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Effects The Magazine Industry Multimedia Essay

The benefits aggregation services like Google News gain is the fact that the information they placed on the website have additional content and a broader view of the topic, industry and subject material. That's what attracts the viewers, as they can skim through the top news they want to read and do not need to go through the unimportant reports like in magazines or Television set. Online information aggregation services like Google Information are changing the way news is being advertised to the people. Since the creation of Yahoo News, it is becoming among the finest innovations for the company in terms of subscriptions with their feeds and revenues they create through readers. What Google does best is the fact it gathers interesting things and presents them in new ways to charm to the huge audiences.

Effects on the newspaper industry

During days gone by decade, the web is becoming an important news source for some Americans. Matching to a study conducted by the Pew Internet and North american Life Project, by January 2010, almost 61 percent of Us citizens got at least a few of their news online in a typical day. (Isbell, 2010). This statistic shows us that there is a great deal of reliance on the internet for media. People have forgone the traditional practices to getting their media through newspapers, magazines and Television set. Thus, there's a decline in the traditional media these days.

News Businesses Rupert Murdoch and Associate Press Chairman Dean Singleton have reasoning to believe that the major reason behind the drop in the traditional media is due to the rise of the news headlines aggregators. According to this theory, media aggregators from Google News to The Huffington Post are free-riding, reselling and profiting from the factual information accumulated by traditional advertising organizations at great cost. (Isbell, 2010). Aggregation services threaten the print media because they are appearing as the new entry site which people skim through every morning for headlines instead of going to any single papers site. (Schonfeld, 2009).

The other reasoning behind low print media numbers is the fact companies have began to advertise more on the websites as they cost significantly less when compared with advertising on the newspapers. The challenge with newspapers these days is that there are about 20% top headline reviews and the rest of the 80% is usually not relevant or uninteresting to the audience. Aggregation sites create tons and plenty of important headlines from all over thus fascinating the audience. The value not only comes from skimming through the website material but visiting the links to the many headlines creates value. Certainly newspapers are failing because you surely cannot get the reader's attention with only 20% media and the other 80% being irrelevant. Aggregation services use automated logarithms to get really good content, and therefore it is not only the front webpages that catches the audience attention but the other webpages are as interesting as the first one.

Basically newspapers focus on the needs of a higher class of individuals who earn higher than average income whereas aggregation services like Yahoo News cater to every generation as anyone can gain access to the news headlines from anywhere without concern with purchasing any materials on the web they read. Plus, the price tag on paper, printer ink, postage, and physical circulation will never be a contender in an environment of electronic communication. Therefore, papers are actually creating websites for their readers and promoters. The classified portions on the paper are being threatened because sites like Craigslist would like a show of the grouped market. This implies that the task is becoming more challenging as newspapers make an effort to provide a diverse audience of readers.

Aggregation services are fast in remaining current in their business, track competitors, screen industry personal blogs, and follow specific Websites. Aggregation services get the best of their data in a very speedy manner and therefore they get their media feeds when a particular event or news occurs. In a nutshell, newspapers are attempting to attract the client platform they once experienced due to scientific innovations on the internet.

Aggregation services enhancing above the years

I will take example of Yahoo News and exactly how they have approached online aggregation services. Yahoo News through the years has upgraded and has grown smarter than many other aggregation services. They keep an eye on user tendencies which is vital as people's view and opinions change daily and is also never on one thing. Google News uses a very different algorithm compared to that used because of their Google search. Yahoo News runs on the closed index whereas their search engine uses an open index. Now, the difference is the fact that in a sealed index Google Media will only take the news related items, whereas within an open up index the search engine will take everything under consideration thus making the repository even bigger. Thus, Google Reports gets their information in a more real-time manner which is faster and gets easier for users to find what they are looking for.

Other aggregation services are also taking note of this and bettering their services as well. Aggregation services are less worried of which kind of medium they will be using and are usually more concerned about ensuring the news continues to be streaming for example those organization publications, editorials and other activities that may be observed in the newspapers. Therefore, their priority or interest is to try and make sure that the news not only survives but thrives. The only path to ensure the speediest delivery of reports to the audience, aggregation services use particular algorithms to get these cluster of reports out to the readers thought their internet sites as opposed to the traditional papers which takes longer and endure to 60% of ad space.

If we go through the pace at which the media is going online, news is the area which would gain the most when it's online. With something new going on every other minute, breaking news learning to be a daily concern, with posts and notifications which require something more than the original media network, it's the time that the news headlines gets online. Each and every time there is breaking reports it is uploaded online for the internet users in which to stay touch without any effort to do the same. (Chris Williams, n. d. ). After all the best way for a person to remain up to date with the latest information is to log in to one of the online sites and check the news rather than having the hassle of buying a paper or turning on it or the radio. It saves a lot of time for a person to do this.

The competition to make the news more attractive is lesser in the online world, considering the fact that it is very simple generally in most ways than the print media. The printing press requires you to come up with innovative ideas almost every other day to stay afresh in the emerging competitive market. Relatively, in the web news market the competition to stay new is less. (Chris Williams, n. d. ). Therefore, sites like Yahoo News along with the Huffington Post don't really care whose site is better, but rather are interested that the news they are simply providing is being read by the audience and that it is getting to everyone regularly.

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