E-commerce website


This document consists of a project made to develop an E-Commerce website for a cellular phone store. Using different methodologies this survey will explain detailed how the website was designed and whether this task was successful. The web site allows users shop online for cell phones and mobile phone accessories. The website includes many features, which help the users in finding their desired item i. e. powerful search engine, terms translator and user friendly led navigation menu. These features help in users in pin directing the precise product they want for.

The website is based around a cellular phone store found in Victoria Greater London. The store is called E Cell Mobile and is also a small PLC, which provides cell phones and accessories. This website has been designed for the only real purpose of aiding the company broaden their business to a vast range of customers also to increase company revenue. To be able to accomplish that goal there were a couple meetings that were held between the builder (me) and the storeowner. Of these meetings it was made a decision that one of the most efficient ways to do this goal, was to create a site to reach out to customers. This should assist in company revenue as well as, being cheap given that it isn't very costly to run a site, if compared to opening another store.

An administrator account has been created, which is to be used by the storeowner. This account was created to permit simple and productive maintenance of the web site. By using this account the administrator has access to the complete website and can certainly modify data with use of a straightforward GUI, no PHP knowledge is necessary. This would be a great profit to the storeowner since they can very easily keep up with the site. This accounts allows the admin to add more products using the CSV Import Function, add/edit/delete customers and/or product data plus much more.

The payment aspect of the website is dealt by PayPal. Once a user selects something they would like to buy they are redirected to PayPal's SSL page. It is clarified to an individual that they don't need a PayPal account in order to purchase something on the website. Once the consumer is redirected to PayPal's secure payment page, they can select the option to pay by direct debit or visa or mastercard. If there are any discrepancies with payment then E Cell can't be held responsible and the case shall go to PayPal's accounts department.


During the stage at which the PID was constructed there were a few aspects, that have been overlooked. Throughout the analysis phase of the report there will be a few stages from the PID that'll be lengthened, rearranged and added.

This project is situated around a cellular phone company that will not come with an online system. All trades, customer details and product information are stored over a database that is located on the shop floor. The machine that is used to interact with day-to-day customers is rather gradual and lags the majority of the time. The machine that happens to be being used is named "Metasys". This specific software is a databases system, which stores customer and product information. When the store gets a fresh customer, an employee member inputs the customer's details physically into the database. All products are added to the repository through a spot of Deal System (POS).

Now after doing a lttle bit of research it was uncovered that this company (Metasys) was no more in business and therefore no upgrades are for sale to this software. To get a concept of how bad the current system was, a few studies were designed and provided to workers on the shop floor (these can be seen in Appendix B). Judging by the results received out of this analysis it was clear to see a new system would have to be put in place. Below is a list that is devised showing the problems with the current system:

  • System often freezes when taking down customer information
  • The database can be quite slow sometimes when accessing huge amounts of data
  • Does not have the latest security changes because of the company no longer being in business
  • Opening and closing the data source sometimes contributes to corruption of data.
  • The system can be slow-moving to respond to common tasks such as "View Customer Info"

A secondary concern that needs to be discussed is that particular company (E Cell Mobile) wish to develop their business and get in touch with a larger customer base and for that reason increasing the firms revenue. The business does not wish to open a new store since this would require a sizable amount of cash, which the group cannot manage.

This project proposes to replace this old system with a fresh today's way of doing business. The brand new system needs to be faster, easy to keep and a lot more reliable. Although the current database working on the shop floor has a great deal of disadvantages you can find one positive aspect that allows new mobile phones that occur for delivery to be put into the database efficiently. This is actually the POS (Point of Sales) system presently utilized by the employees at E Cell.

When a couple of mobile phones arrive for delivery, a staff member uses an electric laser to scan the bar rules; these are viewed on the packaging of all cell phones. After a particular product has been scanned it will automatically be added to the company's database. E Cell also receives an electronic spreadsheet from their supplier, which involves all the items that contain been sent to them on that specific night out.

The point of deal system is a superb method for populating information into repository. It really is fast, simple and requires little effort. In order for this project to be a success it's important that particular way for adding information to the business's database is either better upon or kept the same. If for just about any reason the POS system is removed and another system is placed into place, then this new system must be able to perform tasks, which are faster and far simpler then the point of sales system.

Aims & Objectives

Every project consists of a number of goals, which need to be achieved. These goals decipher if the project is a success or failing. A successful project would have attained and achieved each target. The primary goal of this project is to make a product, which resolves the issues that are encountered by the current system.

Below is a set of aims and aims for this particular project. A few of these aims and objectives that were looked at during the project initiation level have been transformed and modified. There has been an addition of some new goals to the list. The list below has been based mostly around, how appalling the existing system is in case a new system was to be created what would it not need to become successful.


  • The system should be easy to find their way around
  • Buying an item should be fast and efficient
  • The system must be customer friendly
  • The system must be faster and much more reliable than the old system
  • The admin can add/erase/edit customer and product information


  • To give a mobile system that allows users to buy cell phones and accessories.
  • Allow users to make their own customer bank account online.
  • To offer an user interface usable by less literate computer users.
  • Allow users to save any transactions which may have been made
  • Provide users with traffic monitoring info so they can track their purchase

As stated in the job initiation report this project will take the DSDM procedure. DSDM areas that in order to attain maximum business gain and a fully working system that is fit for purpose; one must format the user/business requirements and try to accomplish them all. DSDM uses an excellent prioritisation method called "MoSCoW". This prioritisation method outlines the key requirements that require to be performed in order to get a system fit for goal. All requirements shown in the "Must Have" section below have to be completed for this project to reach your goals.

