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Disadvantages Of Studying Abroad: Chinese Students

Thesis assertion: But the emergence of international students stands for the globalization education, because of young age, juniors' studying abroad has many adverse effects on adaptability, culture and ideology, for occasion, on both individuals and the whole society.

School of Foreign Languages, CWNU, Nanchong, China, 637002

Abstract: With globalization of education having providing many students with appropriate opportunities to review abroad, the topic on whether juniors should finish their senior high school study inside our mom land is strike in some discussion boards. The thesis mainly talks about the advantages of juniors' study abroad for both individuals as well as the population. To make the thesis more believable, the author make some questionnaires for the personal factors, and some reports on some organizations.

Key worlds: juniors' study abroad, disadvantages, specific, society

"Let there be a small country with few peopleNeighboring areas overlook one another and the crowing of cocks and barking of dogs can be listened to" defined by Lao Tze, the famous early Chinese philosopher. From Lao Tze, the wheel of human history has moved ahead into a completely new era where globalization is just about the prominent characteristic, permeating in almost every field of all our social life. In the surroundings of globalization, communication technology and transportation technology have achieved quick and explosive improvement, which has facilitated folks from different cultural history increasingly and inevitably coming into contact with each other for various reasons. The substantial vitality of globalization has confused the field of education, so globalization of education little by little becomes some sort of necessity and possibility. It has developed to be a crucial phenomenon affecting everyone related to education including juniors from the worldwide writing of higher educational methods to the international exchange of educational resources. Modern times, studying in another country, has been about the most choices for the students to further their education in China. As the major developing country on the globe, China has achieved great progress and improvement before couple of years. As the data released by Chinese Ministry of Education and China Scholarship Council show, more and more juniors choose to study in another country annually since 2005. Besides, it is said as the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Business, UNESCO, that based on the statistics, China has the largest quantity of international students in international countries with accounted for 14% of the global total. The statistics is released by UNESCO in Montreal, Canada, UNESCO Institute for Statistics, which released the 2006 Global Education Digest.

It is evident that the gross annual total of Chinese juniors studying overseas has increased much before few years, from 1 million to about 1. 5 million in 2007. It really is predicted that the number increase. Many students choose to study in more than 100 countries across the world to pursue their foreign research. Included in this, the U. K. , the U. S. , Australia, Canada, Germany, France, New Zealand, Japan etc for various reasons. All the data have been represented inside our daily life. Some of our friends, classmates and family choosing study overseas never have been a aspiration, however, possible occurring after us frequently. They have got their own ideas for studying overseas, some for finding the planet, broadening their views, some for getting new insights and perspective through new interactions, some for learning new languages or even to improve the understanding of the dialect you already speak, as well as others for shaping their own future. Will the hot phenomena only contain those positive and beneficial aspects?

Among them, they choose to review abroad just as a result of social trend. As mentioned before, the amount of students studying abroad becomes much larger and greater. When some students couldn't make decisions independently or they didn't have an objective or desire, they make an effort to intimate what others do and choose going abroad to check out the social pattern. Besides, many students are afraid of the access examinations for key senior high school. Based on the information released by Chinese Country wide Radio (CNR), practically 20 million applicants for study overseas and chose to leave the college entrance examination in 2010 2010, in the same season, all the students learning abroad in the following high school education students accounted for 19. 75%. The percentage is meant to grow in couple of years. Along with the increasing number of studying abroad, those international students get this to kind of decision for different reasons. Leaving behind the glory in the sight of people at home, those Chinese international students start a totally new sojourning quest in another alien and unfamiliar culture.

So what's their new lease of life in foreign countries? Any kind of troubles in their daily contacting with natives and local people? Have they experienced any emotional upheavals and emotional confusions? Just how do they deal with the affect of both cultures now? What is their ultimate motivation for choosing research abroad? All the regular and superficial questions frequently seem and tend to be discussed during the communication with the author's acquaintances learning abroad. It is hoped that the study can offer a system fro all Chinese international students to talk about their common or different activities. On the main one side, these valuable encounters can help those who find themselves studying abroad learn from others' strong details and offset ones' own weakness to finally achieve the uttermost outcome of proper success and accomplishment. On the other hand the precedent experience can help those who find themselves now planning abroad research at home make a complete and sound preparation for his or her future sojourning from both behavioral and subconscious perspectives.

Although the emergence of international students means the globalization education, because of early age, juniors' studying overseas has many adverse effects on adaptability, culture and ideology, for illustration, on both individuals and the whole society. About learning abroad, there have been a number of records, documents or novels which recorded the life and study of these international students, of which are the negative reviews. The writing of the thesis can be an analysis of disadvantages of review in another country for Chinese junior students who are learning or had studied in different international countries.

