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Electronic commerce, is also called electronic marketing, contain procedure for buying, selling or exchanging products, services or information via computer network. The quantity of trade conducted electronically cultivated extraordinarily with wide-spread Internet utilization. Electronic commerce began more than 20 years ago in the form of Electronic Data Interexchange(EDI) and Electronic Cash Copy(EFT) Followed in the 1980s by Automated Teller Machine(ATM), mobile phone banking and the extensive use of on-line credit-based card transaction. You will find three concept in E-commerce such as brick-and-mortar, virtual, and click and mortar.

The brick-and-mortar concept

The brick-and-mortar is refer to business which have physical occurrence which is quite than electronic or online. Furthermore, stores(physical materials such as offline) that people can drive to end enter in physical form to touch, purchase and start to see the merchandise. It really is term as the basic for the click and mortar. The brick-and-mortar business is old-economy organization(firm) that perform the majority of their business whithout network(off-line). It is selling physical product through physical agents.

The vitual genuine play organization(virtual)

In e-commerce pure-play I refer to group that originated and will business solely through the internet. It has no physical store(brick-and-mortar) where customers can shop. Types of large pure play companies are Amazon. com and Netflix. com.

The click-and-mortar concept

The click-and-mortar concept is refer to blend of traditional(brick-and-mortar) and online establishment, such as store, bank and website. Business deal can be initiated and finalized either at the website('click')or at the physical site('mortar')

The change in organization(brick to click)

Many of organizational buildings of today's business were designed more than 100 years back when when computer-based information system were not available. Besides, information is actually comparative and difficult to process. Plus, communition system is too old to use in daliy life. A lot more than a decade a previously Peter Drucker heralded the arriving of a fresh organizational type, an organization composed basically of specific who self-discipline and escort their own performance through planned responses from headquarters, colleagues and customers.

Few years ago, when pure-play business is can't stand anymore running a business, other organization think to expand their sales, so click-and-mortar learn to be use. The area pure-play flunk are exactly the areas where brick-and-mortar companies took place running a business. Before this, we use brick-and-mortar also. This idea can be used in organization, but to broaden the business enterprise is hard because the business is just multiply around its area because brick-and-mortar corporation only sell literally outside the network. People from other areas can't purchase thingS from it because they didn't know about it. Soon, they recognize that to make a successful business, it must go online.

Click-and-mortar is not about praising one business design at the expense of another. Additionally it is about combining the effectiveness of both to build up the most positive consumer experience possible because in the e-commerce world, the customer will determine the victor.

The good thing about using click-and-mortar principle in organization

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