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Developing Effective Communication Skills Education Essay

The order in which you sit down or stand will provide messages to the person you are communicating with. Sitting down with your hands crossed can mean 'I'm not taking any notice' that may give a negative impact to the individual you want to communicate with. However if you slim forward it will pursue that you are demonstrating interest or extreme involvement. An excellent posture is required to effect a person as to create a good response about you. In a health and interpersonal care environment like a day health care centre you'll need to take a seat or stand ready which the person you are conversing with feels comfortable as this will be necessary to show a good impression. For instance if you are experiencing a one-to-one conversation in a day care centre you'll need showing you have a confident posture as this constructs an optimistic form of respond to the elderly person you are talking to and get down onto their level so they feel laid back conversing with you.


Gestures can include side and arm activities which can help us to comprehend just what a person says. A side gesture may involve bad/good impulses such as good friend/not friend as well as the middle finger which is known as swearing to the young era. The gestures subject to a person as in order to connect this should be on point as it includes positive/negative impressions to a person. Inside a health and sociable care setting, gestures are important to get right as a location like a hospital you'll need to truly have a formal atmosphere which includes gestures such as hands demonstrating where things may be or even helping an older/child/adult to move.

Facial expressions:

The faces you make indicate your emotional status. If one is in a sad feeling they can show this feelings by looking down this might show anxiety in their face so their oral cavity will be closed. Alternatively, a happy person will have large eyes that make connection with you as well as will smile. This shows you how they are sense and the order you should talk back again with them and behave in the way they would as if you to. In options such as an elderly care home, you will need constructive cosmetic reactions as this represents the care and attention home they stay static in and they will require good service because they are adoring people and delicate if given incorrect facial expressions like a screw face. Occasions such as having an mental conversation with a customer in adjustments such as GP's you will need to possess sympathy to them and suggest to them your facial reaction in a understanding reaction, if you are demonstrating a negative facial reaction the dialogue won't be serious and could ending up hurting an individual's feeling.

Eye contact:

Your eye contact is a crucial factor that may influence interactions in a health insurance and social treatment environment such as a nursery this is because when talking to a child or an employee you will need to have direct eye connection with them just like you do not they will get a feeling you don't find the conversation important enough. The best way to let a person feel you are participating with them is to check out them while they speak and not invade their personal space. If you have their back again to them with no vision contact in a health insurance and social attention environment this may create a chat with people behind you to discuss you behind your rear or even show negative hands gestures.

Body Dialect:

As well as posture, your body motions will also commune announcements. Such as, how you walk, move your head, sit, mix your legs etc will convey announcements about whether you are tired, happy, unhappy or bored. Within a health and sociable care setting such as a day care setting up the body terms provides essential training as you should prepare about how to behave with a person that is maybe mental or even brief tempered. Within a setting such as a nursery the body language will describe the sort of person you are, the reaction to your body terminology will show children, personnel and also parents the method that you are, a kid may also imitate the way you react so to be able to create body language it'll need to be positive to duplicate.

P4: Explain strategies used in health and sociable care conditions to overcome barriers to effective communication and social interactions.

M2: Review strategies found in health and cultural care conditions to overcome obstacles to effective communication and interpersonal interactions.

I will be detailing some of the strategies that are being used in health and social care conditions that are used to overcome barriers to effective communication and interpersonal interactions. A few of these are:

Slang (casual English):

Slang is a shortcut of ways which young people talk in the present day days and some of the words are 'peng, Skeen, wag1' these are a distraction to the present day life as this demonstrates formal English is not used a lot. To beat this barrier we should use the correct terminology to discuss and understand this way is not right as it can effect an individual's communication as people may feel left out if they have no idea the right slang and it could also hurt someone's feeling if using slang. In a very health and cultural care environment just how an individual should speak is officially it is because many people do not understand the present day way of discussing which is the incorrect verbal way of conversing, therefore the right way of speaking should be done formally. Within a hospital setting in case a nurse is speaking with an individual using slang this will be very informal and the patient may believe that the nurse is not serious to be working within the environment; this will cause lack of amount towards the patient. Also in a health and social care setting up like a school to talk to young children using slang will be a high disadvantage this is because they will discover these words and will build a distraction at home and even their studies as during written work they could commence to write using the terminology they have got learnt which is informal.


A deaf person is someone that is lacking the power of ability to hear or having destroyed hearing.

To overcome this hurdle there a wide range of strategies a few of the ways are:

If a ability to hear aid does not create a large difference to a person's hearing the other option is to use:

British Sign Terms:

This is a technique where people in Britain talk to deaf people. The Uk Deaf Association had explained that Uk Sign Terminology is the first or most preferred words of many deaf people in the United Kingdom. Sign terminology is ways to overcome the hurdle as this strategy makes deaf people understand what we are saying and what they are saying to, however you will need to know how sign vocabulary is proved helpful and know all the backdrop behind it and you will need experience to do this prior to starting a dialog with a deaf person normally you may send an incorrect meaning to them.

