defined as promotional combination and the firms started out using combinations of promotional mix elements in the promotion procedure for their product.

Marketing communication mixture elements provide information that is important add value to a product or service from both edges - buyer (consumer) and the company (company) as customers gain information about products or services and the company allures more customers to buy, affects the demand of the product or service and if so gets more gains, as the client gains pleasure by observing that purchase.

According to the studies of the 1990's provided by Kitchen, there have been four points determining the benefits of IMC:

Increased communications impact.

Higher level of effectiveness of strategies.

Provision of higher communication regularity.

Improved client come back on communication investment.

By the year 2003, many commentators described a negative side of IMC:

Not experienced that IMC software could provide faster solutions.

Spotted weaknesses in terms of effective measurement and analysis.

Indicated that IMC's time and cost contribution - uncertain.

Noted that much of IMC concerned with the necessity to combine and synergise promotional combine elements.

Because the IMC emerged so successfully and it is combined of a couple of different marketing tools to be able to reach the customer effectively, there are several recommendations for the structure of the promotional combination (as at the start they were used separately). The compositions of elements, presented by different authors, are provided in this chapter of the written work.

In the span of Marketing Concepts there are 8 components of expanded promotional mixture introduced:


Product placement.

Sales promotion.

Direct marketing.

Public Relationships.


Guerilla marketing.


But in further part of this chapter, as it was already mentioned, there may be be an chance to note that different authors provide various variety of elements included into promotional mixture.

2. 2 Components of built-in marketing communications

2. 2. 1 Philip Kotler (2001)

Philip Kotler in the booklet "Rules of Marketing" identifies five major components of promotional combine:


Personal selling.

Sales campaign.

Public relationships.

Figure "Integrated promotional blend" (Kotler, 2001)Direct marketing.

Advertising is thought as "any paid form of nonpersonal display and advertising of ideas, goods or services by an determined sponsor". Some varieties that are realized as varieties of advertising: printing, broadcast, outdoor and other styles.

The description of personal offering is provided as follows: "personal demonstration by the firm's sales force for the purpose of generating sales and building customer relationships". The types of presenting personal selling are: sales presentastions, trade shows, motivation programs.

Sales promotion, corresponding to Kotler, is "small amount of time bonuses to encourage the purchase or deal of a product or service". Point-of-purchase shows, premiums, special discounts, coupons, niche advertising and presentations are the forms of sales promotion.

P. Kotler provides the definition of public relations as follows: "building good relations with the business's various publics by obtaining advantageous publicity, building up a good commercial image, and handling or heading off unfavourable rumors, tales and happenings".

Direct marketing is defined as "direct contacts with carefully targeted individual consumers to both obtain an instantaneous response and cultivate lasting customer relationships". Forms of tis ICM aspect are: catologs, telemarketing, fax, kiosks, the Internet and else.

2. 2. 2 Philip J. Kitchen (and Patrick De Pelsmacker) (2004)

Philip J. Kitchen and Patrick De Pelsmacker in the book "Integrated Marketing and sales communications: A Primer" offered a promotional combine which consists of "seven main components of modern advertising":


Sales promotion.

Direct marketing.

Marketing pr.


Internet or e-communications.

Relationship marketing.

In the reserve "Integrated Marketing and sales communications: A Primer" Philip J. Kitchen provides the meaning of advertising: "any paid form of non-personal display of ideas, goods or services by an discovered sponsor". This component of promotional combine covers such communications functions as informing, persuading, reminding, adding value and supporting other company efforts.

Awareness of avoiding the advertising, or honest issues that advertising was linked to during the process of development, defines the necessity to set effective aims at the beginning of advertising process which have to be "compatible with overall corporate targets" and have to be revisited after the changes of market conditions. The biggest problem for the advertisers is measuring the consequences of advertising when it is employed separately and in the mixture with other components of the promotional mixture.