MoSCoW Prioritization

Must Have

  • Users must have the ability to buy a mobile phone online (M1)
  • System must contain search variables to allow simplicity (M2)
  • Site should be user-friendly (M3)
  • Admin can add/erase/edit product and customer information (M4)
  • POS system needs to be improved after or left as it is (M5)

Should Have

  • The individual is contacted via email once they have made a purchase (S1)
  • The user can email a staff member if they have a question (S2)

Could Have

  • Google Maps to display location of shop (C1)
  • An online chat customer to answer end user queries (C2)

Won't Have

  • Selling mobile tariffs (All cell phones will be pay-as-you-go rather than on deal) (W1)

All of certain requirements of the Moscow prioritization have been tagged e. g. M1, M2, S1, W1 etc. The reason they are tagged is because they will be known as "M1, M2, S1" etc through the implementation phase of this report.


There are certain units of requirements that need to be performed when making this new system. These requirements are put into two portions, "Functional" and "Non-Functional". They are outlined below.

Functional requirements

  • Multiple trades can be made at the same time
  • Customers can truly add what to a shopping basket
  • Customers can view, revise and remove items from shopping basket
  • Customer is notified via email when purchase is complete


  • Guided navigation menu makes browsing easy for the user
  • Transactions can be completed using multiply currencies
  • Availability - System will be up 24/7 with minimum amount down time
  • Accessibility - The system can be viewed in other languages other than English

Requirements Table

A central list of requirements was produced by your client, these have been the following. Each of these requirements have to be met otherwise this project will be a failure because the final product will never be fit for purpose. The client provided a larger set of requirements (shown in Appendix D) however the requirements shown in table below is exactly what the client has reported to be mandatory prerequisites and therefore have to be completed.

Feasibility Study

In the feasibility analysis the following areas will be regarded, project risk evaluation, cost benefit research and stakeholder analysis.

Project Risk Analysis

Cost Advantage Analysis

Since this is a student project there will not be a huge budget. The program which will be used to make the product will either be freeware or already open to the developer. Because of this cost will be kept to a minimal. In terms of hardware, a computer/laptop has already been available because the College or university provides this and electronic fees/bills will also be covered by the College or university. If the machine is to be managed online then these fees will be paid by E Cell Mobile although a free hosting provider will be the first top priority.

Stakeholder Analysis

Managing stakeholders is an important factor for this project to reach your goals. Below is a list of all the stakeholders involved with this task i. e. people that are affected by the task that is performed, who affect or have power over it or don't mind spending time in its successful or unsuccessful realization.

Vishal Verma (Project Manager/Developer)

  • The developer's role is to manage the project, make sure all milestones are attained and that the ultimate product is produced within the place deadline.
  • Jim Johnston (Consumer/General Director)
  • Jim will be the first point of contact. He manages the majority of the staff and handles all sales related aspects.
  • Dean Forster (Store Manager/Company Owner)
  • Dean are the owners of the store and you will be the next point of contact.

Project Method & Approach

There is one main purpose, which must be fulfilled in order for this project to be always a success. The brand new E Cell Mobile system needs to be fit for goal. A system that is fit for goal will ideally meet all end user/business requirements of this project. Below is a quote from Harvey and Green (1993) that clarifies what fit for purpose happens to be.

"Quality is thus judged in conditions of the level to that your service or product fits its goal. This notion is quite remote from the idea of quality as something special, distinctive, elitist, conferring status, or difficult to realize. It is an operating description of quality alternatively than an exceptional one. If something will the job it is created for then it is a quality service or product. " (p. 16)

"Every product and service has the potential to match its purpose and therefore be considered a quality service or product. Fitness for purpose has surfaced as the trendy way to harness the drive for perfection. The ultimate way of measuring perfection, 'zero flaws', may be excellent as a description of quality but runs the fatal risk of being perfectly worthless. If the merchandise does not fit its goal then its excellence is irrelevant. " (p. 17)

This specific task will be using the DSDM strategy, it is because by using the DSDM approach the job itself will be carefully prepared e. g. MoSCoW, timeboxing, facilitated workshops etc. Sometimes it could be very easy for a task manager to become unorganized particularly if the project has not been planned so when result, the final results may be below acceptable.

Due to this reason MoSCoW prioritisation has been reviewed earlier on in this survey so the project manager/developer and your client know what exactly the last product will contain.

In conjunction to the management of the task, DSDM Atern will be the main forefront. This system mainly targets Time, Cost and Quality.

Figure 1 below (Atern Methodology) states that point, Cost, Quality is fixed and will not be improved throughout the project's life routine, whereas features can be manipulated since this can be a variable. The original approach to this is the complete opposite and you will be prevented since quality shouldn't be compromised.

Facilitated Workshops

Facilitated workshops are area of the DSDM Atern development procedure. Since this job uses the Atern management method it was vital to incorporate the facilitated workshop technique into this project.

By using an interactive environment, effective group dynamics and visual helps, facilitated workshops are made to draw out high quality of information in a compressed timeframe in order to meet the predetermined group of deliverables.

By making these workshops it'll make it better to achieve the targets which have been set right from the start. The project administrator will act as the facilitator and arrange these meetings. Information that maybe be discussed in the workshops is as follows:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • How can the business enterprise reach out to customers?
  • Advertising
  • Sponsorship

The list is merely a small variety of matters that maybe be talked about during the workshops. It really is vital that all the project stakeholders show up at these conferences. Facilitated workshops gives the project supervisor an overview of what must be done and enough time everything needs to be completed in.


