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Do Mobile Phones Have A Negative Effect TEENAGERS Essay

My project is approximately cell phones having a poor influence on our junior today.

In my job I will be talking about the history of mobile phones, the good and bad aftereffect of using a mobile phone, the impact of mobile phones on today's children and the result of cell phones on teenagers.

The main question for my task is 'Will cell phones have a poor influence on our youth'

Negative effects:

Physical- mobile phones make a difference you, such as brain damage.

Mental-mobile cell phones could interrupt studies.

Emotional-mobile phones might lead to to contact bullying.

Social-the wrong person could easily get your hands on mobile number, so be cautious.

My objectives are to gather information related to my question, to find out more on mobiles cell phones having an effect on our young ones today.

I will perform my research by checking out the internet, researching books and I'll also ask other people what they take into account the question for my project.


About Hexagonal call technology

When cell phones were first presented to the general public they had used a technology called the hexagonal cell. Hexagonal cell experienced allowed the first mobile phone to work, this was produced by Bell Labs.

"Hexagonal technology allowed mobile phones to be utilized while on the move, this was done by transmitting cordless signals from one tower to another".

This technology acquired enabled mobile phones to gain reception from everywhere when on the move, this works by the mobile phones transmitting phone signs to the nearest tower to you but when on the road it can this quicker which is always moving to other towers to get good reception for mobile phones.

Good ramifications of utilizing a mobile phone

Travel Safety

It is a good idea to let a member of family or friend know what your location is, what your location is going next, and when you arrive. This is good for teens to let there parents know if they're alright.

Traffic Problems

A cellular phone is handy to possess to inform anybody that you are late therefore you could come to an arrangement about enough time you will occur.


When we least expect it, incidents happen. Some can be minor accidents plus some can be major injuries. If the automobile accident is bad and you need to call for help such as an ambulance to come and help you. That is a huge help and you can call for help by using a mobile phone and the decision is for free.

Staying in Touch

Having a cellular phone offers you a privilege in which to stay touch with people all over the world with a simple phone call or a text. Teens are always on the phone to there friends.

Finding Your Way If Lost

This can occur to anybody, a mobile phone may help us escape this. A mobile phone will allow you to make a call of your decision so you could wedding ring a person to help you create your way back to wherever you want to go. That is good way to help you teenagers if indeed they have no idea there way around.

In Circumstance of Emergency

In case of a crisis a mobile phone is really beneficial to have, if you are in trouble with anything use your cellular phone to call 999, this is a free call but this is only to be called if within an emergency. If young adults carry around a cellular phone they are more likely to be safer then devoid of one because this mobile phone will allow those to call the police if in trouble with anything.

Bad ramifications of using a mobile phone


Using mobile phones a lot can lead to habit, especially to young adults, as wasting time on conversing with people via text messages and phone calls.

Auto Accidents

Talking or sending SMS text messages on a cellular phone while driving is proven to be as dangerous as driving while impaired of liquor.

Sleep Loss

Mobile cell phones cause's young adults and adults to lose sleep, finding it difficult dropping and keeping asleep, this could increased stress and exhaustion.

Increased Expenses

Mobile phone utilization is expensive and can easily cause you to keep buying credit which can cause a lot of cash if addicted, this could cause high stress levels.

Environmental Effects

Improper removal of mobile phones and their batteries can release unsafe, non-biodegradable chemicals into the environment.

Brain Damage

Teenagers most affected

"The researchers pointed out that 12-26 week old rats are comparable in get older to human young adults, the most typical users of cell phones. This level of harm to the nerve cells is stressing, as "it could result in reduced brain reserve capacity". In other words, the teenagers' brains may era prematurely. A report by retail analysts Mintel discovered that up to 80% of 11 to 14 year-olds have a cellular phone in the United Kingdom".

This reality has been put up on the internet to reveal how mobile phones can affect our brains in a terrible way by given people brain damage, this article is saying how mobile phones have more have an impact on on the teenage brain and teens are more likely to suffer from this than adults.

The impact of mobile phones on today's youth

Mobile phones are the way in which to stay touch with family and friends, mobile phones also allow you to have access to the Internet, and cell phones are also useful to get if in trouble. The impact of cell phones on today's junior is astronomical. All teenagers own a mobile phone and they learn how to use them plus they know how it works. However, mobile phones have become a problem to teens as mobile phones develop and as teenagers like to use them.

In Education

Mobile mobile phones allow teenagers to have pictures and videos of problem-solving methods for tests so it gives them an opportunity to look back and revise. Analysis on mobile phones in classes is not the response, as a cellular phone can be set to silent or vibrate setting and it'll be unnoticed by professors.


Teenagers today can keep on a dialog that some parents cannot understand. A simple conversation that can be shortened. For instance, "U R lol @ me, IDKW" this is written in texting slang which means "You are laughing out loud at me and I don't know why. " teenagers do this to send communications quickly and when someone tries to read there conversation some people might not exactly understand it. Some young adults use texting to bully other kids also to distributed rude and awful rumours to other folks because they may not like the person or these are jealous of the person.


The latest thing to hit teenagers on mobile phone users today is sexting. Many young adults send verbal text messages, pictures or videos to a person they like. In my viewpoint I think this is a poor thing to do as it is a nasty thing to do. Many young adults could be unhappy and irritated if pictures or texts that they think will one person but it experienced speeded around to others.


Teenage mobile phone users know how to text and have a discussion on the telephone while driving on a pedal bike or a motorbike. They can talk on the telephone or wording and drive on the roads and highways without regarding to the potential danger. This is dangerous, you should stop if you are going to use your mobile and you should always have your eyes on the highway and not get distracted by a cellular phone.


Some parents allow there young adults to possess a cell phones as a way to keep track on the website child. However there is absolutely no way to verify the location of an cellular phone caller, so teens can deceive their parents by lying down about there whereabouts.

The effect of cell phones on teenagers


Mobile mobile phones provide security for teenagers and their parents who fret about the youngster, help is never out of reach and parents will be able to check out their child at anytime.


Teenager's capacity to speak is extended, they are simply more in a position to reach more people even there family at any time and anytime with a mobile phone call or a text message.


While extending young adults' capability to communicate, mobile phones also limit feedback to appearance to one's peers (or those on the "friends" list), making life more solitary by narrowing the variety of personalities came across in lifestyle.

Emotional Attachment

Teens' natural trend to follow trends may result in an emotional attachment to a mobile phone (in its latest model) that has gone out of scale using its real value. Some teenagers may even develop an "addiction" to the device that excludes anything not seen or observed through it.

Virtual Life

Cell devices allow only verbal, disembodied relationships at a time when adolescents should be focusing on creating a sense with their own---and others'---physical space.


Texting and brief, spontaneous conversation limit development of the ability to converse in complete thoughts and form complete sentences.

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AO4: Review


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