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Eating Together The Culture Of Fri Family Dinner

Once in a few hours we think of food and its likely that that people at least eat once per day. Inside the family setting up food is easy to get at as well as for others it might be scarce due to overall economy or the geography (Fieldhouse, 2008). At least, a huge portion of households are able what they need whenever they want while some must carefully anticipate what they purchase. Nonetheless, no-one can evade the natural need of food. That is to state that, everyone must eat at regular intervals if the food is more or less nutritious. It really is true that eating is a necessity of life itself but food also forms a crucial part of the ethnical rituals and interpersonal relationships. Most importantly this newspaper addresses the family meal tradition as symbolic and material method of bringing family members together (Fieldhouse, 2008). Across different cultures and time, the facet of food showing is a general medium that expresses fellowship with regards to the values of work, sacrifice, hospitality and compassion. Food showing is a gesture of friendship also symbolizing trust and interdependency.

My family specifically views the Fri night dinner as a home window into sociable bonding and romance. As my father has always said, "people you eat with define the members of your cultural group and the kind of food you share is a specific sign of the closeness of the relationships". For example, there are coffee-breaks with fellow workers, casual lunch or dinner with acquaintances, and of course informal dinner around the family table for relatives and buddies. Perhaps a picture that will come in our mind as it pertains to the aspect of family meal is a happy nuclear family with a mommy, daddy, and kids resting in a nicely laid desk. This is a graphic that perpetually details my family's Fri night dinner. That is a traditions that my great grandparents strongly motivated as a ethnical idea to be emulated as ultimate symbol of family steadiness and unity. This newspaper can look at the various roles of members of the family in the sustainability of Fri night family evening meal examining the tradition using the Freudian theory, the family theory, and ecological system theory. The newspaper also requires special things to consider on the representation of this traditions in regards to the effect on the future and its influence on the family.

Family Meal And Family Members

The Purpose

As a traditions, the family meal symbolizes a distributed family life. Family supper on Friday's inside our family organizes the family delivering us together. This heavily plays a part in our social well-being while providing predictable structure to our Fridays which is often psychologically reassuring. The success of family dinners depends on lots of factors like the skills for organizing the food and food-buying (Fieldhouse, 2008). The appearance of the family stand requires a whole lot of the time and skilled activities that calls for both physical and mental decision making. In our family, everyone is involved with this activity; that applies to the food buying, preparations, laying the table, and serving. With our participation, it unsurprising that the provision of the family meal is a symbolic demo that we take care of our family unity and stability. This veers more on love, conformity, respect, and appreciation. In the shopping to stand clearing, each relative participates in a accountable exercise that promotes solidarity in the family. For the longest time we haven't experienced a family group stress because we show a lot in our discussions at the dining room table.

To The Parents

During us meals my parents targets teaching us just how forward on behaviour and specifically civilized behaviour such as stating 'give thanks to you' and 'please'. Excusing yourself before you the table, positioning your elbows on the table, and speaking on oral cavity full is normally discouraged. At this time, my parents taught us developmental skills such as manipulating chopsticks, literacy skills through family conversations when exchanging reviews. This may seem to be sheepish but these are the basic basic principles toward life and social interactions. During conversations, my parents find out more on our interests and behaviour. From these foods, my mother specifically gauges our moods and needs in the end help us solve our problems. My parents screen the family and ensure that everyone attends to keep up the stableness and unity in the family.

To The children (Me personally)

For the children the dining room table is vital place for socialization (Fieldhouse, 2008). That is a prime setting for socialization regarding the norms and rules on family prices, accepted behaviour, and targets. From a healthy perspective, the kids learn what's considered acceptable; basically the foods and non-food. From family meals my siblings and I've learned manners and restraints on behaviour that the wider world requires. Through family interactions we learned of your parents' behaviour and hobbies in relations to the planet. We always help our mother prepare for the family dinner. As the eldest, I helped my mother prepare the meals and especially the fruit and vegetables and desert while my younger siblings have always prepared the desk.

Though a happy family, we have our setbacks. By the end of your day family who already are tired after having a busy trip to work or college and probably maybe irritable meet for a family meal. Discord may come up identified at the stand maybe as a result of unacceptable behavior and injustices. Refusal to eat, complaint on bad cooking food or lack of gratitude on what was served on the table are a few of the things that can lead to these discord at the table. This can convert the peaceful mealtime into battlegrounds were verbal quarrels are being used as weapons which leads to a resentful silence. Therefore, family dinners have many positive virtues that are now and again fought with complications and negative outcomes which greatly rely upon the parenting styles.

The Examination

Freudian Theory Of Defense Mechanisms

In mindset, Freud's input cannot be discredited in the psychodynamic theory. Despite the fact that people are no more thinking and utilizing many ideas and conclusions, the foundation of psychodynamic theory still form a job in theories in psychology. Fraud's 'ego protection' is one of the previous remaining theories. This is also called 'defense device' said to actively operate with no consent of the individual. These defenses are significantly important when coping with individuals' inter dangers. Typically, the ego protection pacts with the thoughts that are unconsciously intimidating.

Denial. That is perhaps the most widely known defense mechanism that describes situations where folks are unable to acknowledge the evident or face actuality. This is actually the outright refusal to recognize what had took place or what's currently occurring. There was a time my buddy and I boycotted the Fri family night evening meal and we were strike the films instead. This started bothering us even as we kept thinking of the newly made lasagne and the family conversations. We were defending ourselves from the taking place of us tradition but the realty soon examined in and we were not able to carry it nowadays.

