Descartes Vs . Pascal Essay

Descartes vs . Pascal

For centuries, individuals have been debating over the quality of the

use of reason. This is a very, extremely tough subject to talk about, as one is definitely

forced to analyze something which reaches that instant being used inside their study.

Two classic thinkers who in comparison on their perspective of purpose were Descartes and

Pascal. Though the two saw reason as the main source of knowledge, they

disagreed over the competence of human being reason. Descartes, the skeptic, said

that individuals could use purpose to find certain truth if we used it properly, while

Pascal said that all of us can't find out certain fact, but cause is the best method to obtain

knowledge that we have.


Reason is definitely the tool with which we know anything that we know. Nevertheless most

persons make the mistake of basing their reasoning upon assumptions which are not

well-known with fully certainty. While I've explained, "I am greatly astonished when I

consider [the great feebleness of mind] as well as its proneness to fall [insensibly]

into error" (K&B, s. 409). But it really is possible to stop falling in to error if we

use the important tool of reason effectively. In order to do this kind of and find

certainty, we must locate something that all of us cannot hesitation. This is impossible, as

we are able to logically hesitation anything. A particular truth must be something that is usually not

rationally possible to get false.

We must hesitation, as which is only method to find selected truth. It is the

only approach to get a new beginning of all of the uncertain assumptions that are

believed and taught in the universities today. Just as mathematics will bring about

uncertain assumptions if it is not really built about certain facts, so is going to all utilization of

reason result in uncertain assumptions if it is not built on certain truths.

There is a method to use question, though, to look for certainty. In the event 100% certainty

equals 0% doubt and that we are certain that we can doubt everything, in that case we can make use of

doubt as our conviction. We are unable to doubt that we are questioning.

With our one certainty, we can right now methodically make use of reason to find more

certainties. For example , we can use the conviction "I are doubting" to determine

that "I exist. " If I are doubting, than there must be a great "I" that is doubting

meaning that I must be. Like We've often stated, "I think, therefore I was. "

We are able to continue building on the certainties using rationa...

... e understanding.


I agree with Pascal in the view of the capabilities of reason. We are

feeble, misled creatures in the middle of a reality which in turn we cannot know.

Descartes was appropriate in his try to use mathematical logic to eliminate

uncertain presumptions and find truth, but he needs to recognize that most simple truth is

beyond our reach. We, as thinking humans, do have the remarkable ability to

study ourselves. But we have restrictions in this analyze and simply cannot expect to become

able to obtain a complete grasp of yourself. Pascal was right on if he said

that you have no complete skeptics. There are many things which will we must agree to

using explanation, that we are not able to prove with certainty.

I avoid lean quite as considerably in Pascal's direction in the view of

intuitionism. I think that there is intuitive knowledge which will we know with

our heart. But this knowledge is only believed effectively when it is detailed

processed. Just like almost everything, we have to find a harmony between the make use of

reason and intuition. We all err quietly of assuming unreasonably whenever we use

excessive intuition, we become as well skeptical whenever we ignore user-friendly knowledge.

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