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EasyJet E-Marketing Strategies Analysis

This technical survey has been order to clarify the e-marketing strategies executed by the EasyJet flight to gain competitive advantages over its competitors in the marketing for low cost aviation. Situation analysis present position and industry of EasyJet by use SWOT and PEST model.

This statement was looked at the many strategies used by EasyJet and investigated comprehensive the European budget airline industry. The primary objective was analysis EasyJet's successful e-marketing promotions.

Chapter 2 Introduction

Since 1995, EasyJet Airline Company Limited is a great and successful example of a European air travel. The chairman Stelios Haji-loannou (Greek) founded the company this year. It really is based on the united states carrier SouthWest, and it is low cost, no-frills model. Stelios hired a pricey brand consultancy and offered them Ј100, 000 to come up with one. Per month later, the consultants resulted in at EasyLand with journal clippings attached to pieces of cardboard. Unimpressed by their work, Stelios promptly terminated them. In the long run, he developed the airline's name himself. The term 'easy' continued coming into his head, so he made a decision to christen the flight EasyJet. For the company logo he visited a little local design consultancy, White Knight, which offered the air travel its famous color of orange, know as Pantone 021C, utilized by no other flight at the time or since. The design consultancy then created a straightforward set of images for the airline's first marketing campaign.

In 1995, EasyJet begins fights from Luton to Glasgow and Edinburgh with to leased Boeing 737-300 with a capacity of 148 car seats at a price of only Ј29 for just one way solution. Glasgow and Edinburgh are the first routes. The logic was simple: southern Scotland was the biggest local market from London for which air was a wise alternative to highway or rail. The flight opened a cell phone reservations centre and got its first booking on 23 October 1995. The telephone at the EasyJet phone reservation centre started ringing and never stopped. These were running a business.

Two years later, EasyJet launches its website, easyjet. com. Web bookings grew from zero to 26 per cent of business in a year. On the first day of trading during one advertising, 13, 000 chairs were sold, thought to be a record for the most commercial deals carried out on the internet in 24 hour period.

By middle-1999, when its internet sales represented 58 per cent of the full total, EasyJet because the first airline to make increased sales on the internet than through normal mobile phone reservations. In March 2000, EasyJet come to two million sears, and it took only another three months to reach the three million mark. By 2001, online bookings regularly reached 80 %, the highest percentage of online sales for any airline on the globe.

In financial view, EasyJet plc was posted on the London STOCK MARKET (LSE: EZJ) and was a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index on 5th November 2000. In October 2004, the international investment company FL Group was purchased an 8. 4 % stake in EasyJet. In 2005, FL Group increased its show in the company to 16. 9 %.

Lois (2005) talked about that, according to the investment house, EasyJet was learning to be a paperless company with a powerful electronic digital infrastructure. The results were lower administration costs, better management information and much more responsive decision making.

Figure 1 Milestone of EasyJet

Chapter 3 Situation Analysis

In this section, I will present position and analysis the current position using both of used SWOT and Infestation model.

EasyJet feels like very good situation and much more expertise will anticipate have great opportunities for the low cost strategy. Resultingly the saturated market and lack of other choice in the English, competition is likely aggravated - ineluctability accompanied by acquisition and coalition, an early on sign of which is EasyJet's purchase of English Flight subsidiary "GO". In UK flight market, offered very less progress opportunities, therefore concentrate will be on the other continental market. Next thing forward in this path is a new base going Dutch, Berlin, with plane tickets from 11 European cities, and as well on Eastern European countries. Price strategy was also the concentrate point, its extension their route network. Finally, promotion also needs to convince individuals who it is safe to take flight and constitute EasyJet as Euro greatest low fare air travel.

3. 1 PEST analysis

The following factors are likely to have an influence on the EasyJet.

Political factors

In 1990 the European deregulation of commercial aviation coincided with the extension of the reduced cost airline industry. The LCC on the market were able to take good thing about the relaxed regulations and grow their operations. Alternatively, threat of conflict in the East Euro and European union east enlargement may provide access to viable the new market segments were also the politics factors of EasyJet.

