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Effectiveness Of Customer Relationship Management Of Greggs Marketing Essay

The target of the research is to propose a online exploration of marketing functions of the Greggs in UK. This analysis is principally about the client relationship management of the company at East Ham branch.


Critical analysis of the modern-day theories which can be part of consumer marriage management.

Analysing the customer relation management in one of the key bakery market head Greggs at East Ham branch.

To evaluate the effectiveness of customer romance management at Greggs East Ham branch.

To give summary and advice for increasing customer romance management Greggs at East Ham branch.


In the competitive bakery market Greggs is one of the leading companies in the United Kingdom. The corporation is attaining much facility over competition by giving its good products and services. The reason why this company is doing so because of its great customer relationships which company is looking directly certain requirements and objectives of customer. The corporation looks customer's wealth both in the secondary and tertiary level. These sectors indicate the developing and customer services department of this company. The main target of this company is to satisfy consumer's requirements and to provide its shareholders for ecological financial returns. The corporation provides opportunities because of its staffs to improve their work performance. To encourage the staffs and make sure they are more active this company provides rewards. To perform the business of Greggs supplier's plans are maintained firmly.

Marketing strategies play an important role for achieving the competitive effectiveness and as the nice service provider this company is doing better. To inform consumers about the latest products Greggs is following some customer romantic relationship policies which is helping the company to attain its marketing focus on. As the bakery market head this company is dominating the UK bakery market which company is trying to develop their business in a number of locations. Communication and brand value is aiding this company to generate more correct customer romantic relationship between Greggs and its customers (BBC news 2006).

In the bakery market Greggs in second position and it has become in this position because of its perfect stock and offering products anytime to its valued consumers. The client romantic relationship management and delivery system is nice but should improve a bit and in this research it'll be explained briefly. You'll be able to be improved upon like the bakery market head. It will require a while but it's possible (Jorn Madslien, 2006). The image value of Greggs is a lot demanded which is not so cheap. I think that with the help of customer romance management Greggs will attempt to reach the best positions and it may begin from my research place at East Ham branch.

Background of the business:

In my research work I've discussed about Greggs which is principally a ready food developing company and making gain providing good services. Greggs is the UK's leading retail baker. It really is specialise in sandwiches, savouries and a variety of other baker-fresh food on-the-go. The corporation began its business in Newcastle with one shop and seven vans and now its total shop is more than 1400. It is absolutely a well-organized company that is the reason why I have made a decision to make may survey on this company. Bakery business and its all types of technical points can be purchased in this company. There are a variety of retailers in UK and I'll discuss the client romance management in a specific shop and it is the East Ham branch. Market show of the company reveals the sells on particular products and it is determined by the ration of brand's sales and total category sales (Brittorn and Rees, 2005).

According to the some research company like TNS world -panel, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's and Morrison's will be the largest four chain super shops in britain. These four companies keep 74. 4% food market. There are a few food getting ready company that happen to be also running their business in the united kingdom but their contribution in this sector is not too effective like Greggs. By inventing new products and enhancing products and customer services this company is becoming the main company in the United Kingdom. Services and good customer services are getting customers and causeing this to be company revenue.

Conversely there many companies that happen to be maintaining their business from home country and increasing there services around the world. Wal-mart/Asda is the best example in this sector. Some very chain shops are offering a large selection of brand value and providing product with cheaper price plus some of them are battling against their competition. A well known British Company Greggs is providing customer services in various ways and their strategy of customer services. Greggs is producing services very frequently and they're inventing newer products considering customer choice.

Literature review:

Going to the Greggs at East Ham I found that the operating system of the company in this particular store is democratic. This store is following democratic style in solving several problems and planning meeting this company make an effort to solve anything wrong for the business. According to the management of this company Greggs employs the democratic style but based on the staffs of this shop it is well known that this company is following the autocratic style to perform their business. You can find two types of thoughts are located in this shop. The first is that managers believe that for decision making not only the professionals but also the staffs are accountable and the next some may be that staffs of this company assume that they may be totally influenced by managers plus they do what their professionals want from them.

There is a hierarchy of professionals which is followed in the corporation for the prosperity of Greggs. Managers of all levels are in charge of particular obligations. Decisions of various levels are used by managers of this particular level. Every degree of controlling system is responsible for their duties plus they generally talk to upper position because of their changing or modification. Mainly Greggs uses the democratic style of management but sometimes it also comes after others styles for working the business profitably. Relating to my own opinion Greggs is doing good and following several strategies for working their business and making more revenue. Making good income and running the business enterprise smoothly means that this company is well-organized.


There are numerous kinds of organisation cultures and the most import four of them are:

Power Culture: in this culture individual's activities are definitely more preferred than group activities and taking any types decision personal opinions are considered carefully.

