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Du IS AMONG THE Telecom Company Marketing Essay

Du is one of the telecom company in United Arab Emirates, and it have many office buildings around Emirates, and sure it is a local company in Unite Arab Emirate.

History of Du:

In the beginning Du starts the task in their main centre in Dubai, and it start in Feb 2007 by blessing of his Hines sheikh/ Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum And his Hines sheikh/ Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The main two important person on the team are Ahmed Bin Byat and he's the couch man of the company, and Osman Sultan, he is the Chief Exec Officer of the company.


http://www. ameinfo. com/images/arabic/1/17971-104566-gesatcomdu. jpg


Du company are an integrated services specialist, thy offering words, data, video recording content service. These are focus on offering mobile and fixed voice phoning, Internet, data services and tv set for the customer. For the firms Du are concentrating on small to large corporate and federal agencies. For the carriers they are concentrating on providing service providers, international data systems and low cost services to the international providers.


Du used many ways to market about their company, they used the radios to advertise about their services. The other ways is that they use the tv set to help make the people who like to watch the T. V know about their company. They use the publication also to provide their products or their services to the people who prefer to read the papers. The other way they use the communications to send their services and their latest updates on their services.


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The strengths of the company:

http://www. uaeec. com/newsth/7420. jpg The company has develop up in few years for their advertising because of their products and the low prices of their services. Furthermore Du company have many offices in various sites in the Emirates, until the number of the customer increase to 2. 9 million people who signed up as productive users of the services by the mid of 2009. The expansion of sales has been achieved over 254% in few years. The CEO said that " It was never going to be easy given the unique context of the beginnings, but I am pleased to say that people made very appealing progress in 2007".


The weaknesses of the business:

As the same of the others, If Du has a power they will likewise have Weaknesses, and some of the weaknesses are: the signal of Du SIM greeting card, internet and services in some places it isn't strong and it is weak because they may have poor signal columns and it is very definately not the regions. Du is an new given birth to company, so that they have to have more years to be best plus they should improve their steps. Etisalat is the first strong competition for Du, and undoubtedly it have best sign for his or her services because they started from long time ago, so they may have good experiences in telecom services.

http://content. logta. com. s3-exterior-3. amazonaws. com/de5b6dd4-27a8-481d-959b-3ccompact disk18061b03. jpg

The Problems has Du experienced:

The global finances effect on reducing Du shares, therefore the company reduce the number of their workers and their products, that what lead to lessen their earnings.


Their solutions they have take:

http://www. emaratalyoum. com/polopoly_fs/1. 308324. 1287932536!/image/227744723. jpg Du has opt to bring services and goods to appeal to the customers to buy it plus they decide to concentrate on meet the consumers needs. They boost the amount of their offices on the even areas. Make offices that work for 24 hours in every emirates. Du has provides automatic machine to machine data communication now there are extensive companies are benefiting from continuous robotic business solutions across the UAE. Du company is the few providers in the world offering the state-of-the-art high speed mobile Dual carrier data network (HSPA+) presenting download speeds as high as 42. 2 Mbps.

Corporate and Awards Profile:

Some of Du Accolades are they were honored at SME Advisor's Actors of Business Accolades 2010 under the 'ICT Support and Services' category. The honor, which was handed over to Du's Key Commercial Official " Farid Faraidooni throughout a ceremony, demonstrates du's success in providing top-of-the-line ICT-related support and services directed towards its respected SME business customers. There's also some corporate that Du was one of the top corporate and business company.


they have support the UAE Red Crescent in providing assistant to orphans both here in our community and around the world through their particular Ahmed Bukhatir mobile content offer, and they're proud to say that their personal personnel contribution will be going towards supporting the victims of the tragic floods in Pakistan. " We hope that this donation will make a real difference to the lives of those in need, " Said Hala Badri the EVP of Brand and Communications in Du Company. They will go aiding the Pakistan overflow victims by assisting provide shelters, resources and medical holds to people who need the assistance. Du has a long romance with the UAE Red Crescent Power, which plays an important role in charities and humanitarian work locally an internationally in order to meet the needs.


http://www. emaratalyoum. com/polopoly_fs/1. 260427. 1277666299!/image/1605154234. jpg In conclusion, this is the sum of information about Du telecom company, which started in Dubai, it is the local company in the United Arab Emirates caring about telecomnation techniques, In the foreseeable future we hope to this company to be international company on earth and also to offer their services too different countries across the world. We wish from this company to build up their services and their products from the beginning to the end, In edition on the goods quality to attract the customers and to meet their demands and their wishes.


profits of du in one year (2010)


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