Author defines sales promotion as "a variety of tactical marketing techniques designed in just a strategic marketing construction to include value to a product or service to be able to attain specific sales and marketing targets".

Figure "Sales campaign through the trade programs" (Kitchen, 2005)This promotional combination element is focused on short-term targets, is sales-oriented and makes customers to acquire a good without thinking, immediately. This component of IMC can be used during the entire trade channel - manufacturers, marketers and resellers.

Kitchen identifies three main types of promotion: consumer (and dealer) campaigns; trade promotions; sales force promotions, and each one of these types have a wide variety of tools available. But, because of short-term orientation, sales offers (especially trade offers) use an increasingly important part of IMC budget

Consumer promotional tools

Trade advertising tools

Sales make promotion


Buying allowances

Sales meeting


Count-recount allowances

Free sales training


Buy back again allowances



Merchandise allowances


Specialty advertising

Advertising allowances

Slotting fees

Table "Types of sales advertising" (Kitchen, 2004)

The classification of direct marketing is provided the following: "an interactive system of personal and intermediary-free dialogue which uses a number of communications press to have an effect on a measurable behavioral response at any location, forming a basis for creating and further developing a continuing direct Relationship between an organization and each of its customers individually".

This element is an ever more important tool of the IMC blend that allows marketers to communicate with highly targeted consumer sections directly, even with individual customers and promote purchases directly. This is the element that allows engaging long-term romance building connections with customers. Due to the more powerful database, maintenance and changes in repository building, the efficiency and quality of immediate marketing functions have instantly increased.

Like other IMC elements, marketing public relations faces lots of issues in a competitive nowadays world, especially in terms of accountability for efficiency and efficiency.

Definition of sponsorship is: "an investment in cash or kind within an activity, in substitution for usage of the exploitable commercial probable associated with this activity. <. . . > The sponsor also positively markets his association with the sponsored event or cause". This is a highly effective tool for creating and supporting brand awareness, boosting brand images and building and aiding customer commitment.

Sponsorship jobs, even more than any elements should be effectively added to the IMC. "The proper fit between the sponsored event or cause and the business's objectives of focus on groupings, and the promotional spin-off probable of the project are extremely important considerations". There are three types of sponsorship: event; cause-related; broadcast.

"E-communications is utilising the web, cell phones, interactive television set, and other digital marketing in marketing communication promotions" stated P. J. Kitchen. That is a essential part of all communications nowadays and of IMC. As the convergence of multimedia is expected, there should not be forgotten the point that technology can only just be successful only once "consumers are able and willing to understand, admit, adopt, and use it in their buying decisions".

P. J. Kitchen offers a definition of relationship marketing the following: "Romance marketing is marketing seen as relationships, systems and interaction. It is aimed at building long-term win-win connections with customers". This element's idea is the success of loyal customers.

2. 2. 3 Jim Blythe (2005)

Jim Blythe in the e book "Basics of marketing", at the very beginning of talking about the promotional combine (IMC blend) labels four components of the basic promotional blend:


Sales promotion

Personal selling

Public relations

Figure "Marketing mix" (Blythe, 2005)This author provides an exceptional explanation of promotional blend: "the promotional mix is like a recipe, in which the substances must be added at the right times and in the right volumes for the promotion to be effective".

Advertising, according to Jim Blythe, is: "a paid concept put in a medium". Plus the hugest amount of advertising works below the conscious level and there are four elements important in the effectiveness of advertising stated:





The note of advertising should be clear as it is a non-personal communication and is also directed for many customers s and without doubt marketers, using advertising strategy, use the interest and interest appeal (A and I of the AIDA model). it is almost always impossible for all Aida model in a single advertisement, so there is a pass on between types of advertising (elements of IMC), so there are several types of promotional initiatives, Jim Blythe provides few types of these promotions: teaser campaigns; lifestyle campaigns; logical campaigns.

