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Discussing The Functions ON THE Maybank2u Website IT Essay

What kind of expenses that users are able to settle within this system? Maybank2u has offered its users from almost 6oo payees' organizations such as both government agencies and private sectors. Basically, Maybank2u website allow users to stay their common bills such as resources costs, mobile postpaid costs, internet monthly bill, ASTRO (Measat Broadcast Network System) monthly bill, credit cards invoice and today users may even possible to make their tax payment to Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN) through the website.

Besides, Maybank2u is not only emphasize in providing a convenient invoice payment for its users by achieving these payees' organizations as many as possible, but and yes it assist users in the other way. For instance, users are allowed to view their earlier payments as well concerning control for future repayments, consequently users might have achieving a better cashflow management. Furthermore, it also allows users to pay any expenses by using non-Maybank mastercard aside from Maybank mastercard invoice and Maybank loans.

The following is showing the user interface on how to settle payments online via Maybank2u. com:

Photo 1

Users who want to pay their bills via Maybank2u, of course firstly they have to log in to their internet banking account. Once they have efficiently logged directly into their own customer account, they have to choose the 'Bill & Banking' tab. By selecting it, all the accounts that the user possessed will be shown such as checking account and current profile. Users are given two options either to choose the bill repayments tabs on the left-hand aspect or select it on the action column which is situated beside the savings account column. (Picture 1)

Photo 2

After preferred the bill payment tab, the user program will show various kinds of bill repayment to the users. It still is determined by the user's intention to select which kind of transfer that he / she wish to access. For instance, if a individual would like to settle his utilities bill, then he might go for the 'Make a one-off payment' tab to keep his particular transfer. (Photography 2)

Photo 3

After the user has chosen the 'Make a one-off payment' tab, he or she will choose the payees' firms based on what kind payment that the user package with. Normally, the most notable ten common payees' businesses will be stated as shown in (Photo 3). However, if users are working with different kind of payees' corporation, they still can make it by hitting the 'go for from list' to search the relevant payees' firm.

Photo 4

The next step is the fact users must fill in this details, which include the amount to be paid, expenses account statistics and the particular date of payment. The machine has provided an effective guide by exhibiting the user an example of where is the expenses account number should on the bill in the event if an individual cannot think it is. (Image 4)

Photo 5

Then, the user are requested a Purchase Authorization Code (TAC) to verify the payment. Quite simply, TAC has been given at the very first to the user once they have exposed an account in Maybank and they can change it at any Kawanku ATM or through the Kawanku Phone Banking. If they wish to change the TAC, they will be getting a new TAC via the SMS. Once they have successfully key in their TAC, the transaction is reported to be done pursuing by clicking on the 'Confirm' tab. (Picture 5)

Photo 6

The transaction has been effectively done and exhibiting the ultimate steps as the picture above. (Picture 6) users can make either to print the receipt in order to keep a difficult copy of it or make another repayment if they desired.

2. (b) Bettering customer service in Maybank2u

Maybank2u website offers a very good customer support lines in their customer service category where it does listed down the contact statistics specifically for every single purpose such as customer care hotline, lost or taken greeting card as well as the charge card centre. Besides, Maybank2u website is also taking care of their customers' opinions diligently. Customers can make to compliment if they're satisfied with the services or may be even provide any recommendations to enhance the system. However, if the clients wish to lodge a problem anticipated to any inconvenience or dissatisfactory incurred, he or she is welcomed to post the complaint on paper directly via the web site.

There is still inefficient incurred despite Maybank2u website give a good customer support to its customers. The service is sometimes said to be inconvenience for its customers. For example, users may need to contact a great deal of customer support numbers if they are heading to make enquiries from different administration as each of the contact numbers only serve for one specific purpose. It is also consuming time when a customer is trying to contact the administrations to make enquiries, let say a customer may survey for lost of credit cards and at the same time, he'd also prefer to know regarding his charge card information, but he is unable to get things done simply by presenting one call, instead he should demand the other particular numbers to cope with another goal. Furthermore, customer care line is not really a free toll getting in touch with, hence it consume the user's money as well.

One of the ways to improve the customer support in Maybank2u website is by implementing a more effective communication method between your users and the supervision. Because it is said that inconvenience occurred to the user credited to various kind of customer care lines that serve for only their respected purpose, the client care series should try carrying out a linkage between your administrations of every department. Quite simply, only one customer care lines to be created where with the ability to hook up to the supervision of each different department. Because of this, it is certainly a time saving method especially through the phase of linking the users to the administration. Besides, users would not have to change to another customer care line number in order to make enquiries on other service; instead they can just transitioning it to the respected administration by pressing another numerical code on their mobile phone.

It is notified that there surely is still another problem of the customer care and attention line in which it is financially charged to the customers. Normally, most of the customers would like never to be charged when coming up with a contact to the administration for enquiries. It is stated that the system is providing a negative externality to the community; hence the clients would be more likely to enter to the lender to make their enquiries because of this is the only option that they would not being incurred. As a solution, customer care series should be improved to offer its individual with a far more successful communication way. For instance, the system might put into action Instant Messaging software that allows users to get hold of the administration with no charge has been concerned.

If the Instant Messaging software were to be applied, the installer file of the software should be shown in Maybank2u website so that it is good for the simple the user to download it. Users must register for a new consideration which is not similar with the internet banking account. Once the subscription has been effectively done, she or he could probably use this software. For every time they are really signing in to their account, something communication will be sent to alert an individual so that not to provide any personal privacy information such as password or credit card information to the administration.

It is advised that Maybank2u website should provide a more interactive customer service by utilizing new service of communication software that permit user to cope with the administration face to face. Quite simply, Maybank2u website might have to set up a training video call facility so that to permit users to make any enquiries without necessary to present themselves physically at the bank.

Maybank2u website should allocate the training video call installer on its own website to allow its customers to download it to be able to use this software. After the users have downloaded the software, she or he might have to register for an account to be eligible to use it. Once the subscription has been successfully done, they are able to reach the administration through a training video call by putting your signature on in their account. Then, something note will automatically send to the user every time they are signing in to use the video tutorial call facility. This message has to be delivered to the users so that they will be alarmed not to expose any security password or personal privacy information about their accounts to the administration.

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