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Does World Create Monsters? Analysis of Frankenstein

Does Culture create monsters or are we born this way?

Society is the aggregate of men and women living collectively in a more or less ordered community. Does contemporary society create monsters or are they developed when someone is born? People on earth love to fit in and do everything one can do to be perfect. Children develop up observing elders and people on the globe doing things whether it's good or bad. When people watch someone do something and that person gets attention for this, everyone runs to achieve that certain thing or wear that certain outfit or talk that certain way because people love attention and today day's people are willing to do anything for this. The monster revealed significant signals to prove he tried out to be good, by aiming to help people.

The storyline Frankenstein by Mary Shelly is a story about tragic occurrences that happen just because a creature is in need of love and attention, only because the monster sees people giving others love and attention. Victor Frankenstein creates a monster without understanding that there would be negative side's effects to the powerful creation. Being unsure of everyone Frankenstein cherished would perish because of him not making a good choice. The monster never recognized what it was prefer to be cured normal, the only one who even cured him perfectly was an old blind man who experienced no idea what he looked like until his children came up home and informed him. So should one believe he was born a monster or do culture make him this way?

The account "A Modest Proposal" implies that culture can create monsters. The town's people had many problems; the largest one of all was the children. Many people couldn't find the money for to keep these things causing visitors to lose cash and then being forced to go on the roadways. Finding a solution to the problem was very difficult but one guy did come up with one and many took it significantly. Many people thought that eating the kids and infants would lower the populace rate and less people would be required to go on the avenues, because they would have less people/children to fend for. "These moms, instead of having the ability to work for his or her honest livelihood, are compelled to employ all their time in strolling to beg for sustenance for his or her helpless infants, who, as they increase up, either change thieves for want of work, or leave their dear local country to struggle for the Pretender in Spain, or sell themselves to the Barbados. " (Jonathon Swift) The offer above shows how desperate the mothers and folks were as a result of children. There is an genuine question though; if one individual had not produce this idea would anybody else have considered it? Is culture to blame?

Although Frankenstein's monster made many flaws and did destroy several people because he needed Frankenstein to be as disappointed as he was, will not imply that he didn't have a good center. In "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" the person sailing on the boat shoots the albatross for no reason but because he wanted to. "God save thee, ancient mariner! From fiends, that plague thee thus! Why lookst thou so? With my crossbow I shot the albatross. " (Samuel Taylor Coleridge) The mariner had no reason to take it, but because he thought it would be cool and a good idea, to please population. In every truths no person really decided with shooting the albatross and everyone received punished for this mistake that might have been prevented.

Frankenstein was created and brought up with parents who liked and backed him. Yes these folks helped raise him and helped him become who he was but nobody forced him to be good or bad. A person could be delivered good or bad but society does have a huge impact and helps one become who they will be for the rest of these life. "The innocent and helpless creature bestowed about them by heaven, whom to talk about to good, and whose future lot it was at their hands to immediate to enjoyment or misery, matching as they fulfilled their tasks towards me. " (Mary Shelley)

So the question still remains, does contemporary society create monsters or will be the born this way? With the evidence above could only make one feel that the monster attempted to be as good as possible but with the incidents happening he couldn't truly be happy and every time he tried out to find pleasure something bad ended up going on. The monster wasn't cared for just how he must have been, if population would have cared for him better would the monster have hurt all the people he performed?

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