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Digitalization Evolution Of Digital Music Press Essay

Digitization is thought as the representation of sound, image, object report or indication (usually an analog signal) with a discrete group of its factors or samples. The consequence of this technique is an electronic format of whatever has been digitized. More specifically digitization is detaining an analog sign in a digital form.

Evolution of Digital music

Digital music creation became famous few generations back. It was prompted because of less user-friendly aspect of analog music agreement. Analog recordings got many pros like while documenting analog saturation was created also during understanding and mixing processes and also helped to smooth the results of audio tracks tracks but nonetheless the negatives of analog recording was that it was very frustrating and there was concern with tapes being scratched or broken as these were in physical form (Battino & Richards, 2005).

Digital music making was were only available in 1960's but the starting was not that great because the recordings sounded poor weighed against analog which was because the sampling rate they used was of low quality. It was not until 1978 when the optical readings were launched which enhanced the quality of digital music so the demand of digital music grew. In 1983 digital music was formally launched with cds and Compact disk player which yielded successful profits and became very famous in the short time (Cohen & Rosenzweig, 2008). The late 1980's and early on 1990's noticed the release of recordable CD's which significantly decreased the price of CD players and CD's themselves and also created a fresh market for themselves and seduced many traders towards its creation. The demand for recordable CD's was high because of the fact that people could now not only buy music but also track record it themselves and therefore may have a couple of their favorite music in a single CD. Movie technology was also the next invention and hence digital music gained its strength and left analog music way behind.

Then emerged the lightweight digital players in the overdue 1990s, with Sony launching digital player and Apple starting their iPod's and then continued giving new variants with their products. Hard disks becoming cheaper and advantages of adobe flash drives has made the life span easier for music addicts and hence with more space and portable drives digital music has gained its identification worldwide (Earnshaw & Vince, 2008). Exterior portable hard drives have increased the quantity of downloading it from internet to increase by million times and hence now people can get a common music in their wanted quality any moment from internet.

Digital technology is embossed in music industry nowadays and is an essential part of it. Technology has done wonders in to every industry it includes stepped in and has evolved the whole structure than it and similar is the case with the music industry. The music which was rarely available in significantly flung rural areas is currently open to them in just one click. It has changed the shows of singers; target market has changed from a few listeners to every music fan on the globe (Colson & Throp, 2010). It offers made production less expensive and reliable and much more profitable. Advertising and promotion for music has become cheaper and approachable to masses through digital multimedia and hence interacting your music to people is becoming easier. This trend of digital technology progress has, is and will keep on impacting the music industry. Some implications of digitization of music are:


Before the advent Digital Audio Workstation, everything that can be done through computer i-e; mixing up, mastering and audio adjustment required split group of hardware devices to handle all this products and therefore made the life of a musician hectic and bothersome. The hardware required nowadays is merely a microphone and mixing board attached with your personal computer and the rest of the activities like mixing up, mastering sound alterations etc can be dealt with through computer and the music can be fine tuned easier then before. Pcs allow the musician to recreate the studio room environment with at the least additional hardware because largely which allows them to make a high quality result, thus making the musician's studio more portable and easy to take care of.


Musicians have been given a new way to execute on the stage, in the crowd in fact everywhere they need as they can take their portable studio room with them. Medleys can be made within virtually no time by using software and Laptops and other lightweight varieties of technology can bring a list of endless likelihood of performances that can be executed on the stage (Burkart & McCourt, 2006). Real time effects can be added in performances by attaching guitars, keyboards and drums to pcs and hence it makes live performances more attractive as musicians is capable of doing on audience demand at real-time. DJs doesn't hold huge bucket of tapes to nightclubs because one simulation program makes its possible to allow them to control the digital music in an exact same manner as they are doing with documented music. Concerts can be filled up with lighting and results and also with real-time changes in shades etc of the sounds to make it more energetic and entertaining for youth.

Selling and Distribution

Evolution of internet has altered the whole situation all-together in the music industry as it offers opened a new medium to establish the music and gain access to customers from all around the globe. A track which took months to come quickly to the marketplace and then to final customers is now able to be published on internet and can be sold immediately after it's been completed and is also available to everyone in the world. Advertising or campaign has unlimited opportunities scheduled to these social networks such as Facebook, Orkut, twitter etc. A musician can launch his promotion advertising campaign on any of these networks and get regarded throughout the world and without paying expensive charges for that. Internet branding of music and selling has induced the musicians to save time and money as it was very difficult work to produce a physical copy of music and sell it to the people in markets.


Musical Tool Digital Software (MIDI) is a most typical way to produce never-ending collection of music through digital signals. MIDI controllers are usually build inside the keyboards nonetheless they can also be seen as simulated woodwinds, MIDI handling centers and velocity-sensitive drum pads (Battino & Richards, 2005). MIDI keyboardist can create any sort of music of his preference using any instrument conceivable.


Musicians from all over the world can come on one platform by using internet and can discuss their new concepts with each other. This is why why we have been discovering so many new tunes which features multiple performing sensations; a good example is the song "I really like how you rest" which features to performers who Akon and Rihanna and there are many other examples available. Rapid share file showing has managed to get easy to transfer files to one another so music artists take benefit for facilities like these and collaborate to create a new sensational music that may rock the earth. A couple of online music creation websites available too which musicians from all over the world will come and collaborate without having to be actually present at one place and create music (Patrick & McCourt, 2006).

Contentious Issues and the Have an impact on of Digitizing Music

There are always both attributes of technical change. Music industry has faced some real issues after the digitalization of music has taken place and they are:

Pirate Websites

Pirated websites allows the user to download tracks for free and therefore people don't need to purchase the music they get to hear. It has created huge loss for music artists etc.


Another problem which is experienced by musicians would be that the intermediaries that assist users to find free MP3 tunes websites and etc.

File posting websites

Websites like RapidShare, 4shared etc allow users to upload file and hence they can upload songs of the liking and folks can download them and never have to purchase them. The patents, illegal duplication of original music and pirated websites are the biggest problems which are unresolved till night out and hence they should be dealt with some reforms worldwide which will stop piracy of original music. Despite each one of these problems being faced by music designers, digitization of music has affected almost every music enthusiast from music artists to listeners; it includes opened new market for music and has led the music industry to globalization (Earnshaw & Vince, 2008).

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