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Dubai And Its Characteristic Contemporary society Cultural Studies Essay


Dubai is a famous and well developed city where a whole lot of different cultures meet forming a quality modern culture that is adherent to the original heritages and responding the up to times life requirements. Dubai is a wish for many people all around the globe. Dubai or as known the pearl of the Gulf is one the seven United Arab Emirates. It sits on the Arabian Gulf. They have strong root base in the history as well as strong position nowadays. Dubai is a good famous city for these various advantages.

First of all, in 1966 it became a member of the newly indie country of Qatar plus they set up a new currency device, the Qatar-Dubai Riyal. Then in the next of December 1971, Dubai signed up with the other Emirates to form the United Arab Emirates. In 1973, the United Arab Emirates set a new currency device, the United Arab Emirates dirham. From then on the United Arab Emirates including Dubai have been known all over the world strongly.

Secondly, oil was found out in Dubai in 1966 and this was followed by rapid and large immigration of overseas personnel to Dubai especially from India and Pakistan. Dubai's Market has grown little by little and was mainly with regards to the petrol. Dubai was established as new dependent city and everything means of life was supplied. Electricity, mobile phone services, and an air-port were set up in Dubai in the 1950s which will make Dubai far more convenient to the present day life.

After, the breakthrough of olive oil and the expansion of Dubai's economy, Dubai's tried gradually to be based upon other resources for market and it been successful in that. Beside olive oil, Trade is a strong support of Dubai's market. Dubai was known years and years in the past in trade of natural pearls and boats building. Right up until now Dubai is a known strong site for trade. Jabal Ali is the website of numerous and different factories. Also, it has a slot through which Dubai exports and imports goods to and from any location on earth. Dubai imports different products mainly from China, India, USA, Japan and Europe. Also, it exports its products to numerous countries especially to the Arabian countries. The position of current economic climate in Dubai is a fertile land that attracts investors from across the world to purchase Dubai. The great immigration to Dubai and good trade make Dubai a familiar name worldwide and make the happen to be Dubai a aspiration to numerous people as staff or travellers. Dubai was keen on maintaining the wonder of the town. Dubai is a clean and has a well organized infrastructure like streets, tunnels and complexes. Dubai keeps a lot of activities the attract people from depends upon as well as from the other Emirates like Dubai Shopping Event and Dubai Summer time Surprises. Dubai Shopping Event started for the first time on 15th of February 1996 and it is held annually in the winter months. In this festival the retailers make designated discount on their products and provide many items for the visitors. Dubai Shopping Event has a great role in the tourism activity. As opposed to Dubai Shopping Festivity, Dubai Summer months Surprises is placed on summer months with different activities and situations weekly of the summertime vacation. Furthermore to these activities Dubai has an interest in construction. Whenever you visit Dubai you can see the tops of many skyscrapers before achieving the city. Burj Al-Arab is an example for beautiful structures. In Dubai you have the tallest skyscraper in the world which is Al-Khalifa Tower. Its period is 828 meters. Its structure started out on the 21st of Sept 2004 and was completed on the 1st of Oct 2009. It was opened up with a service on the 4th of January 2010. Many people are browsing Dubai now to start to see the tallest human-made tower on the planet. Also, tourists prefer to visit Dubai to see the nice renewable parks. Many inexperienced parks in Dubai are facing the see to produce a beautiful harmony between your renewable land and the blue see and sky. They are really good attractor for tourists especially during Feb, March, April, Oct and November when the elements is nice and temperate.

Fourthly, visitors of Dubai aren't only arriving for travel and leisure but also a large number of individuals are approaching to Dubai for education. Dubai the town of knowledge pays off a great deal of attention on building new generations with strong bases of knowledge. In 2009 2009, there were 79 public classes as well as 145 private schools. Public schools and some private classes are Arabic speaking classes offering the Arabian nationality kids and instructing them English as a second language while the majority of private colleges are English speaking schools and teaching the kids French or Urdu as another language. Dubai Knowledge Town was built to allow Universities to start branches and campuses in Dubai to help the United Arab Emirates residents to attain their future ambition. There are several colleges in the knowledge village and also other parts of Dubai offering education in any branch of knowledge and providing an alternative solution for traveling in another country for higher education. In eye-sight of Dubai that is trying to improve the educational level, it didn't your investment spiritual aspect and it attempted scarcely to encourage learning the Holy Qur'an. Dubai International Holy Qur'an Prize is given annually during Ramadan to the people who memorize the Holy Qur'an. Every year people from all over the world are visiting Dubai and competing for this award.