Economical factors

Mercer Management Consulting (2002) reported that the reduced cost flight market conforms to the requirements of three components. Firstly, it provides a straightforward product consisting of no seat reservation, free seats, and satisfactory in airline flight service. These are an authentic no frills air travel with a simple product wanted to the market. Webster (2004) observed EasyJet's ability to maintain a high amount of customer concentrate through a new, user friendly website with a better booking process.

Secondly, mergers and acquisitions is also the reduced cost airline market's characteristic; the development of existing low priced airlines and finally, market exits because of this of bankruptcy. Finally, the industry performs an inexpensive ethos, which is retained by trim sales, high efficiency of resources, low maintenance costs and low income.

Social factors

The low priced service providers position their product to leisure travellers and non business holidaymakers, however EasyJet has differentiated by concentrating on the business enterprise and leisure sections. This behavioural segmentation creates a more dynamic edge compared to their competitors who solely focus on leisure travel. Thus, EasyJet must be sure that its strategy is tailored to a wider market. Walton (2005) established that EasyJet was provided as a Western low cost air travel with a current reading of 26 million individuals in 14 key countries. It offers 190 routes to 58 international airports and 163 million people live within one hour of EasyJet's international airports.

Technological actors

Low cost carriers have the ability to maintain a higher amount of customer focus through user-friendly websites with superior booking techniques. These websites have the capability of charging bookings with greater ease and utilising a fairly easy to work with fare finder to obtain the cheapest fares. Selling seat tickets via the scientific medium of websites and hence with no travel companies, they avoid paying firm commissions.

3. 2 SWOT analysis


EasyJet was used the bright orange as Pantone 021C, used by no other flight at the time or since. It have an effective financially that they trim out all foods and snack foods on travel travel, can reduced the cost of operation. Have significantly more flexible organisation and being seen as an innovative.

The airline opened up a telephone reservation centre is a solid e-business on 1995. EasyJet is also was a part of the consortium and have given by UK' air traffic control system 'Country wide Air Traffic Services (NATS)'.

The brand 'EasyJet' has all the attributes required for long term memory storage and will not be easy to forget. The air travel flies to main destination airports throughout European countries which makes it very appealing to business holidaymakers. It increases efficiencies compared to traditional carries with quick turnaround times, and progressive landing charge contracts with airports, making the most of asset usage.

Single style of aeroplanes reduced training, maintenance and supervisory costs. At last, EasyJet has been wisely investing in strong brand build measured like advertising and tv shows ensured high brand recall.


Below have some weaknesses for EasyJet company. It continuing sustenance of cost leadership can be difficult in a energetic market. Both drivers of expansion, the give attention to price and the give attention to convenience seem to be to be reached their natural limitations and differentiation from there could become difficult.

The airline will not own the 'EasyJet' brand, it's owned or operated by Sir Stelios and as a result, doesn't have control on its performance of other products and services used the same name. In addition, it loss of usage in future could adversely impact its own market performance.

On the other palm, the business model can as time passes become blurred under competitive pressure and consolidation of the Low Cost Bears (LCC) industry. The airline must be consistently innovative to maintain its current benefits in e-tailing. Increased fleet capacity could be difficult to fill up during lean intervals and when confronted with growing competition in a matured market.


Recent growth of the EU has resulted in wide open of new market segments for the LCCs. Their low fares will increase movement of job seekers across boarders and also promote the tourism industry, lead to economical growth. Consolidation could help EasyJet to a certain level offset the pressure on its costs and fares. Otherwise, vertical and horizontal growth could be an important option for EasyJet for expansion in mature market segments and offset any future threat of increased in company costs. Withdrawal of traditional airlines from less traffic-intense routes could be an opportunity for extended. EasyJet does not seem to acquire any plane tickets to Scandinavian capitals like Stockholm and Helsiki where immigrant stream was increasing.