In a health insurance and care environment like a residential care home the English Sign Terms may be a good way to connect as some may be hard at reading and can need to converse in such a way that both people understand.

Also in just a health and social care setting such as a hospital there could be patients that are deaf, to beat this the nurses, receptionists and personnel within the surroundings should become aware of this barrier and can need to be trained this before working as this will be a advantage as the form of communication will climb between the two that are conversing.


This means whenever a person has lack of vision this means they cannot see.

A person can use glasses or even contacts as they enhance the eyesight, however if this will not help you can use what's called Braille to defeat the barrier to be blind.


This is a system which may be felt with fingertips. This system gives a method of written communication which is dependant on the sense of touch, for people which may have limited vision. The machine is popular for reading and writing by the people that cannot see written script.

Computer software can also translate written items into Braille. That is helpful to communicate with those which have problems with their eyesight as this makes them feel as if they have an opportunity to communicate in a special way to others. In a health and interpersonal environment it can be necessary to use Braille as this helps the people who have lack of eye sight; this gives them a hope to communicate in a unique way and is a way to regain their eyesight. In a university/college/university the doorways of the rooms may have braille that will supply the people will less eye-sight to have a chance to experience with braille, as this may be the only path they can communicate.

Learning difficulties:

This is when a person has a learning difficulty; he or she sees it harder to learn than most children of the same age range.

To overcome this hurdle you can get private support and extra sessions that assist develop the training. Nevertheless the other option is:


This is something that develops language which uses speech, signs and symbols to help people who have learning difficulties to communicate also to develop their vocabulary skills. Those that communicate using Makaton can speak a word and perform an indicator using hands and body language. There are lots of icons which can help individuals who experience learning challenges to recognise an idea or to talk to others. Makaton is tremendously flexible as it can be fixed to an individual's needs and used at a level suitable for them. It can be used to talk about thoughts, alternatives and feelings, help people find their way and many more. This is also useful in a health and attention environment as individuals who suffer learning challenges suffer using conversation but this system develops the learning and you will be easier for people that communicate with them. In a health and communal care setting like a school which has people that experience learning challenges, Makaton will be a superior way to converse as in the environment the client may feel like they have a higher chance way of communicating and will understand what is going on within the environment which means he/she will be getting the same education as the rest of the children.

Distress and emotional difficulties:

Conditions such as have a heart stroke, being frustrated or having other mental health issues can affect a person's capability to communicate it is because they affect the individuals capability to send and also receive announcements effectively.

To overcome this barrier people can go and get professional help or within a health and public care setting you can also go and speak to a supervisor or a GP to obtain the help they require.

One-to-one communication:

This is when you begin a discussion with someone you do not know too well, and that means you should always make an effort to create a right atmosphere between you two. It is vital to let the person talk way more they can tell you how emotional they can be feeling and discrete whatever they can be feeling. To carry out this you'll need to make a positive emotional atmosphere before you go on to discuss complicated issues. The person you are having a conversation will need to feel peaceful and feel like you are trusted to talk to. In a health and social care setting up you will need to behave in a official way which you cannot get to personal and you ought to have the ability to make them feel like you can do something to avoid there stress and emotional troubles as what you do will be the best of medical and social good care settings as well as for a better modern culture.

D1- Evaluate strategies used in health and public care environments to overcome barriers to effective communication and interpersonal interactions.

I will be writing to judge the talents, weaknesses and areas for improvement on the barriers to effective communication and social interactions which are used in health and social care conditions.

Slang (casual English):

The first barrier I am evaluating is slang which is an informal way of talking, the features of using slang in a health and social good care environment is that it could be interesting to use as it is a form of dialect that only makes sense to people with expert understanding. The features of using slang are that it creates easier communication generally in most neighborhoods such as youngsters clubs, secondary colleges etc it is because many people are educated in this manner of discussing, also while texting the best way to write also shortens the wordings of words which means it will take less time, and many people will understand.

However the weaknesses of slang is that individuals may not understand it in a health and social good care environment plus they may think whatever has been said may be unpleasant which can hurt their emotions often. Also the other weakness of slang is that people may feel peer-pressured by their friends as they might not know how to talk slang. There's also interpersonal ways of slang that happen to be done yourself gestures, eyeball contact which most teenagers learn from the culture we reside in today. Also the version of slang is really a corrupted version that indicates negative things toward some other age range of individuals. In a health and social attention environment like a school will disadvantage with the terminology of slang, this is because in length of time of GCSE exams many students gets distracted with casual English which will divert these to do best and lower the quality they are likely to get.

The areas for improvement of slang is rather than communicating informally using slang, a person should speak using correct terminology as this is required to create a friendly atmosphere which people in just a health and public care setting up will understand and also have no issues with. Formal English is required in everyday living as this will be successful you with a trusted profession, useful friends and also great results. Appropriate terminology often motivates all to do their best and achieve well, as slang is generally a distraction towards all and can cause problem within all stages of an individual's life, in a good and bad way.


