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Effective Use Of Problem Dealing with Techniques Idea Essay

It is our applied management syllabus in 'business management' course. We were performing a task in this subject matter. We have to do that choose any sort if business and find and identify a problem in that and then by using problem handling techniques make a remedy for that discovered problem. Before began it was looking a difficult job but when we did started it was making easy detail by detail.

We had chosen DLF Structure Company. On this task we used many techniques. We used swot research and porter 5 forces to identify a difficulty. it all were contained in our first evaluation.

In our second analysis we did a focus on discovered problem. We used cause and effects, 5 whys also in problem dealing with techniques. We received many answers to solve it. Change in design and estimation skills we found to solve identified problem.

In this task we picked DLF engineering Ltd. It really is an Indian development company. Whenever we were carrying out this job then it was necessary that our selected business must have any major problem. For eg. If we choose Burger King. Then customer service is the key problem.

And then we had to do that analyse the condition by using tools 'cause and results'. Then we had to need that find solutions by using problem resolving techniques. There have been so many answers to solve the problem but we have seek out some main solutions to get your choice.

Problem indemnification

We select DLF engineering Ltd. Company to do our task. We performed many researches to get more knowledge about the corporation. We used swot evaluation and make a list about its advantages, weaknesses. Opportunities, and snacks and 'porter's 5forces' to analyse the problem. We got in our search that estimation was the significant problem in our decided on company. This issue exist universally, estimation problem cause the earnings of DLF group drop.

Estimation is an essential functional work in development project.


When we were looking for suitable alternatives, we used some problem dealing with techniques. We used 5 whys to obtain a perfect solution for determined problem. we used cause and effects and we got four factors which effect estimation problem. These four factors are:-

Change in design.

Inappropriate technology.

Estimation skills.


When we were looking about solutions we also received some knowledge from our course. Because in our class our teacher also was aiding us inside our project. He mentioned every group's project in every lecture one at a time. We got so many different points of views from there. We got the cause "documentations' from our class.

Strategies used to get solutions:-

In our research about solution for DLF's estimation problem, we got DLF has some internal and some exterior factors by 5 whys, which can result by 'change management'.

DLF want to do use change management in their business.

It must change design by analysing changes in design.

It has to analyse estimation skills to resolve poor estimation skill problem.

When we were searching about estimation skills that what we have to do in this research or the type of job really needs estimation skills? And the answer was 'estimator'. Then, to understand estimation skill better we have search about 'estimator duties in structure' in Google's search engine. We read so many entries; finally we found five entries. These five entries are:-

The Responsibilities of a Construction Estimator[5]

Construction Estimator Job Information[6]

Construction Estimator Job explanation and activities[7]

Construction Estimator Job Description [8](it is the same title with second entry, nevertheless they have different content).


We identified all of these entries in our second assessment. We used 5 whys in 'estimation skills' also. We acquired that company have to need to give prefer to see personnel, because old employees have better experience than new employees. DLF has to do check qualification of estimator every three years, make sure they have enough skills and their experience match with new solutions and professional standard.

Team's role


We have group no. 4. we have been four members in our group. Our labels are below:-

Daljit Kaur (me).

Liu Xiong.

Kiran Gullapalli.

Sukhwinder Kaur.

In our group we all are hard employee and brilliant but Liu Xiong, he's a Chinese youngster. He's very clever and smart inside our group. So we choose him as a leader in our group. He have such a genuine leadership role inside our project. He's very helpful and kind person also. I have no internet at home and I have your baby also so I was struggling to type my diagnosis but he have a congrats me he and Kiran both typed our examination. I am very thankful to them because of this act of kindness.

In our team we all did a good job in our project. We are four members inside our team. We three are from India and one from china. We have different ethnic culture in our team. We acquired some problem to communicate with one another, because we you live so far to each other. So we make contact by mobile to one another. We are able to also use internet but there is no internet within my home. And i was struggling to go at internet cafe. On the other hand we have also many conferences after our classes also.

It is our each team member's role below:-

Liu Xiong: - he is our team innovator. He's very smart and brilliant person of we. We does all research by own and send it to him and then he select a proper research and type it. we can say he provided final touch to every dedication. He also made a chart about change management in our project.

Kiran Gullapalli: - He's very intelligent person. He informed us concerning this company when we start our complete project. He gave us a lot of understanding of their business.

Sukhwinder: - she is an intelligent lady. She did some good jobs in our project. She did 'business problem' inside our project.

Daljit: - it's me. I did so an improved job inside our project. I did so many researches and made the part of 'change in design'. I did very difficult work inside our project.

A change can make better to any design and a big change also can make failing to any design also. So that it is very necessary whatever change you are going to do, Make sure that it's best for your design. So I have this part of job by making use of my customers also.