During the design phase of the project there have been a number of alternatives that came to mind. The brand new system that is to be created must defeat the problems faced by the old out-of-date/system. Below is a list of solutions that could be implemented to solve the problems discussed during the analysis phase.

  • Rebuild the machine on the shop floor. Install new database software and get faster and much more reliable hardware to cater for the new databases.
  • Build a website to appeal to customers, this will also have an online database
  • Open a new branch to be able broaden the business

Two of the solutions shown above (Rebuilding the machine and opening a new branch) just do not seem to be feasibly. Opening a new branch would just to be very costly and would require far more man power, effort and time that your company doesn't have. In terms of rebuilding the new system, the price tag on installing a new database and setting up new hardware was just too much and above the business's budget. The one measurable idea was to create a website; this would be cheap and require nominal effort.

The last solution was to create an E-Commerce website. This site will be online 24/7, and as a result can be utilized by staff members anytime of the day/night. Employees won't need to go to the shop floor to gain access to the database. The website will contain an administrator profile that will only have the ability to be accessed by workers. This account will give access to the company's database, that will include access to product details, customer information and any trades that have occurred.

Users will be able to go onto this site buy a cellular phone (or any mobile accessories), add that to a basket and then shell out the dough. PayPal will manage the repayment system so the business will hold the peace of mind that their money is safe and sound and so will the customers.

The way the payment system will work is once the end user has added an item with their shopping basket they will have the option to checkout. The checkout site will give the consumer a brief information (preliminary invoice) of the transfer, this will include; item explanation and total price. Upon this page it will be made clear to the user that they can be paying via PayPal and a PayPal bill is not necessary need in order to make a payment. After the user allows these conditions they will be redirected to PayPal's payment page, this is where profile details such as bank-account number, sort out code are entered. PayPal will validate these details and send out two messages. The first email will be sent to the customer verifying repayment and the next email will be delivered to the administrator of the website that may contain an invoice of this particular deal. Once payment has been validated by PayPal the administrator can deliver that to the customer's address.

Tracking of all supplied items will be provided to all customers. There will be a "Tracking" section on the site which will provide a detailed explanation about how customers can monitor their purchased products. What sort of tracking system will work is after the payment has been established by PayPal the administrator will post the item via Royal Email/DHL to the clients address. Royal Mail/DHL will provide the administrator with a monitoring number. This particular quantity will be published to the customer via email. The customer may then visit Royal Mail's/DHL's website (the link because of this is provided in the e-mail) and go into the transaction amount to get a rough idea of when their purchased item will be arriving.

Organisational Benefits

By creating an E-Commerce website it'll tackle all the issues the company happens to be facing and also, it will be very cheap to perform and maintain. Below is a list outlining the benefits of starting an E-Commerce store for E Cell Mobile.

  • Expand business
  • Interact with a more substantial customer base
  • Increase company revenue
  • Faster and even more reliable system
  • Easy to maintain
  • Secure

Software Tools

To develop the web site the following dialects/tools/software will be used:

PHP/PHP Editor

This will be used as the server area code. PHP will be utilized to talk to the MySQL database.


AJAX will be helpful because you can update part of an webpage without relaxing the complete content. So in this case the user can go into a search query and instead of refreshing the complete web page the results for the search are shown instantly

  • Jscript/jQuery
  • Guided navigation menu
  • MySQL

All customer/product data will be stored on the MySQL databases.

  • Adobe Flash Flash player will be used on the home page to be able get the audience to the website.
  • Swish The program will be utilized to create a flash video tutorial. Although this program is not freeware it is still possible to work with the 30 day trial period.
  • phpMyAdmin By using the simple to operate GUI provided by phpMyAdmin it'll make it a whole lot easier to take care of the MySQL repository.
  • CSS/HTML/XML Designing the website (Appearance)
  • Adobe Photoshop Creating the business logo
  • Quick 'n Easy FTP Uploading documents to the server
  • Apache v2. 5 To enable local host a web server needs to be initialised ergo Apache will be utilised.


Since this job will use an agile treat it was important to build a horizontal prototype. This enables the developer to construct the product within an iterative cycle and therefore achieving better operation.

The horizontal prototype is the man-machine user interface (MMI). At first an instant sketch is drawn on a piece of paper to be able to get a concept of what is to be achieved. To produce a prototype for the E Cell Mobile system, the web site www. gomockingbird. com was utilised. These prototype models is seen on webpage 15 (Physique 4, 4. 1, 4. 2 etc)

During the horizontal prototyping "surface interface" software functionalities were not working but by setting up a sketch (using the go mockingbird website) it allowed the programmer to achieve a perception test. This helped to judge how easily other users could understand the software. During the conception test users were just shown a couple of windows and keys, on a piece of paper. The users were then asked to make clear what they understand from the info displayed before them. The results for the perceptions test can be seen in Appendix C

Horizontal prototyping allows the builder to check the habit of the interface and decipher the essential items, where usability inconsistencies are likely to appear.

After concluding the horizontal prototype, and to be able to obtain a full evaluation of the user interface, another group of assessments was done. These lab tests are known as "Vertical Prototyping". This helped to put into practice a consistent set of functionalities to be able to allow the user to achieve a typical situation of usability. These exams were only done following the GUI was 90% complete. At this stage the prototyping contains some "user checks" during, which the vital points elevated throughout the horizontal prototyping stage are examined.

Usability Test

This specific test allows discovering of usability problems and analysing their cause with the users. The user is given the system and permitted to beta test it in any way they like. Alternatives are elaborated and carried out during this level of the prototype and consequently may change the final look and feel of the system. The results for this particular test is seen in Appendix E.