Jim Blythe identifies sales deals as "short-term activities made to generate a momentary upsurge in sales of the merchandise" and the goal of this IMC element is building a temporary upsurge in sales by adding immediacy to the decision-making process. You will find listed four characteristics of sales deals:


Fit to product category.

Reception wait.


This aspect of IMC is said to be helpful for low-value items and is most useful and effective while used with other elements of promotional blend. And Blythe, much like P. J. Kitchen, provides three types of sales marketing promotions: trade campaigns; retailer promotions; company promotions.

Personal selling is called the priciest promotional tool, "used limited to high-order-value or highly complex products that need a prolonged decision-making procedure". Ales individuals have to combine knoelwdge of the merchandise, understanding of the customer's needs and understanding of sales techniques "to help the client arrive at a conclusion".

Public relationships are thought as "the planned and sustained effort to establish and keep maintaining goodwill and common understanding between an organiozation and its own publics". Basic routes that oublic relationships operate through are mouth-to-mouth, press and Tv set information, and personal suggestion. As advertising is considered to be both persuasive and interesting, public relations is used limited to providing information.

Besides four basic components of promotional combination, J. Blythe quickly reveals sponsorship ("an investment, in cash or kind, within an activity in substitution for usage of the exploitable commercial probable associated with this activity") and mentions publicity which as well as public relations is considered the most cost-effective promotional elements.

2. 2. 4 Steven Pike (2008)

In the reserve "Destination marketing. A built-in marketing communication approach", written by Steven Pike, there are outlined only five components of IMC, which are the following:


Personal advertising.

Sales campaign.

Public relationships.

Direct marketing.

Steven Pike defines advertising as "paid non-personal campaign of ideas or products by an identifiable sponsor". The prospective of the IMC aspect is stimulating the required images of the client in such way that triggers the action. This publisher presents four periods in the look and implementation of advertising campaign:

Objectives setting.

Budget allocation decisions.

Message decisions.

Evaluation of the campaign.

Message decisions stage is named as the utmost problematic one, because these decisions should be led by segmentation and setting strategies and really should have a definite concentrate and point of differentiation.

Personal offering S. Pike called the very best IMC component in revitalizing the dialogue with consumers. This is quite effective in launching new products, services, brands or facilities and appears as trade shows, special interest travel trade exhibitions, tourism exchanges or trade education training seminars. This IMC aspect, used as a drive strategy, is mainly favoured by small budget companies because costs are less than advertising.

Sales advertising is not broadly discussed by this author, there is merely mentioned the fact that "person businesses attempt to match capacity with projected levels of demand through methods such as produce management and sales advertising" and that activity includes 5% of promotional budgeting.

Mostly discussed element of IMC in the book "Destination marketing. An integrated marketing communication strategy" is public relations, defined as: "the process of handling how, when, and in what way you communicate, so that you may ultimately affect the behavior, attitude, and perceptions of these important for you". Addititionally there is listed the main functions and hierarchy of public relations.


Achieving positive editorial communication coverage.

Engaging the general public.

Active management of communications.

Application of strategy and creativeness in reputation management.

Networking with potential clients at training seminars, exhibitions, and happenings.

Wining and eating out important customers.



Press agentry

Striving for advertising publicity

Public information

Disseminating purpose but positive information only

One-way asymmetrical

Utilizing research to design communications that will stimulate stakeholders to act the way the organization desires

Two-way symmetrical

Using research and wide open communication to enhance relationships, where both organization and publics can be convinced of the need for change.

Table "Hierarchy of pr" (Pike, 2008)

Direct marketing, similarly to sales campaigns, is not greatly discussed by S. Pike, this aspect of IMC is described just in the part of budgeting, where was brought up that direct marketing needs 7% of consumer advertising budget.


