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Design A PERSON Driven Marketing Strategy Marketing Essay

First of most, is understanding industry of selling coffee and the client needs and desires. The needs and needs in cases like this is good for a good quality caffeine also, trying to learn approximated amount that the individuals are willing to purchases which is the demand. By general market trends, Starbucks can identify the customer expectation for the product which a good value for the merchandise w ideal prices also, client satisfaction us very important to be taken under consideration because if the clients are satisfied they'll continue steadily to come again a buy Starbucks products and by time they'll develop brand commitment which is a good relationship between your customer and the business enterprise.

Design a customer driven marketing strategy:

Customer driven market is choosing carefully the targeted section that can make the company profitable and building a good romance with them. First Starbucks need to recognize the client that they would like to provide profitably by dividing the buyer in segments then choose the suitable sections. Then, choosing a value proposition which really is a set of ideals a company likely to provide its customer to satisfy their needs. in this case they are the finest quality of coffee: "it has always been, and will continually be, about the product quality". Starbucks is interested in collecting the best possible coffees and roasting them with proper care. ("Starbucks, " 2012). Furthermore, Atmosphere: Starbucks's shops are made to verify customer with comfort, pleasure and social connection. It's a good and noiseless place where students can review as it's equipped with Wi-Fi reference to comfortable chairs and lamps.

After that, the company should choose which marketing orientation that is best to use to gratify customers and the company. You will find five concept which are product, advertising, marketing and public marketing concepts. In cases like this Starbucks is leaning towards to the marketplace orientation as knowing the needs and wishes of the customers which in this case is good quality and preference of caffeine also, high service specifications. They have to be kept up to date to the customer's changing preferences but in once to include their own taste to draw in customers. They have to think global but act local this means making general market trends to know customers' culture and flavor to know just what they would choose to buy. For example, in Asian countries Starbucks recently added to their beverages a green tea extract taste as its part with their culture. Al though in Christmas time, Starbucks changes the cups to Christmas adornment to activate in the atmosphere and Xmas spirit thus grabbing customers attention. (Janice, 2012)

Prepare an integrated marketing plan and program:

Integrated marketing plan means developing a marketing mixture of the merchandise to satisfy and meet customer needs. The marketing mixture involves product, price, place, and promotion. They'll be reviewed below in the online marketing strategy.

Building a customer relationship:

This includes customer romantic relationship management which mainly concern with building and maintaining profitable connection with customer by providing customer value and satisfaction in their products in order that they continue come back and by time making a brand commitment. Also, to help in spreading the nice reputation.

Capturing value form customers:

In return of gratifying customers the company get loyalty from its customers towards their brand resulting in upsurge in sales, thus increase in market show leading as overall increase in profit.

Not only Starbucks will maintain steadily its customers but also, will catch the attention of other customer from its rivals and attaining them. Last is customer collateral which means the mixed customer lifetime values in today's and potential's customer. The grater the loyalty of the customers the higher the company's equity which really is a good measure of company's performance.

Corporate Strategic planning:

Starbucks mission statement: "Our quest to encourage and nurture the human being spirit - one individual, one glass, and one neighbourhood at a time" ("Starbucks, " 2012)

Their six principals are:

To support great work place and treat one another with dignity and respect.

Embrace diversity as an essential component in the manner we do business.

Apply the highest standards of brilliance to the purchasing, roasting and fresh delivery of the coffee.

Develop enthusiastically satisfied customers constantly.

Contribute positively to our communities and our environment.

Recognize that success is essential to our future success. ("The way we conduct business, " 2003)

This six ideas helps us to assess whether their decisions making is appropriate or not.

Vision declaration: is concerned of where in fact the company before, present and future. Starbuck eyesight stamen is "To determine Starbucks as the most recognized and reputed brand on earth and become a countrywide company with beliefs and guiding concepts that staff could be proud of" ("Starbucks research study, " 2010)

Objectives: is a details of the mission statement that is translated to levels of management to do something after it. Each office should have its own objectives also to be accountable for reaching them. This target must be SMART that happen to be specific, measurable, possible, practical, and time specific. In this case Starbucks where will talk about Starbucks marketing aims which are stated below in section B.

Business collection: is a means of evaluating the business enterprise products in the company by the management.

Boston talking to matrix: is the analysis of the business products in conditions of the marketplace development and market talk about which enables the business to formulate strategies. BCG involves 4 division which will be the question mark legend, cash cow and the dog.

Market Growth





Market share

Product/Market extension grid:

This model shows the amount of risk in 4 periods of expansion strategies which are market penetration, market development, product development, and diversification.







Marketing Strategy and the marketing blend:

Customer driven strategy which dividing the market into segments then choosing the right and profitable portion to focus on.

First market segmentation which can be divided by, Geographic, Demographic, psychographic and behavioral. In cases like this Starbucks divided their section according to the area in different countries which is geographic and get older, income, gender that are demographic. Then Starbucks chosen carefully their goal segment that happen to be:

Adults is Starbucks primary targeted market. It is composed women and men aged between 25 and 40 which account for almost half Starbuck's sales 49%. They get this type of customer by maintaining a contemporary design of their outlets and providing excellent high quality service.

