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Develop A Head Map Education Essay

Develop a brain map indicating your plan to conduct a learning-teaching time of a single period, for a selected issue, in a decided on grade. It will indicate the subject matter protected as subtopics, learning goals, learning experiences associated with related resources, and ways of assessment.

B. Based on your brain map, write a brief essay focusing on the next:

(i) Justification for selecting the learning/teaching resources suggested in the mind map.

- State the reasons for selecting the resources indicated and exactly how these will meet up with the needs of your learners (P3. 1)

- Explain ways in which these resources may be adapted to meet inclusive needs of learners (P3. 2)

- Review the features of using technology as a source of information for learning and teaching, providing good examples (P3. 3)

(ii) Justification for selecting the techniques of assessment indicated in your brain map

- State the reasons for selecting the evaluation methods mentioned, and review their purposes (P4. 1)

- Analyse the talents and weaknesses of the analysis methods you have decided on (P4. 2)

- Demonstrate why it is important to keep records of analysis (P4. 3)

- Discuss how analysis enable you to advise practice and indicate areas for improvement (P4. 4)


(i) Lessons planning is an essential teaching standard to effect a result of an efficient learning environment. Learning/educating resources play a significant role in lessons planning and help in discovering various modes of providing knowledge to different kinds of learners. While selecting the resources to aid in learning, it's important to check on whether it will meet up with the needs of all the learners.

First of most, I would create a music from the Mayan age played by using a cassette from a radio and have the students to do you know what today's lesson is going to be about, creating an excitement and eagerness to learn about the lesson. Next, I would make sure they are watch a movie about the Mayans on a virtual setting of any movie theatre while providing them with a checklist to tick and answer short questions in order that they have a specific focus and an educational idea on what they are seeing. The learners will also get a real "feel" about living through the Mayan era and experience that atmosphere within them. After the movie, a power point demonstration on the Mayans will be shown and asked to focus and write what they feel is important. Here, the learners will be able to show a real interest on what they are learning. The pictures, information and video clips in the demonstration may induce the visible learners as the sound files and music from the movie benefits the auditory learners. Therefore in this case, a laptop, radio, smart table and a pointer becomes really helpful in interacting with the needs of the learners. Further, these teaching helps make lessons much more interesting while motivating the students and keeping away from their dullness that could prevail during long trainings of monotonous teaching. The learners will likewise have the chance to actively participate, experience and take part in the lessons.

Before start a lesson, it is vital to make sure that the relevant coaching aids are put in the correct order and planned within an appropriate manner. In the event the learners cannot see the texts plainly, we can make the font size bigger and use colours and highlighted text messages to highlight important notes. This might help in students having a particular learning difficulty such as dysgraphia or dyslexia as well. When the pictures viewed small, an bigger version of maybe it's used. The cassettes and videos could be enjoyed several times with increased volume with different pace if the learner seems to have a difficulty in reading and finding and catching up with what is being educated. When the inclusive needs of learners are unmet, it may cause serious uncomfortableness in them minimizing their capability to concentrate on learning.

In this quickly evolving world, it's almost impossible to ignore the blooming technology. THE INFO Technology found in teaching provide many advantages such as making learning much more interesting and attractive. E. g. virtual school room, moodles, e-learning, electricity point presentations etc. , provides the students animated while handling their different learning styles. E. g. - slides, radio, television, MP3 players, gramophone, OHP etc and helps the students to self-learn thus keeping hard work.

"Technology offers answers to a diverse set of instructional problems and trainers augment classes with the Internet and other instructional technologies for a whole variety of reasons"-(Coaching and Learning with Technology, Faculty Guide, School of Missouri)

(ii) Assessments are essential aspects in teaching. It could be formative, which can be used internally and tweaked to match the objectives of a lessons and usually conducted while educating a course or lessons or either summative which is conducted by the end of an course or product. I have thought of doing some group activities to determine the learners on their knowledge. With the group discussion after the presentation, the checklist will be mentioned and corrected. Hence any child perceiving a wrong idea on the lesson will be corrected immediately while providing responses if possible. The brainstorming trainings obtain the students determined making them want to learn more. During role takes on, the learners are created to dress up in line with the Mayan custom and work out some of what they have learnt. This can take the students back to the traditional period and allows them to experience like real Mayans. This will likely influence them physically as well as emotionally thus making them bear in mind and understand the personas very much, greatly benefitting the kinesthetic learners. Through group conversations some students may feel shy to contribute or question thus having confusions within themselves. This may happen during brainstorming trainings as well. The worksheets test on each individual's knowledge. However, many can replicate their friend's answers. That is a weakness found in worksheets. Posters and role-plays help to bring out the hidden potentials of the students. But however, since it's an organization activity, some might not contribute much but rely on other's work. This may not relate the real knowledge of students.

In an organization such as the school, records predicated on scholar activities and attendances are being retained in a normal manner. It's important to keep information of assessment to have a constant check up on a child's progress on learning, to discuss and provide opinions during parent-teacher meetings by making significant judgments based on the records, to arrange the prize list during prize providing or any other situations and to select suited students to send for various tournaments.

Evaluation is essential to check whether learning goals are met appropriately. Through question and answer lessons, we could examine whether each learner has an accurate knowledge on the Mayan food, clothing, economy and culture. The class room discussion allows each learner to provide their final reviews and allows space for further clarification predicated on the lesson. This can help in discovering the advantages and weaknesses of the learners also to adjust the various learning styles to suit the needs of these while improving the product quality in learning.

"Given the profound influence that professors have on student achievement, accurately analyzing their performance is a natural leverage point for increasing teacher quality and widening learner learning. "-(Supporting Effective Teaching Through Teacher Evaluation by Morgaen L. Donaldson &Heather G. Peske)

Timely opinions and support scheduled to evaluation through examinations, school room conversations, quizzes, rubric and information may enhance their confidence in learning. Hence it is clear that evaluation performs not only as a diagnostic measure but also as a way of facilitating learning.

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