The dangers of EasyJet acquired some factors. Terrorism and catastrophic reduction can bring about lesser flights and loss of infrastructural support, conflict dangers and outbreak of epidemics or pandemics could increase apprehensions about flights. Technology advancement in the do of conferences like video conferencing can be detrimental to short distance flights and impending increased in environmental taxes could increase costs.

In addition, limited or no slot supply could be hurdle in future development plans and because of its limited gasoline hedging insurance policy, EasyJet is more vulnerable to power price fluctuations increased by variability in its costs. Money fluctuations is also the factor of threats, it will influence especially the US money denominated costs like aircraft purchase, aircraft funding costs, maintenance reserve payments, gasoline purchase etc. . Extra capacity and cost lowering tactics by competition can affect traveler traffic on popular routes. Imitation of some main no-frills features by traditional airlines on same routes can confuse and blur the distinctive image of any LCC.

Additional, traditional players can partially move over or start their own baby low priced airline. Last, dependence on third party service providers could cause problems when any of these contracts aren't restored or negotiation of ideal replacement does not happen or if higher rates are charged.

Chapter 4 eMarketing Strategy

This chapter was analysis what eMarketing strategy has the EasyJet adopted or is organized to look at and what's the value proposition and differential good thing about this strategy.

4. 1 Marketing application of internet marketing

Internet based media offer a selection of opportunities for marketing products and services over the purchase circuit. EasyJet demonstrate the applications of internet marketing since they show how organisations can use online marketing communications such as their internet site, third-party sites and e-mail marketing as:

- Immediate response medium: EasyJet uses sponsored links whenever a user is researching a flight by using a internet search engine to prompt these to directly go to the EasyJet site by hitting to it. Similarly the EasyJet e-mail publication sent to customers can encourage them to click through to a site to generate sales.

- System for sales transactions: EasyJet provides flights online to both consumers and business vacationers.

- Customer service mechanism: Customers serve themselves on easyJet. com by looking at frequently asked questions.

- A relationship-building medium where a company can connect to its customers to raised understand their needs and offer them relevant products and offers. EasyJet uses its e-mail newsletter and tailored alerts about special deals to help keep its customers and participate them in a dialogue to understand their needs through completing surveys and polls.

4. 2 Consumer matrix

Bowman and Faulkner (1997) were also brought up that the consumer matrix details that customers have with regard to the service or product offered to them and the prices charged.

When used this theory to use in EasyJet, can 'guestimate' the overall perception made by the marketplace. EasyJet's plane tickets was provide value to consumer as gained the huge benefits from the web or telephone exchange relative to price show up favourable in comparison to another challengers.

In the view of heterogeneous, according to the demands for the service, indicated that, 'one service fits all requirements' might be allow it to the wrong competitive strategy.

More consumers were demand the reduced cost option and price hypersensitive with the airline section. EasyJet was to be able to attain ecological competitive edge by the client matrix price strategy.

4. 3 Market place channel structures

Channel structures identify the way a manufacturer or selling firm gives products and services to its customer. The syndication channel will consist of a number of intermediaries such as wholesalers and vendors.

The romance between a company and its route associates shown in below shape can be significantly improved by the opportunities afforded by the internet. This occurs because the internet offers a way of bypassed some of the channel companions. This process is recognized as disintermediation or 'lowering out the middleman'.

Benjamin and Weigand (1995) computed that, using the sale of quality shirts as an example, it was possible to make cost keeping of 28 per cent in the case of (b) and 62 % for circumstance for (c). Some of these cost benefits can be offered to the customer in the form of cost reductions.

4. 4 '6 Is' of eMarketing

In this section, I used the McDonald and Wilson (1999) as the '6 Is' of eMarketing to summarised the distinctions between your new media and traditional marketing. The '6 Is' are of help since they highlight factors that connect with practical areas of internet marketing such as personalization, immediate response and marketing search, but also proper issues of industry restructuring and included channel marketing communications. The '6 Is' are Interactivity, Intelligence, Individualization, Integration, Industry restructuring and Independence of location. But in this circumstance, I only concentrate one of the factors - Integration, for utilized by this theory.

