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Drug Trafficking Laws And Fines Criminology Essay

Drug trafficking laws and penalties should be stricter worldwide because drug use and overdose is now more prevalent throughout the world and it is destroying the lives of innocent people, especially teens. The consequences of drug use and drug trafficking destruction our global overall economy, affects the youngsters of the term, and spurs violence amongst people. The planet must join together to stop drug traffickers from transporting illegitimate substances all over the world.

Economic costs that are related to drug abuse and drug trafficking are really high. Drug trafficking cartels can become powerful enough to corrupt a country. The UN Drug Control Program has mentioned the issue of maintaining an honest and democratic administration while fighting with each other a drug conflict when they said: "In systems where a member of the legislature or judiciary, gaining only a modest income, can easily gain the equivalent of some 20 weeks' salary from a trafficker by causing one "favorable" decision, the dangers of corruption are clear" [United Nations International Drug Control Program]. When a drug trafficking firm benefits enough money, they commence to bribe local officials and destroy countries. As the Un Drug Report said, "People are easily bribed when they are able to make an equivalent of a 20 month salary in just a few days [United Countries International Drug Control Program]. " Once a drug cartel corrupts one official, it becomes a string result of corruption. Eventually a drug cartel can develop enough to control a country as a whole.

Pablo Escobar and his drug cartel are a great example of this corruption. Through the 1980s, Escobar became known internationally as the Medellin Cartel gained notoriety. During Escobar's era, he and his Medellin Cartel were said to have controlled about 80 percent of the drug shipments that got into illegally to america, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic. Most of his drug plantations were located throughout Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia because Colombian cocaine was considered to be of the highest quality. Escobar's business and products propagate across North and South America, and small parts of Asia as well.

Escobar bribed and corrupted many Colombian authorities officials, judges and other politicians with execution as his main punishment for not agreeing to his bribes. Escobar's cruel ways resulted in hundreds of fatalities for people that did not comply with his demands. His strategy was known as "Plata o Plomo"; Spanish for "magic or lead", that was intended to indicate "accept a bribe or face assassination. " Escobar seized control of all of Colombia and used his capacity to expand his drug empire [The Medellin Traveler].

Drug Trafficking impacts the global economy through healthcare and welfare costs as well. Drug use can cause HIV and other health problems between people. When drug addicts take heroin and other drugs into themselves they don't use sanitary needles & most addicts show needles with others. If one drug individual was previously attacked with HIV and uses a needle to do drugs. That needle has contaminated blood onto it so when another individual uses that same needle, he becomes attacked as well. Most drug addicts wrap up in a healthcare facility and the expense of their treatment is very expensive.

Most drug addicts are incredibly poor because they spend most if not absolutely all with their money on drugs and alcohol. A large amount of drug lovers are on welfare and receive food stamps and places to live a life. The costs of providing drug lovers with food and shelters are very expensive as well. Many of these drug addicts do not stop using because they are too addicted.

Then there are the recovering drug addicts of the world that create large costs to the economy as well. As I described, most drug lovers are extremely poor and if indeed they do try to recover, they have to go to centers. The federal government usually pays off these treatment centers for the recovering drug addicts that they treat. Some drug addicts eventually are treated and are then in a position to word and contribute to the growth of our own overall economy. But, there are an incredible number of drug addicts that leave centers only to come back to them in a couple of months for the same reasons.

Drugs also create output losses including fatalities, victimization, incarceration, and crime professions. Which means that there might have been more folks working and rousing the economy which have been either killed or incarcerated because of their involvement with drugs.

A study made by The Lewin Group for the Country wide Institute on SUBSTANCE ABUSE and the Country wide Institute on Alcohol Mistreatment and Alcoholism estimated the total financial cost of alcohol and substance abuse to be $245. 7 billion for 1992 in the United States. The Lewin Group also predicted that 40% or $97. 7 billion of this was scheduled to drug abuse. The costs of treatment and prevention and also other health care costs, job productivity, lost cash flow and welfare were also included in this number [Country wide Institute on Drug Mistreatment]. These costs were paid for by the an incredible number of tax payers of america that performed hard and didn't try drugs.

