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Differences And Similarities BETWEEN YOUR Athens And Spartans Background Essay

The Athens and Spartans were two civilizations with many differences and similarities. The Spartans were the ones that wanted a solid military, a civilization without flexibility and less education for men so they could fight in the military. The Athenians acquired a strong military but liberty was very important and the education to the people was important. The life span as a Spartan was very difficult because the kids started to educate at age 7 and finish off at age 18, then they must go to battle on the army. The girls were also trained, but at age 15 they committed, acquired kids and remained at home. At the age of 30, they gained a full citizenship similar to the men. In Athens, the infant males were more important than young ladies and rich children were brought up by a particular tutor; from age 7 the guys started to go to school and received special training for different works. Females remained at home and learned crafts and poetry from their mothers; they often times marry at get older 15. At era 18 men go to the army for two years and then they get back home to work. Women, however, remained at home to raise and look after children.

These 2 civilizations were based in three ways of government (monarchy, oligarchy and democracy). The monarchy is situated in a administration ruled by a ruler or a queen. Alternatively, oligarchy was located in a administration that was ruled by a little group of individuals that make decisions. However, the democracy is something in which the residents vote to make governmental decisions. The downside of the monarchy is that the king does indeed what he would like, the individuals can't choose the ruler and that the people cant choose the laws and regulations. The downside of the oligarchy is that the people cant decide anything in the federal government, just a small group of individuals have the right to vote and choose the laws and regulations. The cons of the democracy are that anyone may be considered a candidate, also that some citizens were not decided and that the people might not exactly agree so there could be fight. However these types of government have advantages like the monarchy, the king may control everything so he could make the right choices. Within the oligarchy the band of citizens could make good laws that help the civilization. Finally the democracy was the best because the citizens may choose the federal government.

As the Athens Spartan`s armed service protect he authorities and the federal government offers education to the civilization "The two most effective and best-known of these city-states were Athens and Sparta" (http://plaza. ufl. edu/tlombard/). As the Spartans the Athenians have a strong military, both civilizations have a majority in land soldiers somewhat than sailors. As Athenians the Spartans possessed education but the Athenians were more interested on it, the two civilizations made that the kids start education at the age of 7. As the Spartans the Athenians possessed different way of federal government but their federal was good, they used three ways of federal government: monarchy, oligarchy and democracy.

As they had similarities in addition they had dissimilarities. The military services of Sparta was huge and the best of all but the Athens government was a simple but strong military, the young young man started to educate at age 7 but the Athenians visited the army at the age of 18, the Spartans continued the army until 60 years old however the Athenians just began to work when they reunite from army. In the federal government The Athenians were the ones who started the democracy, it was called limited democracy that means that not everyone could vote only the ones with citizenship and the top people, and the main one who began the democracy was Draco when he required the power. Nevertheless the Spartans had ways to govern that they had an assembly known as the council of elders, the made the laws and the ones that choose instead of the folks. The Spartans got less education than Athens because they have to go directly to the army "Sparta seemed to be content with themselves and provided their army whenever required" (http://www. diffen. com/difference/Athens_vs_Sparta); in institution that they had physical education that was very hard. The Athens got education and many topics to study on, the women also study nonetheless they have to be at home and learning about crafts and poetry of their mothers and they marry at years 15.

The jobs that Spartans men got in the civilization was very hard, when they are blessed the healthy kids were raised by the moms but the poor kids were taken to a cave so they perish. When they acquired 7 years old these were trained and by physical education, they training were made up of punishments and hard training. When they get to get older of 18 they provide the army for his or her whole life, when the women was born these were not so important as the men so these were raised, at the age of 7 they hay physical education but at the age of 15 they acquired marry and elevated the kids. But when the Athenian kids were given birth to the healthy ones were elevated by some special tutors, the harmful were send to the gates so people moving by might take them. At the age of 7 the males receive education however the girls remained at home learning crafts and poetry by their mothers "Athenian girls did not attend school" (McDougal 129). At the age of 18 the young boys serve to the army for 24 months then the go home to work "when they acquired older, boys went to military institution to help them plan another important duty of citizenship-defending Athens"(McDougal littell 129). However the women marry at the age of 15 and possessed kids and increase them.

The Peloponnesian conflict was a bloody war, the Athens were predicated on the navy however the Spartans were predicated on the land army, when the battle began it was very bloody and no person was winning so they authorized a treaty to avoid war, the war lasted 9 years. 4 years later the Spartans used up the food items of the Athenians because they thought that they had a good army, the Spartans earn the wars nonetheless they led the Athenians be the ethnical center of Greece. In conclusion the Spartans and Athenians were a proper develop civilization but in my viewpoint the Athenians were best civilization because they were better people but the Spartans were bad and dangerous.

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