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Having a closer look at descriptive writing essays

When it comes to creating descriptive writing essays, students normally create a vivid image in the reader’s mind by means of their basic five senses. Here below, you’ll find a slew of useful recommendation on how to write a descriptive writing essay.

Typical writing descriptive essays focus on a person, even, place or thing. In this case, writers express their idea about the topic by simply describing the newly chosen theme in a «show, not tell» manner. To cut a long story short, «show, not tell» means that you require painting a picture for your readers.

Sure, you can write descriptive essay, but you can hardly do it without a thesis statement, which can be defined as an idea ruling the whole essay. The thesis statement states the overall purpose of your paper and rules all the data in it.

Draw 5 columns on a piece of paper. Every column needs to be labeled with one of the five senses. These are touch, taste, sound, sight and smell. The given list will greatly help you to keep your thoughts straight when it comes to describing your essay. Using these five senses, write down your feelings and sensations you associate with the topic.

Review your list and then select the most dominant details to write about. The given details should support your thesis.

You should create an outline listing what every paragraph of your essay will discuss. As usual, middle as well as high school students are asked to write a five paragraph essay. As for college students, they don’t have any restrictions regarding the volume they should write. 5-paragraph essays traditionally come with an introductory paragraph, including a thesis statement, 3 body paragraphs, which prove your thesis statement. This descriptive essay writing ends with a concluding paragraph, summarizing what you’ve told in the rest of your essay.

Your require structuring your essay in compliance with your logic. For instance, you’re going to describe a certain event. In this case, it makes sense to place paragraphs in the chronological order. When writing about a thing or place, paragraphs should lead from general to specific.

The role of an introductory paragraph shouldn’t be underestimated as exactly this paragraph establishes the major ideas of the essay. Moreover, it sets the overall tone. The given paragraph should provide a catchy introduction to your topic followed by the thesis statement.

Place a topic sentence at the beginning of every body paragraph. The given sentence informs your readers of what the paragraph will be about. Sure, it should be concise and clear. Every topic sentence needs to relate back to your thesis statement.

Your body paragraphs need to be based on your topic sentences. Exactly in these paragraphs students prove that their thesis is true. No matter what you write in the body paragraphs it should relate to the topic sentence as well as your thesis.

You require providing a series of sensory details supporting your thesis. Take advantage of such literary tools as similes, adjectives, personifications and metaphors.

Certainly, any descriptive essay can’t do without a conclusion. The given section needs to summarize anything written by you in the essay. Apart from that, it will restate your thesis. A conclusion is the last thing your audience will see. As follows from this, it should be well-written to grab your readers’ attention.

Now, it’s time to finalize your descriptive essay. Once your writing is over, you should take a break. Just step away from your writing and relax for some time. This will undoubtedly help you to clear your tired head. Having rested you’ll be able to look at your newly-written descriptive essay at a new angle. Yes, you’ll see it with your readers’ eyes!

Read your descriptive essay with the audience in mind. You should ask yourself if this essay unfolds in the way that really helps readers to understand your subject. Make sure that most of your paragraphs are descriptive enough rather than confusing.

Besides this you need to make sure that the word choice as well as figurative language precisely convey what you’re trying to manifest about the topic. Are there enough details in your descriptive essay to provide your readers with a complete picture? Do the essay’s details really help your readers to understand the very meaning of the topic?

What about reading your newly-written descriptive essay aloud? By doing this, you’ll easily find confusing and awkward sections in your writing work.

It makes sense to let somebody else read your descriptive essay. Thus, you’ll get an alternative point of view on your creation and learn if you should delete or add anything.

Don’t forget proofreading your essay for spelling, grammar as well as punctuation errors. Remove unnecessary clichés.

That’s not so difficult to make your essay great. Just make use of alliteration, adjectives, metaphors, similes and personality.

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