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Effective Connection

Successful communication is important in teaching. Fento criteria encourage professors to "select and set up relevant information clearly and concisely… present information to learners plainly and in a suitable format…Use a number of conversation skills and methods appropriate to specific learners and to the subject being studied. (

The necessary information that we as practitioners are trying to impart to our learners must be transmitted in a way as to remove as many boundaries or components of interference as possible. However there could be numerous elements which slow down the communication that we are attempting to convey. This is certainly concisely exemplified by Small "The "check and correct" phase as well provides essential feedback to get the educator. Is learning taking place? Am I teaching too rapidly? Are they doing it properly? The importance of this opinions cannot be over-stressed. " (Page 30)

Small here was recognising a common hurdle to learning is that the device may understand the concept that we submit their own method, according with their common frames of reference, which may be unlike ours while the sender. An easy capture for us because practitioners to fall in is the use of "jargon". There may be terms or phrases that we could use regularly and are also comfortable applying, however , a number of our learners may not have experienced or even appreciate these conditions. To help to minimise this kind of confusion Reece and Master suggest that "Non verbal alerts – or maybe verbal indicators, from the pupils should provide us with valuable responses on the quality of marketing communications. " (Page 271) Therefore we while practitioners must be vigilant in recognising the subtle or maybe not so subtle feedback about whether the info that we have imparted to the students has been received in the context that it was delivered. This may possibly include a question and answer session to ascertain understanding.

The effective design and style and utilization of conventional and ICT learning materials.

The of new types of solutions and new types of interaction may satisfy diverse learning personal preferences and present alternative means of accessing a similar information.

Reece and Master (page 181) "A good aid can be one which does a particular work to assist inside the learning of a particular subject for a particular selection of learners. But all learners are different. Therefore , what works for one group does not necessarily work with one other. "

Consequently , we must continue to evaluate any kind of resources that people may design and style and create that it is suitable for the purpose, every student's learning style, capacity and understanding.

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