On the other hand it was a congrats which we have successfully in specific.

Own role: - whenever we does start our task we did add our analysis that who will do what. Kiran performed first part of analysis. He did intro and we all give him help in that.

Second part was done by Liu Xiong. he did the key body. And most of us give him our research and views.

Third and last part is bottom line, which was done by me and Sukhwinder also. We do limits, implication and summation.

On the other palm it was a congrats which we does successfully in person. I got one thing out of this job that team is a good part or key to get solution of any problem. We are able to get knowledge from different heads. Because everyone have different viewpoint in their brain. It makes the easier to your work. I got more knowledge from my group associates about business management in this project. When i mentioned that I have no internet within my home so we discussed this job in meeting at my college's library. Because we all members are living far away to one another so we performed all meetings after each class. It was 2-3 hours period every day. We issue a while during our project. Because when we talked about our researches then from then on we find a proper answer for our project. I did really hard work in this task.

I think internet is very necessary in this time. Personally i think that internet is the main key of any study during period. Without it we can not find any research about any project and we can't talk to anyone also. So that it is very necessary that if you wish to do any study then it's important which you have internet your own house used any moment. Because sometime if you are at home anytime and also you are thinking about assembling your project then any ideas will come in your mind, for save you can type it and send to your group users and discus it at the moment also. Could be it should be perfect for assembling your project.

Some time I also have many phone calls to my members but you can't expose your ideas by wording every time.

So most of us did very hard work in this task. It had been really an interesting job. I like it quite definitely. I got so many different dynamic ideas from we work. I got team work can uncover the good thing about success. I also learned that even the easiest things on the planet could be converted into something amazing if we put enough creativeness and work into focusing on them.

In this task, we practiced using scientific solution to solve a genuine problem. The procedure include 'Problem discovered', 'Analyse the root factor', 'search solution for root factor' and 'get included solution'. Especially in the level of 'analyse main factor', the 5 Why method was used to find root factors, before to achieve that i was convinced that it is very a difficult job but after began it all questions were coming in front one by one.

There were so many alternatives make a proper solution for discovered problem. We put all solutions alongside one another and then select a perfect solution for this.

Review our project, we used Brainstorming and 5 Whys looking for solution, due to the limitations of Brainstorming and 5 Whys, our solution couldn't completely solve problem. E. g. in the stage of Brainstorming, although we listed some causes, but these causes can't cover every one of the triggers whilst we only decided to go with two significant reasons to analyse, it leaded to information reduction once again. Whenever we were doing the 5 Whys, we found some solutions, but these solutions are still lock of details. In the real production actives, DLF need do more descriptive work. On the other hand, our construction's experience influences the grade of alternatives as well


After we finished our work, we found that choose a good method is the first rung on the ladder to success, master the tool is a warranty to success, besides these, collect information is also very important during the problem solving, more info you accumulated more helpful to help you fix real problem.

Team work is a good job. you can add your burden with whole team in it. It offers you different views to know something. It makes your path super easy.

On the other hand team work has more social communication problem. We have been three associates from India and one from china. It does make us sometime difficult to comprehend him.

When we does start our job then we all was struggling to know anything about it. But after start it all things were to arrive front one at a time. It was not a simple job however now I can say it was a good and easy job. Our one member Sukhwinder, she was struggling to do not most of us give her help do all tasks' studies.

One time we were caught up in fish bone that how exactly we can make use of it to identified the challenge. We do so a lot of things but finally we determined that we won't utilize it. So we use swot examination and porter's 5 forces in it. It was a good decision to make simpler to our project. When we do start our task i was sense struggling to myself to do this project. I was so concerned about my role that how may i do these all jobs. But now I am very happy with our jobs in whole job.

I learned that every job has some weaknesses and some strengths and working with an organization can help discover what they are really. We faced many challenged in our project. It was a hard job however now I could say if in future I will meet any problem such as this with a person work on after that it I can face it very easily. Because this job make me in a position to face any issue very nicely. I can solve my issues with good skills. Now, I love challenges. I could prove my capacity to do any project. I can make any change in design with confidence. I can cope with any situation from anywhere because this analysis provides me a whole lot of skills to do any job within an organization. It was a great possibility to learn anything about applied management. If in future I'll face same task, then i won't tensed such as this. It will be possible for me. I could understand my all group associates point of view easily due to this group diagnosis. I get more confidence following this project. I could expose myself and my feelings easily now. I could use my decision making skills easily, that are improved by this job. I can prove myself in similar task in future. I am interested in team work and I can make any decision with team project. In shortly i could say this job improve my decision making skills and problem handling skills also, which can help to find problem and then make a decision also.

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