Drug trafficking and abuse is very widespread among the children of world. According to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Avoidance, "young people who persistently abuse chemicals often experience an array of problems, including academics issues, health-related problems (including mental health), poor peer romantic relationships, and engagement with the juvenile justice system" [Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Elimination]. Also, there are repercussions for members of the family, the city, and the entire society. Usually adolescents that use or are participating with drugs often disengage from university and community activities. Drugs deprive students' peers and neighborhoods of the positive efforts that they could have. These students stop playing sports and do not sign up for extra-curricular activities. A couple of countless teenagers around the world that have much expertise that is lost because of drug use. Some kids may have potential to be superstars in activities and night clubs but because of drugs they cannot accomplish that.

Substance-abusing youth are at an increased risk for mental and physical problems than nonusers. Youth who misuse drugs are prone to many problems including depression, carry out problems, suicidal thoughts, attempted suicide, and suicide. Most kids who start using drugs become outcasts in schools, nor have many friends. Because of this, they use drugs even more to help ease their pain. This triggers a large number of suicides and overdoses across the world.

Drug use is now increasingly more prevalent in babies and toddlers as well as well as youngsters in high school. The percentage of 8th graders confirming lifetime use of any illicit drug declined from 20. 9% to 19% from 2006 to 2007. Even though percentage of use has declined, 19% of 8th graders remain a tremendous amount of 13 and 14 yr olds using illicit drugs. While the amount of 8th graders doing drugs transpired, the quantity of 12th graders using drugs has increased. In 2007, 15. 4% of 12th graders reported utilizing a prescription drug with out a prescription within the past yr. Between 2005 and 2007, earlier year maltreatment of Ecstasy increased among 12th graders from 3. 0% to 4. 5%, making a 50% change in just 2 yrs. Also between 2004 and 2007 maltreatment of Ecstasy increased among 10th graders from 2. 4% to 3. 5% [U. S Drug Enforcement Administration].

Aside from personal adversities, the misuse of drugs by children can jeopardize many other aspects of life for youngsters, especially family life. Sometimes substance abuse can lead to family dysfunction where people do not talk and sometimes stop living with each other. Drug abuse can also drain a family's financial and emotional resources. Arrests and interventions by the juvenile justice system are eventual implications for most of the youngsters that are involved with drug use. This may place unneeded stress on young families causing these to shift apart from each other. Needing to constantly stress about your child's safety and security is hard for anyone, especially parents whose children are involved with drugs.

"The International Narcotics Control Board has urged a global collaboration to stamp out internet trafficking of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances surrounding the world, " wrote Rohit Sharma in her article about drug trafficking [Sharma, Rohit]. Internet Drug trafficking is now a lot more popular throughout unlawful drug organizations. It appears to be safer and even more profitable than literally offering drugs. Internet Trafficking also allows these organizations to sell drugs all over the world from one solo warehouse or destination.

Two internet pharmacies in Bangkok and one in Chiang Mai, Thailand, mainly providing the US market, were shut down down between November 1999 and January 2000 after raids by Thai specialists with the close cooperation of US Drug Enforcement Supervision. These pharmacies were mailing parcels of drugs to People in america, including many drug lovers, who could not get their prescription from US doctors [Sharma, Rohit]. Since then, an incredible number of pharmacies like these have opened and are constantly offering drugs to the people all over the world. The UN should create a fresh taskforce designed entirely for tracking down drug sales online. They can stop these pharmacies by buying drugs with fake titles and addresses in order to turn off these unlawful pharmacies.

Other than internet trafficking, many countries have increased their work to avoid physical drug trafficking by strengthening borders, arresting drug cartels and destroying vegetation. The International Narcotics Control Strategy Report says, "Efforts to restrain the activities of global drug trafficking and money laundering operations gained surface, even when confronted with war, problem, insurgency and economical disruption. " Below are a few examples of what some countries have done:

President Obama and his supervision have designed a fresh plan with the Government of Mexico to avoid the transportation of drugs across our borders [Homeland Security].

