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Consider using a good descriptive essay sample about a person

There is a number of different types of writing assignments students need to accomplish within their educational career, one of which is descriptive essay. If a descriptive essay about a person is the task that you need to complete for your studies right now, then you have come to the right place, because we will help you deal with it. Apart from providing you with a well-written descriptive essay sample about a person, we can also assist, as long as we have advanced writers who know exactly how to create a perfect essay. Also, we would like to give you some useful tips and guidelines that you may find helpful. Keep reading and learn how to make up an outstanding essay about a person.

The major specificity of a descriptive essay, whether you need to write about a person, nature, place, animal or historical event, is to provide your potential reader with a vivid and clear image of what you are going to describe. In other words, you need to provoke an exact picture in your audience's mind by means of using all the existing senses. At the same time, you need to pick up the right object for your description, as long as it has to be something or someone, who has specified characteristics that can be described brightly and interestingly. If the object of your description is too simple and boring, and there is nothing special to tell about him, then your descriptive essay is not going to provoke interest in your potential reader's mind. Therefore, take seriously the first stage of working on your essay, which is choosing of a good relevant topic. In order to have an understanding of how to write a descriptive essay, we recommend using a good-written sample of descriptive essay about a person, which will guide you through the proper structure of the paper and a number of literary methods to use for creating a bright picture. In case you already have a good topic and object to describe in your paper, you can proceed to further stages of working on your paper. What these stages are, you can learn if you read further.

Getting started with descriptive essay about a person

  • As in dealing with any other kind of essay, you need to start with creating a good thesis statement. In other words, you need to include into the statement the main idea of your paper that will govern it from the beginning to the end.
  • Use proper words. For example: my head is like a Universe. It doesn't mean exactly that you have a huge head full of stars and planets with Solar system instead of brain in it. It only means that for some reason it reminds you the Universe and with the help of comparative method you demonstrated your association.
  • Make up a table on a sheet of paper divided into five columns, each of which would serve for identifying different senses that people have, with the help of which you will describe your object. This table is helpful for keeping your ideas and thoughts well-structured.
  • Fill up the table. You need to provide each column with proper information, which would describe your feelings (including all the senses, each for a separate column) that you have when thinking about the person you describe.
  • Look at your table and reread it. Now, you need to select the most relevant, important and bright details written in each column. The selected details will serve to support your statement within the paper and you will include them into the body paragraphs of the essay.
  • Make a clear outline. This is an essential step required to be taken when dealing with any other kind of writing assignment. As a rule, students are asked to write a five paragraph essay. Therefore, you need no put into the outline each of your five paragraphs, including the introduction part, the body and the conclusion.
  • Start writing your paper. You need to make a structure that matches the topic and the main idea of your paper. As long as you are writing about a person, you need to structure the parts (paragraphs) of your paper, starting with general characteristics and finishing with specific characteristics.
  • Make up the introduction. This part serves for establishing the key points and the major ideas of your paper. In other words, the introduction will create the overall tone of your paper. This is going to be the first paragraph of your paper, in the end of which you should provide your thesis statement.
  • Think about the opening sentence of each of your paragraphs. These sentences usually serve as little topics for every part of your essay. They provide an introduction to a separate paragraph and announce the idea of this paragraph.
  • Create the body of your descriptive essay. The body paragraphs have to be grounded on the opening sentences, which you had to deal with in the previous stage of writing. Keep in mind that every paragraph in the body of your essay should prove that the information written in your thesis statement is true.
  • Now it is time to include the details written in the table of five senses. When providing these details, you need to use different literary tools, like comparison, metaphors, hyperboles, etc.
  • Create a good conclusion. This is the final part of your essay, where you need to write down a summary of the content of your paper and paraphrase your thesis statement.

When writing your paper, remember using a good sample descriptive essay about a person. We can provide you with a descriptive essay about a person sample to follow.

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