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Duties and duties of Event Management


Event manager is a person of eyesight, energy, and commitment in a position of responsibility and specialist. An event supervisor plays myriad professional functions. Event organizers and their teams are often behind-the-scenes running the event. Event managers can also be involved with more than simply the look and execution of the function, but also brand building, marketing and communication strategy. The function director is experts at the creative, technical and logistical elements that help a meeting succeed. This includes event design, audio-visual production, scriptwriting, logistics, budgeting, and negotiation and, of course, consumer service. It is a multi-dimensional occupation. So now why don't we see a few of his obligations and duties.

An event manager is a, Task director: Place and define goals; timetable and assign responsibilities, Workers supervisor: Choose, motivate, and examine staffs, Fine art director: Design theme, designs and printed materials, Exec: evaluate permanent results and make decisions, Accountant: plan costs and balance the books, Facilities experts: find and use a niche site to its fullest probable, Public relations experts: target audience and develop promotion campaigns.

Salesperson: sell the event to the organization, financial sponsors, and the public, Box office consultants: ticket sales and registration process. Program administrator: develop and program programming. Caterer: create healthy selections and oversee food preparation. Captain: choose and use food service system.


They will also enroll in the event to ensure everything would go to plan. Event organizers supply to all or any types of services associated with the events industry a undertake the duty of coordinating all the logistics involved with making the event work to the clients satisfaction. They may be follows:


An event manager can present a relaxed, friendly, and courteous manner all the time. The five essential characteristics of successful event organizers can be shown as:

Detail- oriented


Full of energy, both physical and emotional


Flexible. Developing a common sense of humor is a key apart from the above qualities.


The job of event manager requires hard work and something orientation; it is not a good position for a glory seeker. The person who would like to sit at the head table, give requests, and appearance important gets the wrong notion of an event managers functions.

Safety conferences and inspections

During the risk assessment meeting the event manager must elicit all possible health or basic safety hazards from the goods, services and workers to be utilized to create the events. Specifically ask all sellers and suppliers to recognize potential physical dangers and the safeguards essential to prevent contact with illness or injury. Utilize this opportunities to converse a committed action to safety in all aspects of the event.

During preliminary site inspections the function supervisor should look for just about any event aspect or aspect of the function site that might have the prospect of injury, scanning sanitary materials and disposable diapers/ nappies, is sometimes considered a form of hazardous material, may be made by medical stations and must be disposed of accordingly.

Particularly for outdoor sites, pest control may be important, perhaps needing clearing and cleaning up of infested areas, spraying for insects. The event supervisor should determine whether vector borne diseases are possible and use public health authorities to control the vector.

Sanitation and hygiene

Cleanliness and hygienic conditions are imperative for most reasons, including health and safety from incidents or illness, also for the comfort and the welfare of the function audience, individuals, and personnel. Normal water is a crucial component of health and hygiene. The product quality and the quantity of this inflatable water must be accessed, particularly for outdoor incidents and momentary event sites, including the potential for drinking water supply sabotage and the location and logistics to getting emergency water supplies. Free and easily accessible normal water must be provided at all the events. Potable drinking water must also be provided for purifying needs and non potable drinking water may be necessary for dust abatement.

Sanitary facilities must be in sufficient numbers to support the expected statistics and types of users for the expected duration of the situations. They need to be positioned properly to serve the various event populations.

Occupational protection is also a factor. The catering procedures must guard against such dangers as melts away from baking and serving tools, slices from knives or damaged spectacles, slips and trips on spilled liquids or electrical cords, falls, fire and fumes.

Preparing a meeting record

The event files mainly include:

Timeline/ schedules

Initial proposal






Marketing and promotion

Promotional materials


Theme and program


On your day of the event

During the function, a administrator should greet visitor, visit at tables during the food, discuss the sessions with seminar market leaders, and generally ensure that everyone has the best possible time. Preferably, a manager will have delegated well enough to have the ability to do only transverse the website, checking after people and activities and chatting with guests to discover how the event is recognized. At outdoor sites and large occurrences, event managers sometimes disperse walkie- talkies or wears beepers.

Keeping the incidents on track

The following steps are considered by the function managers to keep the events on the right track:

Select volunteers; form committees

Decide goals and themes

Research audience

Create event names and logo

Choose evaluation methods

Outline budget

Contact potential sponsors

Visit and select sites

Diagram sites

Make signs

Plan promotion campaigns

Contact media

Design registration

Audition and select performers

Schedule rehearsals

Draft menu

Negotiate with caterers

Choose serving style

Shop for supplies

Prepare food

The big day

Clean up and close

Meet for evaluations

Send thankyous

Write and data file reports

Selecting an event

The choice of a particular event will relax on three works with:

Purpose ( finance bringing up, recruitment etc)

Audience (need and characteristics)

Organization (success lies in using the strongest resources)

Special events placed by organizations and golf clubs can center on such elements as:

Food (bake sales, potlucks, award banquets, baking seminars)

Entertainment (expertise shows, concerts, theaters people, gospel sings)


Athletic endeavors




Choosing a theme

A theme should be produced by the event supervisor for the function. Hobbies and careers, holidays, seasons, game titles, activities, history, halloween costumes, cultural culture, geography, colors, plants, jewels, literature, and wedding ceremonies can all form the bases of the special happenings.

The night out itself may suggest a theme.

The site of an event may contribute to theme ideas.

Names and logos should be determined with great care. Use a memorable name that plainly explains and recognizes the event.

One of the directors duties is to keep the atmosphere of the function.

Clever lighting can help spotlight a performer or presenter, encourage intimate dialog, or screen artwork to edge.

Goal options for special occurrences and Conferences

Raise cash for a specific cause, person, or place

Build nature among long term members ( treat a breach, solve a political problem, launch a fresh program)

Facilitate information distribution/ exchange specifically for large audience

Recruit new members (specific or group of people)

Celebrate, give honours, recognize volunteer efforts

Attract promotion, reach new audience, heighten general population awareness


Event management is the application of task management to the creation and development of celebrations, events and conferences. Event management requires learning the intricacies of the brand, determining the mark audience, devising the function concept, planning the logistics and coordinating the complex aspects before actually performing the modalities of the suggested event. Post-event analysis and making sure a profits on return have grown to be significant motorists for the event industry. For event management we should have proper communication skill and hard work for it. And we ought to be ready for work in out the function, only then we may become a meeting Manger.

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