First and foremost, study in foreign countries for juniors has many disadvantages in every individual. Many students do not have a tangible motivation for studying abroad, just study overseas with regard to study abroad. To them, study in another country is a glorious road which leads to the land of success. These are questioning when they return from their review abroad experience, they'll be considered an expert on the area they visited, and can probably be asked to help the CIE promote your program to others. In addition, they will be one of the elite users of their school who have been adventurous enough going abroad. They'll be able to provide as an ambassador for his or her university, their town, their state and their country, as they add others to a means of life they haven't experienced. A few of them even obey their parents' advice going abroad or perhaps interested in the mark country but know little about the teaching style, lifestyle and culture well in their mind. And they dismiss the most crucial significance of research abroad, to learn some useful and beneficial knowledge to provide our motherland and our parents and even ourselves, not merely with regard to doing that or living in others' envious eyes.

Second, a number of Chinese international students cannot get accustomed to great great shock of foreign culture in order that they feel themselves like aliens. For those students, we can say they are not good at the intercultural adaptation. Adaptation, actually a biological principle, means a modification or adjustment in structure or patterns, often hereditary, by which a varieties or individual enhances its condition in romantic relationship to its environment. Adaptation enables coating organisms to handle environmental stresses advertisement pressures. Version manifests the natural individual instinct to have difficulty for an interior equilibrium in the face of adversarial environmental conditions. All creatures on the earth, including our human beings, have the fundamental and innate capacity to adjust to the exterior environment. The knowledge of adaptation beyond the biological sense cannot be segregated from culture, so culture adaptation is the expansion of biological version.

Apart from the culture difference, the training idea of China and western countries is quite different. Chinese students, even their parents, focus on utilitarian educational goal more than practical one, for example, diplomas of overseas countries are a lot more popular than domestic ones.

The emphasis of education in China is to have difficulty for future years, for a brighter future. Analysis is some sort of have difficulty of the children. In old China, the so-called poet, "Within literature, one can find houses of gold. Within books, one will discover ladies as reasonable as jade", has been spurring the students studying. While lately, China's advocating Quality Education, it is quite hard for all your school to put quality education into practice. Therefore, Chinese students care and attention more about the ratings in exams however, not the ability of doing things whenever in elementary school and middle university. Students, teachers and parents, they all use one standard to judge or determine success and inability. A person who didn't enter key school is thought as loser, which shifts the strain of our education. Especially in urban area, most families has only 1 child no parent do not be expectant of their children could be elites. It is the pattern of the training in China that decides the way of thoughts of the students. Diploma is everything. On the other hand, when students are in overseas countries, especially in european counties, they have to study from what they do or what they experienced. No one cares about the credit score as much. Sometimes, they need to work with others to figure out a project. For those students, they only learn something from what their teachers and parents told those to do. They haven't any idea of learning something from what they did. In the questionnaire, we can know that about 43% students don't have the capability to do self-study, about 39% students do not have the ability to control their learning time, about 17% students even do not have the concept of self analysis. However, when they are in another completely different country, they are simply forced to master all these talents. Perhaps for some of these, this is a beneficial challenge to chasten themselves, but also for almost all of them, they are still in a age. How do they give attention to their analysis when met with so many new and relatively difficult mental problems. Different sense of life and values makes them feel themselves like aliens and can not go along well with the environment. With their annoying and uneasiness accumulated as time goes on, and can not find a person or destination to speak that away, some of them get hypochondria when they get much stress. Therefore, the author supposes that it is better for the juniors to review abroad once they have finish middle university.

Third, juniors do not have stable ideology. An ideology is a couple of ideas that constitutes one's goals, anticipations, and actions. An ideology can be thought of as a comprehensive perspective, as a means of considering things, as in common sense and several philosophical tendencies, or a set of ideas proposed by the dominant class of the society to all or any members of this society. The primary goal behind an ideology is to provide either change in society, or adherence to a set of ideals where conformity already is accessible, by using a normative thought process. That is the meaning of ideology in wikipedia. As juniors, they are quite curious and they have a solid sense of global involvement and the desire to make great progress to the whole world. While they don't have formed a relatively right valuation of life and the globe, so they are really vulnerable to the impact of foreign education as well as the life style in foreign countries. Sometimes, the impact could energize their passion to know more about different culture and find out more about other countries. But they would face some conflictions on the next or, even as said target culture. The great danger to culture lies in the identity of different cultures, which could make the youth organizations forget who they are, where do they result from and the type of people they'll be in the future. A number of the youth's cultural prices is focus on a strong american culture, where westernization thoughts are very popular in those adolescents. Nowadays, China has a long distance to go to catch up with traditional western countries no subject in overall economy or technology skills. Junior could not fulfill themselves in both physical and mental aspects, therefore, they worship and hope to study abroad. If indeed they worship foreign culture blindly, how can they form their own patriotism and ethos?

