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Doubt MAY BE THE Daddy Of Invention

Galileo Galilei once said, "Uncertainty is the father of technology". Thus we can say that, uncertainty is one of the factors which can impact the growth of knowledge. For me personally I believe hesitation sometimes tends to ask reason and somehow induces people to wait before performing or notion. Thus we can say that doubt is the key to knowledge where with the sensation of hesitation, people feel uncertain on something and try as it can be they can in order to falsify and discover the certainty. "Nathan Salmon (1995) proposes a believer has a grasp of any proposition and has attempted consciously to choose between the proposition and its own negation. " From these description we can claim that, by hesitation it actually can triggers the feel of unbelief and then, out of this, the data of something will be invented when further investigation is conduct. I believe the words 'key to knowledge' from the saying is make reference to ability of hesitation which can causes and get to an understanding on something.

Science subject matter either Natural Knowledge or Human Knowledge will be the possible region of knowledge which practices a routine in the growth of knowledge with the existence of uncertainty beyond any suspicion. In Natural Technology area, yes, I really believe presence of uncertainty is the key to knowledge. For example, in atomic model theory, Bohr declare that electrons in atom move in shells surrounding the nucleus which includes protons. But since he invent it, many experts feels uncertainty with regulations and try to dispute and invent new legislation by the improvement of scientific ground-breaking as they feel uncertain towards Bohr's effect. For example, in Quantum Physical Types of atom, many scientist try to explain the concept in better way like Erwin Schrodinger who are fascinated with this notion and deal with the spectral phenomena that Bohr's failed to explain. James Chadwick also feel something is shortage into the model. He search for unanswered questions related to it. So he found Bohr's atomic model can't be apply as new theory that can be proven to use the newly acquired knowledge. He proven the life of neutrons, the neutral contaminants in nucleus. This demonstrates doubt assists us in the search for new knowledge, as the idea of absolute certainty lead to more questions revolving around it.

It also happened certainly to me. In my real life situation, as an IB learner before starting on an experiment, hypothesis or expectation is composed to guess the result predicated on the life knowledge that is theoretically proven by professionals. Somehow, at the beginning of the experiment, uncertainty may be affected towards hypothesis whether it can fit the effect. Thus due to doubt, experiment is conducted and it is such a improvement towards a knowledge on knowing and proven something. The effect that we gained in virtually any experiments also makes me feel hesitation about its validity and certainty. Through the sensation of doubtful, further research is completed. Thus, to reduced uncertainty due to constraints, the experiment is execute in often and this business lead to new knowledge by finding the truth of end result by verify a certain hypothesis and reduce the doubt you have about the idea.

Apart from that, in People sciences, doubt also can influence as the key to knowledge. Humans will change and Individual sciences derive from humans the theories behind real human sciences which will have to be changed. For example, urbanization that created by individual. "Urbanization is the degree of or increase in urban personality or nature. It could refer to a physical area combining metropolitan and rural parts, or even to the change of an individual locality from less to more metropolitan". For example, in real life situation, Port Harcourt, one of Nigeria's major places has been experiencing rapid urbanization since 1913 where engulfing and changing just how of life of the indigenous enclaves, which predate the founding of the town. Through this technique, doubt plays a role as the initiator on the analysis of urbanization. The study from researchers, figured "urbanization has indeed acquired both positive and negative impacts on the indigenous human population and that there is reasonable agreement between subjective and objective influences of urbanization". From this it shown that with the existence of question, it is such a progress of knowing something on planning on the results.

Politics also in real human science cause uncertainties. Market leaders in most countries contain the leader or creator of the politic gatherings. For example, in Thailand, there's a political dispute between two get-togethers. Based on what happened, I believe, the leaders of each party have their own aims, issues, propaganda and planning of the way of the country's circulation. Therefore, that's not necessarily for the direction of the country's system will stay the same following the political changes during election. Thus, the uncertainties in direction of country's supervision and future planning will be available when the several leader gets control. These changes arise because of the implementation of politics parties to lead the united states which cause by uncertainty. Then, there exists legislation that established to see and control the way of the progress of state. Hesitation that created would be the key to knowledge as to reduce uncertainties.

But somehow, uncertainty also does not always act as the key to knowledge. Knowledge also can be learnt through various techniques. For instance, with the occurrence of attention it can also be the main element to knowledge. Interest is designed for progression or natural regulation of your being, and whoever retrogrades is behaving contrary to his nature such as exploration, exploration, and learning, apparent by observation in human. Strong interest is the key motivation of many scientists. Actually, in its development as think about or admiration, it is normally curiosity that makes a human being want to become an expert in a field of knowledge. For example, Wayne Newton and his legislation of gravitivity, he very experienced curious why apple is dropping down and not rising upwards. Thus with the presence of curiosity of knowing something, through the procedure of basic scientific method, he witnessed and investigate, make generalization to set-up theory about behave of things show up downward. Then, he came out with Newton's regulation and the concept of gravity.

Anyhow, without thought of doubtful, true would forever elude us and play important role in our life especially to intervene something. Question is, however, something that people can take credit for in order to discover the true in any things, for example in Sciences either natural or real human sciences. It really is a natural human being property somewhat than something we can learn. Genetics provide that as long as our mind is properly efficient we will have these functions, although there are a few other factors which become the key to knowledge. From discussion above, we can conclude, somehow doubt is the main element to knowledge to our daily life.

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