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Driving force in the lives of many people Essay

Currently materialism is a driving force in the lives of many people, motivating them to their achievements several people dispute. Although, it is considered that humans are controlled by their own greed, I believe that people are simply motivated to achieve simply by personal fulfillment. As negative as I am, I do certainly not think that funds and fame are a incitement to people. Somewhat they complete their goals for personal and emotion gain, not physical. When lately learning the main topic of motivation during my Psychology school, we discussed what the main driving force is good for a person.

Though there are plenty of theories quarrelling the issue, a person might be typically content when fulfilling a target for their personal satisfaction, designed for a physical incentive. When this subject, We also learned that one's joy and self-esteem are one of the main aspects of as being a well-balanced person. Maslow's structure of requirements includes emotional and psychological needs since the highest concern. With this kind of I can consider that those who have strive to attain goals do it for their own bliss.

Funds and celebrity may seem such as the a dream becoming reality, but want it is always stated, money can't buy you happiness. You will find countless numbers of wealthy persons and superstars who live lavish lives that anybody else would die to have, but are as unhappy and depressed as one could be. I believe it is beautiful that in today's society persons strive to go after their own pursuits without having the outcome of money leading their decisions. There is a multitude of underprivileged, also poor performers, journalists, performers, writers, etc . that delight in their existence fully, waking up every day to go to a job they simply love.

Therefore, money and fame cannot be a rewarding reward devoid of happiness. Overall, in my opinion, individuals are motivated to obtain by personal satisfaction rather than physical praise such as money or celebrity. I consider that contentment is more important than anything to a human being, mainly because fulfilling a thing for money or fame can cause disappointment, thus straining types emotional requirements. We ask ourselves: what motivates us, to wake up every early morning, to go to institution, to study, to put on what we have on, to act the way we act?

All of us do it essentially to satisfy our needs, simply no to praise us with a prize, although because it is what we want, why is us completely happy, and what pleases all of us emotionally.

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