Role culture- For perform any thing every member must have a specific job.

Task culture- Team development is emphasised in this style and every person in this team should promote aspiration and principles.

Person culture- Every thing personal are centrally considered and any group exits for serving the better things on their behalf.

Greggs culture

This company is explaining its culture in constantly and compete against any competitor of this organization. It is their aim for and process of doing anything. The process of this company is not too effective now a day.

Communication Channels

Any business must talk. Without communication between clients, employees, suppliers and organisations in just a business are not possible. Communication between several industries like employees, business and suppliers are very essential for any business which is impossible for operating any business without keeping good relationships between them and so it is needed to:

Everybody should be clear about their doings.

Communications between various corporation and communications between companies and clients should be maintained clearly.

Everybody should be engaged and motivating idea should be adopted.

Any new thing and development should be responded quickly.

Well information is vital for just about any organization

Business location is where the business is situated. Location is considered very important for a business as it can determine if the business enterprise achieves or not. The business location is usually considered before the business is set up, as they have to check out all the factor, which influence it.

Business location is very important to broadening business and it means the problem of the business. With regards to the location many things can be achieved or not. Before establishing any business its location is highly recommended with careful consideration and factors related to business should be retained based on the company's rule. A number of the factors are:

Competitors of the company

Charges of the local government

Complimentary businesses

Suppliers positions

Cheap land

Landing cost

Resources and its own types

Cheap labour


Transport links for customers and suppliers Setup linking between several sectors

Select areas for potential clients

Main roads

These factors all influence the business' selection of location. It's important for businesses never to locate too next to other competitors, as there would be more of challenging for customers. Complementary business is also ideal for any business and it is also related to the location. Consumers generally visit the store for essential and luxurious products and both of these products are stated in the corporation. Customers have found every thing they need under the same roof covering in cheaper cost. Providing these services this company is attracting more customers daily.

Near suppliers are also chosen by the business company and location is really ideal for it. For example we may conclude some examples. If during the Christmas if requirement of some products expand up then the nearer suppliers are determined to provide product continuously. It is related to labour influence and cost. Cost may have an effect on any business quite definitely. If costs of any thing expand up and location is not too famous then your business never can easily see the light of success. So labour costs and distributor costs is highly recommended carefully for operating any business profitably and it could be done only when every factor is under handled. Low land costs can help any business to develop its business and business may help the business to make earnings. So every types of hire should be in the very least range.

Locations are essential for running any business and which makes it profitable. There are some shops which can be positioned in the petrol pump in the road side. This sort of shop helps the business enterprise in a several ways. These small types of companies are helping to control the business. Some retailers are situated historically and its positions are not only location based mostly but also event dependents. For example we might conclude the positioning of some shops in the china town London. This place is famous for some Chinese language restaurants which place is famous for some traditions and themes. Business could be the financial supporting purposes and it is also important for any business.

Our considered Greggs store is an extra shop which suggested that all types of bakery products can be purchased in this shop. Foods for any traditional area are available in this shop. Especially foods for the Asian and European can be purchased in this shop. Some facilities of this store are as follows:

Customer toilets are clean

Cash machines are available

Good facilitate for disabled access

The location of my considered shop reaches East Ham which is very occupied and popular place for a few consumers who works in the East London. If this company would be a sole investor then it would earn a lot of profit. Only traders cannot control business situations and financing problem is also available in there. It is very stressful because of this company looked after motivate all types of related factors. There are some disadvantages in the system of the company because of its liabilities. One more reason is that if the sole trader does indeed wrong any thing then it may affect the business enterprise quite definitely in adversely.

In the complete sense Greggs and its own business is now in good position which company is attracting more customers by setting up new stores close to the locality. As the corporation is getting extra capital from shareholders and so the corporation is facing any cost-effective recession. To meet up the customers need and reaching the aim of the business the marketing team is vital which is making the clients loyal. This is the Greggs customer caring system and in this system customers are consider as the valued person and they are regarded as the first main concern for the business of Greggs. It really is an important part of the marketing department for making more gain offering some nice options.

Technological development is affecting any business quite definitely and business environment is changing its position speedily. Marketing communications and transportations are also helping this company to grow business and it can affect the business nation wide. This company is not only competing with the local competitors but also this company is competing internationally. This can help the business to be regarded internationally. Constant improvement of the business enterprise and extension of the marketplace size are the main factors for Greggs to reach your goals ( Kotler et al, 2005).


My chosen subject matter is very interesting if you ask me because it will help me to be informed about national and international marketing systems plus some of its critical regulations. As any big business is changing day by day and their changing style is swift and fast. For see any large business and some of its critical issues my considered company Greggs is a very good example. Customer romance management is very effective in this store which is making the client valued.