"In Colombia, the Colombian police force ruined more than 124, 000 hectares of coca crops in 2003, a third record year for eradication", said Assistant Secretary for International Narcotics and POLICE Affairs Robert Charles [Porter, Charlene].

Germany hosted a seminar for Drug Trafficking on Jan. 29, 2010. There have been 91 participants from 61 countries. The seminar examined how terrorists can use narcotics profits to fund terrorist activities and exactly how they can make countries corrupt. All the individuals conversed with one another on a strategy to avoid international drug trafficking [Tudor, Jason].

Although some countries have done a lot to stop drug trafficking, Western world Africa is a country looking for major help. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Criminal offenses quotes at least 50 tons of cocaine transits through Western world Africa annually. The availability of narcotics to the public in your community is increasing as well because traffickers pay transportation cost with drugs rather than money. The UN must help Western world Africa in the global conflict against drugs since it has been a vital area for drug traffickers to transport drugs from. Western Africa is a notably poor country and hardly has enough money to aid itself aside from stop drug trafficking. Within the last several years, around $2 billion of cocaine was transferred from Latin America to European countries via Western world Africa. More income and Drug activity causes should be delivered and triggered in Western Africa to stop this area from being the considerable drug move area that it's [Kruzel, John].

The USA has done a lot to stop drug trafficking throughout the US as well as all of those other world. The HIDTA (High Level Drug Trafficking Areas) Program is the key administration run program that works to avoid drug trafficking across America. They have got about 30 headquarters around the country and use different ways of stop drug trafficking depending on the region where they can be found. One of the greatest examples of their work has been around Philadelphia, PA and Camden NJ. Being that Philadelphia and Camden are very close to New York City, they have become one of the busiest illegal drug transit routes on the eastern seaboard. You can find major interstate rail and highway systems plus a major airport which may have become the key shipping terminals for against the law drugs in the region.

The Philadelphia/ Camden HIDTA section has setup a total of 11 squads in Philadelphia to lessen the amount of drug trafficking to and from the town. The Regional Investigative Support Middle was made successful by assigning full-time Philadelphia Law enforcement Department officers and supervisors manning the Watch Middle, 8:00 AM-10:00PM, Monday through Friday. The HIDTA also works together with Internal Revenue Service which gives the HIDTA with financial home elevators people being looked into and studies suspicious activity to the HIDTA as well. Lastly, field drug recognition training happens to be offered to the newly assigned Philadelphia police officers to instruct how to tell apart folks who are under the influence with people who are sober. Because the establishing of the program in 1995, the Philadelphia / Camden HIDTA have decreased the stream of drug trafficking by 30% until now [Office of National Drug Control Insurance plan].

"Drug trafficking cartels distributed assault and lawlessness throughout our border region and reach into all of our communities, large and small, " said Lawyer General Eric H. Holder. Drug traders create violence because they may have their own wars with each for earnings. Of these wars, innocent people are put at risk due to frequent shootouts and gun fights that happen. Two ongoing gang wars over drug marketplaces in Chicago accounted for more than 100 homicides during 1987-1994. This total symbolizes 11% of most gang-related homicides in Chicago in that time span [Howell, James].

Los Angeles, California is one of the very most dangerous cities in america. Los Angeles is also known for both major gangs that are constantly at battle throughout the city. The Bloods and the Crips are one of the two most dangerous gangs in the us. The profits from each one of these gangs result from their drug trafficking and selling. With these income they buy weapons which in turn create more assault and catastrophes over the state.

Drug trafficking and gang violence go together with each other around america. Where there are gangs, there is certainly drug trade and vice versa. I believe if we eliminate drugs in this country, we eliminate gang violence once and for all. Drug Trafficking is triggering gangs to spread all over the U. S and put more and more towns at risk of gang violence [Howell, James].

Drug trafficking efforts have to substantially increase across the world and the United States. Although a whole lot has been done, there needs to be more done if we ever want to avoid the horrors of drug trafficking. The influences of drugs damage our economies and our junior. They do only bring assault and mayhem to the world.

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