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Discovery And Invention Of Some Areas Of Knowledge

Discovery and technology are two separate ends to a debate. It is complicated showing the interrelation between your two because they do not have the same interpretation. It can be said that something that is present from past but not being uncovered is a finding. However when something new is been created to meet certain requirements are called an invention.

Reflecting again on the question my target is to discuss the claim that some regions of knowledge such as natural research, ethics and mathematics are uncovered as well as others are invented. By focusing on this claim will give me an chance to look at and try exploring the world from a new prospective. To be able to demonstrate the vision which cases that some areas of knowledge are uncovered yet others are created can be refined by showing relevant evidence. This is acknowledged by concentrating on different regions of knowledge and setting up a connection between them. This is shown by illustrating different instances from different areas of knowledge. I am looking to look at this essay through the zoom lens of natural research, ethics and mathematics understanding that this lay claim would be well backed in two of the three regions of knowledge. There's a probability that one might not come to your final conclusion in some one statements below.

Natural Science, an area of knowledge that is more learned then invented. As time passes there were many discoveries and to maintain such phenomena there were inventions. This can be illustrated with the finding and invention of the regular table. According to me being truly a Chemistry HL student have a solid claim that natural science is almost discovered but on the other hand one can state that nowadays it's all about innovations making life faster. When looking at the formation of periodic table I think, all the elements been around always and still there are many elements that are existing but are not discovered yet. As a result the elements, compounds and the properties are being uncovered with tests and exams. Although taking a look at the innovations, all the 2D and 3D models made out of graphic programmers and other high technology are major inventions. To explain this case it can be explained that. These inventions of models have made the knowledge of the substances easier and even thought they do not exist still this is used as an advantageous visual technique. It is much simpler to visual the idea in this it can be stated that sense notion comes in role. This is how ones understanding is impacted. However in the world of knowledge there are always exceptions, somehow there are lines drawn whenever a certain existence cannot be categorised as a finding or invention. For instance, a hypothesis can be said as happening created by the body based on the information these were alert to, it can be an imagination and imagination from a scientist's brain. But ideas with no facts cannot directly be looked at inventions or a finding. But my personal view is that one should not attain a biased view, alternatively go through the ideas existing as either a discovery or technology. I hold an equilibrium view for the guidelines saying that with natural research it isn't so easy to group this area of knowledge being either completely about discoveries or inventions. Also considering gravity, for example gravitation was when Newton thought of what made the apple fall season on the ground. The thoughts as that gravity been around since this world, therefore this may just be considered as an finding of gravity and the invention here was conversely the formulation proclaiming F= m x g. this is reported to be an inventions which was created though a great many other phenomenon's being mixed up in understanding of the idea. According to me natural science can be associated more with breakthrough compare to invention.

With natural technology on the other extreme we've the ethics as an area of knowledge. Ethics is exclusive in itself. This is because I believe that ethics can be considered both finding as well as invention at the same minute. This will depend on the justification of the individual and how he or she looks ahead to the actual scenario. Ethics is ways to justify whether something is considered to be right or incorrect. To be able to balance my wisdom can be inspired by many factors such as spiritual idea, use of laws and regulations and being ethical by following requirements of tendencies existing in our society. Of writing down or codifying things that most people agree are ideas of good patterns. This can't be evaluated whether or not is ethics considered to be either invention or discovery. Like, natural sciences even in this the same happening will come in place. As stated above, that ethics as well is found out more than created. This is because when assessed it is a means in which certain things are designed to be done, to keep some order on the planet and have peace. In my opinion I consider that ethics are invented. This is because we people residing in the community knowing the situations make decisions considering them right or incorrect. For example, some ethical prices are believed to be created, for example business ethics, people created this in order to make the community well manipulated and attain certain specifications. I really believe ethics and moral values are created my individuals. But there is a counter argument to this claim. This is because, there exists some information that ethics is present within us. This isn't any strategy to be invented but this can be an section of knowledge that one person discovers with the personal experience or for their parents. It's been in our life since we have been born. Looking into a situation even as are informed that stealing is wrong which was learned by us as children, when our parents scolded us for the very first time we performed this. This made us be familiar with the consequences and moral implications. Our parents play an important role making us understand the importance and ethical ideals. We live been trained since were young. Ethics are being built within us tenaciously. Hence this makes it a discovery. This is because the values been around and differed in various cultures but were later achieved as time passes. Therefore to summarize ethics one can realize that like natural knowledge there are some inventions made such as having various ethics to follow at different situations. Also I highly believe Ethics is more a finding then technology but depending on the personal representation.

Lastly mathematics can be an portion of knowledge with many inventions to help support the discoveries made with all the theories and formulas. Last correlation is shown between natural knowledge, ethics and mathematics. They are three different extremes in regions of knowledge. It's been debated for a long period whether or not math is uncovered or developed and according to me I really believe it's both to a certain extent. It can exclaimed that mathematics is a discovery and everything the formulas been around these were just needed to be discovered. Or it could be articulated as simple innovations by great mathematicians adding their soul in to the argument. That is a question of reflects both sides of the range. Because people can either believe that mathematical truth is pure discovery as time passes or invention with requirements and need. I believe some regulations in moths are general facts which continue to be the same forever. But even if math's is recognized as pure discovery there are some areas which can be invented. For instance, if we take at a glance at complex numbers. They can be divided into real statistics and imagery amounts. It is stated that invents are made to make the discoveries easier and self explanatory. Which means mathematician created a term called imagery volumes. For example, It is been said that the square roots of negative volumes was invented by Heron of Alexandria whereas there formulas of origins or third level polynomials were discovered by Niccole Fontana Tartaglia (cite). Then was soon recognized that real alternatives have exist but as certain calculations it was required to manipulate square roots of negative quantities increasing their reason behind invention leading to another discovery. This again has the same hyperlink as shown above. Even math's can be considered highly a discovery but to support the understanding they had a need to invent some theories which made the understanding and the principles much organized and better and an magnitude more reliable.

To conclude this is a broad topic with many different ideas this does not be based upon how subject to knowledge are invented or discovered but the purpose behind this supports much more of importance.

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