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Distinguishing staff management and man resource management

P1: Distinguish between 'workers management' and 'human tool management' and discuss the historical development and changing context in which they operate?

Personnel Management: -

PM is basically an administrative record working at functional level. PM tries to maintain good conditions and conditions of employment while at the same time efficiently managing staff activities for individual departments and the actions which result ultimately in attaining organizational success.

Human Learning resource Management:-

HRM is concerned with undertaking the same functional activities conventionally performed by the staff function such as HR Planning, Job analysis, recruitment and selection, employee relationships, performance management, staff appraisals, reimbursement management, training and development but it does these functions in a qualitatively unique way in comparison with employees management.

History of Human being Source of information Management:-

The principle and name of real human tool management has been changed many times throughout the history. The changes were largely because to the change in communal and economic activities throughout the history. Human source of information management emerged to delivery when commercial revolution occurred in the year 1833 then the industrialist incepted to increase their development and they brought up the responsibility of focus on the employees with 60 hours weekly. The workers became fed up of this circumstances and they had taken decision among themselves to find out the solution for this problem. Following this workers were dropping desire for their work and they divided in various groups and all of this caused less creation. The industrialists came to know this, they straggle to gratify the employees but nevertheless the workers weren't pleased with that and created their "Trade Union". Now the industrialists offered full authority to one manager. In spite of this the problems remained constant because the manager was not able to manage their problems then your workers visited strike because of their rights. This led to the formation of personnel management. Personal management was working only once clashes come up. PM was working on bargaining, which means this system also didn't inspire the employees, in addition PM had not been in a position to take full control of it.

The mixture of wartime development demands, government wage price adjustments and the need to negotiate cooperative contracts compelled many companies to broaden their personnel staffs and control their HR procedures. Such basic HR procedures as job classification systems, employing standards, standard pay marks and written disciplinary strategies were developed for the very first time by many companies.

Another early donor to HRM was called the individuals relations activity. Two researchers, Elton Mayo and Fritz Roethlisberger included real human factors into work. This movement began as a result of a string of studies conducted at the Hawthorne facility of American Electric in Chicago between 1924 and 1933. The goal of the study was to summarize the consequences of lighting on employees and their result. The studies described the significance of the interpersonal relationship and work group on productivity and satisfaction. The individual relations movement eventually around your brain 1960s became a branch and a contributor to the field of organizational patterns; because of this progress all the industrialists and individuals came to learn that human beings are the most effective assets of an organization.

Human Tool Management gets more into practice as people are acknowledging from HRD and HR routines and these departments are satisfying all the requirements of the employees, are taking care of all human reference and are offering full rights to every one. Now in every successful organizations there are HRM departments

Shifting from Workers Management to HRM

The significant role of HRM is shown in the change of the workers management purpose from one of concentrating on employee welfare to one of controlling people in ways which complements organizational and specific goals and providing employees with intrinsic and extrinsic pay back. Therefore today Human Tool Management is historically known as personal management which handles established system for the management of individuals within an firm.

Different Levels of moving from Employees Management to HRM:

First stage: - HRM early on react within an even way to problems as they arise. Effective HRM seeks to connection HRM issues to the largely strategy of the organization with effective HRM procedures and techniques included into such commercial policies and ways of strengthen or change an organization's culture. Integration is required in two senses (1) integrating HRM issues in an organization's tactical planning (2) acquiring the popularity and addition of your HRM view in the decisions of series professionals. The HRM policy in worth of the various functions for example training and recruitment etc should be internally reliable

Second stage:- composition powerful civilizations is a way of promoting demanding organizational goals in that a strong culture is supposed at uniting employees via a shared set of managerially authorized prices such as excellence service and creativity etc.

However there can be anxious between a solid organizational culture and the necessity to change situations and to be elastic specifically in the highly competitive and fast changing environment in which employers have to work on daily basis. Speedy change demanded by the marketplace is sometimes troublesome in an group with a strong culture.