3. 1 United Colors of Benetton

Benetton is one of the most significant Europe's clothing company and the world's greatest consumer of wool products in the garment sector. Today the corporation is present in 120 countries. The stores are managed by independent partners and generate a total turnover of over 2 billion euro. It really is a company with high Italian quality, whose style and design are clearly seen in the United Colors of Benetton plus more fashion-oriented Sisley brand and in sportswear Playlife brand.

The development of Benetton's commercial organization has been recognized by a significant programme of investment in megastores, some of which are run immediately by the group, per its intend to control distribution, others by long-standing lovers. These stores are in very prestigious locations and offer their customers very high quality.

So the secret of so popular and successful business in United colors of Benetton company is marketing. Nowadays we reside in a society where in fact the image is in the first place of our worth. Every day we buy less and less products but increasingly more image. It is not a bag, it's Luis Vuiton, it isn't a set of jeans, it's a set of Levi's. One brand stands out from others not by so much by product design but as by marketing strategies". And United Colors of Benetton is accountable for this. They don't really choose straight advertising, they would like to show that this is the first company which is not interested in products but in the people wearing them. The company is responsible for personal contact, they are for sale to everyone: no subject your skin color, living region, interpersonal background or sexual preference".

For United Colors of Benetton promotion and advertising is liable one person - Oliviero Toscani. The corporation never had real advertising but when Benetton hired Oliviero everything transformed. He was accountable for advertising strategy.

United Colors of Benetton advertising basic principle is simple -"take a powerful image and stamp a custom logo in a corner". Toscani set up the image of Benetton Company among the most effective brands on earth. He says that the advertising industry does not recognize its power to influence culture for the better", thought that advertising is a waste of energy or communication and incredibly expensive. So the United Colors of Benetton try to have an image that can make people to discuss, help us to see the world differently. That's the reason why UCB is using cultural advertising where people can see AIDS victims or newborn baby with a blood vessels. In company's advertising never will be labeled clothing, only a custom logo in the spot of the picture.

Pease and brotherhood. It had been a note to the earth from UCB in 1993. The business was addressing the problem of racism and in the advertisings people could visit a black female breastfeeding a white child. Later Benetton launched Assists and Safe Intimacy campaign and these adverts increased companies brand account, though it cause problems with customers and retailers. As Toscani said: "it was advertising campaign of reality". Advertising campaigns for Benetton really was cheap, they spend 4 % of the income of their marketing.

Nowadays this company has Public Relations offices in every country. Furthermore UCB sponsor volleyball team in Italy and Formulation 1. It's other way how to advertise United Colors of Benetton brand.

This company is using Philip Kotler strategy which was written in the book "Principles of Marketing" and he identifies five major elements of promotional mix:


Personal offering.

Sales advertising.

Public relations.

Direct marketing.

All these factors are in UCB Company's marketing. Benetton cares about the controversial issues and would like to see a discussion about these matters. "

3. 2 Vodafone

Vodafone Group- is a global telecommunicating company headquartered in United Kingdom. It's the major company on the planet by income and the second-largest by clients with 332 million proportionate clients as at 30 Sept 2010". This network runs in 30 countries and has partners in 40 countries. ' It is the owner of 45% of Verizon Wireless network, the most significant mobile telecommunications company in the United Expresses measured by readers'. Vodafone name comes from words data fone, ' chosen by the company to "reflect the provision of voice and data services over mobile phones".

The secret of the most famous brand in the world is Vodafone using online marketing strategy. The globe market has few barriers therefore Vodafone must be noticeable as 'the brand to buy'. Marketing consists of customers needs and finding them the right product or service at suitable price. Vodafone looks for more and more to make an impression its customers not only by products also they try to increase benefits. 'This will involve effective communication. ' Vodafone seeks to get new customers and goals to keep old ones by emphasizing their unique brand.

Vodafone goal is to improve its profit percentage with the addition of value to its products and services. They make an effort to earn much more from products that they sold. The 'Vodafone live' service let users to download pictures, music, game titles or information.


This company advertises its brand with activities icons such as David Beckham.

