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Ecommerce AND ITS OWN Applications IT Essay

We are in age Knowledge and therefore amid an electronic revolution. The impact of which on the market is much more powerful than caused by professional revolution.

With the inception of the web, organizations and people are more and more utilizing E-Commerce to create new business ventures. The www isn't only a way to obtain information, but an astounding home based business as well. Online business is flourishing and more and more commercial companies are getting started with the fray of electronic digital transaction. The time of 'E-Commerce' has established a substantial synergy between the use of digital info and computerized business.


The Internet's impact on people has been serious; particularly regarding consumers, who are starting to use the Internet as a fresh medium to operate and purchase goods and services.

It is an over-all principle covering any form of business transfer or information exchange executed using information and communication technology.

Electronic commerce is the newest part of the advancement of business ventures. It replaces the swapping of money for goods or bartering (the swapping of goods for goods) with the exchange of information from computer to computer.

Electronic commerce, or e-commerce as it is otherwise known, is an extremely wide-ranging terminology. E-commerce allows organizations of all sizes and in every market sectors to boost their competitiveness. It slashes across geographical restrictions and time areas to save lots of time and costs, to start new market opportunities and permit even the smallest of companies to be competitive internationally. E-commerce spans established processes such as pub code scanning and electric data interchange (EDI), as well as newer arrivals, e-mail, the Internet, the World Wide Web and mobile electronic commerce.

E-commerce is of interest because it reduces the price of doing business. Sending a few bytes of data over the network is cheaper, faster and far more convenient than sending a messenger or even making a phone call. E-commerce covers any form of business or administrative deals or information exchange that is carried out using any information and marketing communications technology (ICT).

Classification of E-Commerce by program:

Electronic Markets

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Internet Commerce

Electronic Markets

Present a variety of offerings available in market segment so that the customer can compare the costs of the offerings and make a purchase decision.

Example: Airline Booking System.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

It provides a standardized system, Communicated in one computer to some other without the need for printed orders and invoices & delays & mistakes in newspaper handling.

Example: EDI is utilized in the top market chains for deals using their suppliers

Internet Commerce

It is use to market & make sales of huge selection of goods & services. This software is made for both business to business & business to consumer trades.

Example: The purchase of goods that are then supplied by post or the reservation of tickets that can be found by the clients when they reach the event

Types of E-commerce:

· business to business

· business to consumer

· consumer to business

· consumer to consumer

Business to Business:

The really big business on the web and the World Wide Web isn't literature and CDs but ball bearings, electronic components and other materials that businesses buy, sell and spread to and from one another. Although this kind of business to business trading may be new and getting plenty of marketing and public attention, business to business has been trading by electronic digital means for nearly twenty-five years. The most well-known approach to business to business trading must be the electric data interchange (EDI) founded for exchanging business information between companies that regularly do business with each other.

Business to Consumer:

Businesses reselling to the general public typically through catalogs utilizing shopping cart software. By dollar volume level, B2B can take the prize, however B2C is actually what the average Joe has at heart in relation to ecommerce all together.

Having trouble finding a booklet? Need to buy a custom, high-end computer system? Think about a first category, all-inclusive visit to a tropical island? While using advancement ecommerce, all three things can be purchased literally in minutes without human interaction.

Consumer to Business:

A consumer content his job with a set in place budget online and within hours companies review the consumer's requirements and bid on the task. The buyer reviews the bids and selects the business that will complete the job. Elance empowers consumers about the world by providing the meeting surface and program for such trades.

Consumer to Consumer:

It facilitates the online purchase of goods or services between two people. Though there is no visible intermediary engaged but the functions cannot carry out the transactions without the system which is provided by the web market manufacturer such as eBay.

There are many sites offering free classifieds, auctions, and message boards where individuals can buy and sell thanks to online repayment systems like PayPal where people can receive and send money online with ease. eBay's auction service is a superb exemplory case of where person-to-person orders happen every day since 1995.

E-Commerce applications

Multimedia Content for E-Commerce Applications

Multimedia Storage Servers & E-Commerce Applications

i. Client-Server Architecture in Electronic Commerce

ii. Internal Operations of Media Servers

iii. Video Servers & E-Commerce

Information Delivery/Transport & E-Commerce Applications

Consumer Gain access to Devices



The Web plays an growing role just like it can in a consumer e-commerce. Business to business activity continues to be, and we consider will remain, the main area of electronic digital commerce activity. This includes everything from established communications between retailers and their suppliers, the electronic digital banking repayment systems through to the new Online catalogue systems. In the future, all of us will execute an ever-increasing quantity of business deals on-line. Companies who execute solutions to carry out business on-line will remain competitive and responsive in this evolving market.

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