The Internet provides further range for integrated marketing and sales communications. Below figure show how it is just among the many different media stations. When assessed the success of a web site, the role of the internet in conversing with customers and other lovers can best be considered from two perspectives.

The EasyJet web site can be utilized as a direct response tool allowed customers to react to offers and promotions publicized in other press. The website can likewise have a direct response or call again facility included in it. The web may be used to support the buying decision even if the purchase does not occur via the website. Customer information provided online site must be integrated with other directories of customer and order information such as those seen via personnel in the call centre to provide what Seybold (1999) telephone calls a '360 degree view of the customer'.

The internet can be used to support customer service. In EasyJet, who received over half their orders electronically, encourage users to check a set of faqs compiled from earlier customer enquiries before contacting customer care via mobile phone.

4. 5 Marketing Mix

The marketing mix - the 4 Ps of Product, Price and Advertising originally proposed by McCarthy (1960) - is employed as an essential part of executed marketing strategy by many experts.


Baker et al. (2001) have stated that the price component of the marketing mixture identifies an organization's costs policies which are being used to define costs models and, of course, to set charges for products and service. In EasyJet circumstance, good deal is a key aspect of the brand. Used differential rates, booking beforehand makes a solution less expensive and off-peak traveling. Additional, can obtain the discounts for seat tickets though online reservation.


There a wide range of options for barying the prosuct when a EasyJat was developed its onoine strategy. The EasyJet website also has car seek the services of, hotel arranging services and links to other EasyGroup website. In addition, it provided point to point services.


Allen and Fjermestand (2001) were discovered that that the internet has the biggest implications for devote the marketing mixture since the internet has a global reach.

Internet arranging system and open up a telephone reservation system were the new route structures for booklet the tickets.


Specification of the promotion was usually part of a communications strategy. EasyJet features it's lots one position among Europe's low priced carriers. Paper in smart orange telephone arranging number and hyperlink on the side of its aeroplanes.

4. 6 Competitive Strategy

Michael (1980) has defined three standard types of strategies that are usually employed by organisation. You will find cost leadership, differentiation strategy and market segmentation strategy. However in EasyJet's case, only two basic of competitive advantage was used: cost leadership and differentiation.

Cost leadership

Michael's theory was also implemented a cost control strategy which is explain to consumers via the cheap fares offered online. However, Easyjet provided technology advantages in conditions of cost reductions, its opponents have followed and created websites of their own, provided extremely competitive rates for EasyJet's customers. Consequently, another competitor must accommodate EasyJet's strategies for retain competitive edge.

Differentiation strategy

EasyJet experienced made prominence endeavors to make their product pop away from its low cost airline competitors.

McDaniel (2000) talked about that a product differentiation feature serves as competitive benefit was no longer alive. Also, EasyJet was usually the trend-setter for differentiation its market.

Shiv and Alfred (2001) was uncovered a matrix for classifies and identifies types of competitive placement. EasyJet provided differentiation service of many routes to major international airports such as Gatwick international airport which shifts the concentration to high produce traffic while abnegate financial and operative features of secondary international airports.

For the item differentiation, EasyJet provide more variables such as have self check in kiosks, unrestricted baggage restraints, easy useful for the web site and scheduling of seat tickets, these features of differentiation can helps the clients to enhance their purchase electric power with EasyJet.

Figure 8 Michael (1980) Common Strategies used in EasyJet

Chapter 5 Implementation

5. 1 How is the management creating new central and extended value for customer?

EasyJet have the three main components to generate new center and extended value for customer, the first was supply the number one safe practices airline, the next was build-up a number one air transportation network, and the previous was enhance easyjet. com.