Repression. On its basic form, this device is self explanatory. The system acts to keep carefully the information away from the conscious understanding. Keep in mind that memories do not only disappear but they have a tendency to continue influencing our behaviour in the foreseeable future. For instance, my family and I've repressed thoughts of shared meals since my years as a child which I plan to spread to my kids.

Fixation. This is actually the stunted movement that individuals feel between psychosexual periods when they experience unnecessary anxiety and aggravation with regards to the next stage of progression. The individual remains fixed on a particular stage. My children and I are fixed to our Fri night meal and the prices it carries. That is a legacy that has been there because the times of my great grandparents.

Displacement. This calls for taking right out the feelings, frustrations, and impulses on less intimidating people and objects such as the spouse, dogs, and children. A good example to the form of protection system is displaced intense that would in any other case lead negative effects such as urging with the supervisor and instead expressing the anger to folks who are less threatening. I remember there was a time that my father got a bad day at work possibly from the pressures from the top management passing this bitterness to us at the family table.

The Theories

Ecological Systems Theory (Individuals Ecology Theory)

This theory state governments that the introduction of the human beings is inclined to the many types of ecological systems. Urie Bronfenbrenner created this theory to explain why we normally respond differently comparatively to how we respond in the presence of us, work or at school. The individuals ecology theory accounts that throughout our lifespan we come across dissimilar surroundings therefore influencing the way we act in degrees that vary. These conditions are:

Micro system. This is actually the environment setting that people directly have in life such as the parents, friends, teachers, neighbours, and folks who surrounds us. We directly have social conversation with these communal real estate agents in this setting up. In this technique, individuals are not passive recipients in regards to encounters, but interactive in the organizations of the social settings. In the course of the family evening meal we connect to the other person in the establishment of the harmonious family setting up.

Mesosystem. This involves the interaction of Microsystems in an individual's life. Quite simply, a work-related experience can be linked to the family experience. For example, from the family meals, my parents have trained me civilized manners and admiration for others which have helped me create good attitude toward by siblings, peers, and professors. It has also made me feel wanted by folks who are actively involved with my entire life.

The exosystem

In this technique there exists a link where a person does not have any actively involving role and the context where he or she can actively participate. I am attached to my father than my mother and some ago my father got a promotion and here and then he was going to Africa for a couple of months for work for a number of months. We all missed our daddy and during our Fri night evening meal my mother spearheaded and listened to mealtime interactions sometimes she was supportive and sometimes she had not been. In the end this made my bond with my even tighter because she was always there when my dad was away.

The macrosystem

This is the genuine culture of somebody who includes the socioeconomic position of the individual, race, ethnicity, & most importantly the family. Being blessed in middle income family makes us hard employees and thus the key reason why we meet as a family group once in a week for supper- Friday nights.

The chronosystem

This environment includes the shifts and transitions throughout our lifetime. This engages the socio-historical framework influencing an individual. For example, my great grandparents emphasized on family foods and culture that been transferred over in different generations which includes positively influenced our lives, associations and how we view the world.

The family system's theory

This is a theory that considers family as an mental unit integrating systems pondering when describing complex interaction. For instance if there is anxiety among members of the family, the nervousness may escalate infectiously influencing all of them. And when this anxiety goes up, the connectedness of the users become stressful than comforting eventually making them feel isolated, out of control, and overwhelmed.


`These are the basic units of stable interactions. These are something that entails three-person associations which sometimes appears as the tiniest building block of a larger emotional pool. There is no stableness in a two-person system and for that reason calls for a third party. It is because the tension keeps on moving between two different people is higher than the one including a 3rd person. When you can find too much stress to be contained in one triangle it spreads to some interlocking triangles. This is exactly what happens in our family dinner interactions.

Sibling position

In every family each sibling has a certain position which defines the way the children will interact. This affects the child's behavior and development which predictably have common characteristics. For instance, as the first born in my family i have a tendency to gravitate the management position which makes my siblings the followers. During the family dinner meals, my siblings look at me to inform them what to do easily am the one preparing the meals. - who to prepare what or even shop.


This is the ability of separating thinking and thoughts. Undifferentiated individuals can split the way of thinking and the emotions because their intellect is manipulated by the way they feel. Feels makes them never to think rationally while at the same time they cannot differentiate their thoughts form others. Therefore, differentiation is the abily to free yourself from the family, the realization of your involvement in a conflict rather than blaming others, and being able to connect with others at emotionally. At times during our meal times issues may occur but we have always resolved it before it escalates. We admit to your faults and forgive the other person that make us differential.

The Reflection WITHIN THE Tradition (1 web page)

Is it positive or negative?

As a socially integrative function, a share meals brings people alongside one another in an online of reciprocal commitments and shared public interactions. Well, we imagine can say that you important aspect that brings people jointly is a family group meal of course, if people do not gather because of this family meal then the crucial weft of the family is sent to abyss (Fieldhouse, 2008). Being a routine tradition, Friday family meal has been most frequent planned ritual inside our family which normally take place inside our family house.

The understanding over time

The family food and dinner specifically has come to symbolize the dynamics of the family and overtime generations are lamenting on its demise. As early as the 1920's, people were expressing worries how the leisure activities like the invention of the automobile came undermine the worthiness of the family foods (Fieldhouse, 2008). In the times of change, family dishes represented stability and perhaps the lament of the lost family could possibly be the reactions to feared change in the preparations and constructions of family members.

The effect and the future

In the olden days, dinner was hardly ever as a ceremonial event (Nancy, Carolina, & Time, 2006).

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