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At first Editha is usually war starving. She wants her country to go to conflict, and she wants George to go and fight. Even though the author doesn’t give the age of Editha, I think she acts very childish, and immature. I understand adoring your nation and planning to fight for that, but 1 must also understand the danger that comes along with that. She is enthusiastic about her country and struggling with for it. The girl puts an ultimatum in George. He can unsure from the war, and unsure of fighting in it, but she constantly pushes him to go. The lady even advances God in it. Expressing “God supposed it to be war� (273). She is speaking of it, as if it was a “Holy War�. This is not the case, and George does not take up it, nevertheless she retains pushing him. The commandement comes when he says “I’ll come back to supper, if you’ll let me. Perhaps I shall bring you a convert� (272). She replies with “Well, you may revisit, on that condition� (272). She is adding “if, in support of if� requirements on his come back to her.

Once this individual leaves, your woman gets even more demanding, and writes him a page explaining that if he doesn’t make the right (or her) decision, then the engagement will be off. Her love of country is more significant than the take pleasure in of her man; “There is no honor above America with me. With this great hour there is no other honor� (273). Editha is very set in this train of thought, the girl can see not any other way, and no other options but to deal with. If George does not fight, then the girl cannot marry him. She actually is forcing her morals, and ideals straight down his neck, and he does not have a probability to fully stand up for his own. Editha claims, “She could not agree to for her country or their self a compelled sacrifice� (273). Yet this is exactly what she is performing. These couple of rational observations lead myself to believe that Editha suffers from some sort of mental lack of stability. She promises not to want a forced sacrifice, yet it�s this that she really does, and when a rational information crosses her mind, the lady recognizes that, yet your woman dismisses it as fast as this came to her. I feel that the lady guilt’s George into going to war, and it is very proud to have succeeded in doing so, when the lady learns of his decision.

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