Different Products Of The Chosen Company Marketing Essay


This report talks about the key aspects of a product of an chosen corporation. The chosen corporation is "Pizza Hut" and the merchandise is "Pizza". The statement includes the range of efforts to sales and revenue of the merchandise, Pizza. It also analyses the costing strategies and identifies different promotional tools of "Pizza Hut" by using good examples and how the product is allocated to the customers.

Pizza Hut was were only available in 1958, by two brothers in Wichita, Kansas. Frank and Dan Carney had the theory to start a pizza parlor. They lent $600 from other mother and the tiny 25 sitting one room building was chosen for their restaurant, which appears like a hut established the first Pizza Hut. Fifteen years later, Pizza Hut opened up the first restaurant in the UK and over 40 years providing billion of pizzas Pizza Hut has became the biggest pizza company on the globe.

Different products of the chosen organisation

Pizza Hut has different varieties of products. They provide many things but their main product is different varieties of pizza. The products they sell is shown below:

Different sorts of Pizzas, like,

Pan- Solid and fluffy pan cooked pizza.

The Italian

Cheesy Bites

Stuffed Crust

Pizza Mia


The Extreme Pizza

Starters and Sides


Salads Stations and Salads



Weekday Lunch

Happy Hour

Weeknight Treat

Children -Pizza Hut has different kinds of products for children. Such as,

Macaroni Cheese



Thin Tortilla Pizza

Selected Product and its key components

The chosen product is "The Extreme Pizza" of Pizza Hut.

Nature and attribute of the product: "The Extreme" is a twenty-inch with twice as much parmesan cheese and toppings as Pizza Hut's other pizzas.

Service Quality: The Pizza Hut is a brand. Pizza Hut has built a brand name which means quality products and services. As Pizza Hut created "The Extreme", customers will automatically think this is is a high quality product.

People: Customers are the part of production process. Young technology are the goal customers of the merchandise.

Partnerships: Yam and KFC are the partners of Pizza Hut.

The product mixture of the organisation contributes to sales and profit

The product mixture of a firm, which is normally defined as the full total composite of products offered by a particular company, consists of both product lines and specific products. (http://www. businessdictionary. com/definition/productmix)

"The Extreme Pizza" is an individual product, which contributes to profits of Pizza Hut. "The Extreme" is the most significant pizza on the marketplace. No other pizza offers 20 inch pizza and will not has more cheese and toppings as "The Extreme". So that it was profitable. The product's target market is the junior, between the age range of 12 and 30, who purchase a whole lot of pizzas yearly but few restaurants concentrate on them. Following the introduction stage of the product life routine, Pizza Hut set up the market for the product. During the growth stage, Pizza Hut built sales and produces a desire for the merchandise.

Definition of Prices Strategy

Pricing Strategies that requires into view factors like a firm's overall marketing goals, consumer demand, product traits, compitetor's costing, and market and monetary trends. (http://www. businessdictionary. com/definition/pricing. html)

There are two costing strategies. They are really:

Skimming: Setting a relatively high price through the initial level of a product's life. A strategy designed to get yourself a relatively high price from, relatively few consumers, who've the resources and really wants to buy regardless of price. (Hollensen, S. (2003), Prices Decision, Marketing Management A Romantic relationship Way, p. 502, Pearson Publication Ltd. )

Penetration: Setting a relatively low price during the product's life. A strategy that seeks the maximum number of customers by charging good deal. (Hollensen, S. (2003), Pricing Decision, Marketing Management A Romantic relationship Methodology, p. 502, Pearson Publication Ltd. )

Pricing strategies of the organisation in details with examples

Pizza Hut has efficiently used the high/low rates strategy when placing the retail price of its products. The high/low retail pricing strategy allows Pizza Hut to impose a cost that is above your competition, but also promote repeated sales to lessen the purchase price below them. The retail price of "The Extreme" was arranged at 9. 99, which is greater than Pizza Hut's rival. Several sales deals and coupons were used to lower the purchase price below those opponents. Both Pizza Hut and the beverage Mountain Dew are Pepsi subsidiaries, pack prices has been used. "The Extreme" pizza's Price was 9. 99 and 2 litters Mountain Dew was free. The high/low costs strategy has several advantages.

This pricing strategy will help portion market. Different groups of people are prepared to pay different charges for the same product.

The high/low rates strategy will also create pleasure. Customers can buy something new which exciting experience may bring those customer again to acquire other products.

This strategy will focus on product and service quality. Pizza Hut send a signal to customers that its products are high quality and service is great.

Different promotional tools employed by the organisation

Mail & Fliers: The advertising from the Extreme was distributed mainly by email, but also by fliers on school campuses around the country in order to reach the prospective market.

Television Commercial: "The Extreme" was launched, 2001, in a tv commercial. This commercial was like the Mountain Dew advertising campaign.

Magazines: There have been also similar ads in newspapers that are favored by the target market such as Surfers, Snowboarding, YM, and Maxim.

Internet: The product also presented in the Pizza Hut's website.

Reasons for using promotional tools

The goals of using the promotional tool are to present a new product, stimulate demand, change the short-term behavior of the clients, and encourage do it again or greater utilization by the clients.

The advertising campaign creates awareness of the new product in the prospective market.

Promotional tools also helps Pizza hut to draw in customers and increase income of the company.

Distribution procedure for the product

The kind of distribution channel utilized by Pizza Hut is the Direct channel. The direct route is successful when there's a enormously large market that is geographically isolated. The immediate channel is also useful whenever there are a huge number of clients, but a little amount of purchased by each. Pizza Hut uses three different techniques of advertising its products right to the marketplace.

Delivery: The first strategy is delivery. Customer can call Pizza Hut beforehand, place an order, and the order is delivered to the customer's home.

Dine -in: Another approach is dine-in, customer can go to the nearest Pizza Hut, place an order, either leave with the order or eat at the restaurant. Pizza Hut's restaurant style center is its one of the competitive advantages. Pizza Hut offers a clean place to sit down and revel in the meals in a fun and family atmosphere.

Online Order: Customer can go on the web and place an order. Online buying technique is helpful because it helps the customer to see the whole menu, download any special coupon code, and order without providing any bank card numbers.

The market coverage for "The Extreme" is nationwide. Customers all over the country can order "The Extreme" by Online ordering technique of the distribution methods.


At the end of this statement it can be concluded giving the findings of this record. Pizza Hut is a renowned company in the UK and all around the globe. "The Extreme Pizza" is one with their various products, which can be an unique one due to its size, 20-inch and key components of its. "The Extreme" as something mix has contributed the sales and profits. In this statement there is description of prices strategy, which includes two strategies that are, Skimming and Penetration. There is an example of costing strategy of Pizza Hut. Pizza hut uses different types of promotional tools like, email, fliers, leaflet, T. V. advertisings, magazine advertisings, and internet. This record also includes the distribution process of Pizza Hut.


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