Provide the number one safety airline:

In 2009, EasyJet found the introduction of a new Safety Management System (SMS), it's provided a framework for safety conformity and manage the two pillars of protection performance at EasyJet. With dynamic support by the Western european Aviation Security Agency's Western Commercial Aviation Safety team, the Basic safety Management System was a continuous improvement process.

Build Europe's number 1 air carry network:

Slot management: EasyJet thinks departure time was very important to all or any customers, both of business journeys and weekend breaks. Different from other opponents, who used smaller, much less convenient airports, and much more remote control, over 90 per cent of EasyJet aircraft operate into and out of congested international airports. At these active business and facilities, where slot machines were at a premium, EasyJet work hard to develop their collection across Europe. The slot machine management team has experience and considerable ability, with over 60 years of extensive contacts and combined experience at Western european airports.

Base Management: Overnight ceases can create needless costs. EasyJet were located plane and team by managing the bases, they were in a position to maximise revenue and improve efficiency. Constantly under review the bottom location. For instance, since 2006, EasyJet increased the number of aircraft based in Italy and France. Such as for example Luton, in addition they reduced capacity at under carrying out bases.

Enhance easyjet. com

Easyjet. com was the most visited air travel site in UK. The website was EasyJet's key distribution channel plus they rebuild and recharge it in 2008. EasyJet also consulted using their customers, identify what was like and dislike about the existing site, and also looked at main web pages, both outside and inside the travel sector. The website was built on the scalable program and better quality and was even better to use.

5. 2 How is the management managing their online and offline advertising methods?

Efraim (2008) stated that, in a click and mortar business, the allocation of resources between offline and online activities can create complications. Especially in sell area projects, the two activities may very well be competitors. In this case, personnel responsible for offline and online activities may work as competitors. This issue may cause problems when the offline side needs to take care of the logistics of the online part or when prices have to be determined. Corporate and business culture, the power of top management to bring in change properly, and the use of progressive process that support cooperation will all

Pricing Strategy

Traditional options for determining price will be the cost-plus and competitor models. Cost-plus means accumulated all the expenses involved - materials, labour, rent, overhead, etc and adding a percentage mark-up as revenue. The competition model determines price based on what competition are charging for similar products in the marketplace.

Pricing products and services for online sales changes these costing strategies in simple ways:

Price comparison is easier: In traditional marketplaces, either the customer or, more often, owner has more info than the other party, which situation is exploited in deciding a product's price. By facilitating price evaluation, the EasyJet's internet scheduling system helps created what economists call a perfect market - one where both buyer and the sell have ubiquitous and equal access to information, usually in the buyer's favour.

Online and offline goods are priced in different ways: In EasyJet's pricing strategy, it was difficult for click and mortar company. Setting up prices lower then those offered by the off-line business can lead to internal discord, whereas establishing prices at the same level will harm competitiveness.

Differentiated pricing can be considered a pricing strategy: For decades, EasyJet have maximized profits with yield management - charging different price for the same product. EasyJet is in the B2C software industry, one-on-one marketing can extend produce management from a category of customer to specific customers. Bockstedt el al. (2005) also pointed out that, 'versioning is retailing the same good but with different selection and delivery characteristics, is especially effective is retailing digitized goods. '

Last minute discounts: I attention that, in practice, last minute bargains were sometimes offered, often at very low prices. When the airline decides to release in such offers, either with a reseller or straight, it can established a fresh price that will allured the lower end of the traveler segment that didn't purchase tickets. Last minute bargains were always made very near the actual flight time.

The overall impact of the changes is very good news for the buyer. Internet technologies have a tendency to provide consumers with easier usage of costs information, which improves their bargaining vitality. To remain competitive and profitable, retailers will have to adopt smarter costs strategies. Specifically, business must look at ways of using the internet to optimise prices, generally through greater detail in setting up prices, more adaptability in changing prices, and new means of customer segmentation for differentiated charges.

5. 3 What impact is the execution of strategy having after the performance of the business?

To improve results for just about any facet of any business, performance management is vital. The procedure and systems designed to monitor and improve the performance of an organization and specific management activities such as internet marketing are well known as 'performance management systems' and derive from the study of performance dimension systems.