This test was designed following the website was completed. If any discrepancies were found of these checks then website was improved accordingly.

GUI Design

Before the implementation stage a few display screen designs were created. This provided a rough notion of the way the website should be built. These display screen designs were proven to a random couple of users in order to examine the usability of the user interface (Perception trials - Appendix C)

  1. The customer must enter their individual name security password into these domains in order to login.
  2. By using the "Forgot Security password?" link an individual can input their email address that they used to register with the web site, and a fresh password will be delivered to this email address.
  3. By verifying the "Remember Me?" check package a cookie will be put into the user's web browser folder. This means the user will no longer need to type in their user name and password each time they visit this page.

Product Details

  1. These are images of the product
  2. Breadcrumb trail; an individual can use these links to return and forth.
  3. This portion of the page displays information about the product.
  4. The user may use this connect to tell a pal about a product listed on this page.
  1. Necessary information such as friends name, email etc must be stuffed out
  2. The information in the "Captcha" must be moved into to verify that you will be human and not a bot.
  3. A subject matter can be written regarding the contents of this email.
  1. A short explanation of the business such as when it started out and who is involved in the company. Contact information will also be shown in this section e. g. address, email telephone etc.
  2. Using the Yahoo Maps API, E Cell Mobile's location will be shown upon this interactive map.

UML Circumstance Diagram

Below is an instance diagram for the machine that is to be built. It exhibits two "Actors", the "User" and the "Administrator". In the middle is the machine where all calculations and processes are created. The user (customer) can perform lots of functions, such as looking for an item they wish to buy, adding that specific item to a basket, emailing the site owner etc. The Administrator can perform high top priority decisions such as enjoying all customer deals, eliminating or adding customer and product information etc.

The ERM diagram shown in shape 6 displays the different types of desks which will be used in order to create the database. Each desk has another type of number of capabilities and each feature has its data type. Each stand has its own most important key; this is a distinctive identifier for each table and is not repeated. Some tables include foreign tips; this is a referential constraint between two desks. The entity interactions between each table can clearly be observed by the striking and dotted lines. Certain furniture have a someone to one romantic relationship whereas some may have a someone to zero romantic relationship.

This ERM model was designed using MySQL Workbench. This is a freeware program provided by MySQL. Information is taken from a phpMyAdmin database and then changed into an ERM model automatically.

Below is a brief description of every desk in the databases.

Admin Users:

This table holds details for all the administrators. Administrators are split into two categories; "Super Customer" and "User". An administrator classed as a "super consumer" will have full control over the web site and an administrator classed as "user" will be able to control certain areas of the web site.


This table retains details for many search related questions posed by an individual. If a user searches for "Apple iPhone" then this particular search request will be recorded in to this table. That is mainly for the administrator to view and analyse what the most popular search requests are. Because of this the admin can cater for the user's needs. For instance, a large range of users seek out the same mobile phone however, there is absolutely no such phone is listed in the database. The administrator can view this particular search query and cater for the user's needs with the addition of that specific handset model to the databases and so increasing sales.


This desk will carry details for any different types of brands of cell phones and their related images.

Order Brief summary:

Once an individual has bought something, the details of that particular deal will build up in this desk. This stand will carry information such as customer details, product details and the total price of this particular sale. For the finalization of your transaction the customer is shown a summary page, this involves details regarding their purchase. These details is taken from the "Oder Conclusion" table.


This table holds information on all the merchandise in the database; this will include attributes such as price, description, name etc.

Order Inventory:

All deals that are created will be stored in this desk.


This table holds customer details such address, phone number, postcode etc.

Activity Diagram

The Activity diagram (Number 7), displays the way the new system will work. The existing system works in a similar way however orders aren't shipped to the client, because the customer is already in store when making the purchase. The new system will be online and therefore when a customer makes a purchase their item will be delivered to their specified destination. An invoice may also be sent to the client via email.

The invoice will be sent to the users recorded email. Once repayment has been made through PayPal, they administrator will be notified by PayPal, via a contact outlining the transaction details and verification of payment.

Dataflow Diagram (New/Improved upon INTERFACE)

The dataflow diagram below shows a brief outline of how the user interface will look like for the new E Cell Mobile system. The diagram explains some user interactions such as, an individual can search or browse for a product, items can be put into a shopping basket etc. Through the flowchart we can evidently see that it's not obligatory for an individual to login in order to find or browse the site however, to be able to purchase an item it is essential that users register and login.


When building an online site it is crucial to setup a web server. This may either be hosted by yourself pc or hosting can be purchased. There are a number of advantages/down sides for web host online and from your personal computer.

As the builder of this task it's important to find the right hosting method such that it does not have an effect on the development of the machine. Below is a list of two hosting methods that can be used, each method has its pros and cons.


Localhost means "this computer" which is donated by an IP address of 127. 0. 0. 1. It can be used to variety content to the internet. There is no charge for this since content is managed from you own computer. For localhost to wor, k a web server needs to be installed. Since this site will be using a big databases, MySQL and PHP also have to be installed.

The two main web servers out there today are Apache and IIS. As the creator of this task it is important to decipher which of these is the greatest web server to utilize for this task. After doing a lttle bit of research the next results were obtained.

IIS and Apache operate very in another way and thus have a variety of advantages of disadvantages. IIS was created and available to work only within the Glass windows environment. With IIS 6. 0, really the only platform currently reinforced is Glass windows Server 2003. Although this limits the deployment websites for IIS-based Web services, it also offers a range of benefits, including increased cooperation with the web host operating-system and easier management and control through a number of standard Operating-system tools and utilities.