Third stage: Your brain set that people are a changeable cost is in effectual HRM which is replaced by the view that individuals are a source of information which as community capital it could be developed and can add to competitive advantages. Largely it is accepted that competitive advantage is gained through well informed and trained determined and dedicated employees in any way levels. This reputation is now almost considered worldwide and important of management training and development will be the middle pillars of HRM.

Fourth stage: The view that the hobbies of employees and management or shareholders are different and confliction though significantly true in the past as group which procedures effective human source of information management looks for to classify and promote a commonality of interests. important cases are training which boosts work security and high earning ability for employees while at the same time increasing the employee's value to the business goals of better output and performance pay systems which increase income without important labor cost raises and which at the same time endorse higher performance levels goal setting techniques through two way communication which establishes joined goals and aims and which provides basic rewards to the worker by having a participatory process.

Fifth level: Top to down communication tied with constrained information movement to keep ability within the control of management give a way for posting of information and knowledge. This transform helps the creation of trust and commitment and makes knowledge more successful. Control from the very best is successful HRM being changed by increasing worker contribution and insurance policies the ways that the larger Japanese enterprises have installed participatory strategies and unveiled information distribution and two way communication systems are instructive in this view. In enterprises that tend to have company missions and where there are key values that form their corporate culture HRM becomes a part of the technique to attain their targets. In a few types of enterprises such as one in which long lasting technological change takes place the purpose of successfully handling change at short intervals often requires employee collaboration through focus on communication and involvement.

Shifting of employees management to HRM occurred in three levels:


1) Information and Administration

2) Accountability Regulations

3) Competitive Advantage

1) Information and Administration

In first stage the primary activities which were applied for by personnel department were plan Company picnics establishing vacations enroll employees for health are exposure planning retirement get-togethers increase diverse workforce and contain health care cost.

2) Accountability Regulations

During this stage most important platform of rules and regulations started increasing in the company. In 1970 the work of the HR manger was to keep their organizations out of courtroom. Within the 1980 HR mangers had to address staffing costs associated with mergers and acquisition and downsize. The monetary issues associated to an increasingly worldwide and completive work area characterize the 1990.

3) Competitive Advantage

The aim of this shift level is from just securing fulfillment to the greater decided one of winning promise. The worker learning resource therefore becomes well worth investing in and training and development thus expect a top profile. These initiatives are linked with or even predicated upon a propensity to switch from a collective orientation to the management of the workforce to a unique one.


P 2: - Assess the role, tasks and activities of the individuals resource practitioner

Human learning resource management performs a vital role in the success of every organization. Human resource management is concerned with the development and execution of human resource strategies that are integrated with corporate ways of ensure that the culture worth structure of the organization quality determination and dedication of its associates contribute totally for the achievement of organizational goals. In big organizations it performs a very important and positive role in its success nonetheless it is difficult to cope with all the activities. HRM makes the grade of work life attractive in the business.

ROLES AND Responsibilities OF HR Manager

HR manager performs an important role in expanding and preserving polices.

HR director should motivate employees to make sure they are fruitful for the business.

HR director should conduct recruitment process effectively and effectively, so the skillful people could work with for the organization.

HR manger is responsible for increasing the abilities of the employees to make their performance better.

HR director should make the specifications of performance so the employee's performance can be judged.

HR is accountable to produce a good environment in which the employees could work effectively and effectively.

HR manager should keep aware the employees about new procedures of the organization and guide them.

HR administrator should develop a leading edge for the effective management of the people to maintain competitive advantage.

HR administrator should recommend the tactical route for employees and ensure its execution.

HR manager should co-ordinate the look, implementation and administration of human tool regulations and activities to ensure the supply and effective usage of recruiting for meeting the business's objectives.

An Ideal HR Manager

HR managers are very very important to any business because they makes polices, develop strategies directing and coordinating human resource management. The main responsibility of HR manager is interviewing and recruiting applicants.

