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Why do you need a cover letter for a resume?

A cover letter is an additional paper on the resume that invites the employer to learn more about your qualifications and work experience. Cover letter builds the first impression about the candidate. After reading, the employer can throw your excellent resume into the basket or, without reading your resume, ask you to come for the interview. A resume is a paper where your qualifications, workplaces, completed educational institutions are listed. A cover letter is different; its main goal is to draw recruiters attention to you. If you ask yourself why do you need a cover letter for a resume, just know that everybody uses it and that it is very effective? Here are a few rules that you should use when writing a cover letter:

  • Refer to a specific company or even better - to a specific person. You can create a standard cover letter but by sending it out be sure to personalize your appeal
  • Your cover letter should be short and clear. Indicate the position you are applying for and also write down two or three reasons why an employer should pay attention to your candidacy.Also, write a small list of your qualifications
  • Reinforce the description of your virtues with facts. For example, increased sales of the department by 90%, implemented several new services, developed and installed new software that increased system productivity by 50%
  • Clearly, indicate your qualifications and intentions regarding the job position
  • Identify skills and talents for a specific company. For example, if a company works in foreign markets show your languages kills
  • No negative information. Do not mention conflicts with the previous employer
  • Do you include your salary requirements in a cover letter? If the employer requires that, then write your desired salary in your cover letter. Remember, this information is given only in the cover letter. It is not indicated on the resume
  • Specify your coordinates in the cover letter (address, phone, email, profiles in social networks).

Usual cover letter structure

The approximate structure of the cover letter consists of four main sections:

  • Entry (up to 200 symbols)
  • Motivation (up to 1000 symbols)
  • Description of the author's advantages (up to 1000characters)
  • Conclusion with contact information (up to 200 characters).

Useful tips on how to write a cover letter:

  • Address it to a specific person and in a polite manner, do not allow familiarity
  • Be sure to introduce yourself: specify the full name, surname, place of work, position, academic title
  • Don’t forget that this is a direct communication and the language should be alive, but not frivolous;
  • The text of the cover letter should be unique, don’t ever use templates
  • Break the text into short paragraphs with simple sentences
  • Avoid long texts and long paragraphs. The editor does not have time to "read a novel"
  • Specify your contacts: phone, e-mail, city, and etcetera.

If the text is too short, then there may be some ambiguity. This will be interpreted as a lack of respect to the recruiter.Therefore, choose the golden size of the letter. If you have a letter with the recommendation or a positive response from the previous employer, it will not be superfluous to attach it to the cover letter. If the cover letter is sent by e-mail, send the message with the main text, and the resume in the attachment.

Important information about cover letter

The size of the cover letter should be maximum 1 page. Typically,a cover letter is from half of the page to 2/3 of a page. The cover letter should be adapted for a specific company and the job position. If a resume can be universal, then the cover letter should always be drawn up for a specific company and specific job position. The content of the cover letter is based on a resume but does not duplicate it. The cover letter just sums up your experience and shows the most important. The cover letter should sell your candidacy and show your personality and uniqueness. Why exactly are you different from other candidates? Show clearly your benefit to the company.

The mistake is to write like this: "I would be interested in developing in your company." At the first meeting, the employer is much more interested in what benefit you can bring him. This should be emphasized. You will have the opportunity to tell about your interest in development when you will be invited to work for a company. The grammar and the spelling of the cover letter should be perfect. If you have some doubt about it, you can use some of the online checking services to get the better result.

Everyone sooner or later face the problem of finding a perfect new job. Most employers ask applicants to provide a motivation letter beside the resume when announcing vacancies. This rule applies to absolutely all professions. Often, without fulfilling this requirement, the candidate is simply not considered.

Basic concepts of the motivation cover letter

Motivation letter - a kind of cover letter, in which the applicant indicates why he or she is the best candidate for the stated vacancy. The purpose of the document is to show the candidate as the most suitable employee, to convince the employer to choose him or her. Thereby, it should be clearly shown that the candidate perfectly understands what the activities of the company are. He should also share its interests. Basically, you should write the motivation letter only in one case – if the job position requires that. That means that the employer wants to check the attentiveness and responsibility of the potential employees. If the job position does not say anything about the motivation letter, do not rush to skip it. Writing an accompanying message helps to stand out from a large list of applicants. HR specialists say that not the resume, but the cover letter often attracts the first attention. And this is the decisive factor in the selection of candidates for the specific position. It is believed that such letter says a lot about the applicant. Also, experts say that they mostly ignore long texts.Immediately excluded are also those candidates who incorrectly wrote the name of the company or the name of the manager.

How to avoid mistakes in the cover letter?

A significant mistake in the cover letter is to write about your ambitions and also write that your main goal is a fast way up the career ladder. It is better to write about the desire to use your skills in solving the tasks that the company faces. Don’t write about your salary at the previous workplace even if there is a special graph for this. This can reduce your chances of getting the desired position. Too "expensive" specialists are usually eliminated, while the low salary level at the previous place of work speaks about the incompetence of a potential employee.

You should be very careful in writing about why you left your previous job position. It is better to prepare the answers to difficult questions about your work experience and previous job.If there will be a chance, you can use such answer at the interview, not in the cover letter. If the data in the cover letter and resume contradict each other - do not expect a response from the employer. Thereby it makes sense to read the whole paper again to see the big picture of it.

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