Young people aged from 18 to 24 which contributes of 40% of company's sales. Starbucks identify some of their shops in colleges and colleges where students can analyze and hang out with each other. Starbucks presents Wi-Fi where university student can have access to the internet to go on sociable networking sites or even analyze.

Teens and kids are aged between 13 and 17 are also, part of the targeted portion which account of just 2% of the total sales. Starbucks offers sugary, decaffeinated and whipped cream refreshments that attract father or mother to buy for their kids. While from the cool place for teens to hold out with friends or even to study.

Last, is the marketplace positioning this means the value of the merchandise in the customers' eyes.

Preparing a built-in marketing plan:

Marketing Blend: ("It, " 2012)

Product: Starbucks product mixture expands to over than 30 types of espresso such as cappuccino and espresso. Moreover, they provide hot and frosty beverage, food like sandwiches, salads and desserts. Also, they sell coffees, mug, containers and CD with their brand name to them.

Price: their costs strategy is based on the grade of their services. They impose high prices scheduled to purchasing high expensive coffee beans. The common price of espresso in Egypt is between 15 to 30 pounds, it is according to the kind of coffee and its own size.

Place: according to their mission statement they would like to open atlanta divorce attorneys neighborhood. They have got aver 16, 000 stores in more than 60 countries and they are likely to continue starting more stores in different areas.

Promotion: Starbucks spend little amount on advertising as they depend on developing close customer relationship. Involving locally by being social responsible and ethical this promote for their wellbeing.

Section B

Starbucks mission assertion "Our quest to inspire and nurture the individual spirit - one individual, one cup, and one neighbourhood at the same time" ("Starbucks, " 2012)

Vision Statement: "Establish Starbucks as the premier purveyor of the best possible coffee on the globe while preserving our uncompromising guidelines as we grow. " ("Starbucks, " 2012)

Objectives and goals:

To create for customer a Starbucks experience that encourage customers to come quickly to take their caffeine while having a enjoying their time keeping yourself for the environment and return back for satisfaction.

To create and develop a graphic distinct from smaller caffeine shops.

To clearly communicate the ideals of Starbucks to their customer, rather than simply growth ideas for promotion. (Twell, 2006)

Firms orientation used: The marketing concept as Starbucks has been customer orientated by keeping kept up to date with the customers' preference and their changing wants. For additional information try section A.

SWOT evaluation:


Starbucks is more developed and known brand one of the coffee outlets.

Customer loyalty due to its well recognizable brand and their products persistence.

Being environmental friendly, Starbucks is concerned with keeping energy and recycling their products.

Having high market share. .

Having strop financial bases.

Innovation and creative

Operated in more than 50 countries.

High quality of product and service.


Prices are constantly rising which suggest high prices weighed against competitors.

High percentage of these shops are in america they need to start in more different countries to disperse the chance of inability.

Problem in a few of their international procedures.

Not available to all targeted segments credited to high prices.

Not enough drive-thru service


Entering new market segments in several countries.

Targeting new segments

More advertising and discounts can be offered

Opportunities for increase of earnings in global markets


Relies on importing their beans from other countries

Cultural difference, values and value would have to be taken in thought.

Law and rules of international countries that might restrain the business decision.

Very competitive market.

Recession throughout the market impacts the consumers spending.

(Starbucks Corporation, 2012)

Starbucks's competitive edge:

1-Constantly looking for new ideas, products as well as new experience for the customers.

2-Finding in many countries but still maintaining the same good environment.

Starbucks honest and sociable responsibility:

Community: by creating careers when starting new stores

Environment: concerning recycling, conserving energy and drinking water, Also, going green.

Ethical sourcing: by getting coffee with high quality to meet Starbucks' criteria and providing loans for the farmers. (Starbucks Corporation, 2011)

PESTLE examination:


Political steadiness in each country that is committed to.

Industrial legislations and regulation concerning each country.

Globalization has removed some barriers between countries.

High taxes enforced on farmers who produces coffees thus making Starbucks to buy the coffee in high prices.


Currency exchange rates have an effect on Starbucks as they import the majority of their coffee beans.

The purchasing electric power of the consumers

The amount of taxation impact the company's income.

The economic balance in each country that Starbucks works in.


Changes in the life-style of the consumers

Changing in the habits in the families

Changing the working structure of the labor force more flexible saving money.

The level education affect the buying ability.


Innovation and evolving in technology.

Advances in the IT and IS

Biotechnology and agricultural development.


Environmental laws such as recycling and keeping energy.

Global warming affecting the production of coffees.


Introducing tougher rules and legislation regarding trade.

Law and procedures by health government bodies regarding the use and production of caffeine containing drinks products.

Laws regarding licensing of Starbucks in other countries.

Growth rate of market: 7% in 2012 (Schultz, 2012)

Consumption rate and market actual sales: $13. 3 Billion in 2012 (Schultz, 2012)

Ways of increasing customer romance management:

Lowering their prices by purchasing good quality of coffee beans.

Competitors in the same industry:

Dunkin Dounts


Tim Hortons

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