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Development of the Bio-Chemical Sector in the UAE

  • Saman Masood


The term 'bio-chemical' consists of two words, that is, 'bio' this means 'life and 'substance this means any 'substance material' that arises from a chemical chemical substance which makes up a full time income cell. There are range of bio-chemicals that can be extracted from various options, for example, proteins from meat pancreas, crops and other natural ways. Just like a little example, whenever a person eats anything, for example, an egg which has protein which is divided into amino acids through chemical type reactions occurring in the body, or a potato which is divided into starch and glucose. Not absolutely all the reactions in the human body takes place spontaneously as it needs catalysts to either increase or slow down a response and these catalyst are the one and only the enzymes which are made up of proteins which is a bio-chemical.

There will vary aspects of enjoying biology,

  • Firstly a natural biology, which is just like the standard and natural biology by which human being follow their lives.
  • And the other is fabricated biology which is related in two but distinct techniques of bio-fuel production. The first area concerns on the study and development of the fabricated enzymes to breakdown cellulosic biomass into fermentable sugar for the production of energy and the second reason is concerned about the creation or anatomist of microbes that produce useable biofuel.

The use of bio-chemicals inside our daily life has become important because of the fact of increasing scientific modifications. This can be explained by a fact that enzymes are used in medical researches. An enzyme called collagenase is used to dissolve tissue. And a necessary protein called collagen contain the skin cells of any organ. Once a sample of cells is considered by a scientist, and desires to isolate or distinguish the cells they can soak the cells in the perfect solution is of collagenase and after sometime the skin cells will be separated from one another. After separation the skin cells are alive and in proper working condition. Then these cells can be studied out and stored in a petri dish and when provided with nutrients, they increase and split and make up another organ identical to they were taken from, this technique is called 'tissue culture'.

Enzymes that happen to be chemically necessary protein in aspect work to catalyze reactions and are built with artificial DNA (de-oxyribose nucleic acidity) or DNA from other types into microbes which are developed in labs to breakdown certain type of biomass, for example woodchips, corn stalks or other cellulosic chemicals. They are also used to boost the rate at which they breakdown into sugars which is fermented into ethanol or other styles of gas. The mixture of enzymes nowadays has become quite shocking as they are combining in different families and also have become effective greatly.

Synthetic biologists pray to improve the microorganisms they are working with so the oil which they produce may be indistinguishable to the olive oil which can be used for transportation today. Soon these microbes can be 'living substance factories' which may be engineered to pump out almost any petrol that is required.


The companies who use to produce bio-chemicals are called bio-chemical companies. You'll find so many bio-chemical companies in UAE for example,

Emirates Biotech Pharmaceutical Factory:

It is situated in Abu Dhabi, the first company to get access to the technology in Midsection East. It blueprints to produce pharmaceutical raw materials which derive from biotechnological procedures.

Biotechnology is field of applied biology which involves living organisms and bio-processes within executive, agriculture and medicine. Professionals of various technologies are attracted towards this due to its potential to impact all types of establishments and business activities.

With two of the esteemed international partners, they have signed a contract to create the manufacturer and market the merchandise. The two companies will be the GL Rapha and Hankook Korus Pharm.

The development of such a complex technology in UAE and the Emirati competence, brings forward a fresh global position for UAE in future. The business has begun using for period one of the job, and further they will seek the services of Emaritis with different colleges and technological backgrounds. On the other hand, additionally it is supporting the local institutes to market education in the field.

Tricon band of companies in Dubai:

Next is another prestigious company called Tricon group of companies in Dubai. Their objective is to provide best quality in a timely and cheap way with care to the world and environment. They always experienced an objective to construct progressive band of companies that get involved services with the slightest innovations to cut down the costs and accumulate value to customers. The company witnessed growth of itself through the four years of operation.

To improve the capabilities in 1996, the business offered to seek international cooperation for innovations. As of yet, the company established fact for the capability to produce quality jobs through shared support. The company has thrived to be assimilated in the different areas like education, energy, medical, hospitality, real real estate, security, technology and travel and leisure.

The company's management and personnel are composed of singles with great experience in their excelling domains. The variety of disciplines of the group of companies personnel and their encounters is the indication and warranty of the capacities to discover the best project execution. It is experiencing a new phase of development through management of another generation of Al Maskari professionals.

UAE pharma:

Next a firm called UAE pharma is one of the most developed market in the Middle East, with strong infra-structure and the top-most per-capita pharmaceutical expenses in the region. The company continues to lure manufacturers to the region. Since 2003, imports of pharmaceutical products has increased from Dh800 million to Dh 3 billion in 2010 2010 while exports have risen from Dh 100 million to Dh 400 million in the same margin.

The study shows that several multinational companies concentrate to purchase the UAE pharma which consists of the strong branded medication market. The country's prosperity and preferences for the latest drugs has increased within the last years.

The company's experts say that the prospect of further growth in the same sector produces lifestyle changing areas which is based on the greater westernized disease such as excess weight, etc.

The study areas numerous solutions which have surfaced over years. Other diseases like diabetes, increased heart rate, heart diseases will remain a backbone of growth for the original drug manufacturers.

It is also hoped that further increment of the market integration and advantages of integrated healthcare insurance systems will raise the pharmaceutical trade.

Gulf pharmaceutical company:

Another prestigious company is Gulf pharmaceutical company which ensures its esteemed work in the next discipline:

  1. Conglomerates,
  1. Multi-line.
  • Health care,
  • Pharmaceuticals,
  1. Pharmaceutical suppliers,
  1. Generic drugs,
  2. Vitamins and nutritionals.
  3. Health care product, consumer goods and commercial manufacturing.

Relationship between pharmaceuticals and biochemical companies:

The pharmaceuticals companies are also enlisted under the bio-chemical companies as the drugs which are used to get rid of are also created from the chemicals, including the drugs which we intake are also necessary protein in dynamics which is produced in a bio-chemical company. So, the bio-chemical company and the pharmaceutical companies are closely related.

Summary of development in UAE:

So from finding the very beginning of the development of the UAE, anyone can clearly say that the united states has surfaced from the scratch and has been developed into one of the leading country of the world which targets all of the areas of life and handles it effectively, no matter whichever section of work it is, whether substance production, or medical care or anatomist.

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