The Apache web server is extremely popular due to the fact that is free. This is very beneficial to those who find themselves just checking out web posting and is still unsure about it. Apache is mostly included in a totally free web server solution called Light fixture (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) which is a collection of open source software that would totally handle all your web publishing needs from the OS right down to the scripting words. Apart from being free, the open source community is also a good source of support for users who have enough time and endurance to ask for answers.

To get the web site online we have to use a free of charge service called DynDNS. This allows content from your personal computer to be published onto the Internet without any charges. DynDNS provides a few host names which you can choose for your website.


  • Free to use
  • No bandwidth restrictions
  • Cheap to run


  • PC must be on at all times, since the content is downloaded from your PC
  • Limited choice of domain names provided by DynDNS
  • Need to create Apache/IIS and PHP on your computer

Online Hosting

This is more of a favorite choice with a great deal of websites. To be able to get an online site on the Internet one must first buy hosting and a area name. These can be quite costly with respect to the type of hosting that is provided and usually there is a yearly membership.


  • Easy to set up
  • Unlike localhost your pc does not need to be left turned on whatsoever times


  • Expensive to setup
  • There might be bandwidth restrictions

As the developer of this job it's been decided that through the initial periods of the website build, localhost will be utilised and towards the ultimate stages of the system being completed the web site will be hosted online.

Organisation of Source Code

It was important to ensure the foundation code was maintained newly made. Therefore aided the developer to find certain data easily and debug any errors.

As much as the build index is concerned an image of this is shown on the left. Every subsystem has a folder. For instance all code related to the administrators account is stored in the "admin" folder and CSS related code is stored in the "css" folder etc.

The code is split into several files anticipated to three significant reasons. These are listed below:

  • Speed up compilation: If all source code is in one document and the programmer needs to adjust only one line of the code the whole file must be recompiled. This wastes a lot of time and can be averted.
  • Organisation: Splitting code along logical lines allows the programmer to find functions, variables, classes and methods easily.
  • Facilitating code reuse: When the code is carefully split into portions and operates separately this will allow the programmer to re-use the code for another project.


Before the implementation phase started out the MoSCoW prioritizations were analyzed one more time especially M1, M2, M3, M4 and M5. That is due to the fact without getting together with these requirements the job will never be successful and the ultimate product will never be fit for goal. All the requirements discussed in the analysis and design areas were evaluated in order to make certain know requirements were missed out.

The first step in the execution phase was to construct a design. The design of the website must focus on every one of the MoSCoW requirements. The website design was mainly created using CSS and XHTML. The prototypes that were created during the design phase were used as blocks to create the ultimate design. The website design will be based on the functions and requirements outlined by your client. These requirements distributed by the client are vital elements since the designer must incorporate every one of the functions into the site to be able to appeal to your client needs.

After finding these requirements it made sense to create the look of the website first somewhat than employing login pages, search pubs and logos etc. The reason for it is because by building the user program first the developer can pin point wherever certain objects can be found, (search container, drop down menu(s) etc) these can then be shown to the client in case your client is unhappy with a certain facet of the look, it may easily be modified. That is also given in the protocols stated by DSDM. This is a good idea because you are displaying improvement to your customer and getting consistent feedback from them. This enables the programmer to make changes to the system until the customer is satisfied (iterative development).

The developer of this project has used an iterative methodology when coding the site. During each iteration, web pages were redesigned, features reprioritised, and screening done on the classes/methods was revised.

Once the website design was completed and the user was happy with everything that were applied, it was time to move on to the next step, which was adding operation to the website. This included adding the next:

  • Login site for customers
  • Login web page for the administrator
  • Search Bar
  • Guided navigation menu
  • Adding what to a basket
  • Payment system to be manipulated by PayPal

This is a just short list however a longer list with a lot more detail can be found in Appendix F. After the site was totally functional, the system went through beta testing. There have been a couple of tests that were conducted, these are included below:

  • Websites Ergonomics (Appendix C)
  • Usability Testing (Appendix E)

Setting up PHP, MySQL and Apache

When starting the actual build for the site rather than buying hosting it made sense to run the website from localhost first, so that some recent tests could be performed. And yes it was crucial to set up an internet server from your home such that it was possible to work from the school. The research that was conducted during the design phase of this report regarding the two web servers (Apache and IIS) enjoyed a large part when putting in an online server on the developer's computer.

Since the designer will be using an Apple Macbook to generate the website it was impossible to make use of IIS as a web server in view of the fact that IIS is merely part of the Microsoft Home windows environment. If so Apache would be the best choice for a web server.

Below is a short put together of how PHP, MySQL and Apache were set up on Apple OS X.


One of the greatest features for web developers in Macintosh personal computer OSX is the addition of PHP and Apache. By default both are inactive and need you to have them ready for business.

Most of the documents that would have to be used in order to create PHP, Apache were actually hidden from Finder (document browser). By using a free text editor called "Coda" you can make to have hidden documents "shown". Below is a display shot of "Coda". It's as easy as clicking on "View" and then pressing "Show Invisible Files".


Apple Macintosh OSX includes the Apache 2. 2. 6 already installed. It's just a matter of enabling it from adjustments. This was done by heading to the "Sharing" inclination pane in System preferences and allowing "Web Sharing".

