Educational Viewpoint

Educational Viewpoint

"I'm gonna be a teacher! " I recall telling my second quality teacher, Ms. Akers. It was time to get ready for Open Home and we had been doing tasks based upon the chosen life profession. It was wonderful becoming in the second grade – you could be whatever in the world. And i also wanted to be a teacher.

That was nearly 25 years ago, and my decision still stands. Experience and maturity have got changed my views on various issues, yet I still want to help condition future generations. I believe each of our future is usually held in the hands of today's children and it is everyone's responsibility, and an educator's privilege, to help children discover who they are and whom they may be.

While there are many approaches and disciplines related to education, I believe it is naïve to think that any one approach is all-inclusive. Just as many subjects are studied to create a whole education, several approaches, when merged, can create a even more wholesome educational experience.

I agree with the Progressivism view that education must be relevant to the needs and interests of students which learning improves when we are engaged in meaningful activities. A student's full potential cannot be come to if his/her basic requirements such as foodstuff, clothing, and compassion are generally not met. When we are certainly not social personnel, we can show students that he is valued and cared for by the way we all interact with them. Likewise, if a student is definitely not enthusiastic about the subject being taught, he/she will probably be less likely to concentrate and find out. It is our job since educators to develop interesting environments with exciting approaches to learning.

It has been my personal experience that the Behaviorism strategy of positive reinforcement is a very effective technique. If we, as teachers, give positive strengthening whenever learners perform a desired behavior/task, they will soon learn to perform the behavior/task automatically.

Children need to read on their own in a relaxed environment and be given support once appropriate.

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