5. 3. 1 Defining the performance metrics platform:

Kotler (1997) brought up that measurement for assess the potency of internet marketing also be related to different degrees of marketing control. These include strategic control, profitability control, annual plan control and efficiency control. Efficiency actions are more worried about minimizing the costs of online marketing while maximizing the profits for different areas of target such as acquiring visitors to a web site, converting people to outcome or reaching repeat business.

Chaffey (2000) presents a platform of measures that can be applied to range of different companies. Metrics for the categories are generated as targets from internet marketing planning which then need to be monitored to evaluate the success of strategy and its implementation. Targets can be devised in a top down fashion, starting with strategic goals for business contribution and marketing results resulting in tactical aims for customer satisfaction, behavior and site campaign. An alternative point of view is bottom up - success in achieving goals for site campaign, on site customer behavior and client satisfaction lead sequentially to reaching goals for marketing effects and business contribution.

Business contribution

A contribution to business profitability is always the ultimate goal of e-commerce. To assess this, leading companies place an online contribution goal of obtaining a certain proportion of sales via the channel. When EasyJet (www. easyjet. com) launched its e-commerce center in 1998, it established an internet contribution target of 30 per cent by 2000. They put the resources and communications plan in destination to accomplish that and their focus on was reached in 1999. Assessing contribution is more challenging for an organization that can not sell products online, however the role of the internet in influencing purchase should be assessed. Discounted cash flow techniques are used to assess the rate of return as time passes. Service contribution from e-channels should also be evaluated.

5. 3. 2 Tools and techniques for collecting metric and summarizing results

Techniques to collect metrics are the assortment of site visitor activity data such as that gathered from site log files, the collection of metrics about final results such as online sales or email enquiries and traditional marketing research techniques such as questionnaires and emphasis groups which collect home elevators the customer's experience on the internet site. I begin by describing options for collecting site visitor activity and then review more traditional techniques of general market trends which assess the customer experience.

EasyJet was used customer romance management CRM software to enhance its online booking server and reduce functional costs.

Tony (2006) pointed out that CRM was specifically about gather customer's information to provide their own customer support through the net. The CRM system was centralised all the info and information and allows improvements in customer support to be deployed and examined. A contact marketing automation tool and a pilot tone of voice self applied service solution is also can provide and enhanced levels of customer care with EasyJet.

The CRM service system module was enabled the 1. 5 million people who visit the EasyJet website every week, it can noted end-to-end deals while they may be online, without any interposition from customer service real estate agents. It responds to keyword queries and natural terminology word, have 90 % of customers were resolving queries by used this solution.

Chapter 6 Legal and honest issues

Plamer (2005) stated that business ethics defines how a company integrates the core principles of integrity, trust, value, and fairness into its regulations and procedures and complies with legal criteria and rules. The scope of business ethics has broadened to encompass a company's activities with regard not and then how it snacks employees and obeys laws and regulations but to the type and quality of the interactions with shareholders, customers, business partners, suppliers, the community, environment, and future generations. Western european companies especially have embraced this extended description of ethics.

Because of the worldwide range and universal ease of access of the internet, there are serious questions as to which ethical rules and laws apply. These questions require an appreciation of regulations that is constantly changing. Lawsuits and criminal charges are extremely disruptive, expensive, and could damage customer relationships. The very best strategy is to avoid behaviours that expose the business to these types of risk.

6. 1 e-Commerce moral issues

Two additional e-commerce related moral issues are non work related use of the internet and rules of ethics.

Non work related use of the internet

EasyJet had an insurance plan to all the employees used email and the net for non work related purposes. The usage of company property for email and inter use creates risk. The amount of risk will depend on the extent to which the company has applied policies and method to avoid and detect unlawful uses. EasyJet was also kept responsible for their employees' use of email to harass another worker, participate in illegitimate gambling, or distribute child pornography. Some employees may use the company email to market their own business. Used other corporate and business processing facilities for private purposes may be a problem.