Testing Apache/PHP

Now that Apache and PHP have been set up, we have to check if they're both working. This was done by heading to the "Sharing Desire Pane in System Personal preferences and clicking on URL/IP Address". A full page was viewed with the next text "Test Page for Apache Installation". This meant Apache had been installed correctly. To test for PHP, a fresh text file was created with the next code:


Sadly MySQL had not been included with the Apple Operating System therefore a MySQL unit installation file had to be grabbed from the MySQL website. Along with the MySQL installation data file. MySQL GUI tools were also installed to allow ease of use with all the database.

There is also a Desire Pane that needed to be installed which allows MySQL to be halted and started from System Personal preferences. After the desire pane was installed MySQL was started out by going to System Choices.

Installing FTP Server

By installing an FTP server it managed to get simpler to work from College or university. FTP access included Luxuries such editing and enhancing, deleting and uploading documents to the server from anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection present. To be able to setup an FTP server a merchant account needed to be created at DynDNS. That is a free website that allows you to web page link an IP address with an Apache server. You also are provided with a free web address, this is a Web address which is employed to gain access to your server.

The image above exhibits the configuration adjustments in order to setup the server. Because of security reasons a security password was applied to restrict access to unauthorized personal. The path shows the folder which needs to be accessed; in cases like this it is the "web server" folder which retains all the PHP and HTML documents. All permissions received ergo allowing full control over the server.

Constructing the User Interface

When coding the user interface, firstly a simple put together was made. This consisted of a few links e. g. login, register and view container. Then two drop down selections were added these included "currency" and "language". By using CSS code e. g. "div's" and "position: overall" these links were rearranged and transferred to the top right and area of the site. By using the tag "" words was turned to bold. For now these hyperlinks are linked to blank pages. The following Html page was used to link content material to different web pages.

Latest Products

One of certain requirements for this job (Necessity R3) was to add a page on the website which provided information to users regarding any latest products. To meet this need a table was made with two rows and three columns. This made a total of six grids. Each grid was populated with an image, two keys and a concise format about the product. This can be seen below. Each grid has been populated with a graphic of a cellular phone and each cellular phone has a short description. The user can either buy that one phone or view it to find out more. The "view" and "buy" buttons were made out of Adobe Photoshop. The images for the cell phones were taken from Google, and it was ensured that these pictures aren't copyrighted in order to be used upon this website.

Website Logo

The owner of E Cell Mobile provided me with a sketch of how he wishes the company custom logo to appear to be. Using Adobe Photoshop the sketch was imitated and added to the top still left hand part of the website. As shown in the prototype section. Below is a screenshot of the business logo.

Search (Cellphone Finder)

Requirement M2 (R1) posted in the MoSCoW prioritisation claims that there should be an attribute which shows a bunch of search variables allowing the user to search for items shown in the E Cell Mobile store. Below is a screenshot displaying the search feature that is implemented on the site.

Search by Text

This part of the search allows an individual to enter precisely what they want for. If any email address details are found they can be shown below the search variables. Using somewhat of AJAX and JavaScript another feature was integrated "Search while you Type" and added to the search guidelines.

The way this works is an individual starts to enter a string, (like shown below in the screenshot) and when that particular string matches the products listed in the MySQL database all of those email address details are shown in a drop down list.

HTML code was used to set-up the structure of the search pack. This part of the code also has a meeting handler, onkeyup, that message or calls the doSearch() method. After that it creates an image that gets the onclick method placed to the same action. It returns false here so that the form's action is not called.

Another way the user can search for a partiular mobile phone is by using the check containers that have been implemented. Say for example a end user wish to buy a mobile phone which is Touchscreen. If so he/she can tick the "Touchscreen" check box and everything the mobile phones which are Touchscreen will show up in the results. This may bee observed in the screenshot below.

This works a similar for the other check bins. If several check pack is ticked e. g. Bluetooth, MMS and Wi-Fi then all mobile handsets with those specific features will be shown in the results. In the results an individual can see the price of the mobile handsets and a small thumbnail. By visiting the "view" button an individual is taken to another page gives a bit greater detail on that particular handset, along with some screenshots.

This works in a similar way to the previous search method (Search as you may Type). Each product in the repository is given a certain feature e. g. Bluetooth, MMS, Wi-Fi etc. Whenever a certain check package is ticked all mobile handsets with that particular feature are shown in the results. 4. 6. 3 Search by Drop Down Menu

Finally an individual can use the six different drop down menus to narrow down their search. Below is a brief explanation of what each drop down menu is for.


Search by a particular company. E. g. If an example may be thinking of buying an iPhone then you should seek out Apple.


If there's a particular model the first is interested in then you can seek out that


If an individual is seeking to get a cellular phone that is of a specific coloring, then this drop down menu can be utilised.


Mobile telephones come in several styles; this may vary from glide mobiles to turn phones.

Camera Type:

Due to the increase in technology over the past couple of years mobile handsets now come with built in surveillance cameras. These range between 2megapixel to 8megapixel.


Not all mobile phones work abroad, this will depend on what band a specific a hand set is on. A phone which is quad-band will continue to work in more countries in comparison to a phone, which is tri-band.

When a consumer decides they wish to buy a phone or get more information information regarding a particular mobile phone they are simply taken to a page like the one shown below. This page can vary depending on what cellular phone an individual is looking at.

On the very best left hand place of this webpage there's a breadcrumb path allowing an individual to navigate back and forth. As you can plainly see from the screenshot above the user happens to be on the "Nokia" webpage however if an individual wishes to return a page then he/she can click on the "Mobile Phones" hyperlink and they'll be taken again a step.

