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Effects Domestic Violence IS WEARING Old People Social Work Essay


Domestic violence

Domestic abuse as earlier discussed is a kind of mistreatment which is leveled against associates of a family or people who have an intimate relationship. There are different forms of home violence and these include emotional maltreatment, physical abuse, intimate abuse, financial deprivation or intimidation. Very few cases of domestic mistreatment are reported anticipated to concern with reprisal from the perpetrator. This helps it be difficult to see the exact amount of victims of local abuse. However, in america, 10% or 32 million people are affected by domestic mistreatment.

Phases of home violence

There are three major encounters of domestic violence and these are the honeymoon, pressure building and acting-out stages. The honeymoon stage is the first stage and the perpetrator of violence apologizes and gives love after committing a violent action. They feels unfortunate and remorseful after committing violence. The next stage is the tension building stage and in this stage, the victims commence building fear and have tension whenever the batterer becomes irritated. There exists poor communication and victims try to quiet perpetrators down to avoid confrontations which might turn violent. The 3rd level is the behaving out stage and in this stage, the perpetrator barely feels remorse for violent works. The batterer becomes abusive and violent, in tries to dominate on the victim.

Violence contrary to the elderly

There has been a rise in situations of assault against the elderly. The mistreatment of the elderly is continuing to grow into a criminal justice and general public health concern scheduled to upsurge in cases. The elderly have emerged as prone and weak, and this makes them easy targets for perpetrators of older violence. Various varieties of elderly assault will be discussed and included in these are physical abuse, financial abuse, emotional abuse and sexual mistreatment. It is important to note a few instances of elderly abuse happen unintentionally, and are usually therefore of attempts to safeguard the elderly people. In such cases, the elderly may be required to sign up for homes or alleviate themselves of duties which other customers of world view as too difficult to them. They might be compelled to delegate control in companies or political systems because of the perception they are too old to effectively perform their duties. This may leave them sense depressed, isolated and demoralized (Cohn et. al. , 2002). However, the majority of the cases of elderly maltreatment are done intentionally in order to possess dominance within the perceived weaker generation.

Causes of home and elderly abuse

There are different theories which clarify reasons which drive people to commit these kind of violence. Some of them will be discussed below;

Psychological theory

Psychological disorders account for the largest percentage of domestic assault cases. Actually, more than 81% of situations of domestic violence are linked to mental health disorders especially the psychopathology disorders (Dutton, 2006). Psychopathology disorders influence the mental and personality manners of victims. People who have this disorder exhibit poor impulse control, bursts of anger and low self esteem. People with psychopathology disorders are likely to project their anger at people around them, and these are family, spouses and older people. This brings about domestic and elderly abuse in the long run if people with these disorders do not seek treatment.

Social theory

There will vary social ideas which explain domestic violence. These theories make clear that socialization and the surroundings may impact a person to commit home abuse. For example, social learning is seen to be one of the factors which lead to mistreatment. Social learning consists of imitation of actions of people around us. If a family experiences domestic misuse, children who are lifted in such a family may commit abuse in future given that they notice as normal in family settings (Shipway, 2004). Stress is also another factor which may lead to payment of domestic assault. When a person has stress, he or she may job their anger at those around them. Spouses, children, older people and other family may have problems with domestic assault if stressed people task their anger to them.

Resource and dependency theories

These theories make clear reasons which make women susceptible to domestic abuse stay in abusive relationships. They make clear that in cases where the wife or husband is dependent on the other partner for monetary well-being, it is problematic for those to leave abusive marriages. Victims are unable to leave given that they believe that they cannot survive without the help of the other partner. This is especially seen in human relationships where one partner has greater electricity than the other. This makes it possible for her or him to manipulate the other spouse into living with domestic mistreatment.

Power and control

Many abusive associations occur after one spouse or relative makes an attempt to dominate above the other. Spouses, especially men, use violence as a means of dominating within the other partner. Such dominance may happen out of low self esteem, childhood experiences, insecurity, and stress, resentment towards women or men amongst other notable causes. Spouses who are bullied accept themselves as subjects and the cycle of assault continues, until it is destroyed by separation, divorce or treatment. This is also seen among the elderly, and many people abuse them as a way of control and dominance over them.

Forms of local and elderly abuse

Physical abuse

This is a kind of abuse where in fact the perpetrator physically assaults or intimidates her or his victim. It may involve actions such as punching, attractive, pulling, slapping, pressing, exposure to temperature or frigid, head-butting, strangling, kicking, whipping among others. These functions are performed to cause pain, intimidation or injury to the victim. Both domestic abuse and elderly abuse feature physical mistreatment since in both situations, the victims are recognized to be powerless by the perpetrators, and this allows these to literally dominate over them.

Emotional abuse

According to Johnson (2005), this maltreatment is intended to calculatingly injure the feelings of the victim. It offers humiliating victims publicly or privately, withholding information, handling the victim, blackmail, isolation from relatives and buddies or verbal abuse. This form of misuse may be difficult to find and victims may realize that their companions dominate over them or control them only through the intervention of third gatherings. Victims who undergo emotional abuse may have problems with eating disorders, drug abuse or may attempt suicide. Emotional misuse is common in both local and in conditions of elderly maltreatment.

Economic abuse

In this form of mistreatment, the perpetrator withholds resources or money from the sufferer in attempts to control their activities. Usually, the perpetrator has control over the resources and money, and withholding it is intended to induce the victim to perform the particular perpetrator wants to be able to get access to the resources. This form of maltreatment is common in households where one spouse is economically reliant on the other. It is also common where older people are dependent on their children or other people economically. The individual who retains the resources deliberately manipulates victims into accomplishing what they wants in order for them to get access to these resources. This creates dominance over them.

Sexual abuse

This is a kind of abuse when a person is pressured to engage in sexual serves against their consent. This includes rape, degrading sexual activities and unsafe or unwanted sexual activities. Sexual mistreatment is more prevalent in domestic assault than in circumstances of elderly violence although the last mentioned has become common over time. This form of misuse, just like physical abuse, is intended to dominate over the victim.

How to prevent domestic and older abuse

There are various steps which should be taken to reduce cases of home abuse and misuse against older people. These will be quickly discussed below;


Legislation is a very effective deterrent to criminal offense. Harsh phrases deter potential perpetrators of criminal offenses and reduce offense levels. Since local violence and violence against the elderly is a criminal offenses, severe legislation should act as a deterrent to criminal offense. Lawmakers should pass laws which give long prison sentences to people convicted of all forms of violence (Neil & John, 2000). This will reduce the overall assault criminal offenses levels.


Rehabilitation can effectively treat people who have mental disorders which will make them commit assault. Treatment can also make somebody who commits violent serves against others realize the harmful impacts to subjects, and stop the vice (Hamel & Nicholls, 2007). People who practice any form of misuse should be recommended to seek guidance or rehabilitation aimed at encouraging them to improve their attitude towards violence. This may enable those to be accepted back into society also to live with other members of world in harmony.

Social services

Governments should offer public services cost-free to subjects of local and elderly abuse. According to Wilcox (2006), these services should include legal, medical, emotional and financial services that will ensure that they recover from the misuse and that the perpetrator is caught and incurred with the offence. The government should ensure these victims have a home in a safe place free from any form of violence.

Public recognition campaigns

This is just about the effective tools of struggling violence in modern culture. The government and civil modern culture should organize campaigns which are targeted at increasing recognition on domestic violence and assault against older people. These promotions should encourage visitors to report such conditions to police agencies. The promotions should also provide potential victims with information about where they can access help in case they experience these types of violence.

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