People can see Vodafone on TV, in journals or other mass media outlets.

Stores have special offers.

Stores, products and staff project the Vodafone image.

Public relations (PR):

PR is designed, continuous effort business which lets to establish and develop good romantic relationships with all open public. That Vodafone is the companions with Manchester United soccer team and Ferrari provide positive human relationships with open public. Nowadays society wish to know everything therefore you can't leave them without any information. So Vodafone dispatched for clients all information about sport or formula 1. This company is providing 'with plenty of positive press coverage, world-of-mouth and pr. '


Because Vodafone network is used by more than 332 million users in more than 40 countries, so this company transferred their communication to the web. They have the main Vodafone website where customers can order new communication plan, buy a phone or pay for the bills.

Vodafone suggest because of their customers cultural networking (talk and going out with), entertainment (music, videos or Television). What is more this network users can order a mobile internet on your PC or Mac, on your mobile phone.

It's very user friendly this mobile network; you have just to go into the main Vodafone website.


Sponsorship for Vodafone is more than using a logo on the shirt or a racing car. The business tries to act as ambassadors for their brand expressing to the entire world: 'This brand is focused on being trustworthy, empathetic, and innovative, can do and filled with vitality and life'.

For example, Ferrari supporters can order MMS (multimedia system messaging services), information services and chat community forums, and download interested games or wallpapers. What is more the Vodafone Competition Track auto racing imitator let us for clients to remain competitive in race simulator. 'Vodafone's link with Ferrari gives them a USP in conditions of up-to-the-minute participation with the world's leading racing team. '


In this part we are going to talk about two Lithuanian companies. They may be popular around in Lithuania and sometimes far away. These companies are - Audimas" and Teo.

4. 1 Audimas

The first company that we decided - Audimas", was started in Kaunas in 1936. First of all it was a sewing business. On days past, when Lithuania is at Soviet Union Audimas" was express managed and it produced some activities clothing. When Lithuania received flexibility, in 1991 Audimas" became joint-stock company. And it is still now. An enormous restoration was made during 1997 and 1998 in every departments - from making to advertising. Today there are about 500 employees. Audimas" also has a team in Belarus. It is the biggest activities and leisure clothing supplier in Lithuania.

Audimas" business protects all the procedure from designing the merchandise to logistics. It creates business in two main poles as they say - "regional brand operation" with already made clothes and "supplier operation" which protects development of new clothing lines and selling in the neighborhood area. It provides the production quite fast and there are now complains about this, it cares for middleman's, evolves the delivery service.

Audimas" looks for to:

Always be progressive;

Create high quality, stylish sports clothing;

Satisfy the need of men and women living dynamic style life.

The company tries to apply strategy by creating strong worth:

Ethics and Fairness. Operating fairly while preserving high ethical standards and a strong sense of responsibility and preserving transparency in general management.

Customer-focus. Providing customers with new values and solutions, and achieving sustainable growth collectively.

Innovation. Achieving continuous innovation in every commercial activities, and targeting dynamic evolution and progress.

Competencies and Effort. Strengthening fieldwork capabilities and effort, the foundations of our own corporate activities, through constantly learning in one another and frequent self-driven attempts.

Emphasis on Human Resources. Providing an environment where employees find value in their work, and building positive, full of energy human relationships between people and the business.

Safety and Environment. Adding priority on safety, mishap prevention and environmental preservation, ensuring the basic safety and health in our employees, our customers and local areas.

In this part we will look deeper in the elements of marketing communication of Audimas" company.

Audimas" - freedom of motion!

The notion of the hallmark is the concentrate of exploring, exploring, what makes you are feeling better. The text written in the website appeals to visitors feelings. They are telling to look at the eye of a man or a women, who uncovered something new, while riding a bike or doing other outdoor activities - they look different. Then your text goes on about liberty - exactly what does it signify to Audimas", how it is pertinent to the actual fact that the business is making as comfortable clothing as it can be for an active lifestyle, balanced life and great energy motion.