An image is shown of the cellular phone and a description is given so that the user knows precisely what they can be buying. Most importantly the user is shown a cost label so they understand how much they will be paying for this specific handset. Also there is a small link called "Tell a Friend", if the user chooses to talk about the information on this page with a pal, then they can follow this link and send an email. More information regarding this is given down the road in this document.

Under "Product Options" we can find more info regarding this handset. As an addition to the explanation of the handset there are a total of 7 images located towards the bottom left hand spot of this web page. These images denote whether this handset has the pursuing features Bluetooth, Speakerphone, MMS, House windows Mobile, Touchscreen, Wi-Fi and RADIO.

The "product code" is just for information purposes only, an individual can use the product code to add more what to the basket, this can be more evident later on in the file.

Towards the end of the webpage an individual is shown info on how many of these handsets are available in store "Stock Count up". There can be an input box to permit the user to find the variety of handsets they wish to buy "Quantity". Finally there's a button "Add to Basket" which is a semi-confirmation that an individual would like to buy this handset (Necessity R2). When the stock count is zero then this button is not visible.

Shopping Basket

This is an format view of the customers transaction. At the top right hand part there is a drop down menu called "Currency". An individual is given the choice to choose from three different currencies. E. g. if an individual clicks on "US Dollars" then your "Subtotal" and "Basket Total" will be changed into US Us dollars.

The product code shown on pafe 43 is now able to be used upon this page by the client to add more products to the container.

There are other usefell links upon this site such as "Empty Backet, "Previous Webpage" and "Homepage" that your user may use to his/her disposal.

Payment System

Below is a screenshot of the payment section of the site. The user has two options to pay for their purchase. They can use a Postal Order Form; this contains the companies account amount and sort out code. An individual can then transfer the money using BACS (Bankers Automated Clearing Services). Also the client can deposit their debit/credit greeting card details and post it off to the business. Another more effect option is to use PayPal. It is clarified to the user that they do not desire a PayPal account to be able make a payment.

If the user makes a decision to pay via PayPal then they will be shown the next site shown below. That is PayPal's secure SSL payment page. A unique ID has been given to this transaction (Cart Order No) and the full total price is shown towards the top right hand area. If an individual has a PayPal bill they can sign in using their existing qualifications. If the user doesn't have a PayPal accounts then they are able to use the link provided in the bottom still left of the page to go into their debit card details.

Once repayment has been confirmed by PayPal, the user will be delivered a verification email; this includes an invoice for this purchase. The administrator of the website will also be sent a contact to be able to verify payment so that the necessary product(s) can be shipped off to the client. After the product has been transported the admin will send traffic monitoring information to the customer via email.

The reCAPTCHA php libraries were used, since this is a simple way to put a CAPTCHA on a website assisting to avoid bots abusing the website.

  1. The user lots the web webpage with the reCAPTCHA obstacle JavaScript inlayed.
  2. The user's web browser requests challenging from reCAPTCHA. Thus giving the user challenging and a token that identifies the task.
  3. The consumer fills out the net page form, and submits the result to the application form server, combined with the problem token.
  4. reCAPTCHA checks the user's answer, and provides it back a reply.
  5. If true, this allows the user to send an email and contact their friend

The customer has a total of four options to choose from. These include the next:

  • Personal Info - This is information about the customer e. g. Name, Address, Phone number etc. This data can be edited by the customer at any point
  • Order Record - This shows all pending/complete transactions
  • Change Security password - Allows an individual to change their password as long as they know their current password
  • Newsletter - If customer wishes to receive monthly updates from the store then they can enable this program from here.

Administrators Account

Since your client of this job is not computer literate, an administrator bill was made so he could maintain the website after the job was completed. The administrator bill has been created in a way that it's very simple to use and no PHP/MySQL knowledge is required to change/add or erase customer and product data (Necessity R6).

As mentioned in the analysis phase the current system runs on the POS system to publish products to the databases. To improve on this system a CSV upload function has been integrated. When new delivery arrives, the store administrator is proven with a electronic spreadsheet with all the products which may have supplied on that specific day. By using the admin accounts this spreadsheet can be uploaded to the website, and all the contents for the reason that spreadsheet are added to the database automatically, thus rendering it far more affective then your current POS system.

Login Script

It was important to make a login script to permit each registered consumer to view their personal details on the website such as their shipment address and any pending/successful requests they have positioned. To get things started off a simple databases was produced using MySQL.

A new file was created called "login. php". This will allow an individual to login and take good thing about the "Remember Me" feature. What this feature would it once a consumer has logged in, their credentials is saved to their PC (cookies). Next time the user goes to the website he/she won't need to login again.

Project Review & Conclusion

The main aim of this task was to construct a new mobile phone system in order to aid E Cell Mobile in expanding their business and increasing earnings. Because of the tight budget, the only plausible solution was to create an online site which sold cell phones which were provided by E Cell Mobile. As discussed during the evaluation/design stage of this report, there are a number of advantages to selling merchandise online. These advantages were assessed by the programmer and the client in order to attain maximum business profit. For instance an E-Commerce store helps reduce delivery time, labour cost and the cost incurred in areas such as, data accessibility, document planning and supervision expenditures as compared to having a higher street store. Ergo the ultimate solution was to build an online website.


As project administrator and builder it was quite crucial to test the opportunity and plan of this project. By challenging the range and plan of the job one is engaging the methods that should be found in order to deal with set goals. By ascertaining these procedures one is able to discover defects inhibiting an effective outcome.

The Gantt graph created, specified the deadlines/milestones for the job thus rendering it simpler to stay within budget and within the timescale provided by your client. Any risks that were from the project were covered within the chance Research section. Here, the risks from the project were dealt with and solutions received to be able to battle any predicaments.