If consumers purchase products almost all of the time out of this store then customer will be affected by romantic relationship management.

If consumers visit this store frequently then a good customer relationship will be made which will occurred because of good customer marriage management.


The Greggs at East Ham will mainly be utilized for market research. The research essentially base on the clients connection management and their doings. It is very very good news for Greggs that this company need not research in this sector very accurately but it will keep in touch in this sector. Utilizing the accurate customer services this company is achieving its aim for and making benefit from all sectors. Price is yet another important factor because of this company to reach your goals. Loyalty of this company is also an important electronic factor because of this business. The main aim of Greggs is to provide good customer services and treat them as valued partner of the business.

There are many customer services sectors and one very important point is usually that the complaints section. Customers may land in virtually any trouble with the products and if indeed they come to the store then the customer service department will solve the situation with care. Greggs is obviously confident for good customer services.

To make any business corporation famous and profitable some factors are extremely essential and customer service and customer connection is one of the most important factors of them. Needs can vary greatly regarding to customers alternatives and Greggs always provides priority to the clients requirements. Greggs provides reliable customer services for its loyal and effective customers.

People are the first concerns of Greggs which company is emphasising on it very much. Customers are heartiest pleasant in the shop of Greggs for collecting services. For making the shop more efficient and making it only for the clients Greggs is changing its business plans. For better policies this company pays off head on the existing situations.

There are extensive tips for customers of Greggs which company offers these tips for good customer human relationships. Some experienced employees are responsible for observing the customers choices and they are taking steps considering the customers alternatives. Greggs maintains its product quality and it is done with care. By giving good products for customers Greggs is maintaining the nice customer relationships.

Greggs customer expectations

Good value product offers is the best insurance policy of Greggs which company does this for making good income.

Greggs is providing clear and good charges plans to its customers and it is one of the most important factors because of this company to reach your goals.

Quality customer services are very much previous point for this company which company is providing good services and obtaining good stuff from customers.

Some services related to customer and customer services before and after markets are available in the corporation.

Research design

Its major purpose is to get a knowledge of the factors that affect consumers purchasing because of good customer romance management. Survey-based methods are used to collect information about the characteristics of direct purchasing from shop and internet purchasing on the web.

Data collection methods

Data for our research will be from consumers and it'll be achieved from 250 customers who buy products from Greggs at East Ham. Some study questions will be used for our research work. These questions are easy to comprehend and it'll take only five minutes for filling up (Cavana et al, 2002:307).

Data collection procedures

Secondary data will also be used for our research work and these data are collected before for doing another research. In this case I am interested for collecting data and process it matching to some regulations (Kotler et al, 2005).

Data collection can help the research in lots of ways and one of these is to provide the real information about the merchandise of Greggs and ramifications of customer marriage management in this particular branch.

Data can be collected from various extra sources and this type of data will help our task to be more successful.

We will go to the Greggs at East Ham between 12 pm and 1:30 pm while most consumers lunch and buy products in those days. The consumers will be preferred arbitrarily by us to answer the questionnaire. Firstly, we will expose the research matter and purpose clearly to the consumers with polite attitude. Also we will discuss that the review will not take long, because majority people will deny to spend long time frame for doing review during the lunch time. Then the consumers will get the questionnaire. If the respondents have any questions with the questions, then we have to clarify those problems for the kids. In addition, we have to maintain patient through the individuals doing the questionnaires. We have to not give any pressure to expose participants to physical or mental stress; it may affect participants providing untruly answers for the question or refused to complete the questionnaires.

Sample characteristics

A simple arbitrary test of 250 will be preferred from Greggs. Their age ranges range will be from 18 to 40 years. Most of the members will be under 25 years.

Data Analysis

After data have been obtained through questionnaires, we need to be edited firstly. Then the empty answers will be taken care of by us, because not all respondents will answer every item in the questionnaire (Cavana, Delahaye & Sekaran 2002:315-318).

Using software program of SPSS

In this task SPSS will be used for a few data analysis, a menu-driven computer software to do the statistical examination. Firstly, the SPSS data data file will be presented up for grabs, and 'each row will show the reposes to each question by each respondent; and each column will show the responses to each asking and its own related answer (Cavana et al, 2002:403).

There are several constraints in this redesigned study. Firstly, the examples will be decided on randomly from the consumers. Because of those reason above, the amount of valid reactions became less. There is a higher proportion obtaining the valid responses from this specific group. Furthermore, the redesigned research used personally given questionnaires to get the valid reactions in the tiny boundary. However, for the initial study, the writer used electronic questionnaires could reach out wide-ranging geographic area.

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