Audimas" doesn't seem to have a huge marketing campaign, that it's sure not pushy and in the same time effective. They are the first company which used legally bought international song and its own movie clip in it commercial in Lithuania. It had been a commercial showing people benefit from the taste of liberty of life. The clip reflects Audimas" principles and beliefs. Audimas" has several impressive Television commercials such as this one that are related to main principles of the business.

One Lithuanian history could be brought up for example of other advertising. Audimas" in year of 2000 made an outdoor stand, with real clothes inside. It may seem so it really was smart communication with customers. Not in Lithuania, because a lot of clothes were stolen. This marketing campaign was suspended.


Audimas" has a great part of customers and companions that are dynamic Internet users, so they moved their communication forwards to the Internet, by promoting the brand trough the web. They have got several Internet webpages. The first is mainly about the business and the second is an e-shop, where you can order and buy Audimas" production. THE WEB website gives an information about special discounts, new production. With the help of e-shop Audimas" gathers information about customers, needs of the market and then it can easier make decisions.

Audimas" uses Internet for other communication as well, like for example there is a competition - who will be the models of photo program for a new product line. This competition was madee in well known news web page www. delfi. lt and there have been about 200 participants. Web page users were voting and only nine of 200 were chosen.

The other aspect of internet use is interpersonal network. You can find Audimas" in one of the most famous these days public network site - facebook. com. There you can find pictures of the new collection, everything about discounts and coupons. This is the part related to the sales promotion.

Sales promotion

There are a whole lot of discount rates that Audimas" offers in the facebook. Starting with seasonal discounts. There's also coupons for one of the product line clothes that make 100Lt discount. With this part of the 12 months they made an offer for Xmas - special clothing with lower prices.


Audimas" made great advertising in 1999 when reinforced the Lithuanian Olympic team. It still would it until now and it is the state sponsor of Lithuanian team. It also makes clothing for hockey team algiris". In 2001 the new production for this club was shown by brake and other style dancers. In addition, it makes clothing for Latvian baseball team.

Audimas" supports not only famous sportsmen and clubs, but also young and perspective sportsmen, various occurrences for children activities. In 2001 Audimas" started out a basketball tournament called "Orange Virus". The purpose of this game is to make a chance for citizens to spend time having a great time and having an chance to become famous in activities, as Audimas" says "Orange Disease" also inhibits teenagers from criminal offense.

Audimas" also has a advertising campaign for helping disable people.

4. 2 Omnitel

It is the largest telecommunication company in the Baltics, providing a number of telecommunication services - moving voice, mail, new information, entertainment and other procedures. Omnitel" is an associate of TeliaSonera group. From beginning Omnitel" experienced a great effect in new technology development in Lithuania. It's the first company began GSM services in 1995 and the first in Lithuania offered 3G services in 2006.


1991 Juozas Kazickas and Viktoras Gediminas Gruodis founded company "Litcom". It had been the first private telecommunication company in Baltics.

1995 Omnitel" (first in Lithuania) offered GSM and. internet services.

2000 - first WAP website was lauched.

From 2001 Omnitel" is the major telecommunication company in the Baltics.

In 2002 Omnitel" launched alliance "Window to the Future" encouraging Internet and computer literacy development.

In 2002 Omnitel" was the first person who offered MMS services.

In 2004 Onitel became TeliaSonera group member and now it is the owner of 100% of Omnitel" shares.

One more interesting campaign that Omnitel" started is the communal advancement "Grow responsibly". It looks for to stimulate responsibility and positive culture in the family.

The elements of marketing communication that Omnitel" uses.


Omnitel" has a well toned communication through the internet. A web page with self-service ability, where customers can do all the required everyday operations, from seeing how much messages did they delivered to paying for the assistance by online lenders. There exists information about all Omnitel" strategies and prices. It really is convenient for users.