One of the potential risks defined in this task was from the management of the web site by the client (administrator). Since the consumer is not computer literate, managing the website may come as an effort. In order to get over this risk an administrator account was made. This included a straightforward to use graphical user interface, that your client can make use of.

After critiquing the task initiation doc and the ultimate results of the job, it can obviously be said that the ultimate system that is achieved, is fit for goal. All the requirements which were provided by your client have been satisfied, alongside other additional features which may have implemented.

If one were to compare the PID against the ultimate results of the project we can easily see that the task has been completed within the timescale provided. All milestones and deadlines have been achieved and the task has remained within the set in place budget. The entire management of the job was founded around what the client required (prerequisites) and how these requirements can be fulfilled within the time framework provided. DSDM was used as the primary method for taking care of the project it is because it states to work with the agile development approach thus making certain quality is never bargain. More information within this are available in number 1 (3. 1).

Aims & Objectives

Now to be able to validate if the seeks and objectives of this job have been completed, we need to analyse Appendix G. This Appendix includes a survey, directed at users that beta examined the site. It had been merely constructed in order to validate if the goals and aims of the project have been achieved. By looking at the results from these research, it can clearly be said the all the seeks and targets have been achieved. A the greater part of the users that done the review found the site to be very easy to use and straightforward to get around. The well distinguished headings are clear to follow. Your options provided in the search guidelines allow the user to find particular items incompliance with the user's conditions.

Albeit a small minority of users that filled out the review experienced some difficulties when browsing the website in particular when making a repayment. Users were perplexed by one of the repayment options provided. Questions were brought up to why the "Postal Order Form" repayment was stated as a choice since it was unneeded. The PayPal method was available and could also be used by those who did not have a merchant account affiliated with PayPal. The "Postal Order Form" repayment method has been outlined by users to be time consuming. Ancillary, there are security issues surrounding this form of payment since it could be daunting for a customer to put down their debit/credit cards details that are then uploaded off to the company. If the facts get in the wrong hands they could be misused or the "Post Order From" can get lost and therefore cause incontinence to the client (like the customer may not receive the telephone). This very helpful feedback obtained from these research stresses that this particular payment method shouldn't have been used. In future assignments more thought will get to the construction of a repayment method so that the hypersensitive data provided by the client is well guarded.

Ultimately all goals and objectives stated during the task initiation document have been fulfilled. Your client requirements explained in Appendix E have all been achieved; this is obvious in the execution level of the survey.


The research that was conducted prior to the construction of the website, showed that the majority of cellular phone websites such as "Phones4u" and "Carphone Warehouse" spewed out a massive amount of information to their customers, rather than necessarily being direct and getting together with the user's needs. Due to this overflow of information it was difficult to navigate around the website and locate exactly what you want. This information was used very highly ergo the E Cell mobile website was built so that only the correct information is given to the customer, allowing quick yet somehow simple navigation around the site.

The led navigation menu was built to allow simplicity for the customer, allowing an individual to choose a mobile phone they want for, rather than having to browse the entire database lines by line. The colour(s), structure and placement of the menu was carefully prepared so the information can certainly be read/reached by the customer.

The search feature was split into three different fragments; supplying the user the option to find as they type, search via drop down menus and check boxes. Again the font, structure, positioning and color of the search features were carefully and astutely designed ensuring the ergonomics of the web site best suit the client.

The perception test(s) shown in Appendix C concur that the ergonomics work very well and in favour of both the consumer and the business.

Failures and Success

It is a given that "jobs [will] fail all too often because the job scope had not been fully valued and [the] users needs [were] not totally grasped. " This task was began with Field's offer in mind. This guiding quote was helpful in that consumer needs were totally founded allowing the job to reach your goals. The customer will not only want a great product but also wants easy access the product and a healthy customer to method of trading. This not only ensures that the product will be bought there and then but also ensures future sales.

This job has many successful aspects. One successful element is that the web site looks professional, it generates a welcoming atmosphere with the customer and the user is helpfully led to the merchandise s/he wishes to purchase. For a task to be considered as successful it must be completed within budget, promptly and meet the clients expectations. By the responses received from the clients (Appendix D and G) and the client (Appendix H) you can say that project was a success.

The only downside to the project is that the use of JavaScript can undoubtedly improve the time taken for several web pages to load. Subsequently users which may have little time may stop using the website and seek choice websites, which download quicker and for that reason causing damage to the business.

The lesson learnt from this is to employ other means of expressing data to the customer. For example flash could be utilized albeit flash also has its downsides like the user may need to download a certain plug-in before the content can be viewed.

Further Improvements

This website like many others is not perfect and in order to improve it, one must consider what it lacks.

One thing it lacks that could be as a crucial tool used to attract customers is that it doesn't post news from the scientific world every day. This technique could be employed to our gain, since gadget fans (who might not exactly wish to buy anything) will go to the site and may stumble across a scientific 'must have' or may recommend the website to other people who desire to buy.

Another addition to the website could be an extra review section, where mobile handsets are evaluated by critics. This might greatly help those users who do not carry large amounts of knowledge about telephones. This review section may also stop customers from buying a cellular phone that they think they could want and it shall lead them to a better buy.


This project effectively expands the E Cell mobile business. The task was a challenging one if we take all the aims into account. It required conviction and a good intend to meet ready targets. You can believe without a doubt that this job is successful. It offers a good business at present but it also ensures E Cell Mobile a wholesome future.


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