Codes of ethics

Volonino and Robinson (2004) were learned that a sensible and necessary approach to limit non work related internet browsing on can be an internet Acceptable Use Coverage (AUP) that employees must agree to. With out a formal AUP, it was much more difficult to enforce satisfactory and eliminate unacceptable behaviours and punish violators. Whenever a user signs to the corporate network, an individual should see a reminder of the AUP and become notified that online activates are watched. Such notification should become a part of a code of ethics.

EasyJet have some corporate web coverage suggestions, such as concern written AUP guidelines about worker use of the internet and communication systems including email and instant messaging; make it clear to employees that they cannot use copyrighted or trademarked material without permission. Post disclaimers of responsibility concerning content of online discussion boards and chat trainings. Make sure that content and activity comply with the laws in other countries, such as those regulating contests and privacy.

6. 2 Corporate and business Social Responsibility

A recent statement (University of Exeter Business University 2010) has recommended that Corporate Community Responsibility (CSR) was an approach to business that can take account of issues combine with environment and population as well as the more traditional business consider of income and shareholders. CSR had not been a new notion, it has evolved from its provenance in 19 century corporate charity and much attention both in plan circles and academic.

EasyJet's goal was ensure have a competent as is possible in the prevailing business, both on the floor and in air, and found some solution to minimise its environmental impact in the future. The below details was show the EasyJet how to manage and monitor its environmental impact.

The impact of EasyJet on the surroundings was involved the next:

Greenhouse gas emissions: water vapour, nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide (in concert NOx), skin tightening and (CO2), a few of which at altitude.

Particulate emissions: soot and sulphate contaminants, some of which at altitude.

Waste: chemical substance was involved with aircraft.


EasyJet didn't have full CSR insurance policy, buy they have an 'Environmental Code' with three offers, first one was to be environmentally effective in the air, and the second was an environmentally useful on the floor and last was to lead in shaping a greener future for aviation.


EasyJet strives to be efficient in the air:

EasyJet was investment in the latest technology such as choose the new plane, the new technology aircraft were more energy efficient than aged models. Reliable use of aeroplanes, each of Airbus A319s holds 26 per cent more car seats than the norm and potentially provides 57 per cent more people per airfare than the Western european norm.

Provide direct point to point plane tickets, avoidance of air congestion and displays its performance relative to other travel options.

EasyJet strives to be efficient on the floor:

EasyJet' plan was to use the most effective and simple floor equipment and simple air port infrastructure requirements. EasyJet was also retains surface journeys to a minimum and minimal throw away, such as no frills service was designed.

EasyJet leads just how in shaping a greener future:

EasyJet shaped Western policy on making air traffic system more efficient and actively engaging with plane manufacturers to influence next generation technology.

Chapter 7 Conclusion

The purpose of this survey has gone to analysis and assess how EasyJet has utilised successful e-marketing strategies through the difference programs available, to be able to maintain and set up a dominating position in the LCC industry.

One of the great business success testimonies of the past five years has been the introduction of the EasyJet airline company. To easy evaluation and evaluate of this goal, I am not only EasyJet's marketing campaigns and researched over the years, but additionally, it may identified the main e-marketing strategies utilized by the other leading challengers.

EasyJet has always attempted to discover their customer platform needs and purchase format as the best form of budget travel in Europe air brand industry. The business notarize the demand for this e-marketing strategies and form of travel have been linkage around provided more efficient, low cost plane tickets, and also maintain as a high quality of service. Through their effective and clear website, they have made great initiatives to make it possible for customer to deal with company, whilst their advertising position was also be fond of the market dished up. EasyJet's significant growth has been the driving a car force for enlargement policies.

However, increase demand for low cost travel and with the emergence of strong, new competitors in the industry, it was show it from the record that EasyJet must continued to be impressive in its marketing, disperse numerous resources to anchored a long term position as the market leader.

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