HR director of MOBILINK should develop its visitors to work hard for higher expectations.

HR supervisor of MOBILINK have to make recruitments of best talent because humans are the basic tool for having competitive advantage searching for most of the organizations.

They should assess the performance degree of the employees and if indeed they find it below requirements so they have to motivate them and present them training of expanding their skills to be profitable for the MOBILINK business.

HR manager have to make good relationship with different departments like marketing, operation and fund and make himself alert to new updates to to avoid miscommunication.

P3:- Measure the role and duties of line managers in human learning resource practices?

Line manager plays an important role in the success of HR manager. Line manager should deliver the duty and responsibilities promptly to the senior management. Keep informing the management about the progress in the organization. Line supervisor should defend the business strategy or management strategy when talking to the work group. Clear appropriate picture to the task group to keep them prepared of the rules and polices and also have to watch out the ways to become more efficient. Lines manager should set tasks and requirements for the employees. Collection manager should also have to provide training and development to the employees when needed. Lines manager should involve group people in decision making and to understand their needs and to motivate them. Also needs to provide known reasons for decisions and represent the view and ideas of work force to higher authorities. Line director should keep up with the good environment. Line supervisor have to take the next points in mind in order to make their activities better.

Line manager should be a positive role model

Line director should be genuine to others and help the employees and give direction about their job.

Line manager should have to speak against injustice.

Line director should be self confident.

M1:- Discuss how the concepts of PM and HRM are applied in an corporation?

We have chosen MOBILINK as a business. The HR mission statement of MOBILINK is given as

To lead the business in improving its human capital and creating a winning environment where everyone relishes adding to the best of ones potential.

HR Procedures and workers management at Mobilink:

These are several HR and employees management practices



Training & Development


Performance Appraisal System

Occupational Health and Safety measures

Career Planning and Development

Research and Development

Reward Management

Employee Relations


Now following the introduction of new telecom companies in the market the market becomes more competitive and employees are less devoted to the business. Whenever they get much better opportunity than the prevailing one they go for that which is their right. Due to this fact MOBILINK do not have any formal technique for succession planning. They certainly consider the folks from inside but proper success plan is not practiced in MOBILINK these days.

But now scheduled to market movements they transformed new strategies according to the management that it is not useful to spend money on the staff at a larger extent. They certainly develop their employees for their career planning but no formal success planning is used.

Recruitment and Selection:

In MOBILINK the requirement for the new job is communicated by the respective managers to the HR department. From then on the HR section looks for the options of interior and external recruitment.

Internal Recruitment:

In MOBILINK inside recruitment is performed the higher grades like professionals and directors. When there's a vacancy the HR team views the past performance of the employees working at lower levels and chooses the right one to promote him/her to that position. But when there is a vacancy for managerial position and none of them of the best employee is obtainable with in the business then exterior recruitment is carried out.


In exterior recruitment the work of line supervisor is to prepare an application for the work about their need in the organization. Then your role profile of this job is dent to functional director by series supervisor after his agreement it is forward to the HR office. HR director confirms the option of the budget required and the cost of the advertisement to the job. After than by forecasting budget along with job profile sent to HR director for his final approval.

Line and HR administrator again sit collectively for short list individuals and the following criteria is choose by them.

Quality of early on schooling

Extra curricular activities

Marks obtained

Overseas travel


Relevant experience

The HR team then issue words to the brief listed individuals along with empty applications by time particular date and venue for the initial interview and candidates is asked to bring along completed application forms. A two-member panel of HR and lines management holds out the interviews managerial functional and supervisory skills. After clearing the initial interviews, people make an application for different jobs are tested in different ways by a panel of mix functional assessors regarding management selection.

Resource management

Rational decision making

Communication skills

Creative thinking

Business development


The HR section is accountable for assessments training details o rumination packages and conditions of services. Prepare letter and finalize other documents.