Omnitel" does a huge advertising on Television. They actually it just like a story, heading by one theme. Some advertisements are ranked in the best positions by the internet surfers in the research. Such as in 2009 2009 a commercial for a fresh plan for a family with flying planets and everything family members about them, with nice music participating in on the backdrop got first place.

Also Omnitel" use outdoor stands in the pavements and bus stop, were Omnitel" is promoting new mobile charges for 1Litas or perhaps some new services.

There was an research made, how much prices are similar in Lithuania telecommunication sector and the conclusion was that in this field of business it is similar to a war. Omnitel" is one of the strongest in the field as well as for keeping its position it has to offer the most attracting and new advertising for the costumers.

Sales promotion

Like it was said, there is a conflict on telecommunication services in Lithuania in support of offering a myriad of coupons and special discounts Omnitel" can maintain steadily its large proportion of market share. Today as the Christmas is approaching Omnitel" offers a 3400Litas discount for smart mobile phones. Omnitel" offers lottery - in the latest one each costumer who bought OmniId can win a Renault car. There is also a lottery where costumer must send a text to a given number and may get tickets to a concert. Offering all kind of discount rates, lottery and coupons Omnitel" pushes costumers to utilize its services.

Direct marketing

Omnitel" has a pool of volumes and emails. And by immediate marketing they try to attract new customers. Calls offering to improve the operator or even to enter a new plan, email with new services - hard, but effective communication.

Public relations

Omnitel" organises many occurrences in Lithuania.

For 11th time the most popular and prestige automobile sport event - "Omnitel" 1000 km race". It is accepted worldwide, because this past year it was shown on a "Motors TV" channel - a multinational one, not only in Lithuania.

A recent event for young and enthusiastic people - Omnitel" device creating competition, hold all weekend, for creating programs for smart telephones, the winner are certain to get 15000Litas.

Omnitel" also organises kids (until 18) baseball championship, this is the second most attractive sports event in Lithuania, gathering talented and perspective golf ball players from all over the Europe.

Aurelijus Katkeviius has written a publication about Omnitel" company that is also some type of public connection.

Another sport event is Omnitel" organised footbal competition for children. It really is called Eys goal" and has been organised four years in a row.

Omnitel" has even disco functions. Eys Discotronas" a party in one of the night night clubs in Vilnius, were some savings have been offered for Omnitel" users.

Also Omnitel" wrote a long-term agreement with Office of Lithuanian Authorities and is an service agency to the federal government administration.


There were four authors examined in this paperwork, and the email address details are as follows:

Marketing principles

Philip Kotler (2001)

Philip J. Kitchen (2004)

Jim Blythe (2005)

Steven Pike (2008)






Sales promotion

Sales promotion

Sales promotion

Sales promotion

Sales promotion

Product placement

Personal selling

Internet or


Personal selling

Personal selling

Public relations

Public relations

Marketing general population relations

Public relations

Public relations

Direct marketing

Direct marketing

Direct marketing


Direct marketing




Guerilla marketing

Relationship marketing


Figure "Promotional mixes by different writers"

As it sometimes appears from the stand above, there are just three components of Integrated MARKETING AND SALES COMMUNICATIONS (IMC) which were named by all of four creators and mentioned throughout Marketing Key points: advertising, sales promotion and pr (although P. J. Kitchen called this factor marketing pr). According to this, a bottom line can be made that the most successful cause selling something or service can be reached by merging these three elements. Nonpersonal presentation and campaign of good or service, short time bonuses to encourage purchase of goods or services and building good relations with publics including accumulating a good corporate and business image, these are the IMC elements, leading to the effective development of sales.

Vodafone company is using Philip J. Kitchen strategy which was written in the publication 'Integrated Marketing communications. And this publisher emphasizes seven communication elements:


Sales advertising.

Direct marketing.

Marketing public Relations.


Internet or e-communications.

Relationship marketing.


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