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Effects on Vietnam's current economic climate: Hospitality and tourism

Tourism which takes on an important part throughout the market of Vietnam creates tons of careers and export value. Nevertheless, there are still many difficulties that Vietnam must overcome to make our wish becoming one of countries which is well-known for tourism become a reality.

Vietnam is one of members of Southeast Asia, that includes a lot of enjoyable economic activities on the whole and tourism specifically. Vietnam has a lot of benefits to develop tourism. Therefore, to make Vietnam a perfect tourism vacation spot, our country should have specific approaches for this goal.

First, one strategy for Vietnam tourism development is international co-operation. In order to stimulate sustainable tourism growth, the Vietnam administration should improve the cooperation with many countries about the world, especially Asian ones. For instance, many situations were organised for the camaraderie and solidarity of Vietnam and Laos in 2012. To tag the 50-yr wedding anniversary of 2 countries' diplomatic relationships and the 35-12 months signing of companionship and assistance treaty, Vietnam structured the third Vietnam-Laos friendship happening. In addition, Vietnam has cooperated with Japan tourism authority and will receive 1 million Japanese arrivals to Vietnam in 2015. The 40th day of remembrance of bilateral marriage between Viet Nam and Japan in 2013 in culture, sports activities and tourism activities is an important landmark for the bilateral tourism co-operation. From these illustrations, we can easily see that to boost tourist industry, Vietnam should supercharge international tourism co-operation with other countries and international organizations, and web links our tourism market with local and world tourism ones. Moreover, Vietnam should develop bilateral and multilateral co-operation relationship to gain the support of other countries and international organizations, accelerate Vietnam's tourism development and integration, and raise the image and position of Vietnam's tourism in the international market.

The second technique to improve tourism industry is infrastructure development in line with environmental protection. For just a sustainable tourism development, it is extremely necessary that the tourism infrastructure system should be invested appropriately. Vietnam opened its door to the entire world in 1994. Vietnam has a great deal of travel and leisure potentials. Vietnam is changing to make tourism better. Vietnam should pay attention to the number of air transfer of individuals when the country becomes the favorite destination for international tourists. We should update and expand the system of international airports, boost the well-equipped planes, wide open new routes to numerous cities in the world, and increase the quality of the plane tickets to meet up with the needs of holidaymakers. For instance, Vietnam is planning to build Long Thanh international airport with a large amount of capital investment to serve more foreign vacationers. Lately, Vung Tau is a specific example of developing infrastructure consistent with environmental cover. Vung Tau city has procedures to conserve the surroundings. Many hotels in Vung Tau have achieved criteria on the environmental protection and contributed to keeping energy. Furthermore, many travel and leisure areas and hotels in Vietnam should target attention on buying standard systems of dealing with sewage and garbage, clearing shorelines, cultivating trees, looking after gardens, and creatingclean environment and beautiful landscapes to serve travellers.

The next is individual source of information development for tourism. Vietnam needs to have some plans to build up human resources for travel and leisure industry both in terms of quality and quantity. The tourism human resources in Vietnam should learn occupational skills and knowledge. They are simply straight influencing service's quality, tourist's satisfaction and the professionalism of the travel and leisure sector. Colleges and universities specializing in tourism should create a network of strong tourism training organizations with modern specialized and coaching equipment. The goal of this training is to make the professional travel and leisure work force having functional skills and experience to please the visitors coming to Vietnam. Vietnam should diversify tourism professions that will assist to improve the tourism labor force and competition with other countries. Reinforcing foreign language for folks who work in travel and leisure is a required factor to help Vietnam integrate with the world's tourism industry. In the past, many guides couldn't speak British and other languages, or they only used body language with simple words to express what they wished to talk about. In a very competing environment with other countries, Vietnam should invest in training labor force with potential of interacting with foreigners fluently. Our countries should have many programs about sponsoring the excellent or well-qualified students to study overseas to broaden their mind about tourism, which is very useful for Vietnam. After they have experience of tourism business from many countries, they will contribute what they learn to the engineering of nation.

According to the travel suggestion, Vietnam is facing many problems, fierce competition with countries in the region such as Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia. Alternatively, the neighbours have very huge marketing investment campaigns in order to boost the attractiveness of travel and leisure market, so the ability to catch the attention of travelers in Vietnam becomes more challenging. On July 11th 2012, group of international experts came up to Vietnam to aid our country make a travel and leisure marketing plan and a plan for tourism expansion in the foreseeable future. Professionals aided the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) to build up advertising schemes in 3 terms: brief, medium, and long. Furthermore, they helped VNAT analyze information from 7 important market segments. From experts' statement on trademark principles, communication channels, marketing equipment and action strategies. Vietnam recognized that advertisements was an important factor in developing travel and leisure and increasing the competition in international industry. Vietnam's tourism industry must have a strategy and clear producing concentrate on for marketing activities, and effectively advertise about the variety of tourism products offered and main travel and leisure areas, prolong enough time of guests' temporary house to attract travelers back. Moreover, we have to have travel and leisure websites introducing locations, and expand the machine of foreign travel offices to help make the marketing better. Vietnam pressingly needs to use many new trademarks and contemporary advertising tools to point out its tourism image.

With the coastline of over 3000 kilometres, 2700 small and large islands, many beautiful beaches and famous bays, Vietnam has a great deal of opportunities for sea tourism development such as Vung Tau, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Ha Long, Phu Quoc, Phan Thiet. . . From now then on, Vietnam should thrust beach-island travel and leisure effectively. Sea tourism is considered as a design and a strong point in Vietnam travel and leisure. Among well-known areas that attracts a big amount of international travellers is Ha Long bay belonging to Quang Ninh province, and well known by the stunning landscaping of limestone. Besides, Nha Trang and Da Nang are places having enchanting beaches on the planet. The sea travel and leisure industry attracts about 70% of international tourists, 50% of domestic tourists on a yearly basis, and accounts for 70% of turnovers for your tourism. Moreover, Vietnam should focus on building many standardized hotels in coastal regions. It is necessary to organize the sea tourism reasonable at nationwide and international levels to build up brand and affirm position of Viet Nam sea tourism. Firm of the Viet Nam international sea travel and leisure fair will contribute to campaign of sea tourism in Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa specifically and Viet Nam in general. The expansion of sea tourism not only helps people living close to the beaches have careers but also stimulates economic development. Furthermore, sea travel and leisure of Vietnam should connect with national security, security, and create marine tourism areas to be able to contend with other countries.

In days gone by, Vietnam was a region having an extended time period in protecting against invasion from strong adversary such as China, French, USA; therefore, nowadays, it becomes an interesting places which international visitors are interested to discover about its people, custom and culture. That is a good chance of Vietnam to develop cultural tourism. We should open many tours to famous destinations that still keep traditional landmarks (Cu Chi tunnel, palace of freedom) or metropolitan areas having traditional features ( Hanoi capital, Thang Long citadel, Hue old capital). Furthermore, many traditional celebrations should be encouraged to donate to introducing the wonder of friendly culture to international friends.

In realization, it is forecasted that in the next 10 years, Vietnam travel and leisure industry will continue steadily to grow swiftly. Nevertheless, to encourage the travel and leisure potential of the united states, we have to know to have good thing about development chances and make good our shortcomings in approaching years, making tourism play an important part in the national economy.




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