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Dr Nawal El Saadawi: Memoirs of a Woman Doctor

Since my childhood, I've always dreamt of creating a film or writing a booklet about gender inequity in the Middle Eastern society. In order that I could be able to accomplish this goal, I have to obtain the satisfactory experience in order to carry a certificate from one of the exclusive universities in Qatar. As a matter of fact, I have the desire towards reaching my goals and showing my skills but my population, with all its constraints and limitations, doesn't give me the chance to do so. Because I reside in a Qatari world, I have to be focused on certain customs and traditions which don't provide me with the opportunity to become a decent educated female in a community where men only have the energy to dominate.

Therefore, when I think about the difference between women and men and why people differentiate and discriminate between people predicated on their gender, I find myself enticed towards reading catalogs about feminism in order to, at least, feel that other women have problems with what I feel and they will do whatever needs doing to get their lost protection under the law. Through reading these books, I have the opportunity to learn about this is of feminism as well as determining more about women who have experienced issues with their families since their child years only because they were born as girls not children. Therefore, I inspired myself to read a publication called "Memoirs of a female doctor". This booklet was compiled by an Egyptian feminine writer known as Dr. Nawal El Saadawi. In fact, this book experienced had a direct effect on my life to the magnitude that it added in changing my thoughts and my ideas as well as my view towards different things. A year ago, I read this e book and for the first time I thought like I have the power to accomplish my targets and live a standard equal life like other man in depends upon.

Regarding the book of "Memoirs of a female general practitioner", it discusses a young lady who used to reside in a normal Egyptian family. Alas, the family of this little young young lady undervalued her skills and underestimated her skills because she wasn't a youngster. Dr. Nawal wished to get my attention and the interest of the others of visitors towards the fact that the point of view of this family towards its princess reflects the point of view of the whole Egyptian and Arab world towards ladies in general. Being brought up as a girl in such family, this female had to handle all sorts of discrimination and injustice. Quite simply, her family used to favor her sibling over her despite the fact that she was an incredible student at institution and she was more clever than him. This definitely has led to many bad effects on her behalf view towards herself. She started to believe that she was created with a disability and that there is something wrong about her. She started to hate herself, her body and everything that used to surround women's life. However, she didn't surrender to the cruel reality. Fortunately, her family allowed her to continue her studies and she were able to sign up for one of the colleges in the faculty of Drugs. After graduation, she considered become an excellent doctor.

Being a health care provider provided this woman with the chance to start loving herself again. She felt that she had achieved one of her goals which pushed her ahead towards accomplishing increasingly more in her life. Furthermore, she began to find out that discrimination and inequality between men and women is because an elaborate backward point of view of a society towards women. Additionally, she began to discover the fact that other women can do whatever they need if they got the desire and the interior power. Women likewise have all the chances to perform their dreams if indeed they only tried to take action. That's why the main character in that book thought in biological science as a field of research since studying remedies allowed her to have faith in justice and in breaking all the complicated rules she was compelled to follow.

On the other aspect, this e book allowed me to trust in myself and my abilities. Quite simply, I began becoming more self-confidence in addition to being willing to overcome my worries. I also started out to become more patient when i found that life can't be easy all the time and that I had developed to try harder to be able to succeed. In addition, I have determined that only successful people have the chance to enjoy their lives since they trust their skills plus they never give up no matter what they face. Besides, I commenced to love myself more and recognize the fact that we was born as female for a certain reason as God never creates something by coincidence.

Because I read this e book when I had to deal with a great deal of issues, it was and continues to be regarded as a source of energy as it provided me with the needed positivity to perform what I had planned. As a matter of known fact, when I figured out that this female in the reserve of Dr. Nawal were required to go through because of complicated thoughts, I thought that she represents me and a lot of million women all over the world who have to handle many problems to gain their rights. Furthermore, this book let me know more in regards to a lot of topics about which I didn't have a record. For example, I began to get ideas about various things like marriage, commitment, body, beauty and ingenuity. I also learned that I work not and then gain money but also to help people find the needed medications so that they could have more healthy bodies. On the other hand, my creativity started to increase and I started to use my creativeness to resolve problems. Furthermore, I learned that people each is humans and that we weren't born as angels. Therefore, we commit errors and that's why we have to forgive one another.

Since reading is one of the fantastic pleasures in this world, I enjoyed reading "Memoirs of a female doctor". This book widened my thoughts about feminism and also enlightened my perspective. As a matter of fact, I began to discover that feminism doesn't refer to makeup or high heel shoes or getting a great body. Instead, this implies cleverness, beauty of the spirit and having a smart brain. Quite simply, many people assume that feminism is a concept that involves being a lady in form which is completely wrong. On the contrary, feminism is a term that suggests being a female by being informed and sophisticated. That's why I believe the Qatari world and the entire Arab society must change their viewpoint towards women. Therefore, rather than looking at their clothes or their body, they have to look over their heads.

Like many families in Egypt, Qatari young families adopt following customs and customs of the Arab contemporary society. These practices are suggested in the actual fact that girls must wear veil when they are not in their homes. Being an Arab woman surviving in Qatar, I had been obliged for my brain wherever I go. Furthermore, some Qatari households push their young daughters to give up institution and get wedded to more aged men because they believe women were intended to achieve that purpose. That's why I felt that this book has handled something in my center and also because I had developed to experience the actual writer had had to undergo.


The reserve of Dr Nawal El Saadawi called "Memoirs of a woman doctor" provided me with a lot of information so in retrospect I began to change my thoughts and my views towards myself and the whole society. Therefore, I really believe Arab societies especially the Qatari one have to improve the way they view women. In addition they must encourage other organizations to be able to provide women opportunities to improve their skills. Furthermore, women must not quit and form peaceful marches to defend their lives and their rights. By following these steps, women can have similar life in the same way men and I am going to have the opportunity to completed all my programs and goals. I'll also never repent because I was born as a woman. Instead, I am proud of my femininity.

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