M2: Make a powerful wisdom about PM and series manager tasks in studied group.

HR helps Sections director in offering them training creating managers role takes on for meetings, and providing them toolkits to refer them. In MOBILINK Peshawar they don't have formal HR division and last recruitments are done at ISLAMABD hq. They actually have informal set up for employing internees and also perform the obligations of HR supervisor in coordination with other major departments.

In MOBILINK Islamabad head office they may have formal HR setups for making decisions for other locations as well.

Strategies is there in MOBILINK for HR supervisor to provide help LINE director in accomplishing their job.

HR administrator clarify the standards, expectations, performance goals and have line supervisor for his give food to back again regularly.

HR director of MOBILINK look ways for brand director to get him out of jams and stop him for making serious mistakes.

There may be some conflicts between your priorities of HR and of collection management, in this situation a manager must work hard for discovering issues and makes solution for addressing it.

HR director when showing bad news, make an effort to package it with very good news also but be careful to avoid letting problems move for long periods of time waiting on very good news to occur.

Line managers and supervisors are in charge of enforcing and promoting the task environment of dignity. They need to take every action to prevent the unsuitable action. Line professionals and HR managers are expected to communicate obviously to their staff members about their procedures of harassment, self-discipline etc.

MOBILINK is considering getting the best HR in PAKISTAN plus they have maintained this edge. According to the common sense the HR team of MOBILINK is obtaining their desired results. They have a good marriage with the several departments like finance, marketing etc.

D1: Measure the roles and duties of HR administrator and line supervisor in the organization as compared to their ideal role.

The HR director of MOBILINK is accomplishing well against the ideal situation. HR manager is good in communication and makes people recognize that what he's saying. Manager also has the data of ideas and method of recruitment and also effective and efficient in providing the services to customers and workers. HR manager is a good speaker and possess the capability to recognize what your partner is saying and possess strong working marriage internally and externally. HR director is pleasant with other employees on the job and exhibiting a cooperative frame of mind.

The standard for the ideal manager are


The person who the manager is selecting for the job has to be capable of carrying out work minus the close guidance of the boss.

Communication skills

Confidence and personality plays important role in the capabilities of administrator to communicate. Administrator should manage to clear communication using their fellow manager's customers and employees.


Manager should be excellent in working with clients and customers. Director should have the relevant skills to make the difficult customer happy. So by doing so the organization can take their customer and business can increase.


Manager should manage to handling discord in the business. Manager need to be calm and in a position to identify and listening issues discuss it solve it and followed up. It's important for a follow up check to ensure there are no further problems.


Manager need to give attention to a particular goal and able to assign the jobs to the employees.


Managers responsible for ensuring the jobs assignments and useless line needed to be met and work with appropriate people and deal with the situation which is commonly profitable in the end.


A manager should have all the knowledge about the business so that he/she would be capable of giving answers to their clients customers and workers.


Managers should have strong command skills. Managers are the leaders in work place. Manager have to be a good loudspeaker and assigning tasks. Manager also needs to have the ability of controlling group of men and women and should lead the group or team in the right course.

D2: Suggest recommendations for sensible improvement up against the defined

Human reference is one of the very most enjoyable and challenging departments of the organizations. People are incredibly important in any organization. MOBILINK has a solid HR system and therefore we didn't found many disadvantages in their HR practices. There are a few but it could be better by little effort.


Following are some recommendations based upon our research.

We witnessed that employees are not aware of their depth regulations o the employee lack in the knowledge about insurance policies which is the responsibility of HR administrator to aware them.

MOBILINK HR must have to monitoring and measuring staff s performance.

HR lacks in terms of job planning and development so MOBILINK has to realize this function in their policy statement.

MOBILINK should have to increase in its recruitment options so that they will not loose the actual candidates.

HR manager must have to explain communication with the lower staff which in conditions makes the organization beneficial.

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