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Distinctive Characteristics Of Service Operations

Keywords: service procedures characteristics, characteristics of services

In all credibility, every one of the Distinctive Characteristics of Service Businesses can be utilized as a characteristic in defining Internet delivery, however, I realize that Customer Involvement, Intangibility and Heterogeneity will be the best suited one; considering the position of top three.

Customer Participation is considered a feature for the said service because the client would be the someone to do almost all of the job as the service provider confirms and assures the option of the service. The client is the one who would be placing all the information input and scheduling the service, and will be the one to provide any feedback about the service that is received.

Intangibility is also considered a characteristic for the said service because "internet delivery" itself can't be patented because there are a great number of companies who are involved with it. Internet delivery is more of a concept and idea that is developed a long time before to ease the manual delivery work of an human, but no-one owns the idea because a lot of people attended up with the idea and improved the concept more or less on the same wavelength. It really is more of an over-all and abstract activity that any company could apply into its system.

Last but not minimal, Heterogeneity is known as a feature for the said service because every customer has a new want from the delivery system in terms of day, time, program, and other relevant factors. In essence, internet delivery is somewhat a preference item for the customer, not really for the company. The client is the main one being satisfied here, and more satisfaction will mean more future customers that could add to the profitability of the company.

2. When does indeed collecting information through service membership become an invasion of privacy?

Customers are the most valuable asset of an company since they will be the dictators of what the company should do, after all customer satisfaction is the main element to success. With all this reality, companies are always careful of what they do with the customers because one slide plus they may lose their devotion forever that's the reason companies have boundaries and authorized confidentialities with the customers.

The only time that service membership becomes an invasion of level of privacy is when the business uses the customer/s' information for other uses, other than the motive that was explained to the customer/s beforehand. One example would be Lenders and their confidentiality using their customers. Finance institutions require their customer/s' full information, considering qualifications and all. However, these data may well not be utilized for other purposes like studies or experts without the data of the customer. Also, spam email messages should not be sent to the inboxes, as well as advertisements calls from others that are associated with the bank. These are only a few instances, but customers do value their level of privacy and just a little exposure from them can make sure they are lose their complete trust on the business that has revealed them.

3. What exactly are some of the management problems associated with allowing service employees to exercise judgement in achieving customer needs?

The management is the employer of the business, but there are simply times wherein they need the assistance of the employees' judgement in getting together with customer needs. Employees are sometimes called to intervene in the problem because they're those providing the service, thus they have significantly more experience and knowledge regarding the issue of matter. Management is usually the the one which calls the shots whatever the employees, but in some problems employees are believed very valuable in your choice making process.

Examples of issues that require employees to exercise judgement are the ones at the salon, junk food chains and amusement centers. The salon is basically run by service employees and has generated a romantic relationship with the customers, so are there those times wherein the customer talks to them exactly like an old good friend and rants out to them like they're the condition. Quite simply, these employees know their customers in and out, and management sometimes need the thoughts and opinions of these employees regarding price changes or renovations to the area. Fast food chain service employees face different kind of customer on the line and management might use some thoughts and opinions on what could be done to reduce the impatience of the customer or if it's possible to quicken the procedure tempo so that customers would get offered at the earliest opportunity. Since service employees are the ones in-line, they could give the management first side view of the possible scenarios and their weaknesses to the changes that would be imposed in the system. Lastly, leisure centers have also connected quite a romance with the players there because they're relied to fix the machine whenever it breaks down. Management doesn't really know what kind of games majorly plays, so rather than simply buying a new machine for players to toy with, they could ask the service employees what kind of game titles he hears players talk about or waits patiently in line for.

4. Illustrate the "Distinctive Characteristics of Service Procedures" for something with that you are familiar.

The service that I really like and quite acquainted with is massage. Rub truly relaxes my body and gets rid of the hard knots on my body when I am stressed from life. But that isn't the point of the. The said service will be discussed accordingly,

Customer Participation

The customer has the option to decide the type of massage he would like, dried up or with essential oil and the type of olive oil, and the pressure applied by the masseuse. The customer's opinion is given much importance in this type of service because it is the way to gratify the customer's needs.


The masseuse have to be very ready in this line of work because customers should come through the entranceway almost concurrently plus they expect the same degree of satisfaction as they may have felt throughout their previous sessions. You can find short amount of time for breaks and employees are alternatively sent out however when explicitly wanted by regular customers, they might have no choice but to get ready themselves and aim to achieve the same level of satisfaction they can give.


This service is very much reliant on its customers and without them, there is just lost income for daily that goes on and employees are under utilized for the day and the same kind of utilization can't be adapted for the very next day because the prior day is a lost chance of the service to please its customers. Also, since customers equate to profit this service, this poses as a challenge to all masseuse company services how they can make their company more amiable than others.


