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Dissertation about Dell's Solution for The Y2K Bug

Dell's Solution pertaining to The Y2K Bug

The corporation in which we choose to perform an analysis with regards to the Y2K problem is Dell Pc Corporation. We were able to find a large number of outstanding measurements that Dell has taken up make their very own computer hardware and software up to date for the season 2000. All of us also found just how Dell can be helping their very own employees and a lot importantly, buyers in dealing with the Y2K difficulty.

Before we all move on, we wish to give you an easy preview of Dell's background, the type of pcs Dells can give and how the Y2K bug will influence their creation line. All of us will also go over the type of application Dell has to offer with every customer's purchase, and how each software obtain has a possibility of being affected by the Y2K irritate.

Through this kind of report all of us will also discuss the five steps which will Dell Advise. These steps may help Dell and its customers plan for the Y2K millenium, and definitely will help steer clear of any key downtime inside the company.

The Y2K problem is a big concern to Dell and many other tiny or large business owners, and how the Y2K problem can paralyze the world if the year 2000 arrives. In other words, what needs to be done, and how do we prevent this problem coming from hurting our economy and our telecoms technology. The most important problem in every kinds mind is actually to do to fix the Y2K problem. This will be reviewed in detail.

Eileen S. Dell founded Dell Computer Firm in 1984. Its main headquarters is situated in Round Rock, The state of texas and is the leading direct computer system company in america. Dell's viewpoint in the computer system industry was to bypass the middleman who adds small value for the product. It is main emphasis is to sell custom-built Computers directly to the end-use...

... software spots. Therefore , one particular solution can be implemented generally in the BIOS, by enhancing the Power-on Self Evaluation designed to make sure the correct particular date is approved to operating system when locating the particular date information from the BIOS. One other solution is implementing a "Patch" system that corrects the RTC date through BIOS cell phone calls.

Achieving the 12 months 2000 complying is dependent in many factors, some of which are not completely inside the computer company's control. Several computer organizations have cracked their process into numerous steps, which are the following; Awareness, Assessment, Restoration, Validation, and Implementation for IT Applications End User Supported Applications, Infrastructure, Organization Partners and Embedded Gadgets. Up to this point all of these methods have been efficiently completed and it has been through testing via December 98 thru 99.

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