British Sign Dialect:

This is a strength as if one is deaf the best possible way is to learn signal language and use this in a way to converse. The benefit of using sign terms in a health and social attention environment is that folks will feel like they are treated equally and reasonably compared to other folks. This also shows the initial means of learning new things such as indication language, the way to learn is interesting as well as it includes useful skills.

There is research which includes been approved out which shows that deaf children who learn indication language young will be more rationally disposed to prosper. This is due to the fact of the increased capability to talk to those around them. However, it is also because sign vocabulary is not, as many people incorrectly think, something of gestures representing words, but a intricate language system, equally as the British. However, children who learn indication language have previously learnt, essentially, about just how words works and is composed, which can only help in future studies, most incredibly if they opt to figure out how to speak British, or any other spoken terminology.

There are also advantages which overlap from educational advantages into communal and ethnical advantages. This will lead the kids to be more comfortable and more confident because they're aware their devote the globe is secured.

On the other hand, the weaknesses of signal language being truly a barrier are that this process calls for quite long to learn and many deaf people may also be slow learners that will also be a disadvantage. Also to be able to get sign language perfect it takes a long timeframe required which may be damaging in a health insurance and social care environment. Within a school environment if a child already knows signal words this will be useful however the rest may feel insecure as they don't learn how to communicate within that one way which will decrease their communication within the environment.

Lastly the areas of improvement for the hurdle British Sign Vocabulary is that people in key and secondary college should be able to get an opportunity to learn this technique as this may be an advantage to them in the future if they would like to work in just a health and public treatment environment that also takes in people with less hearing. The strategy of the can be increased by getting a range of signal languages such that it is more understandable for folks that are not suffering from being deaf.

Learning difficulties-


Makaton is a hurdle which strengths is that it's different from British Sign Language because it is a dialect program which balance verbal communication with actions and other non verbal signals. Makaton consists a central vocabulary of especially selected ideas and ideas. They are regarded as most appropriate for the needs of children and parents with communication and language difficulties. The choice of the procedure relies on the needs of the kid or adult with communication problems and main people who play an important role in their lives. This is an advantage for a health and social good care environment as here may be people that lack in talk and this system will be a good programme to allow them to develop to them.

http://www. elce. org/index. php?option=com_content&view=article&id=68&Itemid=103 : - previous utilized: 09/10/12 - 20:44

The weaknesses of Makaton in an environment which requires health and social care is the fact not everyone recognizes this form of communication and this is a problem as it requires quite long to get accustomed to the system. An individual may also feel not the same as mainstream children which might decrease their confidence if indeed they learn a particular way with Makaton. This will dispute the learning of the family, children and the individual itself.

The areas of improvement is that individuals that undergo less of conversation should be educated this up to full specifications as it is essential to do so as this is also a different way of learning and this makes them feel very special and also informed. Also the use of Makaton should be educated in school within a number of ways as this will be ideal for children and elders as they could also experience in having to utilize this way of communicating as they get older. The ways in which you communicate with people that experience learning troubles will need to be precise as Makaton this will be to prevent insecurity of different ways of communicating that mainstream individuals communicate by.



The advantages of using Braille in an H&SC setting up is that it's easily discovered and it starts up the world of reading for view impaired people. In addition, it is smaller than the previous system, so that it is way better for embossing. Finally it adapts to the technology. Braille is a system that many people can learn even if indeed they do not undergo less of look; it is a practical task and can be carried out in an exciting way.

http://brailleliteracy. weebly. com/advantagesdisadvantages. html :- 09/10/12 - 21:10

The weaknesses of Braille are which it cannot be read by way of a sighted person that has not learned it as well as the errors can't be erased. Also people that can read Braille may feel they are really underachieving as they do not have the same techniques as people that contain perfect vision, nonetheless it should be essential to be educated Braille in a health insurance and social care setting up.

The areas of improvement inside a health and communal care setting is the fact that Braille should be trained in all places as this may make the program more interesting and just in case of loss of eyesight occurs. Also medical and social health care setting is a successful destination to be informed with the service such as Braille.

Distress and psychological difficulties-

One to one communication:

The strengths of the is that a high position such as nurse/ GP etc, can build a close marriage with the individual as the individual will be asked to start and seek assist in order to avoid feeling like this. In addition it gives you a chance to say what you are feeling and what you find hard to inform others.

The weakness of the strategy is the fact they may be threatened to open up and there problems may be too serious that they feel it isn't your problem. The individual may also not be a socialising person which will cause problems.

The areas of improvement are that to talk about problems and thoughts of mental difficulties and distress should be promoted so that people feel well informed and there are a large variety of groups attending which makes the population big, this is necessary in a health and social care setting otherwise people may lack in keeping things from you.

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