The masseuse service has long been a practice to stress and relieve the body of pain. That is an idea and principle developed way a long time before and cannot be patented due to its abstractness. The service is therefore considered intangible and can be provided with a version of companies throughout.


The therapeutic massage service differs for each of the client because the client could require a foot, back or full massage, depending on his wants for your day. Also, since there are customers who are considered regular with a set service employee, their satisfaction level may become more in comparison to those who have only the service on exceptional events as the masseuse has learned the standard customer's body more, and for that reason is aware where exactly to massage therapy the pain away.

5. Critique the "Distinctive Characteristics of Service Operations" by arguing that the characteristics of customer participation, simultaneity, perishability, intangibility, and heterogeneity may apply to goods as well.

Customer Participation

Customer Involvement is something characteristic that allows the customer to play an active part in the service process (Fitzsimmons & Fitzsimmons, 2007). Conversely, I say that Customer Participation is not only a distinct attribute of service operations, but also of goods and products as well. Customer contribution is essential to goods and products through customization. Customization fundamentally means that the good or product ordered by the client must be how he has designed it to be. An example will be a wedding dress wherein the creator supplies the service of sewing up and adding the dress along in time for the best day, but it continues to be the bride-to-be who gets the upper hand in telling the developer what fabric she'd like, if there'd be lace or bead linings, and so forth. Customer Participation is essential to goods and products when they are simply being made or produced. Thanks to the field of Ergonomics, companies are actually more inclined in taking into consideration the feelings and feelings of the consumers, as opposed to the usability of the good and/or product. Measuring the likes and dislikes of an individual with their desire to certain good or product is hard, but almost all of the time they are simply successful using what they need to offer. An example would be post-its that are generally distributing all throughout bookstores. Though they can be intended for putting notes, I am one of those guilty consumers who simply purchase numerous post-its for their design and cuteness. I have over 30 post-its designs and I am presently just using everyone the others are just resting at home, collecting dust bunnies.


Simultaneity is something characteristic which allows services to be created and consumed concurrently, thus not storable (Fitzsimmons & Fitzsimmons, 2007). Conversely, I say that Simultaneity isn't only a distinct feature of service procedures, but also of goods and products as well. Simultaneity is one of the essential components for goods and products because of their so called lives. Power supply is occasionally utilized by the consumer to force a certain good or product, the power cannot be stored thus it's usability for future years will depend on the mandatory energy by the certain good or product. Laptops and other electronic devices have service life years that say the approximated time they remain usable and successful, after that they are no longer regarded as such.


Perishability is something characteristic that is considered as a lost opportunity permanently when it's not used as it cannot be stored (Fitzsimmons & Fitzsimmons, 2007). Conversely, I say that Perishability isn't only a distinct characteristic of service procedures, but also of goods and products as well even if they're storable. Perishability is essential for the products and products that must definitely be consumed immediately because of their shelf lives. Food comes with an expiration time; depending on the particular elements are. Although there are chemical preservatives added to some, it is still unavoidable for food to be considered as inedible for the individual when it's expired because when eaten, it gives bad vibes to the body.


Intangibility is a service characteristic that simply says service is not patentable because it only is present as an idea and/or strategy, an abstract if you might (Fitzsimmons & Fitzsimmons, 2007). Conversely, I say that Intangibility isn't only a distinct attribute of service functions, but also of goods and products as well. Video gaming may have particular companies and developers however the idea and idea of the overall game is general. A good example would be sporting game titles where their basic goal for the drivers is to drive the vehicle and cross the finish collection first, but you'll find so many game titles into that collection like the Mario Kart, US Daytona, and even more.


Heterogeneity is something feature that results in a variance of services from one customer to another (Fitzsimmons & Fitzsimmons, 2007). Conversely, I say that Heterogeneity isn't just a distinct attribute of service procedures, but also of goods and products as well. As I have mentioned earlier, there are some consumers who like to customize the goods and products they purchase since it probably makes them feel more unique and enhances their satisfaction level more than acquiring a common good that anyone could get. An example would be the meal that an individual gets from food chains like World Chicken. World Rooster offers a meal that has its rooster and a choice of one or two side dishes to go with it. With this option, each and every consumer can get different mixtures of side dishes off their selection which not only satisfies their being hungry but also their desires. Another is the recent fad that experienced people going nuts, the Yoghurt Snow Cream. Red Mango and California Berry are two of the very most popular Yoghurt Ice Cream vendors but they all have something in keeping, it's their choice for the consumers to get the right toppings they want on the yummy snow cream. Everybody wins with this because consumers' specific satisfaction levels are achieved.

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