Moreover, Dubai's Heritage continues to be alive unlike other popular cities on earth. Dubai tries just as much as it could to keep carefully the heritage alive because they build museum, encouraging the traditional industries as fishing boat building, and the traditional camels and horses races. Dubai museum is one of the most famous museums in Dubai. Some elements of the museum were built in 1787 and are thought to be the oldest building in Dubai. This museum reveals the traditional life, jobs and instrument of daily life of the United Arab Emirates. As part of heritage, Motorboat building continues to be used in many parts of Dubai by the old decades using the original materials to make strong and waves protected boats as their grandpas used to do. Camel and horse racing will be the traditional activities of the complete Gulf countries like the United Arab Emirates. The every year races attract vacationers from different countries all over the world. Camels and horses through the races were managed by kids before but nowadays Dubai combined the history with modern tools touch by using robots instead of kids in the races. Robot-controlled camels and horses provide more protection to races as complete.


Furthermore, in Dubai you can view a unique blend between the former and the modern life. Although olive oil industry stimulated the locations to grow rapidly, but the faithful and loyal sons of Dubai are keeping the top features of the original life alive and attempting to show it to others. Also, they can be keeping the guidelines and manners of their grandpas at heart and behave generously as they did. New jobs are witnessing the light and breathing the oxygen of life in Dubai. Such creative tasks products Dubai with a good end result. These tasks include Palm Islands and World Islands. These are unnatural islands being made in Dubai. You will discover three palm islands: Palm Jumeirah, the Hand Jebel Ali and the Palm Deira. World islands are also manufactured islands resembling the world map. These islands contain personal flats and villa, shopping malls, schools and everything life requirements on their lands. The tallest building on the planet as I experienced mentioned recently was opened this year 2010 in Dubai and was also one of the outcomes of Dubai development and development.


Also, Dubai society is multinational. It really is a mixture of United Arab nationals, Arab expatriates and people from other nationalities as Indian, Pakistanis, Western, Africans, Philippines, People in america and people from South East Asia. Imaginable who different cultures are living in Dubai and behave with one another creating a new culture unique to Dubai. Dubai resembles depends upon in merging different cultures and languages on its land. Everyone living in Dubai are blessed by surviving in peaces in this beautiful city. Although there are extensive people from different sites of the world, no-one is dominating and each is living in serenity and enjoying the spiritual, social and lifestyle flexibility similarly. This multinational lifestyle of Dubai is evident through its restaurants, retailers, celebrities and public clubs.


Furthermore, ways of transport in Dubai has grown to meet the development of the aspects of the cities. In the past grandfathers used to go using canine as camel plus they used the boat to move from Deira to Bur-Dubai. Nowadays, highways in Dubai are clean and well developed and organized. Highways comprise at least of 3 or 4 lanes. Emirates Street includes six to seven lanes. This helps the simple flow of autos through the road. Emirates Street is a large street links the seven Emirates. On Dubai roads there are extensive new beautiful vehicles. The public buses are modern buses. They may have a digital monitor which the vacation spot is written. It really is provided with air conditioners and comfortable seating to become more convenient throughout your quest in the active packed city. Dubai international airport was built-in 1950s however now the airport is made of the three building where airfare from and to any site of the world. Dubai metro was open in the 9th of Sept 2009. This new way of travel bypass the crowded roads and is less pollutant to the environment.


Then Dubai participates all domains of life requirement. Furthermore to education, vehicles and entertainment, Dubai is moving forwards in the medical field. There are many private hospitals and health centers in Dubai. You can find well outfitted and developed governmental private hospitals that provide medical services for Dubai residents and site visitors also. Dubai has opened the way for the international hostipal wards to available branches in. Rashid Hospital Trauma Centre is the most developed and prepared trauma center in the centre East. Also, Dubai is beginning the door extensively for doctors from around the globe to utilize attractive incomes.


Finally, there are many things that can captivate you in Dubai. Entertainment activities are throughout the year in Dubai. Dubai Shopping Festival is an possibility to see the international and multi ethnic shows that are performed in the stores and The Global Community mainly. Within the Global Village you can see many small villages each is from different country. Each town is selling the traditional products of the united states and making traditional shows and dances that you can experience fun and entertainment. The town has many malls such as Dubai Shopping mall, Dubai City Centre and other department stores that have international stores and restaurants and movie theater theaters that show the latest Hollywood films. You could enjoy skiing in another of the largest indoor ski slop on the globe that is in The Emirates Shopping center. There are a great number of beaches in the town like Jumaira beach where you can swim, play beach-ball, journey a jet skiing and enjoy a refreshing juice under the warm rays of the sunset. If you are one of the horses racing buffs, you can go to the Dubai World Cup that is coordinator each year by the Dubai Auto racing Golf club in Nad Al Sheba in the spring and coil time.


Overall, no-one can refuse the advanced position that Dubai has already reached throughout its hard quest. Because the union with other Emirates Dubai is working rarely to reach what it achieved today. Although, Dubai reached what was a dream for its sons, it's consistently spending so much time with full ambition. I advice everyone who want entertainment and pleasure to go to Dubai.

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