Forth, most international students have strong stress of high expectation. International students will always be the very best students in the eyes of common people. They have to cross each kind of lab tests as IELTS and SAT with an increased score to get into their ideal senior high school. Actually, juniors learned only little knowledge ever sold, literature, politics, math etc. The main, their language level is not as high as they may be able to get good at other subject. Are they really the elite among their peers? Let's cite the accident happened on April 12, 2011, in Shanghai Pudong international airport. An international pupil, returning from Japan, stabbed his mother as a result of tuition problem. Relating to a web exploration, mental health of international students is not healthy. About 26% international students have nothing at all to do when they are free, so they surf the internet or watch DVD to kill time without parental supervision. About 17% students cannot find confidants and means of abreaction. And the proportion of those who live with stress on study and economy so that they are sleepless takes up 16%. Besides, a few of them always feel depressed, homesick, and be separatists. While only 7% students are content with their life in another country. Regarding the problems, lowering age would be one of the key reasons. A number of the students, especially juniors, they have never handle problems independently in their life. Instead, they can only confine to their family. In addition, most international students, in wealthy family, with vainglorious and predominant mind, are more likely to have depression and autism when they are in setbacks.

Fifth, juniors loose our countrywide essence while absorbing overseas culture easily. Our world is a pluralism modern culture where every kind of culture has its position, such as our China, one of the oldest countries on the earth. According to background, China has more than two thousand years of history of ethnic exchange. While today after reform and beginning, foreign culture can be found in every corner inside our country, which has great impact on adolescents. Actually, our serious traditional culture should be in our mind. However, when adolescents faced with two totally different culture, the problem of how to balance it becomes the primary trouble. There is merely little time when international culture grew inside our country. However, in such a short time frame it can have a sigificant number of favored organizations, and even troubles to the local traditional culture. A simple example, in recent years, Valentines' Day has been quite popular in both young people urban areas and students. As may us all our Double Seventh Festival is also for love but less popular than Valentines' Day. We are able to take American culture as another example, in 1990s, with the development of inexpensive globalization, American culture becomes the primary tendency to influent depends upon culture. Virtually all countries on the planet earth are forced to receive the unilateral productivity and effect of principles and way of life. Until now, the U. S. ethnic industry is just about the largest ethnic exporter. All types of American cultural products have beyond physical, temporal and spatial constraints, to reach every spot of the five continents. Among them, Coco Cola, Mcdonald, KFC, Disneyland, CNN, MTV, Hollywood, each one of these trademarks, one the main one hand, are the symbols for the reputation of American culture, on the other palm, they are simply they spokesman of the children, which let they forget the bad effect of those culture. Every region has its own culture, lack of the cultural base for this region can only just be damaged! Either it'll be annexed by another region, or will own it own demise, so we say that the nation is ourselves. In modern day culture for the introduction of an individual has great value. Teenagers are the future for a country. If one losses his countrywide culture, then not only the development of a nation fell into a damage but also may lose the nature of your nation's culture, support, which will make the disappearance of the social identity of an nation, and ultimately will be detrimental to the introduction of a land.

With the introduction of China's current economic climate and communal communication, China was associated with other countries strongly, and study in another country is supposed to be an prepared and disciplined profession. International students were thought to be exchange for information and culture. Of course, we have thousands of beneficial reasons about research in foreign countries. However, we also found several undesirable aspects about analysis abroad aside from individuals. We mainly discuss three of them in this thesis, great lack of money and talents, the forming of undesirable social styles and shrinking of home higher education.

