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Direct Marketing Is The Main Request Marketing Essay

Direct marketing is the key application areas of data fusion and data mining, because the immediate marketing industry collecting large amounts of data about sales, customers shopping history, transportation, usage and services. Especially since the Web or e-business activities become much more convenient, the quantity of data gathered has a rapid development. Today, many stores has a web site, customers may easily purchase products online. Some companies, such as Amazon. com (http://www. amazon. com), only at risk to trade, there is no physical shopping. Direct marketing data for data mining offers a prosperity of resources.

Direct data mining can help the custom identify the behavior of customers, found customers shopping habits and tendencies, improve service quality and achieve better relationship with customers, achieve better customers satisfaction, enhance the sales proportion, design a far more rational direct online marketing strategy, and keep your charges down (Decker, 2007).

. What's Direct Marketing?

In the traditional works in marketing, immediate marketing is a form of non-store sales, however, categorized in the form of non-store sales also as email order, Television set sales, mobile phone sales, vending machine sales and Internet sales. In the last theoretical analysis of direct advertising, direct marketing explanation has always been different (Bennett, 1998).

Industry trade relationship in Washington DC gives direct marketing the definition: a way of distribution, through personal contacts to market products and service. Not have a set trading site, mainly at home. This explanation differs from other definitions. Direct marketing be defined in the techniques of distribution. This classification means that immediate marketing model attach to distribution channels designed direct marketing into its connotation to the idea subsequently.

. What's Data Fusion and Data Mining?

A brief explanation of data fusion and data mining in marketing area is: extraction of previously unidentified, comprehensible information from large safe-keeping of data, and understand it to make important business decision and support their design, including tactical development and proper marketing ideas and measuring their success (Sumathi, 2006).

. Why Using Data Fusion and Data Mining in Direct Marketing?

Data fusion and data mining aims to secure a sufficient understanding of market behavior patterns, to allow the huge benefits to be the suggested behavioral changes in the research obtained (Michael J. A. , 2004). This calls for understanding the market behavior of previously unknown facts, responding to specific questions, like the prediction questions (Sirmakessis, 2005).

In deciding whether to work with data fusion and data mining, we must develop our plan on how to make use of the output, clear view. Too many data fusion and data mining projects have been conducted on IT sector initiatives. These often lead to many interesting findings, but desire a number of operations. Companies with large amount of customers need to give a reasonable amount of stability of the marketers and their marketing service providers, should be the heads of individuals in their prosperity of understanding of customers and their past activities. Data mining tends to confirm their trust, improving the number or add more practical advantages. For instance, specify the size of a long-suspect portion to recognize which customers owned by it. Some deductions are acceptable, such as purchase tendencies depends upon the socio-economic position, these are the info should be gathered in a survey.

Data fusion and data mining is more than simple data research. It is the understanding of a company environment, in a way that relevant questions can be clarified by the use of the correct data analysis tool on the properly picked data. Therefore, data mining requires: Understanding the industry conditions Appreciation of specific factors which connect with the company Familiarity with a variety of analytical tools.

. Circumstance Study


Amway Global is a multi level marketing company that produces quality consumer products. Amway's direct selling pattern is the greatest model to considerate each individual into to the marketing, everyone can do that agent, Amway has indeed brought great profits and also a considerable number of individuals also brought earnings, not only Amway gets the successes of their own brands, but also provides some people's riches accomplishments (Wei, 2010).

Amway takes one to one direct online marketing strategy: someone to one marketing is to understand every customer, build enduring relationships with the clients. By data fusion and data mining method, Amway class a large quantity of customers into different categories, each category of customers with similar attributes. The properties of different types of customers are different. Through data fusion and data mining to comprehend different customer tastes, to coordinate the products and services, greatly increased the types of customers business and product satisfaction.

It is through the techniques of data fusion and data mining that for customer marriage management to Amway Company acquired reasonable business strategy. For four years, the U. S. experienced two serious financial depressions, but Amway never reduced operating efficiency. Inside the recession period, including IBM and GM companies have substantial layoffs, but Amway hasn't been cut-off employees. The level of its production and procedure has remained secure. It is especially worth mentioning is that Amway has been preserved "no lending operation" in four years, but keep lasting development. Keep the record has not been lending money to the lender. This shows that the advantage of data fusion and data mining in the business's development.


Dell's direct sales on the globe are using just how of Internet, there are several special models every week promotions, and i did so advertising.

Dell's use data fusion and data mining way for customer profitability evaluation. In the customer group, customer success is quite different. If you don't know the customer's success, it is difficult to develop effective marketing ways of obtain the most valuable customers. Data fusion and data mining technology can be used to predict activity in the several market situations change in customer profitability. From customer's transaction record to find some self-control seeking actions, and use these patterns to predict the level of success of depositors, or find new clients with higher success (Potential, 2007).

Through data fusion and data mining technology to ascertain their own direct sales model. For 20 years, Dell has revolutionized the industry to customers worldwide, including commercial, institutional and specific customers can access to computer products. Caused by the Dell direct model accepted by the industry, it becomes more powerful and easy to use, more affordable accepted to provide customers with full use of these powerful, new tools, opportunities to boost their working and living conditions.

Tiens Group

Tiens Group is the largest direct advertising company in China, established in 1995, stepped in to the international market in early 1998.

Tiens Group use data fusion and data mining technology for cross-selling. Between businesses and customers is an ongoing business evolving relationship. After the consumer and the company create this two-way romance, you can use many ways to get this to will improve customer relations. Includes, extending the time of this relationship, increasing maintenance payment of such contact during the relationship, attaining more profit in every contact through the relationship. Cross-selling is designed to keep the customers that the business possess and offer new products and services to the clients. Keep cross-selling is to build a win-win principle. The customer is concerned to get more and better services to meet his needs and due to sales growth the organization will also get gain.

With this direct marketing business design, Tenis direct selling have an instant growth in three years results in 300 million people. The market has now worked out a development regular international road in 103 countries and also to District proven a branch, and america, Germany, Malaysia, Spain, Egypt, a dozen foreign enterprises industry to establish a broad proper partnership, listed in the united states of 30 provincial branches and more than 100 Towards the municipal office, includes practically 2, 000 stores. Tiens brand products are exported to 190 countries and area, 1, 000 million people worldwide stability of consumer groups


From the aforementioned three circumstances, we can obviously understand that immediate marketing is a perfect way of marketing. Immediate marketing companies should choose appropriate way to create. Direct selling enterprises can take a variety of direct marketing, in addition to email, visits and other conventional marketing methods, and today the most eye-catching is the network of direct selling. Whether a business operation routine is success, not only will depend on what sales model, but also the method covered behind the management. Data fusion and data mining is a highly efficient enterprise sales management.

Data fusion and data mining in E-commerce market has a wide and in-depth direct application of the research reflects an evergrowing field of research value. With data fusion and data mining technology to help expand develop, will certainly bring a wider range of direct marketing prospects and market value.

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