Egypt country, the continent of africa

Egypt, is a country situated in the far north-east of the continent of Africa, bordered on the north south-east shoreline of the MEDITERRANEAN AND BEYOND on the east shoreline of north-west of the Red Sea and an area of 1 1, 002, 450 square kilometers. Egypt is a state for the majority of its place in Africa, however, part of its territory, the Sinai Peninsula, is positioned in the continent of Asia.

Egypt edges to the western with Libya, and south with Sudan, and north-east with Israel, the Gaza Remove, overlooking the Red Sea from the eastern part. Go through its territory the Suez Canal, which separates the Asian part of the part of Africa.

The target of most of Egypt's populace in the valley of the Nile, particularly in Greater Cairo, which almost 25 % of the population, and Alexandria; also live the majority of the population left over in the Delta and on both coasts of the Mediterranean and the Red Sea and the cities of the Suez Canal and occupy the premises as a 40 thousand rectangular kilometers. While most the desert section of the Republic and it is not built-up. A lot of the population in Egypt is now urban, a quarter in the Greater Cairo.

[Edit]origins of the name

Egypt's name in Arabic and other Semitic dialects, comes from the main of a vintage Sami could signify the united states or simple (period), which does mean for tressor Almknonp.

While the Hebrew name Mizraim brought up inthe Torah (OldTestament) as the child of welding Ben Noah, a grand daddy who comes from the historical Pharaonic people to the data of mythology, biblical (Genesischapters 10, [1]6), and known to Arabs as "Egypt. "

Name that was known forthe Pharaoh sin their house language is the KMT, which means "black earth", a metaphor for the land of the Nile Valley and the dark-colored to distinguish it from the red desert earth Dchert environment.

Names are defined in several European languages derived from the name in Latin Ijptos Aegyptus produced subsequently from the Greek Oijeptus, the name is explained by some as a derivative of the Ka Ptah landeda target of the heart of Ptahis the name of the Temple of Ptah, in the historical capital of Memphis, in keeping with a continuing exercise to the day in the commonality between the country's name and the name of its capital.


Crystal Clear software kdict. png Main article: History of Egypt

[Edit]Ancient History

And built about the valley of the Nileone of the first human civilizations, evolved early to state with a central government, surfaced as the Kingdom of the North Mmketan and symbolized by the Red Crown and the Kingdom of the South in the south of the border of modern Egypt, and symbolized by the crown-and-white, whilst every of the Kingdom of the ruler and the crown custom logo and own it do not know the specific time frame which grew by these or any Almmketan many details from them.

And the beginning of written history is the emergence of the Kingdom that included the Nile Valley from its oral cavity up to the drinking water land capitalof Memphis in about 3100 BC by the ruler of semi-mythical usually known as Mina (and can be Narmer or Hor Aha) and the Standardization of his kingdoms of the north and south Egyptian. The time of the country a thorough renaissance in all aspects of life, where he come to the Egyptian hiero glyphicsto rule after the groups of successive ownership over another three thousand years to be longer unitary Claims history;[2]

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