First, study overseas makes great loss of funds and talents. On the one palm, in China, most international students have a rich family because study abroad needs massive amount money. Typically the most popular countries for international students are American, The UK. , Australia, Canada, Korea and so forth. Let's have a look at their college or university tuition. In Australia, there are two different high school, one for general population college, another for private school. It requires parents 70 thousand to 90 thousand yuan each year only on tuition. If we add 40 thousand to 70 thousand yuan as living cost, each family would need to pay more than 10 thousand yuan for just one child. It is stated that students aren't allowed to work more than 20 time a week, although they have work-study program. Each hour, students can be paid significantly less than 10 Australia money ( 1 Australia dollar is equals 6. 5~6. 8 RMB). Thus, you can earn about 60 thousand yuan annually without any snooze. But still, they need to pay a lot of money on the price. In Japan, parents also need to provide more than 10 thousand on the price on tuition and living cost for their children every year. The U. S. general public high schools accept international students, that are F1 students, but students can only just learn in the public school for a year, and they have to pay tuition although U. S. high schools do not bill fees for local students. Private high classes acknowledge international students, but the majority of them are exchange visitor program, which only for 3 months. In public schools, one must pay a few thousand us dollars yearly while in private institutions, a few thousand for every semester. In Canada, only in 2009 2009, even if only on the threshold standard, Canada's riches moves from China, at least 23. 5 billion yuan, the same as a global Expo China Pavilion. But if they choose to review inside our own country, it could only less than 5 thousand each year. On the other hand, few students go back to serve our motherland, instead, almost all of them work at big company in developed countries. This past year, ministry of education announced that the amount of international students inside our country has increased by 1. 95 million. Statistics show that since 1978, about 106 million Chinese students studied overseas, while only 27. 5 million came back. The amount of those students leaving abroad is 78. 5 million, which is equivalent to 30 times the number of students in Peking University or college and Tsinghua University or college. It is not easy to cultivate a skill, let alone how wasteful it is to lose an elite to build our future for our country. Juniors study in foreign countries makes great lack of money and talents.

Second, study overseas form undesired social trends. Based on the statistics of a specialist survey company reported on Xinhuanet, those juniors who even if accepted to key high colleges or would be in key universities in the future in China, want to review overseas accounted for more than 70%. Although only 17% of these wouldn't normally take high school access exam, the statistics indicate that domestic education, to some degree, was replaced by study in foreign countries. With the increasing range of students going in another country, a variety of training institutions attended into being in a huge amount. However, in simple fact, the amount of international students in China is increasing in recent years. According to Guide Reports, NAEI (THE UNITED STATES Education International) said that large numbers of American students study in China. From 2002 to 2004, the number of the students who research in Chinese universities has increased 90%, and the total number is the best. At exactly the same time, during the year from 2003 to 2004, Chinese language universities enrolled a total of 4, 737 American students in the last season only 2, 493. In the year of 2010, the quantity has risen to 280, 000, which is predicted that it will be more than 500, 000 in 2020. From these reports, we can safely and securely make a conclusion that Chinese language education, at least, advanced schooling is not bad at all. However, the truth is, students are much more serious and focused when they are in training organization classes. Sadly, we have been in denial and blind our own things to absorb other nation's educational style. Even some parents and students believe that study in another country is the ultimate way to be elite. Is the fact true? Actually, overseas returnees do not have preferential access to occupation. In 2005, the globe HR lab did an research about 1, 500 returnees. Among them, 35% of the returnees have difficulty in hunting for jobs and have become temporarily unemployed. These respondents who didn't find employment in 90 days accounted for 30% while 15% of those didn't find employment in 5 a few months. They desire to find a job with high salary but do not want to do some basic job with relatively lower salary.

Third, juniors' learning abroad shrinks domestic advanced schooling. The direct result of juniors' study overseas is the shrinking of senior high school, then, applicants for high school may enter some kind of training centers, which we have discussed the lot, because of their future terms level and basic skills for living abroad. Then senior high school will enroll less students.

As financial conditions strengthening, and parents' anxiousness, many parents begin to plan their children for future, wanting they would be elite on the planet. So, most of them put their children in another country to make them be stronger and much more competitive in the society. Although, we can not disregard the beneficial factors for juniors it is no denying that there are some limits in studying in another country for juniors both for folks and for your society. Therefore, research in foreign countries for juniors should be put in right attitude, in-depth understanding of the real course selection. Parents should pay attention on two things. First, our patterns for select talents mainly rest in examinations which test students' capability of accepting and remembering. While in overseas countries, they concentrate more on learning capacity, in other words, the ability of creating, exploring, investigating. Then, universities in foreign countries give more stress on graduation. Certainly, every coin has two factors. But we ought to keep in head that education is a large event, one should analyze both beneficial and adverse factors rationally, choose to when and where to study according to their family condition and their own potential as well as persona. As to juniors, they need to be strong enough in their hearts, on the main one hand. Alternatively, they put together whatever in the ability of learning things in a completely different way or the power of influent communication and facing troubles. Only when they are really well prepared, they might make their life better.

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