Effective Communication for Enhancing Leadership

Main Title of Article Review : Role of Effective Communication for Enhancing Control and Entrepreneurial


Effective communication plays a essential role nowadays in influencing someone's life whether in his working life or daily lifestyle. A person needs to learn the effective communication skills so that he could succeed in his job or romantic relationship with others. Effective communication helps us better understand a person or situation, so that we can resolve turmoil. Besides, effective communication can also build trust and value, and set up creative environments and problem fixing. An improper communication or ineffective communication will probably to cause misunderstanding and finally leads to frustration and issue. You have to understand how to connect effectively so that the information can be distributed to his listener smoothly and also to prevent unwanted negative emotions from others.

We send, receive, and process a massive amount of emails every day. But for effective communication, it isn't basically exchanging information, it is also about understanding the thoughts behind the interactions. Effective communication can at home, work, and in public situations to improve interactions, by deepening your relationships to others, to boost teamwork, decision-making, and problem handling. It enables anyone to create no conflict or communication problems even negative news or threatening trust. However, effective communication often includes a group of four main skills, that happen to be: reading, writing, hearing, and speaking. You have to learn those four skills to fully learn effective communication.

There is one of the most crucial aspects for effective communication, which is being attentive. A successful tuning in means not only understanding what or the information being communicated, but also need to understanding how the speaker seems when they connect. However, speaking presents others the most significant impact. Somebody who is proficient at expressing, they have an improved chance to succeed in his educational and professional career as he poses a far more self-assured personality. Self-confidence causes the introduction of the command and entrepreneurial characteristics. Due to the leaders and business owners display the product quality to implementation ideas, it demonstrates they can be good human tool managers. Besides, in addition they show that they are in a position to take their team onward to accomplish goals in the right route.

In a nutshell, effective communication skill is very important inside our daily lives nowadays. Quite a few achievements be based upon this skill. Therefore, as students, we must learn effective communication skill not only to foster romantic relationship with other students, but also to secure our vocation soon.


This review is about the role of effective communications for enhancing authority and entrepreneurial skills gets more important to every person in today's modern culture. An excellent appearance, the utilization of right words at the right time is the main element in becoming a first-class head. The four most important skills, reading, writing, tuning in and speaking have been now employed by every individual throughout the world to improve their inner probable. It is clear that good communication skills are needed for everyone.

Working in an organization, possessing a good management is more more suitable than using a good managerial performance as it is much easier to perform and accomplish tasks and aims for the business. A self-confidence person is able to turn out with a professional plan and lead his team towards the right direction to achieve the organization's goals. Entrepreneurism is not really a foreign principle to the academics world in this 21st Century. The development of knowledge offers employability and entrepreneurship skills which is a logical expression for a university student.

An excellent supervisor should contain the tuning in, speaking, group contribution and connections of information because so many significant business students in this 21st Century. A director should have the capability to talk about and encourage the members so that they will perform better and achieve the goals. A manager should also have psychomotor ability which involves in the communication competence. Being attentive and understanding are the ways of being a thoughtful communicator for manager.

In the nutshell, the introduction of leadership characteristics, speaking skills is the main in development of management qualities effectively. Communication is the real human connection and it is the main element to personal and career success.

Critique Matching to Manshoor Hussain Abbasi, Attiya Siddiqi and Rahat ul Ain Azim (2011), they may have stated that folks who wish to success in their educational life, they have to have own communication, leadership and entrepreneurial skills together to generate the full potential of an individual. The authors acquired accomplished the article with their aims and it is a useful article for university or college students. Through this informative article, we realize that good communication skills acquired become very important in this 21st century. Students who are able to express themselves will gain an improved chance to succeed in his or her career. They ought to take part in university incidents frequently to build up a good communication skill. For example, they could be event organizer or committee to get some experience to be able to train their entrepreneurial and leadership skills. Through the entire event, they may learn how to keep a good social relationship and two-ways communication with each other.

In this informative article, we discovered that there have several grammar and spelling problems. For example,





( paragraph 2 of line 7)




( paragraph 2 of lines 8)




( paragraph 4 of collection 10)

it clear in

it is apparent in


(paragraph 7 of brand 10)

being an thoughtful

a thoughtful

Question 25 of first questionnaire

as compare to

as compared to


Question 11 of first questionnaire

to built

to build

There are 22 recommendations in this journal, indicating high correctness. Even though citations are obvious, there are many citations triggering the view of this article messy and crowded. Besides that, the amount of language in the article is easy to understand for the university or college students. In addition, the weakness of Strategy part is the questions were asked and analyzed without numbering it. Thus, this has induced trouble to the reader when they need to keep on referring back to the questions frequently while reading this article.

From this information, have several ideas have been over emphasized. For instance, from paragraph 2 of the Advantages part, the paragraph got over emphasized the difference between your manager and the leader. It is irrelevance with the topic of this article. Moreover, the last paragraph of the Advantages part, which is talking about about the four skills that integrate with communication, entrepreneurial and management skills. Sadly, the paragraphs just give attention to one of the four skills which can be tuning in and without sophisticated the other skills.

For the Methodology part, these authors acquired executed a good method of presenting the info analysis which related to entrepreneurship, management and students' standard obligations and integrity. There have 25 questions showing the result of five-pint Likert range in percentages. Every question acquired interpreted that the suggestion to solve this affair. For instance, the Question No. 25 acquired stated that we should provide environment inside our educational institution to solve the young enterprisers have many hurdles as compare to the experienced one. Therefore, young enterprisers will become a comfortable person and accomplish their goals easily. Other than that, the article used table to present the data research in Second Questionnaire is clearer than data research in Methodology. Inside our review, the technique of data research in Methodology is complicated and it is time-consuming because we need to read the data word by word. On the contrary, reliability statistics in second questionnaire is straightforward to understand by the audience and delivered the information to the people quickly without wasting of your time as the desk show the circulation of information individually.


In summary, we realize that the author's position that there are 3 important skills in leading a person to an effective academics life. The authors have explained that a strong communication, command and entrepreneurial skills leading an individual to success in their academic life and it have been effectively recognized. This article is prosperous although there are some imperfections such as several grammars, spelling error, untidy references, omitting in numbering the questions, and also the over emphasizing a few of the points however the author has elaborated the importance and integration of communication, leadership and business owner skills by providing various of guide, making the article's degree of language is straightforward to be known by university or college students, ready and analyzed questions, good method in presenting the info by showing the consequence of five-pint Likert range in percentages and the info in articles are well sent to the readers. The article has contributed in providing an important communication to the students that the keys of success in their educational life. Finally, the articles could help the university or college students and also working people to have an idea getting success in their academic life.

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